Hello Planning Mashers!

November is almost here so it’s time for yet another Plan With Me and this time we will be creating a cozy Fall Bullet Journal setup with the use of some craft paper.

I love using craft paper, especially for Fall setups – there is just something so matching about the brown paper and this season.

Cozy Fall Bullet Journal Inspirations With Kraft Paper | Masha Plans

November is almost upon us so I’m hurrying to create my setup. I asked you on Instagram what theme you’d like to see, but nothing you could agree upon – I had a lot of themes and all was different.

The only theme that came out often was coffee, but I actually already did it last year so if you’re looking for that, check out my post 27 Warm and Cozy Coffee Bullet Journal Inspirations.

It made me think though. Coffee is something cozy you have while wearing your favorite sweater and warming next to the fire. So I figured we can just go for an atmosphere like that.

Eventually, I came up with an idea of a cozy theme with the use of kraft paper. I felt like the colors I chose together with the kraft paper will create a very Fall feel to the setup.

Be sure to scroll down to see my Plan With Me video as well.

I also eventually found that I was not the only one thinking so, at the end of the post you can find tons of inspirations of other artists creating amazing Fall Bullet Journal themes with kraft paper.

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First of all, here are the supplies I used for this setup.

To begin with, I used a kraft paper pad from Archer and Olive, which is amazing. Not only does it have a 160 GSM paper, but also a dot grid, so I don’t need to wrap out pages from my Kraft journal anymore, I simply use my paper pad instead.

Another thing that really inspired me this month is the new Fall colors of acrylograph pens. They are just so pretty I needed to incorporate them somehow into my journal!

If you don’t know acrylograph pens, be sure to check my post Detailed Review Of Archer and Olive Acrylograph Pens.

Finally, if you ever decide to buy some of the Archer and Olive products – I can give you 10% off if you use code MASHA10.

Among some other supplies, I used are my Nuuna journal, Cocoa Paper cover, white Sakura Gelly Roll, and Sakura Pigma Micron fineliners.

One more very important part of this setup was my Silhouette Cameo. I wanted to cut out a lot of boxes and lettering so I used my Cameo 4 to do it neatly.

I have a tutorial on How To Cut Your Stickers With Silhouette Cameo if you want to check that out. If this sounds like something interesting – be sure to let me know in the comments and I’ll see if I can make some more tutorials about it.

Cover Page

Ok here is the cover and let me walk you through how I set it up.

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out so I hope you like this technique as get inspired to do something similar.

Cozy Fall Bullet Journal Setup: November Plan With Me, cover page | Masha Plans

First, I looked into some fonts. For personal use, you can find fonts on Dafont, or you can buy them on Etsy.

I chose this one I bought a while ago and added it to my Silhouette Studio, together with some other headers.

Once all the settings were done, all I needed was to print it out and cut it with my Cameo 4. It was a bit of a difficult process since I don’t have US Letter size kraft paper pages to cut, but it worked out eventually.

I used my Tombow adhesive to add the header and then I decorated it a bit with some leaves and of course a cut of coffee, what can be cozier than this!

Monthly Log

I decided to create boxes from craft paper to kind of divide my monthly log into sections.

I’m always pretty bad at following a content schedule but I do my best every month to create one.

Cozy Fall Bullet Journal Setup: November Plan With Me, monthly log | Masha Plans

As always I have a section for deadlines and events, I have a to-do list (which I really would be using more!), and an area to write content I have planned for the month.

Since I’m going pretty minimalist on my setup, I decided to just add a simple kettle and cup of tea for a more warm atmosphere.

Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker

I really hate drawing lines, so usually creating trackers is a huge hustle for me.

But not this time!

Cozy Fall Bullet Journal Setup: November Plan With Me, habit tracker, mood tracker | Masha Plans

This time I use craft paper to create separate trackers so it was incredibly easy! All I needed to do here is add the dates and draw some leaves in the middle of my mood tracker.

I like that I had some space to add a few cozy words to my spread. Together with the colors, I chose for the setup I feel like it created a very warm page.

