Hello Planning Mashers!

Christmas is almost a month away, and I bet a lot of you are already getting in the holiday mood. This means – it’s time to Christmas-up our Bullet Journals!

I gathered here cute Christmas Bullet Journal ideas which are fun and useful in preparation for the upcoming holiday, as well as some ideas and inspirations on how to add a happy holiday mood to your pages.

67+ Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

One of the disadvantages of living in China is the fact that Christmas is not a holiday here. Christmas spirit is missing big time, and we don’t even have a day off on the 25th.

So for me to stay happy and cheerful about the upcoming holiday I need an extra boost. This year this boost will be my Bullet Journal.

This post has everything you need to create the most Christmasy Bullet Journal setup ever! Starting from page ideas and ending with doodle tutorials and Christmas-themed stationery.

I’m also including a Plan With Me video of Christmas Bullet Journal spreads, so be sure to scroll down and check it out as well.

Moreover, I created a sheet of Christmas stickers sheet, which you can download in the Resources Vault.

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11 Cute Christmas Bullet Journal Page Ideas

I thought for a long time of many ways you can bring Christmas to your pages and special holiday-themed spreads that can keep you happy and relieve some stress of the holiday preparation.

Come the weekend, I’ll be definitely lost in my bujo, creating some of these spreads to get myself in the mood!

Quote Page

Quote pages are a great way to add the mood to your Bullet Journal, bring together the monthly theme and moreover –  they are a great way to fill empty pages you might have between your other spreads.

And if you never created a page like that check my post How To Make A Quote Page In Your Bullet Journal.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Ok technically this is not much of a quote, but I think this is good enough to create a holiday mood.

It was also the first time I used Crayola Super Tips and I must say I’m really loving the Christmas mood I got from these colors.

I love this quote idea and the match of colors – absolutely perfect combination.

This also will be a good idea for a homemade Christmas card.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @alionsworld

I always love my quote pages in black and white, and especially if they use kraft paper.

I’ve been really obsessed with using kraft paper in my journal, it really helps to create a cozy feeling for the pages.

Be sure to check my post Cozy Kraft Paper Bullet Journal Inspirations if you’re interested in more ways to use it in your journal.

A beautiful example of how even without any colors and with some simple lettering, you can create something warm and nice.


When I was a kid every December my parents would buy me a chocolate Christmas calendar. Each day on the calendar had a little piece of chocolate hidden and it was an absolute pleasure for me to do a countdown to the best holiday ever and have an added bonus of a delicious choco!

This spread gives you the same effect: it will remind you every day that you’re one step closer to the X-day and every day you’ll be building up your excitement by filling up this tracker.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

This is basically like a coloring page. I just drew some Christmas doodles and during the month I’ll have one image to color for every day.

If you want to create a spread like that but don’t know how to, just check my post with 31+ Easy Christmas Doodles.

It also has a productive side to it. This spread will remind you daily how much more time you have for all the preparations, so you can schedule all your to do’s accordingly. “Oh but Masha, for that we already have a monthly log” you’d say!

Well, yes we do, but be honest – do you look at your monthly log every day? I certainly don’t, and I guess that’s why my every month just flies by! However, this tracker is definitely something you’ll be checking every day.

I’m really loving the idea ph using Christmas decorations for the countdown. This is definitely a fun way to practice your patterns.

And so many colors to play around with!

Gift List

One of the most important things about Christmas are presents. Ok, as an adult, I know that’s not really what matters the most, but then again, go and ask little Masha and she will tell you it totally is!

Maybe it’s not the most important thing, but you definitely don’t want to forget to buy something cute and special for your family and loved ones.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

That’s why you definitely need a gift list!

You can store here some gift ideas, or you can just make a list of people who you want to buy a present for and tick them out as you get your presents ready.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

I personally live far away from my family and most of my friends. Honestly, the holiday season is pretty hard when you start missing them even more… But back to the point – I definitely don’t need a gift list, because I actually just need to buy one gift (gifting policy among expats in China is not really usual).

But, I do need to make sure I send my love to all the important people. So for me, it’ll be a “send my best wishes” list.

Love the green color and the idea of making the headers like little Christmas cards.

Recipe Page

I would say that food is one of the core things at Christmas. Bonding with loved ones while enjoying a succulent dinner just sounds like the real magic of Christmas.

Of course, we all have already a set of dishes we have every year (gravy and chocolate cake for me, preferably separately).

However sometimes you just want to try out something new, so why not write it down in a special holiday-themed spread?!

