25+ Simple Fall Doodles For Your Bullet Journal

If you don’t yet know, we all love doodles here in Masha Plans, so today we will be doing some Fall doodles.

In this post, you’ll learn how to draw 15 cute and easy doodles with step-by-step tutorials, and get inspired by pages and pages filled with doodles.

Doodling is a fun and calming activity by itself, but it also can be a great way to decorate your Bullet Journal pages.

It might seem difficult, but as you’ll see following the tutorials below, once you break it down into simple steps – you’ll be able to doodle anything.

And if you’re still a bit scared – just check my post Master Bullet Journal Doodles to learn all you need to become a professional doodler.

So let’s dive in and start doodling!

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Step-by-step Fall Doodles

You don’t need much to start doodling, a pen and paper are enough.

And if you follow these simple steps you’ll be able to start doodling right away.

How To Doodle Fall Leaves

Of course, we’re starting our tutorials with some beautiful Fall leaves.

I love that you can play around so much with the colors in Fall, leaves can have any combinations of colors on them.

Step By Step Tutorial – Apples

Fall is a season of harvesting, so a bucket of apples seems like a perfect doodle.

These apples also make me think of hot apple pies. And speaking of …

How To Doodle Pie

Pies are the most Fall thing in the world to me. And boy do I love pies!

So of course I had to include this tutorial on the list. I added the pink color to make it look like a cherry pie, my favorite.

What’s your favorite pie? Let me know in the comments.

Step By Step Tutorial – Cozy Hat

I love Fall because it gets cold enough to bring your cute cozy sweaters and hats, but not so cold that you have to dress in layers like a cabbage.

I even used the Fall colors to make it look more fitting to the season.

How To Doodle Tea Bag

I think having a cozy cup of tea is a wonderful way to spend a Fall evening.

A teabag is an easy doodle, and you can see more of them in my Tea Bullet Journal Setup.

How To Doodle Caramel Apples

Fall is a perfect time to go to fairs and enjoy some delicious snacks, like a caramel apple.

What’s your favorite snack to have during Fall events?

How To Doodle Socks

Warm lovely socks are a perfect Fall accessory.

It makes me think of those thick woolen socks that my grandma used to make me when I was a kid. They were always so warm and cozy.

More Fall Leaves

I feel like there are not enough tutorials for Fall leaves.

There are so many leaf shapes and colors out there.

More Colorful Leaves

Speaking of leaves here is one more tutorial

Leaves are very easy to draw and yet you can play around so much with their shapes and colors.

How To Doodle Coffee

Hot drinks are perfect for any season, but pumpkin latter is definitely a special drink just for Fall.

As a variation, you can actually add a little pumpkin instead of a coffee bean to decorate the cup.

These are lovely to decorate your Bullet Journal pages for a coffee theme.

How To Doodle A Pumpkin

Pumpkin is the most Fall fruit (I’d say vegetable but Google told me it’s a fruit).

I love that you can also play around with colors of pumpkins – they don’t have to be traditional orange, play around and use any colors you want!

This is also a perfect doodle for October, and be sure to check my Halloween Doodle Inspirations post for more like these.

Fall Doodles – Fox

I don’t know why but somehow Woodling creatures are very strongly associated with Fall for me.

Especially foxes, which are also a perfect color for Fall. And are pretty easy to doodle as well.

How To Doodle Acorns

Acorns are seen everywhere during Fall.

Thankfully they are also very easy to draw, just follow these few simple steps.

How To Draw Mushrooms

These are not just delicious treats you get to gather and eat during the season.

Mushrooms are also so full of beautiful colors and patterns, perfect to represent Fall.

This reminds me of a sir Terry Pratchett quote: “All Fungi are edible. Some fungi are only edible once.”

Fall Doodles Inspirations

We’re done now with my tutorials, now time to get inspired by other creators.

Here are clusters of Fall doodles and a lot of them are actually also similar to the tutorials, but I always think thatit’s fun to see the same things drawn by different people. That way you can get some ideas on how you can customize your own doodles.

Credit: @elise.studies

I love all these tiny doodles, they are so absolutely adorable.

As you can see a lot of these doodles are similar to the tutorials above, but they have a different look.

Fall Doodles - how to doodle leaves spread by @ginger.bullet.journal
Credit: @ginger.bullet.journal

I already mentioned several times how leaf doodles are very fun to do and can be colored in so many ways.

Here are some more ideas for the leaves you can include in your Fall art.

Credit: @bealettering

Totally different style but I’m loving these doodles and the watercolor effect.

She used actually Karin brush pens here and they have some of the most beautiful colors for Fall.

Credit: @shedoodles.a

Such a beautiful spread of doodles and I really love the cozy warm colors used here.

I love the inclusion of a journal here as well. Filling out a journal while having a cup of hot chocolate is so cozy.

Credit: @nicole.josephine

Making the doodles tiny really makes them look so much cuter.

These ones are mostly Halloween-themed, so will be great for October.

Credit: @lisanplan

Such adorable little guys! And I love how the author added those little lines to show the movement.

I also want to add here a recommendation for those Crayola Super Tips markers, they are pretty affordable and come in so many colors.

Credit: @nicolegracestudies

Themed dividers are a great idea for decorating your Fall Bullet Journal pages.

And this is a fun way to show that you can take any doodle, make it tiny and repeat so it becomes a cute divider.

Credit: @cacaovenezolano

Such a beautiful set of doodles and the colors are so well coordinated.

I think it’s also lovely that they used all those different techniques to level up the doodles with the shadows and white accents.

Cozy Doodles | Masha Plans

I always found that kraft paper is perfect for anything Fall themed.

You can get some inspiration from my Fall Craft Paper Bullet Journal Inspirations.

Credit: @joyfuljournaler

Speaking of paper of different colors, arent’ these doodles on the black paper absolutely amazing!

If you decide to use a blackout journal, I’d definitely recommend using metallic pens, they look stunning on black paper.

Credit: @nalashore

Love these cute little doodles, it almost looks like a monthly doodling challenge.

I’m also loving that there are just a few colors used for all the doodles. It’s an interesting challenge to try to do so many doodles in the same color.

A Book Of 150 Doodles

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