11 Self Care Bingo Bullet Journal Page Ideas

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Diving into your Bullet Journal page ideas can sometimes feel like embarking on a treasure hunt, where the X marks the spot of your next great discovery. Today, we’re mapping out the terrain to one of the most delightful treasures yet: the self-care bingo Bullet Journal page! It’s like turning your quest for well-being into an exciting game of bingo, where every square is a step closer to a more balanced and joyful you.

Now, if you’re anything like me, your Bullet Journal is less of a planner and more of a quirky companion on this journey we call life. It’s seen the scribbles of midnight epiphanies, the doodles that somehow capture our deepest thoughts, and the lists that promise to make sense of our chaos. So, why not add a sprinkle of fun to our self-care routine with a self care bingo page?

This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about transforming the way we view self-care. From sipping that extra glass of water to indulging in a mini dance party in our living room, each square on our bingo page invites us to embrace the small joys and victories of our day-to-day life. So, grab your favorite pen (you know, the one that writes like a dream), and let’s dive into some inspirations for your very own self-care bingo page that promises to add a dash of enthusiasm and a whole lot of heart to your Bullet Journal.

Let’s get real for a sec: self-care often gets shoved to the bottom of our to-do list, doesn’t it? And I get it, truly. There’s this nagging voice that whispers, “Isn’t self-care a bit…selfish?” whenever we even think about putting ourselves first for a change.

But here’s the truth bomb – you can’t pour from an empty glass, my friend. Taking time for self-care isn’t just vital; it’s non-negotiable for keeping that beautiful light of yours shining bright.

And hey, before you start envisioning dollar signs and spa visits that make your wallet weep, let me tell you, self-care doesn’t have to break the bank. It could be as simple as treating yourself to an extra glass of water or belting out your favorite tunes at the top of your lungs.

So, when you’re brainstorming for your self-care bingo, think of those little things that spark joy and give you that much-needed uplift, no matter how small they might seem. Trust me, filling out your bingo page with these personal pick-me-ups will not only be fun but also a gentle reminder to cherish and prioritize yourself.

Be sure to scroll until the end of the post to get some FREE printables to help you with your self-care routine, including some self-care stickers that will help you decorate the bingo spread.

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Stationery Recommendations

One more thing before we dive into self-care bingo page inspirations is a little talk about stationery since you’ll need some supplies, and the choice out there can be overwhelming.

So, if you need some recommendations on the supplies to help you express your creativity:

  • Fineliners are the basis of all your Bullet Journal pages. I recommend Sakura Pigma Micron, and that set also comes with different nib sizes, so you can have a wider variety of line thicknesses.
  • Markers are what you’ll need if you want to add some color to your pages, and the choice of markers really depends on your color preferences. I’d recommend Crayola Super Tips since they come in many colors, are pretty affordable, and can also be used for brush lettering. For colors, my favorites are Zebra Mildliners and Tombow Twin Tone.
  • You’ll need brush pens if you want to add brush lettering to your Bullet Journal pages, which always elevates the look of your spreads. I’d recommend using Tombow Fudenosuke for smaller tip brush pens and Tombow Dual Brush for larger brush tips and more color options.
  • Washi tapes come in many colors and patterns and are an easy way to add more fun and creativity to your spreads. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that fits your style and aesthetics.
  • Stickers are another little shortcut when it comes to decorating your spreads, and just like with washi tapes, there are so many different styles and types of stickers that you can definitely find ones that fit your style. My favorite places to shop for stickers are Etsy; RoseKPaperCo and ShineStickerStudio are my favorite sticker shops there.

With all your supplies at the ready, it’s time to get comfortable and see how you want to create your self-service bingo spread.

Self Care Bingo Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Self-care bingo sounds pretty straightforward, right? But let me tell you, the beauty of this gem lies in its versatility. You can twist it, turn it, and tailor it to suit your fancy, making each page a unique reflection of your personal self-care journey.

And because I'm all about sharing the love (and the creativity), I've scoured the corners of the Bullet Journaling universe to bring you 11 spectacular examples from some incredibly talented creators. These folks have taken the simple concept of self-care bingo and turned it into an art form, each with their own flair and finesse.

So, whether you're a minimalist who loves clean lines and understated elegance or a maximalist who embraces color and chaos with open arms, there's something here for you. Maybe you're somewhere in between, seeking a balance of simplicity and pizzazz—don't worry, I've got you covered too.

Let's dive into this treasure trove of inspiration together, shall we?

Free Bullet Journal Printables

Of course, I can’t leave you without something that will help you on your self-care journey. Already in the Resources Vault, you can find several printable self-care pages and printable stickers to help you decorate these pages.

If you don’t have access yet, you can always sign up in the form below.

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If you’ve never used printables before, be sure to check my post How To Use Printables In Your Bullet Journal.

It’s pretty basic, and you can find all the supplies you need in my post Supplies For Using Bullet Journal Printables.

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Self-care bingo is a great idea for self-care, but it’s not the only one. There are plenty more things you can do in your Bullet Journal.

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