How To Create A Quote Page In Your Bullet Journal

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There is one of the Bullet Journal page ideas I’ve been obsessing with, and I think you’ll love it as well.

It’s a quote page! They are fun to create and can be so motivational and useful. And can be a great idea for a blank page in your journal.

In this post, you’ll learn how to create a quote page in your journal.

Creating beautiful quote art pieces is fun, and calming and can be used in so many ways! If you know how to create a simple lettering piece, you’ll be able to add an extra spark to your Bullet Journal.

We’ll talk about how to create lettering pieces, and how we can use them and of course, I’ll give you some quote ideas to get you started. I’ll also share with you some classes you can take for FREE if you want to dive deeper into the art of lettering.

How To Create Inspiring Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal: Step By Step Guide | Masha Plans

If it all sounds a bit scary – don’t be! Creating quote art pieces like the one I’ll be showing you today will not require any special skills from you.

Here I’ll explain step by step how to create beautiful quotes and all you need to do – keep practicing! 

With that being said, let’s dive in and create a beautiful lettering piece.

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Why Create Quote Pages

Just like any other art form, lettering and creating quote pages in your Bullet Journal can be very beneficial for you and for your mental health.

Achieve your goals

One of the most important parts of achieving your goals is keeping the motivation to work on them every day. 

Having the right quote in front of you can help you remember what you’re working towards and motivate you to make another little step in this direction.

Mental health

Doing things with your hands is always calming and can help you enjoy a moment for yourself. It has a double effect if you’re working on an inspiring quote that helps you find your inner peace and move on.

Quote Page In My Kraft Paper Journal | Masha Plans


Creating quote pages is so much fun and so easy. No need to think of what exactly you want to do, like in drawing or doodling. Just grab the first quote you can think of and enjoy the process of turning it into a lettering art piece.

Even if at first it seems pretty scary to create a lettering piece, once you get the basics, you’ll get the hang of it and it will definitely turn into a fun hobby!

How To Create Inspiring Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal: Step By Step Guide | Masha Plans

There are also so many ways you can use quotes!

How To Use Quotes In Your Bullet Journal

Here are lots of different ways you can use quotes in your BuJo!

Cover Pages 

Cover page of your monthly setup? Or maybe your whole journal cover page?

Quotes are always a great option – you can find some for every occasion, and they are generally easier to create than a drawing.

Empty Pages

Missed a page between your setups? Fix it by creating a quote lettering piece.

Maybe you can choose that quote on how we always make mistakes and done is better than perfect for making you less upset about skipping the page to begin with.

August 2021 Bullet Journal Setup, quote page | Masha Plans

Part of Your Bullet Journal Spread

Ever had a weekly spread where you added all the elements already but still have that silly empty space staring back at you, mocking you?

You have the solution now – just add a little quote. It’ll be a great way to keep you motivated and add a smile to your face every morning as you scan through your daily to-do list. 

And it works for more thank just weekly spreads.


If you can create pretty lettering in your Bullet Journal, you can absolutely do it on a piece of cardstock.

Just like that, you’ll have a little handmade something that you can use to decorate your workspace or share with your loved one.

Coffee Themed Bullet Journal Setup, quote page | Masha Plans


Finally, all the things we’ll be talking about today can be applied to creating digital quotes as well.

You can turn these into stickers, wallpapers, or just cute little somethings to share on your Instagram.

Ok, I hope you’re pumped enough to get started on bettering itself, so let’s dive in!

Supplies To Create A Quote Page

One more stop before we do – gather all the supplies!

First, be sure you get a good pencil, the kind that you feel comfortable holding for a long time. Most of the work will be done with a pencil and you definitely want to have one that won’t make your hands hurt.

My pencil of choice is Pilot Dr. Grip mechanical pencil. It’s literally the most comfortable pencil I’ve ever used in my life, I can work hours with it.