Uh uh! Also! The circle tracker I have here is very similar to mini trackers we have in our Resources Vault, so feel free to drop by there and get one for your setup.

If you’re not a part of Planning Mashers yet – be sure to sign up at the end of the post!

Gratitude Log

Finally my favorite page for each month – a gratitude log.

I know before the pen it looks like the most boring page ever, but it’s actually one of my favorite pages I create each month. Check my blog post on the benefits of daily gratitude to learn more about that.

Cozy Fall Bullet Journal Setup: November Plan With Me, gratitude log | Masha Plans

I went very simple here and just added some baking doodles and a little quote at the bottom.

This month like for the past couple of months I’ll be just writing a line or two each day, so I really mostly need space here, not any type of decoration.

I added here some baking stuff because I feel like all the hot pies are super cozy and very Fall-y, wouldn’t you agree? 

We are actually doing a complete baking-themed monthly setup in our Patreon, so if you’re interested be sure to check it out and maybe join our Patreon family for tons of amazing rewards!

Empty Page

As you probably saw, my gratitude log is on the left page so I have an empty one on the right side before I go into a weekly spread.

The thing is – my journal reached its limit. I’m almost out of pages, so it seems like December will be my first month in a new journal.

Therefore I’ll be using this page to plan out my migration and pages I’ll be including in my next journal.

Cozy Fall Bullet Journal Setup: November Plan With Me, journal migration spread | Masha Plans

I really recommend planning out your journal migration or even if you’re just starting a new one.

This will help you to create a better structure and make sure you don’t forget any useful pages you wanted to create,

Plan With Me

Want to see me setting up this month and using the acrylograph pens?

Here is my Plan With Me!


Fall Bullet Journal Inspirations

Finally, here are some amazing Fall Bullet Journal pages with the use of kraft paper from tons of amazing creators I connected with.

Cover Page Ideas

Let’s start with some cover page inspirations.

Those are great to inspire your theme, give you ideas about doodles and a color scheme.

This cover page is beautiful and I love this mix of colors.

And I’m not just talking about the white and kraft paper, I also absolutely love the black and white ink.

This plays even more in contrast with the use of black paper.

I also love that she used a gold pen here – I feel like not many things say Autumn more than gold.

I’m not sure if this fruit is the one you usually eat in Fall, but the colors definitely scream Fall for me.

I like how it’s colored on the white paper but just outlines on the kraft one, very cool effect.

Beautiful cover page in a more scrapbook style, and I’m loving it.

This style fits perfectly with washi tape, and with how huge my collection of washi, every reason to use it is a good one for me.

The contrast with the thick black lettering creates a really fun effect here.

It’s also pretty funny how she did that botanical drawing looking like it’s actually a dry flower attached to the page.

This is so cute and I love the oranges on this page.

I also found it’s an awesome idea to add such a Fall photo to the cover page.

The beautiful cover page and I like that she used so many pencils here.

Pencil is definitely not something I use often but it makes doodles look great.

Kraft Paper Fall Bullet Journal Inspirations - cover page by @bujobybien | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujobybien

I found that for October the contrast between the white journal pages and black background look especially stunning.

Plus these oranges look so bright! Could it also be the result of black background….

Kraft Paper Fall Bullet Journal Inspirations - cover page by @kayla.bujos | Masha Plans

Credit: @kayla.bujos

Ok, how absolutely adorable is this little ghosting just chilling there in the ray.

It has that Halloween feel but also that harvest Fall feel to me.

Finally, we are finishing up with a bright and happy cover page with mushrooms. Loving so much those colors!

Monthly Log

The monthly log is usually the second page in your Bullet Journal setup, so I thought I’d include those as well.

Plus considering how many ways there are to set up a monthly log, this might be a useful source of inspiration.

I love the gentle and pastel look of the page.

For me, it has more of a spring vibe, but then you have the browns and the little mushroom to ensure you it’s a Fall theme.

A beautiful example that you don’t really need to have extra doodling skills to create beautiful pages. You can just as easily do it with stickers.

