Today I’ll help you lift the heavy weight of choosing the right supplies for your Bullet Journal! I still remember how stressful it was to pick supplies and how many mistakes I made. Yes I did overspent and bought plenty of not so good supplies that I didn’t really need…

So today I’m here to share with you my wisdom and let you know exactly what you’d really need for starting your Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal Essentials - must have supplies for beginners | Masha Plans

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With all the brands on the market it’s hard to know exactly what it will be and which ones are worth your time. Let me mention here the main types of supplies you’ll be needing in your Bullet Journal and my personal favorites a.k.a. the supplies I use all the time and restock once I run out of them .

These are of course my own personal opinions, but I hope you can still find them useful and get some ideas and directions.

Bullet Journal Notebook

Of course, the first thing you should worry about is getting a good journal. From my own experience, I always advice to first give it a try in some basic school notebook. Bullet Journal might not be for you and, let’s be real, spending $14-20 on a notebook to discover you‘ll end up not using it sounds like a waste of money. So get a basic notebook, give it a try and once you know it is your thing – time to choose a proper companion. Uh, and by the way, welcome to the exciting world of Bullet Journaling!

Bullet Journal Essentials - notebooks | Masha Plans

You can check more detailed guide on what to look for in a notebook and a massive video comparing different brands of journals. As for me personally, I’m currently using the Nuuna notebook and I love it so much, that I think I might just stay with that brand for good.

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Drawing Pen

Bullet Journal isn’t just a planner – it’s also an artistic outlet. So since you will be doing quite a lot of doodling and drawing, I would recommend investing in a good drawing pen. My choice is Sakura Pigma Micron, since it has archival ink and it is waterproof – which is all I need from my drawing pens. Moreover, they come in a variety of different sizes.

I could write a whole separate post comparing all different fineliner brands (maybe I will…? In the future? Uh exciting! New blog ideas!), so for now, I’ll just advice you to watch this by Amanda Lee where she makes a deep comparison of 9 different brands of fineliners.

Writing Pens

Of course you are free to use your drawing pens for writing as well. But I personally prefer something different for my writing. I know lots of people like to use fountain pens, but I’m not really in that camp. For my writing I love a good old ballpoint gel pen. I think those are more comfortable for daily on the go note taking, and a bit cheaper as well.

As you might know from my July stationery picks, my two favorite writing pens are Muji Ballpoint Clip Gel Pen and a non clip Muji Gel Ballpoint Pen. These are great, it’s super smooth to write with them and they have been my companions for a while already.

Colored Pens

I personally don’t use colored pens that much in my journal, but when I do, they’re definitely great for note taking and doodling. I went with my two favorite brands and got Sakura Pigma Micron Assorted Colors set and Muji Ballpoint Gel Pens. Another amazing colored gel pens I’ve recently discovered are Zebra Sarasa Clip.

There are many more sets, and these two are the ones I’ve heard the most about: STABILO Fineliners and Tombow Twintine Markers. I haven’t got a chance to buy those yet, but I’ll definitely be looking forward to giving them a try!

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You can’t go far without a decent ruler here. Actually, 3 types of different decent rulers. The first one is the Westcott ruler, which makes it very easy to keep things centered. Second – a portable folding ruler. This ruler is with me at all times, since I actually do lots of journaling outside the house.

Bullet Journal Essentials - rulers | Masha Plans

And last but not least is a circle ruler like this Helix one. It’s definitely a must have if you plan to do any circle trackers! Or for any other reason draw circles.

Brush Pens, Markers and Highlighters

It all depends on your style and needs, but I bet at some point you’ll yearn for some of these! So here are my go-to items in this category.

Bullet Journal Essentials - brush pens, highlighters, markers | Masha Plans

When you say highlighters, I say Zebra Mildliners! They have some great colors, they hold on paper very well and of course – they are so darn cute!!!

If you are hunting for ALL the colors in the world, give Tombow Dual Brush Pen a try. They have 96 colors and they’re great quality. So I would say they are a very worthy investment!

I would also recommend you to give a try to Kuretake Zig Brushables. I really love these brush pens and for me it was easier to learn lettering with them.You can check my full review here.

Crayola Super Tips markers are a cheaper alternative to color wheel of Tombow Dual Brush Pens. Even though it’s not really brush pens, you can still create stunning lettering with it, exactly the same way.

I would say this list covers most of the basic stationery you might need when starting Bullet Journaling. At least this is how I see the list. What did I miss? What would you call the essential BuJo supplies? Leave a comment below!

Now that all supplies are bought time to start! Pick a theme, decide on the pages and let your creativity flow!

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