9 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas

Hello Planning Mashers!

Want to learn some tricks on how to decorate your journal even if you aren’t very artistic? I’m here to help with some ideas.

All these will help you create your pages faster and for them to have a bit more pizazz.

9 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas | Masha Plans

We all want to create beautiful Bullet Journal spreads. However, sometimes it can be pretty hard: you can feel uninspired to decorate, maybe you aren’t that confident in your artistic skills yet, or possibly you’re just way too busy at the moment to have time for pretty setups (that is a case with me pretty often!).

But I don’t want this to stop you from starting your own Bullet Journal! There are tons of fun little tricks you can use to make your journal pretty without any hustle.

The best part of these ideas is that most of them are not just to pretty up your Bullet Journal, but can also be functional and help you speed up your setups.

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The best way to decorate your journal pages if you’re not very artistic is with stickers! It’s also an extremely fast way!

I used stickers to make every spread in my September monthly setup, and I was very pleased with the result.

5 Simple Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas, spread by @mashaplans | Masha Plans

Thankfully these days you can get any stickers you like! I personally absolutely adore stickers from independent Etsy sellers – they are so unique and pretty!

Small shops on Etsy always come up with such amazing designs. I know you can easily find something there that would fit your style.

Stickers by LavendyeDesign

I love my coffee stickers – I have tons in my collection and am always open to buying some more. I feel like they are so useful and can look good on any spread. And of course, they are perfect if you’re creating a Coffee Themed Bullet Journal Setup.

Amazon also has some good stickers.

And if you want a subscription – Pipsticks is my absolute favorite and it’s definitely a great choice! It’s a great low-cost choice that will allow you to have tons of great high-quality stickers of different sizes and designs.

They offer different subscriptions with different sizes and most importantly- ship worldwide! Check out my Pipsticks Subscription Review to see if it’d be a good choice for you.

You can always create your own stickers, check out my posts on How To Design Your Own Stickers and How To Create Stickers With Silhouette  Cameo.

Functional Stickers

Stickers don’t have to be only about decorating though, there are many options that are also incredibly functional.

The best part of these ideas is that most of them are not just too pretty us your Bullet Journal, but can also be functional and help you speed up your setups.

For example, check these water tracking stickers – how much easier it will be to use them instead of creating trackers every day.

Printable Water Tracking Stickers | Masha Plans

These are actually printable stickers from my shop!

I’ve been really obsessing with printable stickers lately since you can print and use them as many times as you want. So I started adding a lot of stickers to my shop, both decorative and functional. So be sure to give it a look. 

Another one of my favorites is calendar stickers – these will save you so much time when setting up your Future Log.

I always find that writing all the numbers for 12 months is a very daunting task, so I’m happy there are stickers like that.

Here is another example of functional stickers from my shop. These will help you have clean-looking numbers and cute lettering headers for your weekly spreads.

I’m actually using these for my July 2021 Boba Tea Themed Bullet Journal setup and I’m loving it.


You can find all kind of stencils on the market at the moment:

  • And even drawing stencils, from which you can easily create flower arrangements, leaves, and so many more things!

  • Plus of course, you can start with the general geometric stencils – playing with these you can create absolutely stunning minimalist spreads!

There are many awesome stencils that will help you with decorating your Bullet Journal, let’s look into these first.

Jayden’s Apple has lots of stencils with letters and botanical drawings, and I love the MoxieDori stencil I have to help me draw mandalas.

Stencil by JaydensApple

(psss, mandalas are a great way to relax and to decorate your journal, so be sure to check my post How To Draw Beautiful Mandalas In Your Bullet Journal, which also has tons of BuJo inspirations with mandalas).

There are also stencils that help you create pretty and consistent lettering. I have a few from Jayden’s Apple myself, but you can also find much more affordable options on Amazon.

Mr. Pen- Letter Stencils, 12 Pack, 4 x 7 Inch, Alphabet Stencils, Letter Stencil, Lettering Alphabet Stencil, Stencils, Stencils Letters and Numbers, Lettering Stencils, Bullet Journaling Stencils
  • Package Includes: 12Pc Alphabet, Number And Symbol Templat. Size Is 4 x 7 Inches
  • Suitable For Most Pen, Gel Mediums, Sprays, Ink, Texture Pastes, Chalk, Sprays, Mists, Acrylic Paint And More
  • A-Z Letter Sizes: From 0.37 Inch To 0.63 Inch

Functional Stencils

Stencils are great for practical reasons. First of all – with weekly stencils, you can easily create simple daily boxes for a fast weekly setup.

I have some weekly stencils from OopsaDaisyUK and they are amazing!

Stencils by OopsaDaisyUK

There are also things like circle stencils that can help you to add those gorgeous-looking circle trackers to your Bullet Journal pages. 

