9 Blissful Self-Care Bullet Journal Spreads

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There are Bullet Journal page ideas for pretty much anything, and in this post, we’re talking about self-care Bullet Journal spreads you definitely should try.

It’s no secret that self-care is incredibly important. But since life can get busy, it’s easy to let our needs and well-being fall by the wayside when there are too many things on our plates.

That’s where Bullet Journaling comes in! With a few colorful pens, stickers, and some creative layouts, you can turn your daily planning into a blissful way to prioritize yourself while still taking care of all of your other responsibilities.

Here we’ll share some beautiful spreads that will encourage you to make time for yourself every day—because, after all: if you don’t take care of yourself first, who will?

The amount of different pages you can create in your Bullet Journal is literally limited only by your imagination. So there is no way that I can come up with all the possible self-care spreads.

But here are a few that I found super helpful for myself and absolutely loved using in my journal.

And be sure to scroll until the end to get some more page ideas and free printables to help you get started right away.

Blissful Self-Care Bullet Journal Spreads

The basic idea with these pages is to make sure you pay more attention to yourself and have some ideas on how to take care of yourself and any extra things you can do to manage your hard days.

None of them are too complicated, but they are extremely powerful!

Self-Care Ideas Spread

Do you ever feel like you want to do something for yourself but end up just watching Netflix?

I feel like the moments we need self-care are usually the moments we have weaker decision-making power. We often end up choosing something random rather than something that can actually replenish our energy and make us feel better.

That’s why I love this spread because you can just look at a list, and you know that whatever you choose will be something that definitely makes you feel better.

Gratitude Log

It’s a wonderful practice to help you make sure you train your brain to see more of the good things in your life, leading to a generally higher appreciation and a more positive outlook.

The idea is to each day add a line (or even just a word) on something good that happened or generally something you’re grateful for.

Trust me; it will be a game changer when it comes to thought work and life satisfaction.

Mood Tracker

This is a fun and super useful tracker for many purposes, including self-care.

The way it works is you basically assign colors to different moods and then mark each day what kind of moods you’re in.

That will definitely help you see a lot of patterns, plus you’ll know when exactly you’re in special need of self-care.

Mood tracker in my tropical Bullet Journal setup for August 2022 - Masha Plans

15 Minute Self Care Ideas

Here is the thing, when you hear self-care, you’re probably thinking about visiting a spa or getting a massage.

No wonder you’ll never find time for self-care if you think that it is going to take at least an hour!

But the truth is, even the smallest things can count as self-care, and it can only take around 15 minutes.

Playlist Spread

I often find that music is very relaxing, and the correct music can definitely make your day.

So it seems to me you can definitely use music for self-care; just take a little break and have a dance party with your favorite songs, for example.

That’s why this page is here – try making a spread with some songs that charge you, so next time you have 5 minutes, you know what to listen to.

Self Care Bingo

If this is not something you’ve been doing much before, it will be not so easy to establish a habit of doing things for yourself.

What would definitely help is if you turned it into a game. Try creating a self-care bingo and watch yourself being excited to do the things from the list.

2021 Bullet Journal Setup, self care bingo | Masha Plans

Water Tracker

Self-care is not only about mental things; your physical health is just as important. And one of the most important things is for you to drink enough water.

I know everybody and their mom is talking about it, but it really is a game changer for your mental and physical health.

If you’re still struggling with it, you might need a water tracker to focus more and to make it a bit more fun.

Daily Affirmations

You might not be a huge fan of the law of attraction, but even so – affirmations are a wonderful way to start the day. How awesome is this to wake up and think – hey, this is going to be an amazing day, and I deserve the best!

Plus, I feel like affirmations help you also to figure out better what are some things you want in your life.

Skincare Routine

Skincare is a wonderful way to practice self-care. You’re doing something that helps you look better, but it can also be a meditative activity.

I always find that I deeply enjoy those 10-20 minutes every day when it’s just me, all my serums, and a fluffy bathrobe. Well, and my puppy, because no way he’s leaving me alone for longer than a few seconds.

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Stationery Recommendations

You know me, I couldn’t leave you without a few stationery recommendations. After all, there are so many different supplies you don’t want to get something not worthy.

So here are my picks for creating my self-care pages:

  • Sakura Pigma Micron – these are my favorite fineliners and are perfect pens for creating any type of Bullet Journal pages.
  • Zebra Mildliner – I love these pens and the colors, so you’ll see me using them pretty much on every page.
  • Archer & Olive Monthly Boxes – I love the washi tapes and stickers from these, plus they also come in a very aesthetic design. You can get them 10% off with my code MASHA10.

If you’re looking for more, check my post The Best Bullet Journal Supplies For Any Artistic Level.

Free Bullet Journal Printables

There are, of course, some free printables that will. help you start using self-care pages right away.

Already in the Resources Vault, you can find pages like gratitude log, mood tracker, playlist page, and more.

If you don’t have access yet, you can always sign up in the form below.

Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll get the password to get 50+ free Bullet Journal printables, stickers, and worksheets to use right away.

If you’ve never used printables before, be sure to check my post How To Use Printables In Your Bullet Journal.

It’s pretty basic, and you can find all the supplies you need in my post Supplies For Using Bullet Journal Printables.

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