5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads

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Hello Planning Mashers!

Productivity, time management, and organization seem like difficult things to achieve, and also pretty boring. But don’t worry, I know the way to make it easier and much more fun.

In this post, we will be looking at how to use your Bullet Journal to skyrocket your productivity. Believe me; it’s very simple with these 5 Bullet Journal productivity spreads.

Bullet Journal is a multi-purpose tool that can help you with anything in the world, and make the process fun at the same time!

I love my Bullet Journal for how versatile it is and how creative I can be with it. Even the most boring-sounding things like productivity or time management become fun if you try to use your Bullet Journal for that.

Plus I found out for myself that when I have a cute spread full of doodles and happy colors it adds a lot of enjoyment when I use it. So once I started using these productivity spreads they really stuck. 

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Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads

Here are 5 Bullet Journal productivity pages that helped me to get out of the procrastination stage right back to a super productive Masha.

Oh and if you want to be productive but don’t have a Bullet Journal yet, just check my ultimate guide for Bullet Journal beginners to learn ALL you need to know about this method.

Bullet Journal Time Log

Before starting to apply any changes to your days to make them more productive, you should see what is happening with your days now!

A very good and simple exercise for this is Time Log. For a week, or maybe a few days, every hour, log in what you spent your time on. After that, you will be able to see what are your weak points and how to adjust your days to use your time more efficiently.

When I needed extra help with time management, I actually did a time log for an entire month. It really helped me to have a perspective on how I spend my time and what I can do better.

I found that it’s always fun to color code the things that you track and if you’ll be using it more than just one time – to keep the same colors. Visual representation is always a powerful tool.

Check my post about the time log to know more about this technique.

Daily Routines Spread

One of the best ways to make sure you use your time efficiently is to have a plan – a routine.

When you establish a certain routine for your mornings and evenings (which is supposedly your only free time during working days), you will see how much more you will be able to accomplish during the day! Feel free to also create routines for your workflow as well.

The secret is – when you know what to do, you just do it. Compare this to when you have to decide what to do every night after dinner. Let’s be honest, it’s either wasting your time on social media or just TV and couch (yup, with 10 shows I’m watching at the time that definitely was my choice!).

In case I got you hooked, and you want to learn more about routines, check the post Creating Routines In Your Bullet Journal For Success And Structure.

Focus Tracker

One of the main reasons why we’re not productive is the number of different things we have to work on. When we are loaded with tasks and responsibilities, we end up multitasking, and nothing gets done properly! 

To solve this problem I started using a focus tracker. Ask yourself – what are the projects you’re working on? What’s important for you now? Maybe even create a list, and assign each day on working only on one thing. Concentrating on just one thing will help you to do a better job and complete more.

Be sure to check my post on how to stop multitasking.

5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads - Focus Tracker | Masha Plans

For example, I’m currently working in four different areas: blogging, studying, Bullet Journaling, and job searching. Or at least I did when I created this tracker.

So, I try to spend an even amount of days per week just focusing on each one of these areas. I know already that doing everything at once doesn’t work, so this way, I’m sure I can achieve progress in every field.

If you feel like this doesn’t really work for you, try dividing it by half a day. The important thing to remember is to know when you should focus on what and give it your full attention.

Another option to do this is to write your daily focus on your weekly spreads, which is what I’m usually doing. However, I decided to try out the new format – that way I see the month at a glance and I know if I’m distributing my focus evenly between my goals.

15 Minutes Tasks List

15 minutes is such a short amount of time, and we all have a free quarter of an hour here and there. Instead of just kind of having it, why not use it?

I created a list of little tasks which can be completed in 15 minutes. It includes not just chores and work-related things, but also self-care. This means you can spend your time being productive, as well as having a small energy boost.

Give it a thought – what are some things in your life you can accomplish in 15 minutes? You’d be surprised how much you can actually do, trust me!

Extra plus! This list makes house cleaning so fast! If you divide all your cleaning tasks into small 15 minutes segments, you can have it all done during the day without feeling so pressured and tired!

Oh, and if you want to learn more on how to manage cleaning in your Bullet Journal, I have a blog post for that too – 23 Bullet Journal Cleaning Tracker Ideas To Tackle Spring Cleaning.