PILOT Dr. Grip G-Spec Frost Color Shaker Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm, Frost Pink Body (HDGS-60R-RP)
  • Intact feature writing instruments to reduce the fatigue of "Dr. Grip G-spec" series, is a mechanical pencil of Frost color series reflecting the image of healing.
  • Core comes out and shake.
  • Lead Size : 0.5mm

Secondly, you’ll want to have a good eraser. The kind that won’t erase your pen or leave any trace on the paper.

My choice is foam erasers, they are great and never leave any traces or damage the paper. I’m using Sakura Foam since it’s the kind that was easily available for me, but I see that Pilot also has some good ones.

Sakura Craypas RFW100-5P Foam Eraser Double 100, 5 Pieces
  • Feature 1: W resin construction of foam (special foam) and erasing polymer (erasing ingredient)
  • Feature 2: Light to the touch / erasing pieces together
  • Feature 3: Erases well / Has a resilient / Eraser is stain resistant

Black pen, preferably even a fineliner. It’s the basis of your lettering, and you can’t get anywhere without a good black pen. Fineliners will also allow you to have different thicknesses of lines, which is always nice.

I also love using Tombow Fude brush pens to color in the black elements in my lettering.

Check below my favorite pens for creating quote pages.

Finally, you might want to add some color to your letters. In that case, use anything you like, as long as you like the colors.

These are some of my favorites when it comes to creating quote pages.

Ok, let’s letter!

Inspiring and Motivational Quotes for Your Bullet Journal

Oops, sorry! 

I just realized that the first step to creating a quote spread will be choosing a quote, so let me drop here a few ideas first so you start prepared!

If you’re just a beginner, I recommend starting from something shorter with just a few words.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Whatever you are, be a good one
  • You’ve got this
  • Enjoy the little things
  • Turn I wish into I will
  • A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor
  • Your only limit is you
  • Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other
  • Let your light shine
  • Wake up and be awesome
  • Think happy, be happy
  • You are capable of amazing things
  • Every day is a new beginning
  • Make today ridiculously amazing
  • Strive for progress, not perfection
  • Find gratitude in all things
  • Don’t let your dreams be dreams
  • Don’t look back, you’re not going that way
  • Be happy. Be bright. Be you.
  • Don’t count the days. Make the days count.
  • The best time for new beginnings is now
  • Nothing is impossible

Now I think we are ready; let’s create something amazing!

How To Create A Quote Page In Your Bullet Journal

Get your supplies ready and let me walk you step by step through the process of creating a pretty quote page.

Step 1

Choose a quote!

It can be something from the list, or maybe a completely different thing. Just make sure you aren’t choosing anything with too many words as your first try.

The quote I chose is “forget the mistake, remember the lesson”

Step 2

Prioritize your words. 

Look at the quote and find what words you think are most important, and which words are supportive.

Just see which words are the heard of the quote for you; looking at just this word or two you already understand what the quote is about.

There is no right or wrong here; each one of us sees something different in a quote.

How To Create Inspiring Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal: Step By Step Guide | Masha Plans

For my quote, I think there are two words that have to stand out – mistake and lesson. These are the two that I want people to notice first before they read the whole quote.

Your most important words must be the first to stand out when people see your quote page, so be sure to use a different font, or maybe a different color for them. 

Or maybe you can make them bigger or draw them inside the banner.

You can also rate the rest of the words. If it’s a bigger quote, there might be several layers of importance. 

For example, in my quote, I think that forget and remember are a bit more important than supporting “the”

Step 3

Get some font inspiration and see what kind of lettering you’d like to have in your piece.

Check Pinterest and other letterers’ work, check Dafont for some free fonts as well. Maybe just walk around your city and start noticing different lettering styles.

Then try to choose 5 different lettering types and write one word from your quote in these styles.

How To Create Inspiring Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal: Step By Step Guide | Masha Plans

Do they match? How do you like them? Which do you think looks best?

Remember that you’ll probably be using at least two styles – one for your most important words and one for the rest of the quote.

Play around with it until you find the one that you like the most.

Step 4

Sketch your lettering piece, several times.