If you’re looking for some cute Fall stickers, I recommend you to check these stickers from Etsy. This is my absolute favorite place to shop for stickers and other DIY products.

The artist created this page with absolutely all the elements I love – kraft paper, photos, and white gel pen.

I find that it’s also very sweet that she added those white lines around some of the elements.

Kraft Paper Fall Bullet Journal Inspirations - monthly log by @gaeliz_diy | Masha Plans

Credit: @gaeliz_diy

Ok, this is one of the most beautiful monthly logs I’ve ever seen! The color combination is so perfect and the whole vibe is absolutely cozy.

Also really love the lettering for September, now I want to try to do something similar in my journal as well.

Remember that beautiful cover page we looked at above? Here is the matching monthly log.

I also find it’s a pretty interesting idea that she has a monthly log on one side and the cove page on the other. Not the usual choice but it works so well!

I love the mix of stamps and modern art on this page. Beautiful page and I love all the little elements she added here.

Weekly Spread Ideas

Weekly spreads are probably the inspirations I’m looking for the most!

After all each week you need to set up minimum of 4 weekly spreads, and I always try to make them look a bit different.

Not an easy task, especially considering that generally there aren’t that many basic forms of weekly spreads. So I hope you enjoy these inspirations as much as I did.

I usually find for myself that circle weekly spreads are kind of a waste of space. But not with this one! 

It’s such a genius idea to have a middle part just as a decoration and omg do I love what she did with this collage.

A cute and simple way to use kraft (or is it craft? I never know!) paper in your weekly spreads is my creating your daily boxes.

This is one of the reasons why I ended up using my Archer and Olive notepad – it comes dotted so I had no trouble keeping my lines straight in kraft paper daily boxes.

Beautiful weekly spread full of Fall moods.

Love how the kraft paper was used for a little quote – what a sweet little detail.

I just have one question about this page – how did she achieve that gradient effect in the letters, it looks absolutely stunning!

Adding kraft paper to this page was definitely a great idea as well.

Kraft Paper Fall Bullet Journal Inspirations - weekly spread by @naomimeed | Masha Plans

Credit: @naomimeed

More of a collage than a weekly spread and I’m loving it!

I really enjoy seeing pages that are really different from my usual style – those are the ones that inspire me the most.

Black cats and spooky greys are perfect for an October weekly, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m also really loving the quote, so very true!

Kraft Paper Fall Bullet Journal Inspirations - weekly spread by @lotte.bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @lotte.bujo

This is more of a daily log rather than a weekly spread, but with how wonderfully the kraft paper is used here I had to use it in this lineup.

I really like all the elements and style of his page.

Kraft Paper Fall Bullet Journal Inspirations - weekly spread by @penpalmarie | Masha Plans

Credit: @penpalmarie

Such a gentle spread and I must say I’m loving that travel journal size. Maybe I should give it a try as well.

I really want to try this journaling style as well. I’m always saying that but I rarely actually leave my comfort zone. One day I actually will go and try it all out!

This page somehow gives me off a travel camping vibes.

I love ho this page seems to be filled with memories, even though it’s just a spread for your weekly plans.

Paws and Paper really do something special with kraft paper in her journal.

And just to think about it that the only two things used for decoration here are kraft paper and washi tape.

OMG I definitely have to know where she got those stickers from – they are absolutely adorable.

So if the washi tape – I’m in love with the stationery used for this page setup.

Abby is a great artist and I actually feature her work a lot here, because I just can’t get enough of her style!

I think this is a very neat idea to use a little bit of kraft paper just for headers,

I love this theme and for me, it kind of really reminds me of the theme I did for February 2021. I actually even have the same label makes she used for the dates.

You can check my February 2021 Bullet Journal setup to get some more inspo on how to use black and kraft paper in your BuJo.

Kate creates absolutely beautiful designs and for a while, she was using a square journal – so feel free to check her account if you’re planning to move to a square journal yourself.

My latest journal is also in a square notebook, so if you’re looking for inspirations feel free to also check my midyear Bullet Journal setup blog post.