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

One of the important things about being productive is having enough energy to be that way. So first and foremost, what you should do is take good care of yourself!

A healthy and energetic you will accomplish much more.

5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads - Habit Tracker | Masha Plans

So what I did when I actively started pushing myself to be more productive is I created this healthy tracker challenge. These are all the habits that help me to be more active – to work out, do yoga, drink less coffee, eat more fruits, and most important one – to have enough sleep!

You can think of any other habits which can fill you with energy. For me, these are the crucial ones, and following them really made a difference in how much and how well I manage to accomplish during the day.

I decided to add this little cat sticker because, for some reason, his judgmental stern face really motivates me!

Be sure to read my post with more information on how habit trackers can change your life.

That’s about it for me, just these 5 easy pages helped me to get myself together and start being productive again. I’m sure they will help you as well!

Bullet Journal For Productivity

These pages are very helpful, but there is actually much more you can do to get the most out of it for your productivity.

In many ways, it’s not just what pages you use but also how you use it that can have a large impact. If you want to go down that rabbit hole – check my post How To Be Productive With Your Bullet Journal.

Free Bullet Journal Printables

I also created several free printables, that you can use in the Resources Vault.

You’ll find there habit trackers, my ideal day spread, but also tons of other printables and stickers.

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    Do you have any special pages that help you achieve more? How do you go back to working days after loong vacations?

    Looking forward to checking your replies in the comments section below!

    I hope this list was helpful; if you find it so, please share!

    And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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    1. I am totally new to BUJOing. I haven’t even started yet, but plan on doing it soon. I am so excited to do this.

    2. It was interesting to read my earlier comment. I got sidetracked by illness for several weeks and listened to my lovely daughter-in-law who is my caregiver. She felt I was spending too much time setting up my journal each week and especially the monthly pages. So I simplified. And stopped using it because it was boooooorrrrrriiiiiinngnngggg. I really didn’t realize I had stopped using until I became dehydrated because I wasn’t tracking my water.
      I was so happy to come across your pages again. It may take me all day to do a monthly spread but so what. At my age and position in life, there are no real time constraints except those I place on myself. And doing my journal and changing the layouts brings me great happiness. I like your pages because they are lovely but inspirational. Others do beautiful spreads that are intimidating because I know I can’t reach that level of artistic design. My spreads are mine and I thank you for the reminder.
      I can finally afford to buy you that cup of coffee. Picture me smiling as I put together my November bujo.

      1. Thank you so much for such a sweet comment and of course for that cup of coffee <3 I'm glad to hear you're back to doing your journal the way you want to - it's really the key and especially if it brings you joy!

    3. I am into my second year of bullet journaling. I have made a lot of progress. Lost 50 lbs,. Increased my activity, and gotten my Diabetes under control with diet and exercise. I have hit a slump though. Your page ideas are great and I will be trying some of them in June. I am 76 and have been taking classes and doing a lot of Bible Study and got overwhelmed. I like your idea of the Focus Page. I have two major projects in the house; two study areas; and exercise goals for June through September.
      I also liked your mood, symptom, and healthy day trackers.
      I cannot afford to buy you a cup of coffee for the next few months. It is the 24th and I am already in the red for this month! Hopefully, when the taxes and medical bills are paid off I’ll be able to contribute something for your support. I really appreciate the detail and care you put into your blog and printables. Thank you.

      1. Hello Patricia, thank you so very much for your lovely comment! I’m so happy to hear that my posts are helping. Please don’t worry about coffee, honestly just reading my blog posts is already a huge help! Take care of yourself and sending all the love in these difficult times <3

    4. Hi I just wanted to say that as a new bullet journaling addict, m currently having fun and trying not to stress about it
      I’ve just read your page, and they are some of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while, great for newbies like myself,
      Thank you

      1. Hello! So happy to see you joining Bullet Journal community and having fun with it! I absolutely agree with your approach – no need to stress)

        And thank you so very much for your kind words! It really means the world to me and I’m so happy I could help you out.

        Please always feel free to email me if you have any questions, looking for some information I’m missing here or just want to chat. The address is [email protected]

        Masha | Masha Plans

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