17 Bullet Journal Spreads For Beginners

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Embarking on the journey of Bullet Journaling for beginners may seem daunting, but fear not! I’m here to guide you through this exciting endeavor.

I remember when I was a beginner, staring at my first blank page, unsure of where to start. We’ve all been there. But let me tell you, the satisfaction that comes from creating your own organized system is unmatched.

Today, we’re going to explore 17 creative and easy-to-follow Bullet Journal page ideas. So, grab your favorite pen, and let’s dive into the world of Bullet Journaling together.

It’s time to transform those blank pages into your personal masterpiece!

Choosing the right pages as a beginner in Bullet Journaling is crucial in crafting the perfect planning system tailored for you. It’s like picking the right ingredients for a recipe – the right mix can create something truly delightful.

However, it’s essential not to bite off more than you can chew. Diving headfirst into all the spreads at once can turn this fun, creative process into a daunting chore.

Instead, think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. Try introducing just one or two new pages each month. Give them a test run and see if they enhance your productivity and organization. If they do, fantastic! If not, there are plenty more Bullet Journal page ideas to explore.

Remember, this is your journey, and it’s all about discovering what works for you.

And be sure to scroll until the end to get a FREE course for beginners, as well as get more resources on Bullet Journaling for beginners.

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Stationery Recommendations

Before we dive into the page ideas, let’s talk about stationery. There are so many different brands and different types of pens and markers out there; it is easy to get lost and spend your money on supplies you won’t use.

I know because that happened to me more than once! So, I’m here to help you out.

So here are some of my top stationery recommendations for things you can consider getting when starting a Bullet Journal:

  • A journal. Of course, the first thing you’ll need to get is a journal, and there are really options depending on your budget. I really love Archer and Olive journals, but you could also go with something more affordable, like a Lemome Dot Grid Journal.
  • Fineliners. A good set of fineliners is a total must-have. It allows you to create any type of Bullet Journal page, and having a set of pens with different nib sizes will help you add more variety. My go-to are Sakura Pigma Micron pens.
  • Markers. I always recommend Crayola Super Tips, since they are pretty affordable and come in so many different colors. But my personal favorites are Zebra Mildliners since I absolutely love the colors.
  • Brush pens. These are great for adding color to your pages, but also for brush lettering and creating beautiful headers. Tombow Dual Brush Pens are some of the best, and they come in so many different colors!
  • Small Tip Brush Pens. I think these are a must-have since they are so multi-functional! You can use them to add little brush lettering accents to your pages, add headers, and draw. I would recommend you get a set of Tombow Fude Brush Pens.
  • Stencils. Stencils are a great way to speed up your Bullet Journal setup process, and there are stencils for both creating practical elements of your pages, as well as decorative elements. I love this set of Bullet Journal stencils from Etsy, but if you’re looking for a more budget option, you could check these stencils from Amazon.

I can go on and on about different stationery items. So for now, let’s keep it at that.

Now that you have your supplies ready, let’s talk about some Bullet Journal spreads you can add to your new notebook.

Bullet Journal Spreads For Beginners

The world of Bullet Journal page ideas is as vast and diverse as our individual lives. There are countless ways to customize your journal to suit your unique needs and style.

Whether you’re tracking habits, planning meals, or jotting down daily reflections, there’s a Bullet Journal spread for that!

But with such a wealth of options, where does one start? That’s where this post comes in. We’ll be focusing on 17 beginner-friendly pages that will help you dip your toes into the Bullet Journaling waters.

But these will not be your basic pages for starting a Bullet Journal; here we’ll look into some other ideas to add more diversity to your planner.

And if you’re hungry for more, stay tuned till the end of the post for additional resources. So, ready to turn those blank pages into a reflection of your life?

Habit Tracker

One of my personal favorites among Bullet Journal spreads is the habit tracker. I remember when I first integrated it into my journal, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer!

It’s like having a mini coach right there on the paper, nudging you gently towards your goals.

With this spread, you can track my daily habits, from drinking enough water to getting in a quick workout. It’s so satisfying to see a streak of checkmarks showing your progress.

Habit tracker in my tropical Bullet Journal setup for August 2022 - Masha Plans

But what’s even more valuable is the insight it provides.

Those blank spaces on days when you didn’t stick to a habit? They’re not failures, but opportunities for understanding and improvement.

So why add a habit tracker to your Bullet Journal? Well, it’s simple: it gives you an overview of your habits, helps you stay accountable, and acts as a catalyst for positive change. In my book, that’s a win!

Mood Tracker

The mood tracker is another powerful tool in the Bullet Journal arsenal. A personal favorite, it’s like having a visual diary of your emotional landscape.

Each day, you color in a space corresponding to your mood. Over time, this builds into a vibrant tapestry that reflects your emotional journey.

But the mood tracker is more than just a pretty picture. It’s a tool for self-awareness and emotional intelligence. By tracking your moods, you can identify patterns, triggers, and trends in your emotional health.

