Bullet Journal Theme Ideas To Try This Summer

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Summer is almost here, so it’s time to add some bikini and sun happiness to our journals.

This is my favorite time of the year (since my birthday is June 1st), so I always want my summer themes to be special.

Today I want to share with you an extensive list of Summer Bullet Journal theme ideas so you also can make it a special season for your Bullet Journal.

Summer is absolutely crazy here in Beijing, the temperature is around +38°C (100,4°F) on an average day, and with the city being so darn huge, it really feels like being in a massive rice cooker.

Sure, I got used to it, but only with the help of those GORGEOUS Chinese fans they have here and 100 SPF sunscreen (which reminds me, always wear sunscreen guys!).

While sitting here and dreaming of that distant beach vacation I probably won’t have in a few years, it’s always nice to find an escape in my Bullet Journal, and this year, I decided to combine all the ideas I could possibly come up with in one list.

For me, summer is a time to dream and escape to BuJo pages. For those of you who are on vacation, I’m sure it’s probably the best time to be more creative and maybe experiment more in your Bullet Journal, maybe try out some new medium (watercolor, I’ll get to try you one day! I promise!).

So let’s dive into this list and see if it can spark your imagination! I divided the list into general ideas and then some ideas based on different holidays.

I also gathered some fantastic Summer cover pages from creators all over Instagram, so make sure to scroll down and check those out as well!

And finally, as a bonus, there is a “How To Doodle” video with fun little summer Bullet Journal doodles you can use to decorate your pages.

Be sure to scroll until the end of the post to see it all, and get a free printable!

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Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Summer is a fantastic time of the year, actually, it might be my favorite! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the inspiration is all around us!

Let’s get creative in our Bullet Journals with these fun theme ideas!