When it comes to my Christmas dinner – definitely no experiments this year! Last year for dessert I cooked marshmallow yam casserole, and later on, I discovered I’m actually not a huge fan of yams, so that was quite a failure.

Most likely, hubby and I will be hosting a small Christmas party, so instead of a recipe page I’ll have a list of dishes we’ll have for the dinner.

Christmas Cards List

Christmas mail is definitely something you need to keep up with. Sending the cards to your friends and loved ones on time is an important way to say you care to people who unfortunately aren’t physically next to you.

So creating this list will be not only useful but also a nice reminder of how many people you love.

Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

Movies To Watch

When I was growing up Christmas was great TV time. It was a time channels were showing all the best movies.

That was my chance to watch again some classics of all genres – from Die Hard to The Lord Of The Rings. Plus of course an endless amount of Christmas movies like Love Actually.

I know for sure for every one of us (ok maybe not everyone, but you know what I mean) Christmas is special movie time.

Make a list of all those holiday movies that make you happy and bring joy and treat yourself to a popcorn and movie night!

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @diemmybujo

Love this list and there are a few interesting movies here I’ve never actually seen before.

The doodles are super cute but you might as well use some stickers.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @micheplans

But remember always that your movies list is just a list so maybe just a cute header like this one will be enough.

Bucket List

December brings us a lot of fun activities, a lot of which are made special by the holiday joy.

I know I always miss out on many things, because I keep working and working and absolutely forgetting to think outside the box when it comes to my free time.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Having a bucket list for Christmas is a great idea.

It’ll help you to completely immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit and not miss out on any fun!

If you’re into watercolor this page will definitely be a great inspiration.

It seems like even the text is written in watercolor, and I’m absolutely loving it!

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @planner_meg

Don’t want to do a spread with tons of doodles and drawings? No problem!

You can make a simple list and just decorate it with different fonts.

I’m really loving the silver vibe of this spread. Perfect for the white Christmas feel.

If you’re looking for a good silver pen look no further than this one!

Nicole is one of my favorite artists so of course I had to include her spread as well.

Aren’t her doodles just the best?

Christmas Favorites List

A great way to make sure you’re staying happy and finding some peace in these hectic pre-holiday days, is a list of things you actually love about December. A list of all the songs, foods and activities you enjoy the most this month.

Remember all those cozy evenings with a hot cup of mulled wine next to the blinking lights of your Christmas tree. Don’t all these things deserve a special happy spread?

All you really need is a list, you can keep it as simple as you want.

No matter how you’re going to create this spread, it will bring you joy and lots of positive memories.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @journalg8

Looking super cute! 

And I really love this little Christmas decoration made of tiny doodles.

The ice effect of this list is pretty cool. And it’s using my favorite trick with white text on top of a black rectangle.

For this, I definitely can’t recommend enough this white gel pen.

Love how the photo itself has also so many cute Christmas things.

I also really like the handwriting here, I think it’s very unique and pretty.

Want to learn more about improving your own handwriting? Check my post 9 Simple Tips To Improve Your Handwriting.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujo.summer

You don’t have to do a list of ALL the things, you can totally

Stockings Filling Ideas

When I was a kid it was the greatest part of my day in December – to run in the morning to the living room and check the stocking for that little chocolate bar or any other cute little gift.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Create the same sense of wonder for your loved ones with this spread of little gift ideas. If I had to choose some for myself, it would totally be tons of stationery.

Christmas Planning

I created some planning pages for Thanksgiving dinner, but I think the same ones would be pretty useful for Christmas.

I feel like especially if you’re a parent this can be a great list to help you.

Christmas Memories Page

These are some of the best pages to preserve the warm and happy Christmas memories and they will be a nice thing to look back at later on.

Be sure to check my post Memory Keeping In Your Bullet Journal to learn how to create this type of page in your journal.

Plan With Me: Christmas Bullet Journal Spreads

Watch me set up 7 out of these 11 page ideas in my Bullet Journal.

Since one of these pages is the countdown with tons of Christmas doodles, this can also count as a Doodle With Me video is a way.

How To Decorate Your Bullet Journal

Just creating Christmas-related pages is not enough! I require more more MORE Christmas!

For nutty people like me, I have here some ideas on how to decorate your usual Bullet Journal spreads with the symbols of the upcoming holiday.


December is a perfect time to letter something holiday-themed.

Decorate your planning pages with lyrics of your favorite Christmas songs or quotes from Christmas movies. They’ll bring warmth to your heart every time you see them.