I have an amazing circle stencil from Jayden’s Apple – it’s metallic so I know it will serve me a long time.

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker | Masha Plans

There are also some amazing circle stencils from MoxieDory, which are a bit more customized to create circle trackers.

And since we are talking about circles, I just have to mention a circle cleaning tracker from Erin Floro Designs – it’s so clever and looks absolutely stunning! Definitely an item on my wish list.

Erin Floto Designs Stencil
Stencil by ErinFlotoDesigns


Can’t draw an image? Just stamp it! Thankfully now you can find a lot of wonderful stamps with any kind of design. And if you pick different colors of ink, you can add a lot of variety to your pages even with just a few stamps!

I personally love acrylic stamps, since they are so light and easy to carry around. I just started on my stamp game and honestly, it’s so much fun and so convenient!

March Memories Page | Masha Plans

Yes, stamps can be a bit pricey, but unlike stickers they are multi-use, so you’ll get much more out of one stamp than a set of stickers.

There are so many beautiful stamps out there that can help you decorate your page, or maybe you can just stamp one thing many times to create a beautiful pattern for your cover page.

Stamps by MayMayStationery

Personally, I also absolutely adore little quote stamps that are perfect for an easy pick-me-up in your weekly spread or a powerful vision board.

Lately, I’ve been trying to use more stamps, and among my favorites are the ones from Everyday Explorers.

Archer and Olive also recently came out with their stamp collection and I’m loving these! They finally allow me to bring Bonnie’s beautiful botanical drawing to my own Bullet Journal pages.

(pss, if you decide to get Archer and Olive stamps, or pretty much anything from their shop – you can get 10% discount if you use my code MASHA10).

Functional Stamps

But stamping is not only about being pretty, there are tons of functional stamps that will help you to speed up your Bullet Journal process.

Start from awesome calendar and habit tracker stamps – these are the things you have to use all the time and it definitely saves a lot of effort to just stamp it.

I also like letter stamps for your daily headers, make them look more cohesive and so much easier to create weekly setups, like these ones from Archer and Olive.

The header stamps don’t just look cool but also allow you to speed up your weekly setup process.

Archer and OIive Acrylic Stamps | Masha Plans
Stamps by Archer and Olive

And of course, there are awesome stamps for daily boxes, to-do lists, or just areas with some more important information.

I always have trouble drawing these boxes and having them simply stamped sounds like a great idea!

If you want to learn more about stamps and how they can help you rock your BuJo pages check my post How To Use Stamps In Your Bullet Journal.

Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are available in all colors, sizes, and themes imaginable. They’re pretty cheap and can really help you brighten up your pages!

Animal Crossing Weekly with stickers | Masha Plans

There’re so many ways to use your washi tapes. You can cut them into shapes, use to highlight something on the page, or color-code your whole journal with them. The limit is your imagination! You can start with these 13 Bullet Journal Washi Tape Ideas.

Washi tapes are great also because even though they stick very nicely to your pages – it’s also pretty easy to peel them off, so you’ll never worry about sticking them to the wrong place.

I must warn you though – washi tapes are addictive! Once you buy one or two you’re so likely to find yourself with too much washi is just a few months.

This at least is what happened to me, and in a way, it was a blessing – I’m having so much fun using my washi tapes now! And it was something I didn’t think I’d ever use at all.

Bullet Journal Washi Tape Collection | Masha Plans

Where to get washi? Well everywhere really! My two favorites at the moment are Simply Gilded and Sum Lil Things, but these are on the expensive side.

You can also get tons of beautiful and unique washi tapes on Etsy, like some of the amazing ones below.

Washi tape by StudyStationeryCo

I love these washi tapes because they are so universal. The pattern and colors are so neutral that they will go with any Bullet Journal theme.

Washi tapes by Jollii

Let’s just take a moment and appreciate how cute these washi tapes are! Definitely coming right to my wish list.

If committing to a full roll is too much, you can always buy a sample with much less washi tape there to see if you like using it.

Functional Washi Tape

So, washi tape is great for decorating pages or fixing mistakes, but it also can be functional as well.

My favorite way is to use washi tape to create little tabs in my journal, so I always know where each new month is.

Another thing is special functional washi tapes, like the ones below with days of the week.

Washi tape by Deconeer

It’s so much easier to just use washi tape for your headers, and it will definitely create a more united look on your pages.

I love the minimalist look of these headers.

Another cool functional washi tape is this one with check boxes.

I love having checkboxes and not just dots for my tasks, and using a washi tape for that is much easier than drawing them yourself.


A great way to express your creativity is to create a collage on your Bullet Journal page.

You can use scrapbook paper, magazine cutouts, wrapping paper – anything you have at hand actually.

