Tea Bullet Journal Themed Setup: June Plan With Me

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June is almost here, so it’s time for another Plan With Me post. Of course, you know that I always try to do something special for that month.

And this year, it’s going to be a tea Bullet Journal theme, since I’m a huge tea drinker.

June is a special month for me since it’s my birthday month. So every year I try to do something special in my Bullet Journal.

This year I decided to first go back to my Zebra Mildliner color scheme, and secondly make it tea-themed.

Bolivia where I currently live is a coffee country, and as much as I love coffee I do miss having a wide selection of teas. So I thought I might instead bring tea to my Bullet Journal.

I’m very happy with the way this theme came out, even though it wasn’t easy since some of my Zebra Mildliners are so overused that they don’t even have much ink left.

As always you’ll find my Plan With Me video at the end of the post.

Let’s dive in!

Oh, just one more theme I have other blog posts for you if you’re looking for Boba Tea Inspirations or Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

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Tea Bullet Journal Setup: Cover Page

We’re starting with the cover page, and I really love how this turned out!

I definitely went for some pretty basic doodles, but I think the color scheme with my Zebra Mildliners just makes it look so much fun and happy.

Plus of course, I’m happy I actually put some of my washi tapes to use.

Monthly Log

I don’t have any particular reason, but somehow I ended up with a calendar monthly log again. 

It’s always a classic!

This one definitely doesn’t have much space for me to add a to-do list and content ideas, but recently I realized I often have a separate brain dump page for all the tasks for that.

Speaking of that, I probably should add one to this setup as well.

Habit Tracker / Mood Tracker

Again two trackers are together and I’m really loving how this page turned out.

Probably could be better if I could fit an s at the end of the header, but I realized that I won’t too late into the game and was a bit too lazy to move everything.

For the mood tracker, I went with simple circles. It doesn’t really make much sense theme-wise, but I really didn’t want to spend so much time drawing 30 cups or 30 tea bags.

For the habit tracker, I went with the usual 6 habits I’m having lately, but I feel like it was a mistake. I honestly did it out of habit without actually considering that I’d love to cut them off a bit since I’ve been struggling a bit lately.

Eh well, I’ll probably just not add a header to the habits I’m dropping. Maybe later I can design some larger stickers to cover it up. Or just leave it as is – I love how things like that accumulate and make this journal really like my life story.

Doodling Challenge

Every month we have a doodling challenge on Patreon, and of course, that means I’m having a special spread for it in my BuJo.

I’ll be honest with you, in May I barely opened my journal since well, let’s say life happened. But I feel like in June, things will be different and better, and I’m so excited to start doodling again!

In case you don’t know – this is a doodling challenge for my Patreon family.

You can join for as little as $1 a month and get tons of cool rewardsclick here for more information, and I’d love to see you among our patreons.

Gratitude Log

My almost final page for this setup and it’s already looking so happy and fun.

I can’t wait to get started with it! I skipped filling out the gratitude log in May and I really miss it.

And that’s all the pages I’ve got! I know I said this is an almost final one, but that’s because I’m going to go and do my brain dump spread once I’m done with this post.

Plan With Me Video

If you want to see how this setup was created – check out the video below.

Just one note – I actually forgot during the entire video to add washi tape; only by the end, when it was time for a flip through did I remember to include it. So you won’t see me adding it – I did that off-camera.


Printable Monthly Setup

As you know, every month I create a complete printable monthly setup for all of you busy people.

That way, you get pre-made hand-drawn pages and can start planning right away.

It’s also a fun way to experiment with different styles while you’re figuring out what works best for you,

This month I creates a tea themed setup, which is very heavily inspired by this setup I did in my journal.

If you’re reading this post not in 2022 – just check out my shop to see what is the latest set of printables.

And for everyone new to printables, check my post How To Use Printables In Your Bullet Journal.

What theme did you choose for June?

If you’re looking for some ideas check my post Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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