A beautiful way to fill out empty space on your page, and there are so many amazing Christmas quotes to choose from.


Of course, the best way to add Christmas to your pages is to make holiday-themed headers.

Try out some of these ideas.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

I came up with a few cute and simple ideas you can use in your weekly spreads.

I feel like weeklies are always something you need more inspiration for since you have to create so many of them.

I’m really loving this dark Christmas vibe here.

Also, a great example of how much you can do with just one type of pattern.

I love the idea of making all the Christmas decorations into fun headers.

Super cute Christmas Groot as well.

Love love these lettering styles with the gradient effect and the shadows. Perfect!

You can also check out this video tutorial for more ideas.


I simply can’t wait to start on Christmas doodles! Doodles are great therapy, but also a great way to add character to your pages.

So make sure you add something holiday-themed to your planning pages and make them that much happier.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @lennybujo

Love this and the style without any black lines.

Lenny also has such a lovely doodling style, all these are so cute.

Love these step-by-step doodles because they demonstrate so well how everything derives from basic shapes.

This is one of the main concepts that can help you learn how to doodle.

Another set of doodles that demonstrate a simple trick – if you make your doodles chunkier and a bit more rounded they will ned up looking hella cute!

I also find it adorable how small are the cute little arms of the gingerbread man.

Lovely and very easy to draw doodles. 

I’m also really in love with the colors used here, they are so perfectly Christmas.

Black and white doodles for Christmas can be just as cute as the colored ones.

Oh and if you generally are into a greyscale palette for your journal pages, be sure to give a try to these brush pens, they are definitely my favorite when it comes to the black and white effect.

I don’t usually use pencils for doodling, but this spread definitely makes me want to try.

You seem to be able to get such a cool gradient effect with pencils!

So darn cute! These doodles will be a great decoration for any time of December pages.

I like how just from this one page you can get so many different theme ideas.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @art_love98

This one seems like a more elaborate one, but if you simply follow the steps you’ll find that it’s much easier than you thought.

Also, check out my post with 31+ Cute Christmas Bullet Journal Doodles to get more ideas and tutorials for your holiday journal pages.

Stickers And Washi Tapes

What a wonderful time it is – time to use those stashes of the holiday-themed sticker and washi tapes. You have just one month a year to do so, so don’t miss out.

Here are some amazing goodies I found on Amazon, and remember you can get them that much faster if you get a 30 days FREE trial of Amazon Prime.

As always I went through my other favorite place for stationery shopping to bright you some of the best holiday-themed goodies – Etsy.

Sticker Sheet from SilverOakDesign

There aren’t that many ways to doodle penguins, but these definitely came out looking extra cute.

My favorite one is definitely the one building snowman, cause I still remember how much fun I had with this activity when I was a kid.

Christmas Planner Sticker by Planner Press

This is a really great set for planning your holiday season.

I always find when you have a cute sticker for it, the tasks seem just a little bit more fun and manageable.

Christmas Stickers by illogicaldiscourse

A cute way to make an easy countdown tracker.

Washi Tapes by BoutiqueSKY

Finally, I’m finishing up the list with a set of Christmas washi tape.

I really love how adorable the designs are.

Christmas Bullet Journal Theme Inspiration

Finally – nothing inspires more than the work of other amazing artists, so here is a few holiday-themed Bullet Journal spreads to keep your imagination running.

I’m going to include inspirations for all the major monthly setup pages, so get ready.

Cover Page

We’re starting of course with cover page inspirations since usually, that’s how a monthly setup starts.

That’s a great place to start with getting inspired for your next December setup.

Absolutely love this cover page and how easily it can be created with a stencil.

Oops A Daisy UK is one of my favorite shops for stencils so I definitely recommend their products.

Absolutely incredible cover with a beautiful color scheme.

I love how it’s in the same style as the Christmas decoration.

My December Bullet Journal Setup Christmas Theme - Cover Page | Masha Plans

This is a cover page of one of my December Bullet Journal Setup.

My theme for that setup was holiday movies, and as you remember Gremlins was actually happening on Christmas.

I’m so in love with this cover page, it’s incredibly beautiful and has all the Christman elements.

I’m also wondering what materials were used to create this spread. I bet it was watercolor.

Grinch is probably the most Christmas thing you can think of, so of course, it makes for a great December Bullet Journal theme.

Monthly Log

Moving on to a monthly log!

