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Today we are talking about doodling again. After all, this is one of my absolute favorite things to do and I’ll always be so thankful to Bullet Journaling for pushing me to doodle more.

There are a ton of benefits of doodling and today, my goal is to share these benefits with you, as well as convince you that you can doodle even if you never did before.

5 Incredible Benefits Of Doodling And How To Get Started | Masha Plans

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At first, I couldn’t doodle. Like, not at all. But in 2018 when I discovered the Bullet Journal system, I decided to give it a better try and push through and tadam! I’m pretty happy with my doodles at the moment.

But apart from just being a wonderful way to decorate my Bullet Journal pages, I learned that doodling offers far more benefits.

Today we will go through some of those benefits. Also!  Be sure to scroll until the end because I’ll be sharing some tips and resources to learn to doodle if it’s not something you ever did before.

Benefits Of Doodling

There are many, to be honest. Some were very unexpected when I was doing research for this post!

But as you know, I’m always very personal so I’ll be only sharing the things I experienced myself. So here they are!


The first and very basic one is that doodling helps you to relax.

Doodling as an activity doesn’t really require you to think too much, just enough to put your brain into a little pause and relax.

I often find that when I doodle, I end up worrying less, my mind kind of just aimlessly wanders, and sometimes, this is just what you need!

How To Draw & Use Mandalas In Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

Problem Solving

You know how sometimes you have a problem and you just think of it ALL the time? It’s so annoying! Sometimes it even goes to the point that nothing new comes to mind and you’re stuck with no solution.

Well, doodling allows your brain to get distracted from focusing on the problem and to work it out by itself without you pushing.

Yeah, it sounds pretty insane, but sometimes you just need to take a break and step away and the solution will just come to you. Doodling is a great practice to do just that!

Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspiration - boho doodles | Masha Plans


Well duh, this of course is a no-brainer. When you doodle you work your creative muscles.

I always say that creativity is not as much of a God-given talent as it is a muscle, and anyone can train it and be more creative.

Doodling is a great way for you to develop your creativity.

Fun and Easy Bullet Journal Doodles - ocean doodles | Masha Plans

Better Memory Retention

It was a pleasant surprise when I figured this one out because all my life I was told that in order to remember something better, I need to read or listen to it with all my attention.

But according to this research, doodling actually helps you to stay alert and attentive and prevents you from daydreaming, which ultimately leads to you remembering the material much better.

If only I found this out in my college days, instead of spending most of my lectures in a daydreaming daze.

Free Fantastic Resources To Learn How To Doodle, IQ Doodle | Masha Plans

Process Emotions

Doodling was actually extremely beneficial for my mental health and dealing with emotions.

In a way, doodling is kind of like a meditation, when you allow yourself to step back for a second, analyze your feelings and find strength within.

During my latest turmoil, instead of coming home and crying like a baby, I sat down and started doodling some patterns. It took me probably half an hour to fill out the entire page, but after I was done, I had a clearer mind, calmer emotions, and was actually feeling pretty ok.

From all types of calming down, be it yoga, meditation, or journaling, doodling is probably my favorite one and the most effective.

Pattern Doodles | Masha Plans

How To Doodle

To get all those benefits, you don’t need to be amazing at doodling, you just need to start doodling. 

It’s not about things being perfect or looking great, so if you doodle for any of the things I mentioned above, you just need to take the pen and start drawing lines. What comes out is not that important.

Schedule some time for yourself, pick a piece of paper and just dive into it. It can be mandalas, patterns or actually doodles of whatever you want. The idea is just to let your hand draw whatever.

Don’t worry if you make mistakes, it doesn’t matter. 

Don’t worry if things don’t look perfectly straight. It doesn’t matter. 

Just enjoy yourself and do your best!

How To: Creating A Coloring Page With Kawaii Food Doodles (black and white) | Masha Plans

Now, in case you want to learn doodling in a more Bullet Journal sense, like how to doodle different things to decorate your journal, I got you covered.

I have recently released my FREE email course “7 Days To Stunning Doodles” which will help you to learn doodling from zero.

In just 7 days you’ll have all the knowledge, tips, and tricks to start doodling like a pro!

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When To Doodle

Doodling is a practice, like yoga or meditation. So you get more benefits when you do it more often, whether you doodle for better memory, calm mind or to improve your drawing skills.

It’s all about keeping practicing!

Here I want to mention a few situations when you might want to slot out some doodling time and get wonderful benefits from it:

  • When you’re feeling particularly stressed, anxious, or overthinking the situation
  • When you’re feeling stuck and need a creative solution to your problem
  • Before an event or interaction that usually makes you upset or stressed, like a job interview or that big family dinner where you’ll be introducing your new boyfriend
  • When you’re tired and just need to relax and unwind. Netflix and wine are great options but try from time to time do doodling instead and see how that goes

Try to get into the habit of doodling on a regular basis, it will help you both to be more creative and have better mental health.

What’s the best way doodling has helped you so far?

Let us know in the comments.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob.

5 Incredible Benefits Of Doodling And How To Get Started | Masha Plans