Today we talk about monthly log. This is some basic stuff from the Bullet Journal system and I want to tell you how to use it best and the options you have to set it up, so you can create a monthly layout that’s perfect for you.

Bullet Journal Monthly Log | Masha Plans

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Monthly Log?

A monthly log is basically a page where you organize your month. Mind-blowing uh? Keep in mind this isn’t a place to write all your monthly tasks (for that you’ll have a monthly to do list). No, this is the place where you write down important appointments, deadlines and other plans, so you can get, at a glance, how your month feels.

A monthly log usually comes together with a monthly to-do list, which is a list of all the tasks you have this month. I’m telling you people, I’m sharing earth-shattering concepts here with you! Just, remember to not be too detailed: it’s not a place where you should be writing write “remember to do the dishes on Monday”.

How To Fill It Out

Ok, let’s get to business! First you have to check with your future log to see if you already have anything big planned this month. The rest, you fill out during the month as new appointments arise.

As for your monthly to-do list, make sure you analized your last month and see if there are any tasks you didn’t complete and need to migrate them into this month.

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How To Set Up A Monthly Log

I bet you saw plenty of cool monthly setups on Pinterest and Instagram. How can you pick the perfect one for you? My answer is to just try out all of them, of course! That’s definitely what I did and I finally figured out what works the best for me. I’m not joking! I tried ALL of them!  How did I accomplish this huge task, you might ask? Simple! The secret is… that there are only three setups, basically. Here, let me briefly summarize them for you:

Classic Vertical Format

Following the original Bullet Journal setup, you just write all the dates and days of the week in one column. To add variety here, you can highlight the weekend days in different colors to be able to find them at first glance. You can also put this column in the middle, so you can divide your appointments by personal on one side and work related on the other.

Bullet Journal Monthly Log - Vertical Setup | Masha Plans

This is probably the easiest way to set up your monthly log, and I find it really stylish looking. Plus it takes only one page, so on the neighbouring one you can add your to do list. However I myself am quite old fashioned, and I just really need a calendar view.

Calendar Format

With this you can’t go wrong and it’s very fun to play around with it. You can make a 2 page calendar, or you can make a smaller version and add a to do list below, or you can make a minimalist one and mark your event under the calendar. It’s fun to experiment!

Bullet Journal Monthly Log - Small Calendar | Masha Plans

Personally I don’t like big calendars, because I don’t usually have as many appointments or deadlines as other people, so it’s kind of a waste. Then again, having a mini calendar with all my (few) appointments below didn’t really work either. I really needed to have something that could tell me what important meetings or appointments I had for that month at a simple glance, without having to look for them for long.

Bullet Journal Monthly Log - Medium Calendar | Masha Plans

My favorite format, as you might have guessed, ended up being the medium sized calendar, where you can write one appointment a day or something, but you also get some space for your to do list, which I absolutely ADORE to have together with my monthly spread.

Circle Format

I love this one, even though I haven’t really used it that often. First of all, It looks adorable! But if you want to do a circle calendar, definitely make sure you have this circle ruler. I tried to make a circle habit tracker without one and I failed miserably.

The disadvantage of this format would probably be the fact that you can’t really divide your tasks by work and personal life like with the vertical format (but then again you can’t do it in calendar view either! So in the end it’s entirely up to you)

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What format do you prefer in your monthly log? Which one do you want to try? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Bullet Journals Basics - Monthly Log | Masha Plans