There are so many different ways to go with it and I tried to assemble here monthly logs of all possible styles.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujodex

I had to start with this one because this Santa is really something!

But also because I’m really loving that green color.

That is a monthly log from the same December when I did movies theme.

I know Grinch is also a book but I got introduced to it with a movie, so I think it still works.

I don’t usually see this format so I had to include it.

Also, I thought it’s a pretty clever idea to use this candy for a monthly log, it really ended up looking pretty neat!

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @ihggs

This spread is here because it does have a monthly calendar, but it definitely can be a cover page just as well.

Absolutely beautiful colors, especially that red! Makes me happy when you realize that you can do even things like brush lettering with your Crayolas.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @harishmj96

I love how busy this monthly log looks with all those tiny doodles and happy hearts.

It reminds me of those messy holidays with the family with everyone going a little bit crazy but generally having a wonderful time.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @studyclinic

I think it’s pretty cool how the calendar is in red while the rest of the page is left white.

I’d probably just change one thing though – I’d use white ink to write in the red monthly log.

Cutie Little Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujo.summer

Probably my favorite monthly log design – a huge calendar. There is just something that makes it so clear to me when I see a calendar monthly log!

Anf I love the idea of this being a chimney.

Stamping the dates here was really an amazing style choice!

Extra points for that glitter effect the page has.

I’m really especially in love with the lettering style for the header here.

It’s pretty basic I know but with the shadows and the size of the letters somehow it looks very different to me, and pretty fun too.

So much Christmas on this page!

Love everything about it.

Bullet Journal Trackers

Up next – trackers! 

Habit trackers, mood trackers – anything you need there will be an inspiration here.

I think it’s a pretty clever idea to have your trackers disguised as Christmas gifts.

I also would absolutely love to see this tracker filled, I wonder what colors were chosen for that.

My December Bullet Journal Setup Christmas Theme - Habit Tracker and Goals | Masha Plans

My little tracker that year was all about the Elf.

I must admit this was not the best choice of color on my side, since it was barely seen how it’s filling out. But that was my sacrifice for the theme!

Isn’t this just a marvelous idea for a mood tracker!

And I really love how each stocking has its’ own different pattern design.

Beautiful mood tracker and it fits perfectly the holiday theme.

I’m also loving how there is a little explanation of the mood on the right.

For all the gingerbread addicts this can be a fun design to try in your Bullet Journal.

The only thing missing here is the key – I don’t really understand what colors stand for what kind of moods.

Weekly Spread

Now let’s look into weekly spreads and all the possibilities you have with them for your December setup.

One page weekly and an illustration.

Love this combo and how you get to plan but also have an entire page to have fun with creativity.

I love how clean and well organized this weekly spread is.

And it’s definitely a great example of how little details can create a holiday mood.

Vertical weekly spreads are definitely my favorites, and this one is no exception.

It’s pretty fun how you can basically just use two colors and make the spread look so very interesting.

One more spread with a Grinch theme and these colors are such perfect Christmas shades.

I love how the font is also so very matched with the theme.

Beautiful page with all the traditional elements associated with Christmas.

I also love the idea of using the Christmas garlands as dividers between daily boxes.

One page weekly spreads are some of my favorite for a quick weekly. Especially now that I use a square journal and I actually have enough space on one page for all my weekly planning.

I’m also left wondering what pen was used for this spread because that dark teal color is so beautiful!

Loving all the holiday elements here and do you see that little message hidden in Christmas lights?

I’m also really in love with the beautiful lettering used for the daily headers.

Beautiful weekly spread and I’m loving the bright and happy colors.

Free Printable Christmas Stickers

To make sure you can create your own pretty Christmas-themed Bullet Journal pages I created a set of Christmas-themed stickers, you can get them in the Resources Vault.

You‘ll then be able to download a PDF file, which you can open with Adobe Acrobat (completely free and safe download). The file is US Letter.

Masha Plans Resources Vault: Free Christmas Printables | Masha Plans

Next step – use some sticker paper and print it out! Just make sure you choose “fit” in “Size Options”. and TA DAAAA! You got your sheet of stickers!

If you’re using just a normal paper to print them out, a great option would be to use a special adhesive tape to stick them to the pages.

Final step – use an X-ACTO knife or a pair of scissors to cut them out.

Sign up in the form below and get access to this fun sticker sheet, all the goodies I’ve already created and all the ones to come!

I think with all this information you’ll be more than ready to Christmas up your Bullet Journal!

How are you planning to add Christmas to your pages? Share with us your ideas in the comments section below.

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