The Best Pens For Bullet Journaling

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Once you discover the amazing Bullet Journal world, it’s only natural to explore the stationery market for awesome pens to use in your journal.

Today, I’m here to share with you my top Bullet Journal supplies pics for pens.

There is a lot of stationery out there, but today we’ll be covering just pens.

Before we dive into the world of stationery, let me tell you one simple truth – you don’t need any of these pens to start your Bullet Journal.

To start journaling, all you need is a pen and a notebook, that’s it.

I always recommend starting with minimum supplies, expanding your collection later on as you go, and figuring out what supplies you want to try and enjoy using.

Any of these pens will be a wonderful addition to your stationery collection, no matter your style., let’s talk pens!

And don’t forget to scroll until the end to get your free Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journal Stationery and find all kinds of supplies for your perfect journal.

What Is A Good Pen For Bullet Journaling

The number one thing I see people request from their pens is to have a pen that won’t bleed through the journal pages.

This is where I need to explain something to you – that kind of pen doesn’t really exist. Bleeding doesn’t depend on the quality of a pen as much as it does on the quality of the paper.

That’s why I always advise getting a good journal rather than a very good pen. Your journal is the basis for it all, so if you have a limited budget and want to invest in something – invest in a good journal.

If you have a good quality journal with high paper density, most likely even cheap pens of not-so-good quality won’t bleed. So you could even use your kid’s coloring supplies!

Apart from this big issue, here are a few more things you might think about before buying your pens:

  • How can I use this pen – is it multi-use, or can it be used for just one purpose?
  • What are people saying about these pens? Check Amazon reviews and maybe reviews from others in the BuJo community.
  • Am I actually going to use it? 
  • Is a well-known brand better than a cheap option? They usually are – they are of better quality and last longer.

Best Pens For Bullet Journaling

With all of that out of the way, let’s dive into the wonderful world of stationery, and let me introduce you to some of the best pens for Bullet Journaling.

I’ll be going by different categories, so if you’re looking for something specific, be sure to scroll down. Here is the order:

  1. Writing Pens
  2. Fountain Pens
  3. Fineliners
  4. Colored Pens
  5. Brush Pens
  6. Fude Pens
  7. Markers
  8. Metallic Pens

The Best Pens To Write With

For me, a good writing pen is just as essential as a good journal. These two items are the basis of your Bullet Journal, and you’re using your writing pen every day. 

I feel like it’d be great to make sure the writing pen is smooth, and it’s a pleasant experience writing with it every day, so here are my top picks.

Best Fountain Pens

Fountain pens look so professional and not easy to use, but they aren’t that scary, to be honest. And they definitely can add extra pleasure when you write with them.

Here are the two I’d recommend getting into your collection.

Best Fineliner Pens

Fineliners are very popular pens to use in a Bullet Journal. They dry almost instantly and don’t smudge.

Moreover, fineliners usually come in a very vibrant black color that is perfect for doodling or drawing in your journal because it makes your lines really stand out on the paper.

You can, of course, also use fineliners for writing if you want.

Here are some of my top picks in this category.

Best Colored Pens

Colored pens are my absolute obsession. They are great for doodling, note-taking, planning – pretty much for everything!

I’ve been into colored pens since school times. Yup, I was that crazy girl who had different colors for each type of note, and half of my backpack was my highlighters.

Please tell me I’m not the only one!

But back to business, if you’re looking for some cool colored pens, I recommend you to give them a try.

Best Brush Pens

Time to talk about some of my favorite Bullet Journal supplies – brush pens.

They are so versatile – you can use them for lettering, for coloring, or maybe just as highlighters. Plus if you have a dual brush you can use them as markers for more thin lines.

I love bringing colors to my journal pages, and the brush pens below are some of my favorites in doing so.

Best Fude Pens

Fude pens are essentially brush pens but with smaller and usually harder nibs. 

These are great for doodling and smaller types of lettering, such as maybe a little quote in your weekly spread or your daily header.

Best Markers and Highlighters

But let’s step back to the color zone with some of the best markers you can use for your Bullet Journal!

Best Metallic Pens

Finally, Let’s finish this list with a bang by talking about metallic pens.

Metallic pens are so pretty, and moreover – you can easily use them for your Blackout Book!

All these pens will have you create unique styles and designs in your Bullet Journal. Each of these has its own advantages and can be used differently, so don’t be surprised if you find buying more than just one item from each category.

After all, you can never have TOO much stationery, right?

More Resources

Looking for some more stationery recommendations? I’ve got you covered.

I have tons of stationery content on the blog and I can talk about it for hours.

But to start with, check out these posts:

Free Stationery Guide

With all the pens out there, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the choices and maybe end up getting something you won’t use at all.

That’s why I’ve created this guide, which has the best recommendations for all the different supplies you might need for your journaling.

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