This is a very simple design, but yet I feel like it stands out so much just because she used kraft paper.

I also love the white-on-black effect with the dates, it’s definitely one of my favorite tricks to spice up my pages.


Another must-have page for me in every monthly setup is trackers. It can be a habit tracker or a mood tracker, or usually both.

Trackers are very powerful instruments so I definitely recommend everyone to use these. That’s why I decided to add these inspirations as well.

Beautiful and very moody page. I love the use of atmospheric photos here.

Also, it’s pretty great that she has just 4 habits here – I really love using just a few habits at the time to make sure you concentrate on what you’re working on and not make habit tracking a chore.

There are a lot of different trackers, and I must say that the weekly one is probably the best when you try to track something new.

This exact one is not as much about habit tracking as it is for time tracking, but it still stands.

This specific shade of brown in kraft paper just looks so good with the rich black of the lettering.

I’m only wondering if the October letters are made with stamps, or if it’s drawn to look like stamps. Whichever it is – I like it.

Ok theoretically this looks more like a mood tracker for December, but it’s never too early to start preparing for the holiday season.

I also like that because of the shape of the candy you can actually add several moods to each day.

I like so much that apart from kraft paper she also used paper with text – makes the page look even more interesting I think.

Also, I’m a huge fan of circle trackers – they always look so special! I don’t really use them much for some reason, but I can definitely recommend you this stencil for creating your circle trackers. Every time I create a circle thing I couldn’t do it without this little guy.

This is more like a kraft paper journal decorated with white paper, but it’s so pretty I really wanted to include it.

Also found it pretty interesting that most of the page is actually decoration, the habit tracker is just a little one at the bottom. Sounds like this page was super fun to create!

I love how she added different types of trackers on the left side of the page. Makes it look to much more fun!

And it might be a good idea to have a notes section right next to it, it’s very useful to make notes on your habits as you go.

This is such a cool tracker, it doesn’t even know like a tracker.

I also really like the idea of the pockets on the right side, you can hide so many cute little notes there.

Beautiful tracker and I love that she has a habit tracker on one side and a mood tracker on the other. It really is very helpful to have those two together and see the correlation between your mood and how well you follow through with your habits.

Oh I know I mentioned before I also have a label maker that she used here to write the word maker, so I thought I’ll link it here. It’s really an awesome tool and I love using it in my journal pages.

I like the effect of adding the habit trackers on separate pieces of paper with some washi tape.

I’m also loving the Japanese feel of the washi tape, really reminds me of the one got on Amazon, so pretty!

Again loving the work of Anna and that feeling of modern art on this page.

I also wanted to include this tracker because it has a very unique look to it. I like that it’s a simple a creative way to track your sleep – I know with a sleep tracker you can definitely go way too complicated.

Other Pages

As you can see I simply can’t get enough of page inspirations with kraft paper. But I promise this is the last category.

But I thought it might be pretty fun to get some more creative Bullet Journal page ideas to add to your Fall setup.

Love this monthly overview page. You have here all you need- goals, tasks, and highlights. This is a very good page to see exactly how the month went.

Usually for my monthly highlights include more of a memory-keeping kind of page with tons of doodles and stickers, but I feel like this one fits much better the style.

Fall bucket lists are some of my favorite ones to create since there are so many cozy activities to participate in this season!

Check my blog post with Fall Bullet Journal Bucket List Inspirations for more ideas for your list.

A brain dump is a wonderful and powerful page to help you organize your thoughts and generally feel less overwhelmed.

Of course, I have a blog post where you can find brain dump inspirations and more ideas on why you should use it in your journal.

Love this cute memory page with a very stylish mix of doodles and writing.

Just mention here how much I love the handwriting here. It really is the most beautiful decoration of the page.

Super cute page and I’m really loving this idea. I’m pretty much a huge fan of all the pages that have anything to do with self-care.

Hope you love this and it will get you inspired to add some coziness to your pages with kraft paper.

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Cozy Fall Bullet Journal Inspirations With Kraft Paper | Masha Plans