Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School and 7 Page Ideas

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You are never too young to start a Bullet journal! As a matter of fact, if you are of school age and you aren’t using a BuJo for your studies, you’re really missing out.

I’m here to convince you with 7 reasons below and give you a bunch of study Bullet journal page ideas.

Bullet Journal is a powerful thing that can help you successfully manage absolutely any part of your life (just check these 300+ page ideas to organize your life).

Your school life and study habits are no exception. Creating a study Bullet Journal for school will help you be a better, more productive, and happier student.

We’ll talk about that here, I’ll give you 5 page ideas to get started and of course – some free printable materials

Let’s get to it then!

Psss, in case you’re a teacher, check my post Teacher Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

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Why You Should Use Your Bullet Journal for School

The Bullet Journal is a unique tool that combines elements of time management, mindfulness, and self-care. These are some very crucial areas you must care about, especially if you’re a student.

Let’s dive into all the advantages of this method.

Study Bullet Journal For Time Management

First and foremost, Bullet Journal was created as a tool to manage your present and plan your future. It’s a wonderful tool for time management that has personally helped me a lot.

As a student, you probably already know the necessity of properly managing your time.

If you want to look more into time management and productivity, check my post with these 5 page ideas to rock your productivity.

Time Log | Masha Plans

Stay Organized

Being a student means that you have to remember not just all the things they teach you, but also all the other organizational elements: class schedules, assignments, extra credits, and so on. 

Bullet Journal will make sure you remember it all!

Make Planning Fun

Time management and organization sound like pretty boring chores, don’t they? However, I found that Bullet Journal really changes that!

Given that this is a planner that you make yourself the way you want to, it allows for creativity, and suddenly you start enjoying planning your days.

Sketchnote Bullet Journal Weekly Spread | Masha Plans

Bird’s Eye View Of Your Studies

With a Bullet Journal, you can create spreads that show you your year at a glance. You can see what courses you have, what assignments, credits, and such.

This will help you immensely in planning your every day since you’ll always know where you stand and if you are moving in the right direction.

Keep All Your Notes Together

Taking notes definitely will help you to learn the material better (especially if you use the sketchnote method). And then, of course, you should always look through the notes over and over – repetition is the best way to learn.

However, remembering my student days, notes are getting lost way too often. Plus I’d usually write them so fast that I could never read them again.

Keeping your notes in a Bullet Journal will not only help you to keep track of them and have it all together but will also make your notes look better and therefore – more usable.

Sketchnotes: Intro To Visual Note-taking - main principles | Masha Plans

Fully Customizable Planner

This is one of the things I love the most about Bullet Journaling – it allows you to create something unique and fit just for you.

Unline your usual pre-made planner, that forces you to stay within certain frames, your Bullet Journal will allow you to do whatever you want and to customize it completely.

It’s an extremely useful thing in a study journal since we all have different ways to study, different places we attend, and different planning needs.

Stay In Better Shape

I don’t exactly mean you’ll have a beach body all year long (even though it could help you with that if that’s your goal). What I mean is, it will help you keep track of the little things you should do for yourself to make sure you can give 100% to your studies.

A little self-care, like drinking enough water and enough sleep hours, can take you a long way!

Water Tracker | Masha Plans

I know a lot of you’re probably thinking, “But Masha! I don’t have time or money to set up my Bullet Journal spreads!”.

Well, if this is the case, first, head straight to my post on how to Bullet Journal when you don’t have time or 11 supplies under 10$ that will make Bullet Journaling faster and easier

Second, keep in mind two things – first of all, you don’t have to put a lot of time into your Bullet Journal. Minimalistic BuJo spreads are wonderful: they look stylish and usually take much less time.

If you want to get some ideas, you can check my post on 11 Minimalist Weekly Spreads for Busy People.

Finally– think of all the benefits you can get out of using Bullet Journal for your school. These 10 minutes you’ll spend setting up your weekly will pay off immensely, and they’ll actually save you a lot of time.

That being said, the Bullet Journal method really isn’t for everyone. So if you feel it’s really not working for you, it’s ok to just switch to something else that can personally give you better results.

Are you convinced and ready to give a try Bullet Journal for your school life? Let’s start by getting all the supplies.

Study Journal Supplies

I’m sure when it comes to stationery shopping for another school year, you pretty much know what you want.

Still, here are a few recommendations based on my preference and popularity among studygram community.

Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School and 7 Page Ideas, Study Journal Supplies | Masha Plans

There are many fantastic notebooks available on the market, but what I’d recommend is getting a bigger size one, like a B5. My top choice would, of course, be Archer and Olive, and that’s the notebook where I created all the spreads I’m sharing down below.

