Christmas Bullet Journal Setup: December 2018 Plan With Me

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December, I’ve been waiting for you for the whole of 2018! It’s the most magical month of the year, and all I want is to add some more of this magic to my Bullet Journal.

What’s my Bullet Journal theme, you may ask? Christmas movies! Read on and see how I added some holiday spirit to my pages!

Before we dive in, let me just mention that I have a post with 67+ Christmas Bullet Journal ideas, so be sure to check that out as well. It’ll give you all the tips and inspirations you need to create a perfect Christmas setup.

There are also some free Christmas printable stickers in our Resources Vault, you can find them in the “Stickers” section.

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Now let’s see what I came up with for this Christmas setup!

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Materials Used

First, a small roundup of all the things I used for this setup. I’ll be honest I’ve been pretty picky about the colors, so I used a significant amount of stationery I own for these pages. I’ll just make a list here for your convenience.

In case you want to know more about some of these supplies, I have a complete Nuuna Journal review and a review of Kuretake brush pens.

Monthly Theme

December is almost here and I just knew I had to make it Christmas-themed! I’ve been waiting for this ever since January when I started Bullet Journaling. However I wanted to have my own spin on a Christmas monthly theme, and it made me think.

I thought of my childhood and what December meant for me (apart of course playing with my Barbie dolls under the beautifully lit Christmas tree, yes I was that kind of a girl haha). And I realized it always meant good tv.

Pre-holiday season is when they would broadcast all the amazing movies, most of which can only be seen at that time of the year!

And that’s a story of how I picked this monthly theme. It’s a bit of a revisionist story because maybe it was my husband who gave me the idea. But I like my version better!

Cover Page

The world is divided into people who love Gremlins and people who don’t. I saw these movies this year for the first time, and I LOVED them. Like really, I think Gremlins 2 might be my favorite movie of all time!

Why did I choose this for my December cover? – because the first Gremlins movie is actually happening at Christmas! Even though this is a copy of the poster for the second movie, in my mind Gremlins will always be a part of the holiday season.

My December Bullet Journal Setup Christmas Theme - Cover Page | Masha Plans

This month I’m doing something interesting with my fonts. I try to make headers on each page look similar to the official movie font. I feel like it would bring the page together better. If you’re looking for a place where to find fonts and check out my post with 20+ Bullet Journal Font Ideas.

Monthly Log And To-Do List

Nothing really new here – this format has worked for me forever, and I’m sticking with it. I did make my to-do list bigger than last month though because December is usually a very very busy month as you know I’m sure.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas is the second movie I think about when I think Christmas. It’s not like it’s my favorite holiday movie, but I feel like it’s sooooooooooooo Christmasy!

I drew this cutie little Grinch from a wonderful tutorial below – it’s super easy, and it turned out just adorable, didn’t he!?

Habit Trackers And Monthly Goals

Last month I did one big horizontal tracker, and, guess what? It didn’t work for me at all. I kept messing up rows and accidentally filling out wrong habits, and generally, it wasn’t easy to figure out where it is what day of the week. That’s why I’m back to the best format for me – using separate little calendars for each habit.

I also decided to cut out most of my habits because I noticed these are being moved from month to month and don’t really get done. I reviewed these habits, and I realized they just aren’t a priority for me at the moment. In December there are only essential habits.

My December Bullet Journal Setup Christmas Theme - Habit Tracker and Goals | Masha Plans

There is no change in monthly goals; still the same, and I’m keeping my weekly checkups.

The theme for this page, as you can guess, is the movie Elf. I’ve been struggling to think of a good way to add this movie, and then I saw this quote. I feel like it fits the page perfectly since it basically means to be a better person, and that’s the essence of my December goals.

Best This Month

My new favorite page of best memories for the month. I thought I wanted to decorate it with something cute and heartwarming, so I automatically thought of Snoopy. I just can’t wait to start filling in this page with all the great things that await for me in December!

Christmas Page

Being an expat in China means people celebrate it by clubbing, and nobody gets a day off. So it’s a bit difficult this year when Christmas is on Tuesday.

For me, it means that there is a lot of planning going on, starting from picking a date where I will be celebrating and checking with some of my friends if they’ll be available to picking the menu and starting to order those rare delicious western foods.

So this Christmas spread is about our plans and the main things I should prepare to bring some holiday spirit to our house. I know one page might not be enough, but I’m planning to write only the essential big details here. Things like shopping lists will go to weekly spreads.

My December Bullet Journal Setup Christmas Theme - Christmas Preparation | Masha Plans

I was searching Pinterest for some inspiration and I saw this drawing with Snoopy and Christmas tree. It just made me feel so cozy and warm I couldn’t resist. 

Weekly Spreads

As you know I usually create my weeklies as I go, and December has been a pretty busy month. So my weekly spreads are quite simple and actually have tons of mistakes. But I wanted to share them anyways.

I also went with a little bit of different concepts for December. My weeklies consist of two parts. On the left is a whole week to-do list, which I made it form of a mind map, and the right side is for assigning all these tasks to a certain day.

This format worked very well for crazy busy December with tons of things to do. So I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

Can you guess which movies each page stands for?

December 2018 Plan With Me, Week 49 | Masha Plans
December 2018 Plan With Me, Week 50 | Masha Plans
9 Types Of Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads You Need To Try | Masha Plans
December 2018 Plan With Me, Week 52 | Masha Plans

Other Pages

Since December is the last month of the year, I included a few other pages as well.

The first page is 2018 victories. I think it’s important to write all your yearly successes in one place, so you get a good idea about how well you did. I know it usually doesn’t feel that way, but creating a page like this will definitely help you realize how far you’ve actually gone.

2019 Victories Spread | Masha Plans

The second page is the lessons I’ve learned. A million things are happening to you every year, but unless you learn from them, you’re bound to commit the same mistakes.

That’s why I created a spread like this with some lessons I learned during the year and things I discovered.

Lessons Learned Spread | Masha Plans

The final page I created is 2018 memories. Memories pages are some of my favorite ones to create and to look back at.

They are a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling down. 

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Memories Spread | Masha Plans

Free Printable Christmas Stickers

To make sure you can create your own pretty Christmas-themed Bullet Journal pages, I created a set of Christmas-themed stickers; you can get them in the Resources Vault.

You‘ll then be able to download a PDF file, which you can open with Adobe Acrobat (completely free and safe download). The file is US Letter.

Next step – use some sticker paper and print it out! Just make sure you choose “fit” in “Size Options”. and TA DAAAA! You got your sheet of stickers!

If you’re using just normal paper to print them out, a great option would be to use a special adhesive tape to stick them to the pages.

Final step – use an X-ACTO knife or a pair of scissors to cut them out.

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    That’s about it. What theme did you choose for December?

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    And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob!

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