Perhaps you notice you’re often low on Mondays – maybe you need to rethink your Sunday routine? Or perhaps your mood brightens after yoga – a good reason to make it a regular habit!

The mood tracker provides insights that can guide self-care practices and lifestyle adjustments. So why add it to your Bullet Journal? Because understanding our emotions is key to managing them effectively, and this spread offers a simple, creative way to do so.

Gratitude Log

The gratitude log is a truly special part of my Bullet Journal. In a world that often pushes us to always want more, this simple spread prompts me to pause and appreciate what I already have.

Every day, you jot down something you’re grateful for – it could be as grand as a promotion at work or as simple as a warm cup of tea on a rainy day.

This practice shifts your focus from lack to abundance and fills you with a sense of contentment.

But the gratitude log is not just for warm, fuzzy feelings. Research shows that practicing gratitude can improve mental health, boost happiness, and even enhance physical health.

So why add a Gratitude Log to your Bullet Journal? Because it’s a small daily practice with big benefits. It encourages mindfulness, fosters positivity, and reminds us of the good in our lives – and who couldn’t use a bit more of that?

Meal Planning Page

The meal planning page in your Bullet Journal is a lifesaver for both your health and your sanity. It’s the perfect tool to organize your meals for the week ahead, helping you avoid last-minute unhealthy food choices.

You jot down breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas for each day, making sure to balance nutrition and taste. Not only does this spread ensure you’re eating a varied, balanced diet, it also eliminates the daily stress of deciding what to cook.

Plus, it makes grocery shopping a breeze as Iyou know exactly what ingredients you need.

Beyond the practical benefits, the meal planning page also encourages mindful eating, as you’re consciously planning and preparing your meals rather than mindlessly grabbing whatever’s convenient.

Savings Tracker

The savings tracker in a Bullet Journal is a fantastic tool for managing finances and reaching financial goals. As you use this spread, you can easily visualize how much you’ve saved over time, which is incredibly motivating.

Each time you add to your savings, you fill in a new section on the tracker. This visual representation of your progress can be a powerful incentive to keep saving.

The savings tracker also helps you stay accountable to your financial goals. By regularly updating and reviewing the spread, you’re constantly reminded of your commitment to save.

This can deter unnecessary spending and encourage better money habits.

A savings tracker is a simple and effective way to take control of your finances, whether you’re saving for a holiday, a house, or just a rainy day. It’s not just about money – it’s about empowering yourself to make informed and intentional financial decisions.

Brain Dump

A brain dump spread in a Bullet Journal is an incredibly useful tool for decluttering the mind. When you use this spread, it provides a space to unload all the thoughts, ideas, tasks, and worries that are buzzing around in your head.

It’s like a mental release valve, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Once everything is out on paper, you can sort through it, organize it, and decide what requires action.

This process can lead to increased productivity, as it helps identify priorities and eliminates the mental clutter that can hinder focus.

A brain dump is a practical and therapeutic method of managing mental overload. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by a busy schedule, wrestling with a complex problem, or simply need to clear your head – a brain dump spread can be a valuable tool.

It’s not just about organization, it’s about mental well-being too.

Routine Spread

The routine page in a Bullet Journal is a fantastic tool for managing and optimizing your daily routines. As you use this spread, you can create different routines for various parts of your day – morning, work, evening, or even a self-care routine.

This visual representation of your routines not only helps you stay on track but also identifies areas where you might improve efficiency.

By regularly reviewing and adjusting your routines, you can ensure they align with your goals and lifestyle, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction. It can also be a great age to help you create new habits, such as, for example, using your Bullet Journal.

A routine page is a versatile and effective method for structuring your day, promoting good habits, and achieving balance across different areas of your life.

Whether you’re striving for a productive workday, a healthy lifestyle, or simply a more organized life – a routine page can be a valuable ally.

Book Tracker

The book tracker in a Bullet Journal is an excellent tool for managing and enriching your reading life. When you use this spread, you can keep a record of all the books you’ve read, want to read, or are currently reading.

It’s an enjoyable way to monitor your reading progress and discover patterns in your reading habits. This can help you diversify your reading list or focus on specific genres or authors.

A book tracker is a fun and practical way to engage more deeply with your love of reading.

Whether you’re an avid reader wanting to track your literary journey, someone aiming to read more, or simply looking for a creative way to remember your favorite books – a book tracker can be a wonderful addition. It’s not just about tracking, it’s about fostering a richer, more mindful reading experience.

Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule page in a Bullet Journal can be a superb tool for maintaining a clean and organized living space.

Using this spread allows you to break down cleaning tasks into manageable daily, weekly, or monthly chores.

This way, you don’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning your entire home at once. Instead, small, consistent efforts lead to big results over time.

This spread is a practical and efficient method to ensure your environment remains tidy and inviting. Whether you’re struggling to keep up with household chores, aiming for a more organized home, or simply looking to create a healthier living space – this page can be a valuable tool.