If you decide to get anything from Archer and Olive by the way, you can use code MASHA10 to get 10% off your order.

B5 is a great format for school because it’s not as big and heavy as A4, but it provides that little extra space that makes all the difference in your spreads.

For colors, my old-time favorite (and pretty much beloved by everyone in the community) are Zebra Mildliners, both highlighters and brush pens. Their colors are nice and not too bright, and they’re great for both planning and working with your school books.

For more budget versions, you can try Stabilo Highlighters and Crayola Super Tips. Both are great products and will help you to add color and contrast to your pages.

And finally, for writing pens, I’m completely in love with Muji pen and can’t recommend it enough! My second favorites are Pilot pens, which I used to use for my school notes.

Speaking of supplies, I know students are usually on a budget so all this might sound too expensive for you to start a BuJo. But worry not, Bullet journaling doesn’t have to be expensive! Check out my guide to Budget Bullet Journal with all the best supplies for any pocket.

Study Journal Page Ideas

Now that we got it all covered let’s check the Bullet Journal page ideas to get you started.

Semester Overview

This is basically the future log of your study journal.

Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School and 7 Page Ideas, Semester Overview | Masha Plans

The useful trick here (and all over your study journal actually) is to color-code it.

Assign a certain color to a subject and stick to it throughout the entire semester. This will help you immensely to memorize the information and navigate your notes.

Another Semester Overview

This page is to keep all the information on all your subjects.

Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School and 7 Page Ideas, Semester Overview | Masha Plans

You can keep this info as part of your semester overview, or you can create a separate page for each of your classes. If you create a page per class, you can add there information such as assignments, grades, deadlines, and required reading.

Speaking of requires reading….

Required Reading (yeah)

Keep all your school books’ info in one spread.

Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School and 7 Page Ideas, Required Reading | Masha Plans

A useful thing to have in this spread is the best place to buy books. Check out your options, compare the prices and then decide which suits you best.

This will be a lifesaver for when you start planning your budget.

Assigned Reading

Speaking of reading, here is a way to track and keep an eye on your assigned reading.

Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School and 7 Page Ideas, Assigned Reading | Masha Plans

You can add here pretty much any information you want; I thought having the name of the book and the subject should be enough.

Well, I also added if you get any assignments on a particular book, because chances are you will. So it might be useful to keep it all together like that.


Probably the most important spread for the semester – your timetable.

Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School and 7 Page Ideas, Timetable | Masha Plans

As I mentioned before, try to keep up the same color-coding to get the most out of your study spreads.

Monthly Log

A monthly log is a useful tool for your planning, and adding color coding will help you to make it work for your studies even better.

Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School and 7 Page Ideas, Monthly Log | Masha Plans

When using a Bullet Journal for school, you’ll probably find that you have a lot of things to add to your monthly log, like deadlines or assignments.

So it might be useful to go with the big two-page calendar spread.

Project Planner

There are bound to be some projects during your school year, and here is an easy way to keep track.

Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School and 7 Page Ideas, Project Planner | Masha Plans

Of course, you might need more space for coordinating everything and for your study notes, but this spread will be a great base and reference point.

That’s exactly what I do for any of my work projects – I have one page like this for the overview, and some other pages to fill out with notes and such for little things that have to happen before the project is over.

Uh and also check Project Management In Your Bullet Journal post. It’s mostly about work-related spreads, but it might give you some more ideas.

Weekly Spread

The final crucial detail of every Bullet Journal is a weekly log.

Why Use Your Bullet Journal For School and 7 Page Ideas, Weekly Log | Masha Plans

Since school time is so very busy, this weekly is very simple and would take no time to set up.

The important thing here is the inclusion of a meal plan – we all know during the school year, if you don’t plan the meals, you usually end up with some junk food (with chocolate, for me, it’s always chocolate).

If you want more ideas, you can get them in my post with 17 Study Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

Free Bullet Journal Printables For School

There is always a chance this system might not work for you though, or that you set up a page and it ends up not being the one you actually need.

To avoid spending too much energy on this, I advise you to start by using printables, and I got you covered with my Resources Vault.

The Resources Vault has tons of printables for school. So head straight there and find them in the “Other Printables” section.

If you aren’t a part of Planning Mashers yet, make sure to join us in the signup form below and get access to a wonderful community and TONS of free printables for your Bullet Journal.

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    How do you use your Bullet Journal for school? Which pages did you find the most useful?

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