  • Tropic. Who doesn’t dream of hot summer months about a tropical vacation?! Use this as your inspiration for a monthly theme. Palm trees, coconuts and pineapples, and maybe a pina colada or two (but don’t be driving afterward!) – let your fantasy flow. I feel like my theme for July 2019 was something similar to that.
  • Fruits. Summer is the time to enjoy lots of deliciousness from the fruit department (see: Pina colada above. Kidding!) It’s a pretty fun topic with lots of great options: lemons, oranges, pineapples, strawberries – whatever fruits tickle your fancy.
  • Beach Bullet Journal theme. I don’t know about you, but every summer, a day on the beach is all I can think of while I’m melting here in Beijing, and I’m quite sure I’m not alone. Let’s turn this wish into a fun monthly theme with lots of fun summer doodles like beach balls, beach umbrellas, bikinis, sandcastles, crabs, and shells. You can check my doodle spread from last July for ideas on some super simple and fun doodles.
  • Pool day. Another take on a fun watery weekend. Decorate your pages with white and blue and add some related doodles like a lifeguard chair, trampoline, pool doodles, and some nice cold drinks in a cooler.
  • The sea. Summer can be all about going to the sea, but it doesn’t have to be a beach day. Use your imagination and decorate your pages with ocean waves, sea creatures, and maybe a lighthouse.
  • Barbecue. Summertime BBQ is probably my favorite way to spend a weekend and chill with friends and family. If you do with this theme, add to your pages some doodles of grills, hamburgers, hotdogs, soft drinks, or beer, and maybe a boombox playing some tunes in the background.
  • Roller skates. Summer is a perfect time to skate around with the wind in your hair. Some doodle ideas are roller skates, hand bands, water bottles, and musical tunes. You can even go old-style and remember the retro roller skating gear.
  • Tennis. One more fun summer sport. This is all about yellow tennis balls, rackets, sports shoes, and of course, those cute mini skirts!
  • Boats. Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer on a boat?! This is definitely on my bucket list.
  • Fishing. Speaking of boats, isn’t summer a good time for fishing? Decorate your pages with all the fishing gear and, of course, some trophy catch.
  • Camping. Probably the best thing to do during summer. Or at least it’s in my dreams since I never got a chance to actually go camping… one day! You can add to your spread lots of themed doodles: campfires, tents, sleeping bags, marshmallows, and backpacks, or maybe create a whole spread with fantastic mountain scenery.
  • Picnics. Sandwiches, picnic baskets, old-style radios, and of course, white and red checkered blankets. This sounds to me like an amazing summertime.
  • Cicadas. There is something magical about cicadas singing in the dark on a hot summer night.
  • Fireflies. One more magical summer blessing is the fireflies. They are so dreamy! It’s pretty easy to doodle those, and you can add the shine with gold watercolors or a gold gel pen.
  • Flowers. This is a classic theme, and it can go well at any month. Maybe for summer concentrate on flowers that bloom at that time, or maybe just choose some brighter-colored ones. It’s all up to you! Check out my tutorials on easy flower doodles, or give a look at my post on How To Draw Beautiful Flowers.
  • Bees. Speaking of flowers, you can’t forget about the bees. These hard-working little buddies are so important! You can go super realistic or draw some cute doodly bees.
  • Ice Cream. Is there anything more summery than ice cream? Create colorful spreads with all your favorite ice cream flavors!
  • Summer drinks. Everything with ice can be considered a summer drink! Think ice tea and lemonade, or maybe sangria and mojitos (for 21+ only!). There are so many ideas to play around with.
  • Sports. Summer is, of course, the time for us to get in shape. It’s so much easier to do it now when the energy is flowing, and you’ve finally woken up from winter slumber. Decorate your Bullet Journal pages with workout-related doodles: dumbbells, yoga mats, some fruits and vegetables, running shoes, bottles of water, and so on. You can check out how to doodle some of these things in my Self Care Doodles video.
  • Fireworks. While Beijing summer is absolutely firework less, it’s still forever a summer theme for me!
  • Polaroids. Old school polaroid pictures just scream at me – summer memories! Definitely check out my May Plan With Me for inspiration for this theme. You can draw a bunch of old-style cameras, or use polaroid picture frames and your daily boxes.
  • Books. My favorite thing to do in summer has always been to sit outside on a rocking chair and read a good book. Think of your favorite book and create some themed doodles, or maybe just doodles books and bookshelves all over your spreads.
  • Wildlife. Flamingos, elephants, giraffes, or maybe deers and rabbits? Get some inspiration from the wildlife around you.
  • Gardening. Decorate your summer spreads with some cute plants and different gardening supplies. Or maybe go big and imagine the garden of your dreams!
  • Bicycles.  What’re your favorite things to do during the summer? When I was a kid I loved nothing more than riding a bike, so I think it’s a great summer theme. Add some flowers to your drawing of different types of bicycles. Or maybe add some related doodles, like helmets, sneakers, and the sunscreen your mom always tried to (wisely) make you wear.
  • Kites. Here in China kites are so big! If you go to a park in summer you’ll see lots of people flying these beauties! It’s also a great way to add some fun bright colors and unusual patterns to your Bullet Journal pages.
  • Summer favorites. What are your summer essentials? Think of all the things you love about summer, and just decorate your journal with some fun doodles.

For more general ideas, you can always check out my Ultimate List Of Bullet Journal Themes.

Summer Holidays

Another approach you can take to summer themes is to base it on some holidays. You can always find a spark of inspiration in these holidays and get doodle ideas from things and decorations around you on that day!

My advice is to always check YouTube and Pinterest, they are full of creative ideas on any topic. And while you’re there, give a look at my YouTube channel! All the visits are more than welcome!

Here is a list of some big and just fun holidays you might consider. Most of them are USA holidays, but I included a few Chinese and Japanese ones. I must say that those are based on the lunar calendar, so the dates are different every year.

Speaking of holidays, what’s your favorite summer holiday? Check the list below and let me know!


  1. Pride Month (whole month)
  2. Children’s Day (June 1st)
  3. National Cheese Day (June 4th)
  4. Dragon Boat Festival (June 7th)
  5. National Best Friend’s Day (June 8th)
  6. International Sushi Day (June 18th)
  7. International Yoga Day (June 21st)


  1. National Blueberry Month (whole month)
  2. Independence Day (July 4th)
  3. National Bikini Day (July 5th)
  4. International Kissing Day (July 6th)
  5. National Video Game Day (July 8th)
  6. National Kitten Day (July 10th)
  7. World Emoji Day (July 17th)
  8. National Tequila Day (July 24th)


  1. Summer Festivals all over Japan (whole month)
  2. National Coloring Book Day (August 2nd)
  3. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (August 4th)
  4. Chinese Valentine’s Day (August 7th)
  5. National Book Lover’s Day (August 9th)
  6. National Relaxation Day (August 15th)
  7. National Dog Day (August 26th)

I’m undecided between national sushi day and national dog day… What’s your favorite one?