There are so many ways you can play around and place your words when creating a quote. Be sure not to create just one style and follow with it.

Let yourself flow and try to create 5-10 different ways you could put the quote on the paper. This will jog your creativity, and you might like your last version the best.

How To Create Inspiring Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal: Step By Step Guide | Masha Plans

This is where different decor elements come into play. While you did your lettering style research, you probably saw that usually, quotes have a bit more than just letters, there are many decorative elements there as well.

I create a little cheat sheet for you with some ideas you might use, be sure to check it out in the Resources Vault.

To get your access use the signup form at the end of the post; you’ll be able to download this cheat sheet, as well as tons of other free printables for your Bullet Journal.

Take a look at the decorative elements, see which ones you like, and try to include them in your different layouts.

Step 5

Choose colors.

If you’re going with a black-and-white piece, skip this one entirely.

How To Create Inspiring Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal: Step By Step Guide | Masha Plans

But if you want to add some color, it might be useful to swatch the colors, see how they look on your paper and how well they match with each other.

Step 6

You’re ready, choose your favorite layout, your favorite colors and get to business! 

As always, I recommend starting from a pencil sketch; that way, you’ll avoid mistakes, and maybe as you create, you’ll see something else you could add.

How To Create Inspiring Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal: Step By Step Guide | Masha Plans

Once you’re done with the pencil and happy with the result – time for color or black pen. I recommend you erase the pencil as much as possible. If you use colored pens, your pencil might not be erased completely and sometimes can be seen through.

With black and white pieces – be sure to outline everything in black, erase the pencil and only then fill out the letters. That was you’ll have the richest share of black.

How To Create Inspiring Quote Pages In Your Bullet Journal: Step By Step Guide | Masha Plans

Just like that, you’re done! Be sure to share your quote with us all in our Facebook group!

If you got hooked on lettering just like I did and want to go a bit deeper, I got you covered!

Free Lettering Classes

Here are some amazing classes that I took on my journey to discovering lettering, and I know you’ll enjoy them immensely!

All these classes are from my go-to place to learning new skills – Skillshare.

Skillshare is a learning platform with thousands of different classes on any topic possible. Including some wicked lettering classes!

I have a special offer just for you – you can get 2 weeks of premium Skillshare membership for FREE getting access to ALL of their classes if you follow this link.

You might want to learn tons of things since they have so many interesting classes! But if you’d like to start with lettering – here are my top picks.

Lettering Layouts: Create Beautiful Messages

A great class to teach you the basics of lettering and help you create your first little quote. This lesson also comes with several printables with ideas for lettering styles and decorations, which come in very handy!

Hand Lettering Essentials For Beginners

In this two-hour class, Mary Kate teaches you all the basics of lettering. 

I particularly love her lesson on how to create beautiful shading in your letters, as well as an interesting way to find lettering inspirations all around you.

The Golden Secrets of Hand-Lettering: Create the Perfect Postcard

These 15 lessons provide you with almost 2 hours of learning. Martina goes into a lot of detail on everything, from how to look for inspirations to what tools to use for your lettering piece.

She will walk you step by step and in detail, from choosing a quote and the style to digitalizing it and turning it into beautiful postcards.

A Comprehensive Guide to Hand Lettering: Creating Graphic and Script Styles 

A little bit more advanced class. The teaching style is a bit different from all the other classes, but I absolutely love it.

In these 2 hours of lessons, Erik teaches step by step process of creating graphics but explains all the lettering basics on the way.

He also offers a little cheat sheet that will help you always have his lessons handy for the next time you’ll decide to create lettering pieces.

Intro to iPad Lettering

IPad lettering is a big thing these days, and if you want to give it a try – this class is for you!

Teela is a fantastic digital design artist, and her lettering always looks incredible. In this 1 hour class, she covers all the basics, equipment, and knowledge for you to start lettering on your iPad right away.

Remember, you can take all of these classes for FREE if you use my link.

Ready to create your first lettering piece? What quote did you choose? Let us know in the comments!

Hope this post was useful; if you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob!

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