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Want to learn some tricks on how to decorate your journal even if you aren’t very artistic? I’m here to help with some ideas.

5 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

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We all want to create beautiful Bullet Journal spreads. However, sometimes it can be pretty hard: you can feel uninspired to decorate, maybe you aren’t that confident in your artistic skills yet, or possibly you’re just way too busy at the moment to have time for pretty setups (that is a case with me pretty often!). But I don’t want this to stop you from starting your own Bullet Journal! So here are some easy and fun Bullet Journal decoration ideas for your spreads.


You can find all kind of stencils on the market at the moment:

  • And even drawing stencils, from which you can easily create flower arrangements, leaves, and so many more things!

  • Plus of course, you can start with the general geometric stencils – playing with these you can create absolutely stunning minimalist spreads!

5 Easy Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas - stencils | Masha Plans

I’m a great fan of stencils myself and own quite a few! If you’re looking for some more thematic stencils, check out OopsaDaisyUK, one of my favorite shops. She creates stunning stencils that can easily help you make elaborately themed pages in your Bullet Journal.

My other favorite is Jayden’s Apple – these are fantastic metal stencils that allow you to simply create any elements you might need in your BuJo. Plus they are of such high quality that they will definitely last for long. I think these are a great investment.


Can’t draw an image? Just stamp it! Thankfully now you can find a lot of wonderful stamps with any kind of design. And if you pick different colors of ink, you can add a lot of variety on your pages even with just a few stamps!

5 Simple Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas, spread by @inkbyjeng | Masha Plans

Credit: @inkbyjeng

I personally love acrylic stamps, since they are so light and easy to carry around. And in my opinion, no stamps are better than the ones from Ink By Jeng.

Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are available in all colors, size, and themes imaginable. They’re pretty cheap and can really help you brighten up your pages!

Animal Crossing Weekly with stickers | Masha Plans

There’re so many ways to use your washi tapes. You can cut them into shapes, use to highlight something on the page or color code your whole journal with them. The limit is your imagination! You can start with these 13 Bullet Journal Washi Tape Ideas.


The best way to decorate your journal pages if you’re not very artistic is with stickers! It’s also an extremely fast way! I used stickers to make every spread in my September monthly setup, and I was very pleased with the result.

5 Simple Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas, spread by @mashaplans | Masha Plans

Credit: @mashaplans

Memories Page oin my kraft paper journal | Masha Plans

Thankfully these days you can get any stickers you like! I personally absolutely adore stickers from independent Etsy sellers – they are so unique and pretty! Amazon also has some good stickers. And if you want a subscription – Pipsticks is my absolute favorite and it’s definitely a great choice! Check our my Pipsticks Subscription Review to see if it’d be a good choice for you.

You can always create your own stickers, check out my posts on How To Design Your Own Stickers and How To Create Stickers With Silhouette  Cameo.


A great way to express your creativity is to create a collage on your Bullet Journal page. You can use scrapbook paper, magazine cutouts, wrapping paper – anything you have at hand actually.

5 Simple Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas, spread by @artwwwera | Masha Plans

Credit: @artwwwera

This is also a great way to preserve memories in your Bullet Journal. I love to use different scraps I gather all over the place, especially when I travel because I used to be VERY into scrapbooking before Bullet Journaling… I might tell you about that experience in another future article.

So don’t let anything stop you from being creative and making beautiful planning pages in your Bullet Journal. There are a million ways you can do so even without drawing.

What are some hacks you’re using in your Bullet Journal setups? Let me know in the comments.

As for me, my top picks are stencils and stickers!

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5 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

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