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

I gathered here some beautiful and adorable works by fantastic artists on Instagram, so get inspired and definitely check out these creative people and their other wonderful BuJo pages!

Whenever you choose what theme to do for your summer Bullet Journal setup – remember that it’s your journal, and you can do anything you want. Whether you want a Disney theme, Harry Potter theme, or maybe just use some kraft paper – go for it if you want to!

Summer Mountains Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @plan.tful

I love Sarah and her beautiful style of journaling. She always comes up with fun and interesting themes.

I’m not sure if this one is crystals or mountains, but it absolutely looks stunning.

Lemon Bullet Journal Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @feetonthestars

Oranges, lemons, grapefruits – I really feel like citrus is the most summer thing ever.

I also like the bright colors you can use for this theme – not many things are as summer as bright sunny colors.

Ice Cream Summer Bullet Journal Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @instaliddy

I know there are people who enjoy ice cream in winter, but for me, ice cream is the best during hot summer days.

I love that with ice cream, you can go with amazing detailed illustrations like the above or just go with some simple doodles. I have quite a few variations of ice cream doodles in my post with Fun Summer Doodle Ideas.

Travel / Tropical Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @seed_successful_you

Summer is THE time to travel! It’s kind of interesting that it still feels that way.

Ever since college, I haven’t had the time to travel during summer so it’s really strange that still every summer, I get the urge to pack my suitcases and see the world.

So yeah, if you ask me, travel is one of the best themes to do for summer.

Floral Bullet Journal Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @hollylovesplanning

Flowers are a great theme for every season. Yes even for winter – flowers are timeless!

I love this cover page full of simple floral doodles that end up looking amazing assembled in a little wreath.

If you aren’t that confident in your floral doodles be sure to check my post How To Draw Beautiful Flowers In Your Bullet Journal.

Sunflower Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Credit: @bujoandcookies

Speaking of flowers, sunflower is the perfect theme for Summer.

It’s a pretty simple flower to doodle, and the colors are so bright and happy.

Summer Bullet Journal Ideas: Flamingo

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @metro_boulot_bujo

This flamingo is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen.

It’s obviously a very summer theme with a tropical vibe, and I love the contrast of black and white on the page and the bright pink of flamingo.

Pineapple Bullet Journal Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @robys_bujo

What can be more summer than this page?? I love that pineapple hanging out on the beach.

I really wish I could be that pineapple right now, he seems like he is having the time of his life.

Summer Bullet Journal Ideas: Tropical Leaves

Credit: @xprinaspages

There are many ways to bring tropical summer moods to your Bullet Journal.

Tropical leaves are probably the easiest one, they are very simple to doodle, and you can play around with colors so much.

Under The Sea Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @diemmybujo

Beaches, ocean life – all perfectly themed for these three Summer months.

I love the cover page above, it looks so cute and super simple to recreate.

This was actually the theme for my very first Digital Bullet Journal Setup.

Summer Bullet Journal Ideas: 4th Of July

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @alexandra_plans 

Of course, July is Independence Day, so why not bring the holiday to your journal pages as well.

Fireworks are very easy to draw, and you can play around so much with the colors.

Firefly Bullet Journal Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @bulletjournalbymarieke

Fireflies are a simple theme and very summery. I actually just saw fireflies for the first time a few years ago, and wow – it really impressed me how beautiful they are on a dark summer night.

I actually end up doing a firefly theme myself so if you want to see my take as well as inspirations from other creators, check my post Firefly Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

Tropical Summer Bullet Journal Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @being_a_popsie

One more take on a tropical theme, with some flowers and a tucan.

This cover page is super cute, and I must take a special note of the lettering – it’s so cool and on the theme.

Summer Fruits Bullet Journal Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @doodledaydarlings

One more take on a citrus theme. Looks great, and I love how the design is in a rectangle of pink.