5 Simple Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas, spread by @artwwwera | Masha Plans
Credit: @artwwwera

This is also a great way to preserve memories in your Bullet Journal. I love to use different scraps I gather all over the place, especially when I travel because I used to be VERY into scrapbooking before Bullet Journaling… I might tell you about that experience in another future article.

You can use your collage skills to just decorate your pages with the same materials. No need to be extra artistic, just add some pretty paper and cutouts from magazines you like and see your page looking so good!

Personally, I used some kraft and black paper from Archer and Olive Neapolitan notepad to decorate my February 2021 Bullet Journal setup. I didn’t draw anything, just used different colored paper and some pens.

It was a pretty simple theme to set up and I think it came out looking pretty nice.

Aesthetic Bullet Journal Setup | February 2021 Plan With Me, monthly log | Masha Plans

Check out my post with Cozy Fall Bullet Journal Inspirations With Kraft Paper to get some ideas.

Functionally collages are also great to fix any irreversible mistakes you made since with a collage you can cover up the entire page and no one will ever know what’s behind it.

Get Creative With Your Headers

Something I found out a while ago is that often my themes are looking more united if I use similar lettering styles.

Adding creative headers can help your pages stand out, and the headers are actually super simple to create.

Bullet Journal Header Ideas | Masha Plans

In case you want some ideas and inspirations, check out these posts:

21 Easy And Fun Bullet Journal Headers

23 Bullet Journal Fonts You Need To Try Today

90+ Simple And Creative Bullet Journal Header And Title Ideas

Bullet Journal Borders And Boxes

Another basic and yet creative thing you can do to decorate your Bullet Journal is by using borders.

Bullet Journal Borders by @nicolegracestudies | Masha Plans
Credit: @nicolegracestudies

Borders can do so much for your journal pages – you can decorate page borders with them, you can use them to draw very creative boxes for your daily planning or notes.

Or you can always take inspiration from the stationery around you to create your own unique boxes.

Bullet Journal Boxes Ideas by @seed_successful_you | Masha Plans
Credit: @seed_successful_you


Printables are a great way to get practical in your journal and also to experiment with new things.

Using a printable takes maybe 10-15 minutes while creating a full on-page can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Moreover, there are so many printables available right now, that it will help you to play around with different pages and different designs to easily figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

And printables aren’t just boring tables and squares – you can find some incredible ones with tons of beautiful decorations and impressive lettering styles.

When it comes to finding printables you like, here are a few options.

First of all – we have a free Resources Vault where you can find tons of amazing printables and other useful materials for your Bullet Journal.

If you’re not a part of Planning Mashers yet – simply sign up in the form below to get access to the Resources Vault and many more amazing things.

Secondly – you can join our Patreon! Patreon is a subscription-based service that allows me to create lots of Bullet Journal goodies just for you.

I work hard to make it the best it can be, so just for $1 a month you don’t just get my thanks, but also two printable weekly spreads each month, two doodling tutorials, and access to all the previous rewards for your tier.

That’s already a very significant amount of weekly spread printables to choose from.

Patreon Printable Weekly Spreads - $1 reward | Masha Plans

Some higher tiers include rewards like a complete monthly setup each month, printable stickers, and more!

So be sure to check it out and maybe even join our Patreon family.

Patreon Rewards - stickers, monthly setup and more | Masha Plans

If you don’t feel like committing to a subscription, you can always check out my shop.

You’ll be able to get not only a complete monthly setup there. I also have some special bundles, like a 7 weekly spread bundle or 12 mandala mood trackers bundle.

These will help you not only keep on planning, but also try out different pages and see what works best for you.

7 Printable Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads Bundle | Masha Plans

Finally, there are also lots LOTS of free printables available online, so you can always find something interesting in my list of 50+ Free Bullet Journal Printables.

Minimalistic Style

The final tip for decorating your pages will be to go minimalistic.

These pages require very little decor and yet they look so absolutely stunning and classy!

Minimalist Bullet Journal Cover Page by @supermassiveblackink | Masha Plans
Credit: @supermassiveblackink

For creating those all you need is a pen and a ruler. You can just create boxes and banners, or decorate your pages with some geometrical patterns.

If you want to learn some simple but stunning patterns, check my post (with a YouTube video) 13 Simple Patterns For Your Geometric Bullet Journal Pages.

Whatever you choose it’s very simple and will look amazing, believe me.

For some more inspirations for this style and decoration you can create check my posts:

Simple but Stunning Minimalist Bullet Journal Page Ideas

31+ Easy Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

So don’t let anything stop you from being creative and making beautiful planning pages in your Bullet Journal. There are a million ways you can do so even without drawing.

What are some hacks you’re using in your Bullet Journal setups? Let me know in the comments.

As for me, my top picks are stencils and stickers!

Hope this post was useful, if you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And always remember! Keep Bullet Journaling and don’t be a Blob! 


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