After a very long vacation, it’s been pretty hard for me to get back to my productive self. And I bet a lot of you are having the same problem after Summer holidays. Heck, it’s almost end of September and I just got back to posting. How do we get back on track? With Bullet Journal of course!

I went back to see what spreads helped me to be the most organized and productive, as well as thought of some new techniques we could use to be more focused and achieve more. And eventually I came up with these 5 spreads.

5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads | Masha Plans

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Since I would never recommend anything I wouldn’t try myself, here is a disclaimer. I started using these pages as my separate productivity journal in the beginning of September, and I saw the result. So, here are these 5 page ideas, which will help you to be more productive and organized. All the pictures are before the pen though.

Check What You Spend Your Time On with Time Log

Before starting applying any changes to your days to make them more productive, you should see what is happening with your days now! A very good and simple exercise for this is Time Log. For a week, or maybe a few days, every hour log in what you spent your time on. After that, you will be able to see what are your weak points and how to adjust your days to use your time more efficiently.

5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads - Time Log | Masha Plans

For this spread I used Tombow Dual Brush Pens in green and my favorite fineliner Sakura Pigma Micron, as well as some stickers. For tracking the time, you could do it in different colors, of different patterns, like I did here (you can click on the image to get the closer look of the patterns).

Make Your Days Easier with Daily Routines

One of the best ways to make sure you use your time efficiently is to have a plan – a routine. When you establish a certain routine for your mornings and evenings (which is supposedly your only free time during working days), you will see how much more you will be able to accomplish during the day! Feel free to also create routines for your workflow as well.

The secret is – when you know what to do and when, you just do it. Compare this to when you have to decide what to do every night after dinner. Let’s be honest, it’s either waste your time on social media or just TV and couch (yup, with 10 shows I’m watching at the time that definitely was my choice!).

5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads | Masha Plans

Concentrate On One Important Task with Focus Tracker

One of the main reasons why we’re not productive is the amount of different things we have to work on. When we are loaded with tasks and responsibilities, we end up multitasking and nothing gets done properly!

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To solve this problem I started using a focus tracker. Ask yourself – what are the projects you’re working on? What’s important for you now? Maybe even create a list, and assign each day on working only on one thing. Concentrating on just one thing will help you to do a better job and complete more.

5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads - Focus Tracker | Masha Plans

For example, I’m currently working in four different areas: blogging, studying, Bullet Journaling and job searching. So, I try to spend an even amount of days per week just focusing on each one of these areas. I know already that doing everything at once doesn’t work, so this way, I’m sure I can achieve progress in every field.

If you feel like this doesn’t really work for you, try dividing it by half a day. The important thing to remember, is to know when you should focus on what and give it your full attention.

Another option to do this, is to write your daily focus on your weekly spreads, which is what I’m usually doing. However I decided to try out the new format – that way I see the month at a glance and I know if I’m distributing my focus evenly between my goals.

Achieve More with 15 Minutes Tasks List

15 minutes is such a short amount of time and we all have free quarter of an hour here and there. Instead of just kind of having it, why not use it? I created a list of little tasks which can be completed in 15 minutes. It includes not just chores and work related things, but also self care. Which means you can spend your time being productive, as well as having a small energy boost.

5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads - 15 Min Tasks | Masha Plans

Give it a thought – what are some things in your life you can accomplish in 15 minutes? You’d be surprised how much you can actually do, trust me! Extra plus! This list makes house cleaning so fast! If you divide all your cleaning tasks into small 15 minutes segments, you can have it all done during the day without feeling so pressured and tired!

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Get More Energy And Health With Habit Tracker

One of the important things about being productive is having enough energy to be that way. So first and foremost what you should do is take good care of yourself! A healthy and energetic you will accomplish much more.

5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads - Habit Tracker | Masha Plans

So what I did when I actively started pushing myself to be more productive, is I created this healthy tracker challenge. These are all the habits that help me to be more active – to workout, to do yoga, to drink less coffee and to eat more fruits, and the most important one – to have enough sleep!

You can think of any other habits which can fill you with energy. For me these are the crucial ones and following them really made a difference in how much and how well I manage to accomplish during the day.

I decided to add this little cat sticker because for some reason, his judgmental stern face really motivates me!

That’s about it for me, just these 5 easy pages helped me to get myself together and start being productive again. I’m sure they will help you as well!

Do you have any special pages that help you achieve more? How do you go back to working days after loong vacations? Looking forward to checking your replies in the comments section below!

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5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads | Masha Plans
5 Must Have Bullet Journal Productivity Spreads | Masha Plans

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