I also really love the effect of colored pencils; the colors came out bright but not too bright.

Sea Theme

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @ananeh.journals

Everything sea-related is a great theme for summer.

We already had a theme with sea creatures, but here is another option – use navy blue and rope doodles. It’s pretty simple and yet looks absolutely amazing.

Watermelon Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @cali_pages

I think watermelon is probably the most summer fruit out there.

They are also easy to doodle and make for a great Summer theme.

Bees Bullet Journal Ideas For July

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @seras.bullet.journal

Bees are beautiful creatures, and the honey they produce is just soooooo delicious!

I love my hot summers with a calming bee buzzing. Perfect theme for summer, and I love this take.

Pineapple Bullet Journal Spread Idea

The Ultimate List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans
Credit: @littlemissrose

One more take on a pineapple theme. 

Love this cover page and the geometrical approach to the theme.

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Idea

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @julia.pezowicz | Masha Plans
Credit: @julia.pezowicz

I don’t really know how to name this theme, but I absolutely love how it looks.

Julia always picks such beautiful colors! and her doodles bring a smile to my face.

Carnival Bullet Journal Theme

Credit: @thatsmybujoaccount

Aren’t carnivals especially fun during the hot summer months!

Ferris wheel was always my favorite; what is yours?

Blackout Bullet Journal Spread Idea

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @lennydoesthings| Masha Plans
Credit: @lennydoesthings

Botanical drawings are good for any season, but I especially love those tropical leaves for a summer theme.

For this cover page, I especially love the contrast with the black paper and how she used crazy bright colors. Looks absolutely amazing!

If you don’t know much about drawing botanicals, I can’t recommend more a Skillshare course by Peggy Dean. She is really amazing at drawing flowers, botanicals, and so many more things!

If you use my link you can also get 2 weeks free of Skillshare to try out all her classes.

Butterfly Bullet Journal Theme

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @temi.journals | Masha Plans
Credit: @temi.journals

Beautiful beautiful butterflies and you can play around so much with colors – from bright purples to pastel oranges.

Love this cover page and how there is a quote on one side. I’m always a big fan of having a quote as well as just a cover.

Summer Bullet Journal Ideas: Camping

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, cover page by @natashamillerletters | Masha Plans
Credit: @natashamillerletters

I’ll be honest here – I actually never went camping. It’s not really something my family did when I was a kid. And now I feel like I’m too attached to my hot shower and comfortable bed to ever do it.

But who knows, it might actually happen.

Anyways, we are talking about Bullet Journal themes, and camping can be a great theme for summer.

Summer Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Apart from your usual monthly pages, there are many other fun and interesting things you can add to your Bullet Journal for Summer.

My go-to spread for Summer is probably a Summer bucket list.

Credit: @minni.ejournal

Bucket lists are amazing, and I love how they help you to enjoy the seasons fully.

And Summer is so full of fun possible activities.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, summer adventures spread by @honey.owl | Masha Plans
Credit: @honey.owl

Of course, all the things you do in the summer would make a wonderful memory-keeping page.

Be sure to check my post on How To: Memory Keeping In Your Bullet Journal if you wanna know more on how to create these.

These are just a few ideas, but definitely check my post Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

Summer Bullet Journal Doodles

These all look fantastic, don’t they? I hope it got your imagination flowing and you already have lots of ideas on how to add summer cheers to your Bullet Journal pages.

To help you out, I included below a “How To Doodle” video with lots of fun doodle ideas. After watching this tutorial, you’ll be able to decorate your BuJo pages with tons of cheerful little doodles.

You can also check my post Summer Bullet Journal Doodles for more ideas.

Free Bullet Journal Printables

There are, of course, some freebies available in the Resources Vault.

It’s a set of Summer themed planner elements, as well as a page for training your Summer doodles, which will be perfect for your Summer Bullet Journal setup.

15+ Simple and Fun Summer Bullet Journal Doodles | Masha Plans

If you don’t have access to the Resources Vault yet, be sure to sign up in the form below.

What theme will you use in your Bullet Journal this summer?

Share with us in the comments.

I hope this list was helpful; if you find it so, please share!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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