Creative May Bullet Journal Ideas

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Time to plan for May, so here is the post full of Bullet Journal theme ideas for your monthly setup.

My own theme for May is not that exciting, but there are tons of Bullet Journal theme inspirations from other creators.

May arrived and I couldn’t decide on a theme. I literally had dreams about different themes for May.

So I did the best thing – asked you guys on Instagram what’s the theme you’d like to see, and unsurprisingly a lot of people said florals.

There were a few more ideas, one of which I’m definitely using for June, but for May I actually did go with florals.

So let’s take a look at my setup and then May Bullet Journal theme ideas from other creators.

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May Bullet Journal Setup

I’ll be the first to admit florals are not exactly my strong suit, but I felt like I wanted to give them a try again.

Plus there is a little twist I used craft paper to decorate and gold Acrylograph pen to draw the flowers.

I actually used a set of Archer and Olive and Plant Based Bride acrylographs, if you wanna get them you can use code MASHA10 for 10% off.

Let’s get to my setup though. And of course, there is a Plan With Me video below, so keep on scrolling.

Cover Page

This came out looking so much better than I expected!

I definitely should’ve drawn more of these flowers rather than the ones I went for.

Monthly Log

I wanted to do something different, so I tried again to do a circle monthly log.

I feel like I could’ve done better on the straightness of the lines, but it still looks fun.

Habit Tracker and Mood Tracker

Again my trackers are on the same page again.

You probably won’t even notice that tiny mood tracker I have in the corner.

Doodling Challenge

Of course like each month there is a spread for our Patreon doodling challenge.

If you want to join, participate in the challenge, support Masha Plans and of course, get tons of other awesome rewards – we’d love to see you in our Patreon family.

Gratitude Log

Best page every month!

Of course, it looks the best after the pen, but this would have to do for now.

Plan With Me Video

Finally, here is my May Plan With Me.

Unfortunately, the cover page creating footage was lost for technical reasons I don’t quite understand myself. But the rest of the video is there!

May Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

I did say that I also have some theme ideas from other creators, so here they are.

Some of these are also floral, but there are just so many ways to create a flower theme that I thought they are worth including.

Geometric Theme

Starting with this geometric theme, which I think is super cute.

I like this theme also because it’s very easy to create, all you need is to just draw geometric shapes everyone can do.

May Bullet Journal Ideas - cover page by @medd_studentt
Credit: @medd_studentt

Coffee Bullet Journal Theme

Coffee is always a great theme for any month.

For some more ideas, check my post Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

27 Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations & My November Plan With Me, Spread by @carolynsbujo2019 | Masha Plans
Credit: @carolynsbujo2019

Cereal Theme

This seems like a weird theme to create in your Bullet Journal, but somehow it looks absolutely adorable.

I’m also loving the use of pastel colors, I think they make everything looks cuter.

Credit: @thatbujolady


It’s a very fun theme, and if cameras are too difficult for you to draw, you can just draw polaroids.

Flowers are also a wonderful way to add some spice to the theme.

Credit: @blendedbujos

Juice Bullet Journal Theme

I’m not really sure how to name this theme, but I had to include this cover page.

It’s so cute!

Credit: @mavidoesart

Disney Bullet Journal Theme

Disney is always a fun and cozy theme to have.

And of course, for more inspiration, you can check my post Disney Bullet Journal Inspirations.

Disney Bullet Journal Inspirations - cover page by @dutch_dots | Masha Plans
Credit: @dutch_dots

Interior Design

Super fun theme and drawing interior design is a very popular style. I find that it’s especially fun to draw your dream office.

I love how Julia also added her Bullet Journal to her illustration.

Credit: @julia.pezowicz

Japan Theme

I feel like Spring is the most Japanese theme.

Considering Spring is cherry blossom season, it’s a perfect theme for May.

Credit: @inprint.xyz

Star Wars Theme

Considering May the 5th is Star Wars day that’s a great idea for a theme.

For more ideas check my post Star Wars Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @a.j.mastel | Masha Plans
Credit: @a.j.mastel

Lemon Bullet Journal Theme

With the weather in May getting warmer, it seems like a good time for some lemonade.

Definitely made my mouth watering just thinking about it.

Credit: @makememango


It’s a super fun theme and you get to use all your greens.

For themes like that, when you need to use a lot of shades of one color, get a set of Crayola Super Tips.

This also seems like a good Summer Bullet Journal theme.

Spring Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @journalandsuch | Masha Plans
Credit: @journalandsuch

Succulent Bullet Journal Theme

Another fun way to use all your beautiful shades of green

And for doodle ideas to decorate your journal check my post Succulent Doodles: Step By Step Tutorials.

Spring Bullet Journal Theme ideas - cover page by @thuys.bujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @thuys.bujo

Makeup Theme

I love makeup and it was very fun I created it in June; doodling makeup is super fun!

And, of course, I have a post with Makeup Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

Makeup Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations, cover page by @the.petite.planner | Masha Plans
Credit: @the.petite.planner

Bees Theme

I’d say this is mostly a summer, but I think it can work for any month.

Bees are fun to doodle, and it’s a happy theme with all the yellow and orange.

Credit: @grace.journals

Space and Galaxy 

Space doodles are super fun, and easy and you can play around so much with the colors.

For more ideas, check my post Space and Galaxy Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

Space and Galaxy Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @bujoandcookies | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujoandcookies

Butterfly Bullet Journal Theme

Butterflies are so pretty, and again I’m loving that you can use all the colors possible.

Nature is beautiful, and it’s always fun to bring it to your journal.

May Bullet Journal Ideas - cover page by @annajournals_
Credit: @annajournals_

Hot Air Balloons

I always thought hot air balloons are so romantic and adventurous.

They are also pretty fun and easy to doodle.

Spring Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @seed_successful_you | Masha Plans
Credit: @seed_successful_you

Floral Theme

There are so many ways to create a floral theme, it was not easy to choose just one.

I’m sure I made a good choice though, Isabel is an amazing artist.

If you want to recreate this idea, check my post How To Draw Beautiful Flowers In Your Bullet Journal.

Spring Bullet Journal Theme Ideas by @isabelhoops | Masha Plans
Credit: @isabelhoops

Lavender Theme

Another way to do a floral theme is to go with lavender.

It’s super pretty and very easy to draw.

Credit: @astudentsjournal


Balloons are very easy to draw and are super fun and colorful.

It’s a fantastic theme idea also if you actually have a birthday in May.

May Bullet Journal Ideas - cover page by @mishbujo
Credit: @mishbujo

Landscape Theme

Landscapes are fun to draw, and there are a lot of options as well.

You can draw a lake, mountains, or forests, or go more modern and do a cityscape like this page.

Credit: @ihggs

Romance / Paris Theme

I don’t really know how exactly to call this theme idea.

But May is a perfect time to start exploring the patios with your loved one and enjoying romantic dinners outside. That’s the theme.

Credit: @stick.with.kate

Art Theme

This is kind of a mix of floral drawings and one-line drawings.

I simply called it an art theme because for me it looks pretty artistic.

Credit: @nattysbujo


Or is that theme called cows? Who knows?!

All I know is that this cover page is adorable and I had to include it.

Credit: @bujo_by_alexandra

What theme will you be creating this May?

Let us know in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob!

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