Wish List

Including a wish list in your Bullet Journal can be an effective strategy for managing your desires and goals. When you use this spread, you get to record all the items or experiences you’re currently longing for.

This can range from materialistic items like a new phone or book, to experiences like a dream vacation or a cooking class.

By maintaining such a list, you can prioritize your wishes based on their importance and feasibility.

A wish list is a meaningful way to visualize your desires, manage your expectations, and work towards fulfilling them.

Whether you’re saving for something special, planning for future experiences, or just like daydreaming about what could be – this page can be a powerful motivator.

Sleep Tracker

A sleep tracker in a Bullet Journal can be an insightful tool for monitoring and improving your sleep patterns.

This spread allows you to record the number of hours you sleep each night, helping you identify any inconsistencies or disturbances. Over time, you can observe trends and correlations between your sleeping habits and other factors such as stress, diet, or exercise.

It’s a practical method to ensure you’re getting the rest you need. Whether you’re struggling with insomnia, trying to establish a regular sleep schedule, or simply curious about your sleep patterns – this page can provide valuable insights.

Level 10 Life

A Level 10 Life page in a Bullet Journal can be an excellent tool for personal growth and goal setting.

This spread encourages you to assess your life in 10 different areas, such as family, finances, career, and personal development. By evaluating your current satisfaction levels in each area, you can identify where improvements are needed and set clear, actionable goals.

So why should you include a Level 10 Life page in your Bullet Journal? Because it’s a comprehensive method to achieve balance and fulfillment across all facets of your life.

Whether you’re aiming to improve your relationships, advance your career, or simply cultivate a more balanced lifestyle – a Level 10 Life page can guide your efforts.

Self Care Tracker

A self-care tracker in a Bullet Journal can be a profound instrument for prioritizing and tracking your wellness routines.

This spread allows you to list self-care activities that resonate with you, ranging from physical activities like yoga or running, to mental health practices such as meditation or journaling.

By tracking your engagement with these activities, you can ensure that you’re dedicating enough time to self-care amidst life’s many demands.

Whether you’re trying to establish a regular fitness routine, seeking to manage stress, or simply striving to take better care of yourself – a self-care page can offer valuable insights.

Memory Keeping Page

A memory keeping page in a Bullet Journal can serve as a delightful way to preserve important moments and memories.

This spread invites you to jot down daily or weekly highlights, capturing the small joys and big milestones alike. Over time, it transforms into a personal diary filled with cherished memories that you can revisit anytime.

You can do it monthly, or you can eve nhave a separate journal like I do with memory keeping pages every week.

Having memory keeping pages is a meaningful way to celebrate life’s blessings, no matter how big or small.

Whether you’re capturing moments of joy, achievements, or simply everyday occurrences that bring a smile to your face – a memory keeping page is a tangible reminder of life’s beauty. It’s not just about recording events; it’s about creating a keepsake of your journey, one day at a time.

Monthly Review

A monthly review page in a Bullet Journal can be an instrumental tool for reflection and planning.

This spread allows you to look back at the past month, assessing what worked well, what didn’t, and what you may want to improve moving forward. It also offers space to set goals for the coming month.

It’s also a great page to think about your Bullet Journal and if this planning system works for you or if you need to try some new pages and formats.

A monthly review page is a powerful means to maintain progress towards personal and professional goals.

Whether you’re tracking fitness goals, monitoring financial habits, or setting career milestones – a monthly review page provides a clear snapshot of your journey. It’s not just about reflecting on the past; it’s about using those insights to shape a more productive, fulfilling future.

Movie Tracker

A movie or TV show tracker in a Bullet Journal can be an entertaining and useful tool for film and series enthusiasts.

This spread allows you to jot down the titles of movies or shows you want to watch, and track your progress as you watch them. You could also rate them or write mini-reviews for future reference.

So why should you include a Movie or TV Show Tracker in your Bullet Journal? Because it’s a fun and organized way to manage your entertainment time and your Bullet Journal is not only about being organized.

Whether you’re a movie buff looking to keep track of all the films you’ve watched, a series lover trying to keep up with multiple storylines, or simply someone who enjoys a good show now and then – a movie or TV show tracker is a helpful tool.

Word Of The Year

A word of the year page in a Bullet Journal can serve as a powerful tool for personal growth and perspective.

This spread encourages you to choose a single word that encapsulates your intentions, goals, or hopes for the year ahead. It acts as a guiding light, helping to focus efforts and inspire progress throughout the year.

It’s a very powerful practice and it will help you to stay strong with your goals, since every time you’re struggling you’ll be able to look back at the word and stay strong with your intentions.

A word of the year is an effective way to cultivate a mindset that aligns with your personal aspirations. Whether you’re striving for ‘balance’, seeking ‘growth’, or aspiring to ‘thrive’ – a word of the year page becomes a constant reminder of your overarching aim.

Free Course: Bullet Journaling For Beginners

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That’s why I’ve created this FREE course that will walk you step-by-step through creating your first Bullet Journal.

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