7 Remarkable Benefits Of Using A Habit Tracker

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Some of the most impactful Bullet Journal page ideas are habit trackers, and this is precisely what we’ll be covering in this blog post.

What are habit trackers, and why exactly should you try them out? Keep on reading to find out.

Tracking habits can help bring focus and organization to your day-to-day life. Not only that, but the regular practice of tracking can lead to lasting personal development.

No matter where you are in life or what goals you’re striving for, using a habit tracker can have some profound benefits.

In this blog post, I will be breaking down the different ways that utilizing a habit tracker could dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Let’s dive in and start with a few basic concepts.

Before I forget – there are also some freebies for you at the end of the post, so be sure to scroll down.

What Is A Habit Tracker

A habit tracker is a tool to help you build new habits or break old ones. It works by providing an easy way to track your progress toward specific goals.

The goal might be anything from drinking more water to studying for longer periods. By tracking how often each goal is achieved, you can see how much progress you’re making toward your target and make changes if necessary.

Habit trackers come in various shapes and sizes, from huge Bullet Journal yearly trackers to something as simple as a weekly tracker.

We won’t be talking much about it in this post. Still, if you’re looking for more ideas, I recommend you take a look at my Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journal Habit Trackers, where you’ll also find plenty of habit tracker examples and ways to include them in your Bullet Journal.

Overall, habit tracking is an effective tool for helping you stick with new routines or break old habits while staying on top of your commitments, boosting productivity, and achieving goals.

But that’s already us getting into the benefits of habit tracking, so let’s just get right into it.

Habit Tracker Benefits

Habit tracking is a handy tool that can help you organically develop good habits while breaking bad ones. By monitoring your progress on small things you do every day and gradually building upon them, it’s easier than ever before to work towards achieving key milestones in life.

Let’s get into more detail and explore the various benefits of using a habit tracker as part of your daily routine and how it could potentially help you become more productive and successful.

Stay On Track With Goals

One of the most important benefits of using a habit tracker is that it helps keep you on track with your goals.

When you set out to achieve something, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by how much work you need to do or how much progress you still have left.

With a habit tracker, however, you can easily break down your larger goals into smaller tasks and track your progress as you move toward completion. This makes staying focused on the task at hand easier.

As an example – one of my main goals for this year is to build a healthier lifestyle, and I broke it down into different habits, such as drinking more water, having healthier snacks, and working out.

I’m now using my habit tracker to help me stay focused on these steps and work on my goal every day.

2021 August Bullet Journal Setup, habit tracker and mood tracker | Masha Plans

Stay Motivated

A habit tracker helps keep motivation levels high by providing you with immediate feedback on your progress.

When you see the results of your efforts, you become more committed to continuing with the task or goal at hand. It also encourages you to stick with the habit for longer since consistent tracking is required for success.

As a result, you become more likely to stick with a new habit for longer and achieve your desired outcome quicker than if you hadn’t tracked your progress in the first place.

Believe me, once you get on a streak with your habit, something inside will just help you to push through and make that number grow.

155+ Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas | Masha Plans

Improve Self-Awareness

Another benefit of using a habit tracker is that it can help improve your self-awareness.

By tracking your habits over time, you can gain insight into your patterns and behavior, which can be incredibly helpful in understanding yourself better.

You may also be able to identify triggers and behaviors that are hindering your progress so that you can make changes accordingly.

The more aware you are about your own behavior and habits, the more control you have over them, so this makes habit tracking an invaluable tool for personal growth.

It helps if you use other trackers together with the habit tracker to build a better picture, like a mood tracker or a sleep tracker.

Mood tracker in my tropical Bullet Journal setup for August 2022 - Masha Plans

Focus On What’s Important

When you choose what habits you’re going to track, you put a lot of thought into it; you choose something that’s important to you and what you want to work on.

Life happens, however, and it’s easy to lose focus and get overwhelmed by all the things and responsibilities in your life.

Thankfully, if you have a habit tracker, it’s always there to remind you what your true focus is, so you stay on course, no matter what.

And in the current crazy world where everything is always changing, and everything seems to be urgent, it’s good to have this guiding light to remind you of what is actually important for you and your goals.

Habit and Mood Tracker In My Bullet Journal | Masha Plans

Sense Of Accomplishment

Seeing the tasks that you’ve successfully completed each day is an amazing feeling, plus it helps to instill positive habits.

That way, no matter how your day went, if you made at least one of your habits tick off your tracker – you’ll feel good about yourself and the way your day went.

This feeling of accomplishment will also be a good motivation for you to keep on and maybe go one step further and complete one more habit.

Just like that, in no time, you’ll see yourself getting used to better habits and reaching your goals.

Stay Accountable

A habit tracker also creates accountability – if you set goals for yourself, having a way to easily track your progress can help keep you on track.

Plus, knowing that there’s something recording your successes makes it easier to stay consistent, even when things get tough or tedious. With regular tracking of your progress, you’ll have tangible proof of how far you’ve come.

Makeup Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations, habit tracker | Masha Plans

Eliminate Excuses

A habit tracker is a beneficial tool for eliminating excuses, which are the biggest enemies of building new habits.

It makes it not so easy to simply skip on a habit when you don’t want to do it because you’ll have right in front of your eyes a visual representation of your moment of weakness, and that will definitely help you work through excuses.

I hope this convinces you to give a habit tracker a try, so let’s talk about actually creating a habit tracker.

How To Create A Habit Tracker

Here are some simple steps to help you create a successful habit tracker for yourself.

First, determine which habits or goals you want to focus on. It’s important to be realistic and keep the number of habits manageable so that you don’t become overwhelmed.

Consider the habits or goals that will have the biggest positive impact on your life and that align with what matters most to you. You can check my posts 193+ Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas, Healthy Habit Tracker Ideas, and 100 Habits To Track In Your Bullet Journal to get some inspiration on what things you might want to track.

Next, decide what type of habit tracker works best for you – either digital or physical. Both types are helpful, and it’s just about finding which one works best for your lifestyle.

Once your tools are set up, it’s time to start tracking!

When tracking your progress, consider breaking down bigger habits/goals into smaller achievable ones. This makes larger tasks much easier by focusing only on smaller pieces of them at one time instead of looking at one giant task all at once – this makes it much easier mentally and emotionally too!

Additionally, consider adding rewards after reaching each goal/habit – even small ones like watching an episode of your favorite show after reviewing Spanish vocabulary words can help motivate us!

Free Printable Habit Trackers

Since you’re on this blog, chances are you are into Bullet Journaling, so you might want to create your habit tracker in your journal.

But in case you’re in a hurry, you can always use a printable for that, and there are already several printable habit trackers in the Resources Vault.

Free Printable Habit Trackers | Masha Plans

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