The Best Bullet Journal Supplies For Any Artistic Level

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Today I’ll help you lift the heavyweight of choosing the right Bullet Journal supplies! I still remember how stressful it was to pick supplies and how many mistakes I made.

Yes, I did overspend and bought plenty of not-so-good supplies that I didn’t really need…

So today, I’m here to share with you my wisdom and let you know exactly what stationery is worth your money, whether you’re just starting your first Bullet Journal or looking for things to add to your collection.

With all the brands on the market, it’s hard to know exactly what they will be and which ones are worth your time and money.

Let me mention here the main types of supplies you might need for your Bullet Journal and my personal favorites a.k.a. the supplies I use all the time and restock once I run out of them.

Let’s be clear here – you don’t need all of these! To start a Bullet Journal, you only need a pen and a notebook. So don’t start buying ALL the stationery at once.

Everyone in the BuJo community has their own style and their own favorite supplies they use.

For example, I adore my Zebra Mildliners and use them all the time, but I’m not much of a sticker or washi tape girl. So the crazy washi haul I had when I started Bullet Journaling was kind of a waste.

I’d recommend you start from the very basic supplies and slowly build your collection from there. The more you Bullet Journal, the more you’ll get the feel of your style and supplies you might want to have.

If you feel like you want to try a new medium, start by buying cheap supplies. Once you know it’s yours and you want to use it more – it’ll be time to upgrade.

Now that we talked about all of these things, I think you’re ready to dive into a stationery world.

To make things easier for you, I divided this post into supplies for beginners and advanced supplies. I also included at the end a little section with storage solutions for your stationery collection.

And be sure to scroll until the end to get more stationery recommendations and a free stationery guide.

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Bullet Journal Supplies For Beginners

All you really need is a pen and a notebook, so don’t feel pressured to buy everything I mention in this list.

However, if you want to invest in your Bullet Journal, a small purchase of a set of colored markers might bring a significant difference to your journal pages. And might make your setup process more fun. I know it definitely helped me to enjoy planning even more.

So here are some of my favorite basic things you might enjoy as a beginner. Don’t start with buying it all, though. Just pick a few ones to get you started and see how you like them.

Bullet Journal Notebooks

Of course, the first thing you should worry about is getting a good journal. From my own experience, I always advise you to first give it a try in some basic school notebook.

Bullet Journal might not be for you, and, let’s be real, spending $14-20 on a notebook to discover you‘ll end up not using it sounds like a waste of money. So get a basic notebook, give it a try, and once you know it is your thing – time to choose a proper companion.

Uh, and by the way, welcome to the exciting world of Bullet Journaling!

If you’re ready to start with a proper notebook, here are a few things you should consider before choosing what’s best for you:

  • Size. Do you want the standard A5 size or something bigger, like B5 or A4?
  • Paper density. Make sure the paper is thick enough; I’d advise nothing less than GSM 100
  • Paper color. Do you want ivory paper? Cream paper? Or maybe pure white? The paper color will, of course, affect the colors you’ll get from your markers.
  • Extra features. Do you want your pages numbered? Do you need pre-made pages, such as an index or key?

Here are a few notebooks I would suggest you take a look at.

Pens And Pencils

A good notebook is a body, but the blood keeping it alive is definitely the pens.

You’ll use your pens to write, draw the pages, and decorate them. So your planning experience will really depend on how good your pens are.

If you want to invest in some supplies, my recommendation would definitely be to invest in good basic pens.

Colored Pens

I personally don’t use colored pens that much in my journal, but when I do, they’re definitely great for note-taking and doodling. If you’re using your Bullet journal for school, I’d say colored pens are definitely a must-have.

Here are some of my favorites which I know you’d love as well.

Markers, Highlighters 

It all depends on your style and needs, but I bet at some point, you’ll yearn for some of these!

I’m crazy about using colors in my journal, so here are my go-to items in this category.


There are many other things you might find useful on your journaling adventures besides a notebook and a pen.

So here I gathered some basic supplies, which are my absolute essentials at the moment.

Plus, some stickers and other things will help you set up your Bullet Journal faster. This is not something I use at the moment, but they are very useful, especially for beginners.

Advanced Bullet Journal Supplies

If you’ve been journaling for a while, got a grasp of all the basics, and are ready to step up your game – this section is for you.

As you’ve been working on your BuJo you probably already figured out what supplies you like and need, so you’re probably looking for an upgrade to your gear.

Here are some of my favorites for more advanced journaling. As a beginner, it might not make sense to invest so much in supplies, but as an experienced planner and creative – you’ll probably jump over the idea of getting some of these in your collection.

Pens And Pencils

Of course, we’re starting with pens.

All the pens I mentioned before are wonderful, and I still use them myself, but there are some more you might consider trying or upgrading to.

Colored Pens

There is so much when it comes to colored pens, so of course, I have some more ideas for advanced users.

Not that you can’t use them as a beginner, but from my personal experience – I didn’t really need them until later in my journey.

Brush Pens And Markers

Brush pens are something everyone wants – it helps you create beautiful brush lettering.

But as a beginner, you’ll probably do more faux calligraphy before you master actual brush lettering. Plus, you can always use cheaper Crayola Super Tips to achieve the same effect.

But as a pro, you might want to spend a bit more to get those perfect pens, and here are some of my top picks.

Miscellaneous Bullet Journal Supplies

Here are the things that I think you’d still enjoy, but I had no place to include them.

These are some tools and accessories that help you decorate your journal as well as stay organized.

Stationery Storage Solutions

If you’re really getting into the Bullet Journal game, at some point, you’ll have stationery, probably a lot of it. So it’s pretty useful to consider some storage solutions.

When talking about storing your pens and markers, there are a few things you should consider.

You probably shouldn’t store them vertically. Please pay attention to the recommended ways to store your pens because a lot of them will be damaged if stored standing up. Better safe than sorry, I always say, so for permanent storage, just go with something horizontal.

Below are some of my favorite ways to store supplies.

Free Stationery Guide

There are so many different options out there, and these brands all know how much we are obsessed with stationery.

I know when I started, I definitely bought tons of supplies that I ended up not using. That’s why I created this guide, which will help you to buy only high-quality supplies you’ll love using.

Sign up in the form below, and once you confirm your subscription, the guide will be on the way to you.

Well, I think this about covers it. Hopefully, you got the full picture and are ready to dive into the wonderful world of Bullet Journal stationery.

What are some supplies you think are a must-have? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

More Resources

I can talk about stationery for hours, so I can’t fit it all in one post. That’s why you can check a lot of other posts if you need more.

Here are a few to get you started:

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And always remember! Keep Bullet Journaling, and don’t be a Blob!

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  1. Hello! I’ve been bullet journaling for a while now, but this post helped me to find my favorite supplies to use. Thank you so much!

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