Looking for inspirations for your Boho Bullet Journal theme? Worry no more! I chose “boho” as my theme for March and I’m ready to share with you a ton of resources and tips so you can create your own amazing bohemian style spreads!

I’ll share first which spreads I did, and then give you some pointers and inspirations from all over the internet. Plus, there{s a little gift for you, a set of free printable boho stickers! Let’s dive in.

Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations | Masha Plans

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Bullet Journal Pin | Masha Plans

Bullet Journal Cover Page

Let’s start with the font. After looking for some inspirations on Pinterest, I found this tribal font. I thought it’d be absolutely perfect and I ended up using it for the whole monthly setup. For some font, inspirations, check Pinterest or DaFont, they have some amazingly beautiful options fitting any style.

Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - Cover Page | Masha Plans

As for doodles, after thinking a bit I decided boho for me is mainly these 3 things: feathers and dreamcatchers, eyes and tribal patterns. Don’t ask why. Actually, if you have a better name for this theme please comment below!

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Monthly Log

This month, I’m trying something new. I’m back to the vertical setup (as you know, I barely ever use it) and I’ll be using it for more than just planning.

Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - Monthly Log | Masha Plans

On the left side, I’ll be writing events, appointments, and deadlines, but the larger right side will be my little dairy. I’m writing one big thing that happened each day. It can be my achievements or something that brought me lots of emotions. Like a one-sentence summary of the day.

Do you use a vertical layout a lot or you’re more of a calendar person?

Monthly Habit Tracker

One of my most popular habit trackers is this Healthy Day tracker. It was also one of the best ones I’ve ever used. That’s why this month, I decided to go back to this design.

Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - Monthly Habit Tracker | Masha Plans

As you might know, my word for 2019 is “success” and the focus is on developing my online projects. Therefore, this month the focus is around my blog and so the habit tracker is all about little things I should be doing daily to make it grow.

On the bottom, I added a little tracker for personal habits I need to track. I don’t want this to distract me from my focus, so it’s just 2 main habits I need: to stay healthy and become a bit better every day (MMM stands for My Miracle Morning).

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Monthly Goals

For my Goals page, I went with the usual system of having a list of goals and then having a week by week review of what I did for achieving these goals.

Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - Monthly Goals | Masha Plans

Something new I did this month – I left almost half a page for my goals spread. Now, I noticed that sometimes I don’t really reach my goals completely. I usually make progress and move towards THE ULTIMATE GOAL, but just not fast enough.

So this month under my list of goals, I’ll be adding how exactly I plan to achieve them. It’s a small action plan of the little steps I need to take daily, to get where I want to be by the end of the month.

Monthly Review

For me, The end of the month is one of the busiest times. I need to make sure I’ve done all I planned and prepare for and plan next month. Plus, of course, it’s time to choose the theme and setup new month in my BuJo (yup when it comes to creativity, I can’t really plan it too much in advance, I’m a last minute kind of girl).

Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - Monthly Review | Masha Plans

So to make sure the Monthly review page isn’t something I should be worried about, I added it at the beginning of the month. Plus, I thought it goes very well with my goals page.

Some time ago, I changed the way I do my reviews (I do monthly and weekly reviews now). As you can see I divide my month into 6 parts: what I did for my goals, what’s the monthly outcome, monthly events, what made me happy, what lessons I learned and monthly gratitude.

Bullet Journal Weekly Log

More like “why I don’t do my weekly setups in advance”. If you read some of my Plan With Me posts, you know that weekly logs are never there.

It’s pretty easy. I work full time, I bullet journal and do some online studies and I write this blog and I moonlight as a masked vigilante (some of those might be fake).  My every week is different, sometimes I’ll have more time for myself and working on my projects. That’s when I need my big weeklies and also have time to do more doodling and decorations.

However, some weeks are extremely work heavy. Those are the ones when I barely have time for anything other than work, so just a running list is enough to plan my week on a personal level.

Knowing that everything can change from week to another, I got into a habit of setting up my week on Sunday when I already have more or less understanding of what to expect.

Boho Theme Inspirations

I had a lot of fun with my take, but I also want to show you some amazing spreads from other wonderful creators. They all have their own unique style and I’m sure they’ll inspire you to create something wonderful.

Rose also has a Plan With Me video for this theme, definitely give it a look!

Bullet Journal Supplies

For this theme, I decided to go with bright colors instead of pastels. I felt like I wanted it to be more tribal. So mainly I used Zebra Mildliner pens from the warm set, the cold set, and the neon set. Later during the month, I’m also planning to use Bright Colors set of Tombow Dual Brush pens, since their color scheme is also matching my intent.

If you’re looking for pastel color scheme, I can advise you to try Pastel Set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Pastel set of Crayola Supertips or Pastel Set of Ecoline Brush Pens. Be careful with Ecoline ones, since they are watercolor brush pens and I heard a lot of people had problems with them bleeding through.

The rest of my materials are Staedtler fineliners 0.3 and 0.05, Nuuna notebook and my wonderful cover by Cocoa Paper.

Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - Boho Doodles | Masha Plans

If you feel like adding some boho doodles to your BuJo, but you’re not sure where to get ideas, check out my boho doodles tutorial below, together with my March Flip Through!


Another great option is to use stickers and washi tapes. Of course, I gathered a few amazing options for you.

My favorite shopping place is, of course, Etsy, and here are some awesome boho options I found there:

In case you’re more of an Amazon person, they have plenty of goodies there as well:

Free Boho Bullet Journal Sticker Printables

As I promised, and if you read the whole article through here, first of all, thank you so much! Here’s a little bonus for you: these Boho themed Bullet Journal stickers. To use them simply print them out on a sticker paper and cut them out.

For paper, I’d recommend using this matte sticker paper.

The file is A4 size, so you can print is full size (don’t forget to tag “Fit to Page”) or print it in smaller A5 size (read first my post How To Use Printables In Your Bullet Journal).

The sticker sheet is already uploaded to the Resources Vault so you can go straight there, or sign up in a form below to get access to these stickers and a lot of other freebies.

Have you ever tried a boho theme in your Bullet Journal? 

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Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations | Masha Plans