REVIEW: Amy Tangerine / Archer and Olive 2021 Planner

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Today we will be talking about Archer and Olive and Ami Tangerine’s collaboration – a planner for 2021.

Why are we talking about a planner on a post about Bullet Journal supplies you ask? Keep on reading, and you’ll find out it actually is pretty related.

First a disclaimer – I actually am part of the Archer and Olive design team so I got my journals free of charge. In no way, however, this influences my opinions since I started working with Archer and Olive, to begin with, because I love their brand and their products.

One of the things I love about Archer and Olive is how they always collaborate with other artists to bring something new and interesting to the buyers.

Archer and Olive actually collaborated with Amy Tangerine in 2020 as well and released some amazing planners. You can check my detailed review of these if you want to get an idea.

(in case it’s already far away from 2021, still check that review since they release updated planners in collaboration every year!)

I loved that planner, and I was really excited when I heard that they are releasing another one for 2021, and not just one!

Ok let’s dive in and talk about this new planner and as we go you’ll see why I had to do this review and share it with you.

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Planner Overview

I have to start by mentioning that this time it’s so much more than just one planner.

Planners from this collaboration come in two designs and you can get a dated and undated one! This is so very perfect if you suddenly feel like starting your planner in May instead of January, or if you end up not using it – you can easily reuse it for the next year.

They also come in two designs, green and red. They both have a signature Amy Tangerine style with a very happy design and a motivational quote.

Archer & Olive / Amy Tangerine 2021 Planner | Masha Plans

Honestly, when I saw my planner I thought that this is the one that will make me pumped up each morning for starting a new day.

Even though the covers are different, the insides are not, so it’s just a matter of choosing a color you like.

Each planner also comes with two sets of Amy Tangerine stickers, which are amazing, so colorful, and positive. They will definitely be a great addon to your sticker collection.

Archer & Olive / Amy Tangerine 2021 Planner, free stickers | Masha Plans
Image credit: @archerandolive

The first set is these beautiful floral stickers.

These are perfect to decorate your planner and of course, being in signature Amy Tangerine style they will look amazing and completely in style with the planner.

Archer & Olive / Amy Tangerine 2021 Planner, free stickers | Masha Plans
Image credit: @archerandolive

The second sheet is this colorful one with tons of motivational quotes and phrases.

I love this one, it’s a great decoration for any page in your journal. But my personal favorite way to use these would be to add them to my vision board.

Dated VS Undated

As I mentioned before, there are dated and undated planners available.

For me personally, I prefer the updated ones so that’s what I chose and that’s the one I’ll be sharing with you here today.

Archer & Olive / Amy Tangerine 2021 Planner | Masha Plans
Image credit: @archerandolive

If you’re wondering what’s the difference – it’s only the dates. All the pages I’ll be showing you below are exactly the same, it’s just that the dates planner has the dates already there.

In case you can’t decide which one to get, I’d say get an updated one. It gives you so much more flexibility with your setups (more on this later).

Amy Tangerine 2021 Planner: General Characteristics

Here are a few general facts about the journal you should know.

It comes in hardcover. It’s not faux leather but it’s not cloth either. Honestly, I don’t know what it’s made of but it’s very smooth and feels extra durable.

Archer & Olive / Amy Tangerine 2021 Planner | Masha Plans
Image credit: @archerandolive

The planner comes with a rubber band and a pen holder, always a plus, especially if you’ll be carrying it around with you.

It also has two bookmarks, one of which had a beautiful gold-colored Archer and Olive charm. 

Archer & Olive / Amy Tangerine 2021 Planner | Masha Plans

There is also a pocket at the back, perfect for all your stickers or must-have stencils to carry with you.

Finally, as you could expect, the journal has a 160 GSM paper.

Let’s take a look inside!

Inside The Planner

After a traditional “this book belongs to” the page you get to a little intro written by Amy Tangerine.

It’s a very sweet pre-frase where she talks a lot about the benefits of creative planning and how you can use it to build the life of your dreams.

All very motivational and positive, and definitely got me extra excited to start planning right away.

Archer & Olive / Amy Tangerine 2021 Planner | Masha Plans

After that, we get dot grid pages, 8 of them before we get to our monthly logs.

This is really something that differs this planner from for example the one they released last year – this planner is built more like a hybrid.

Meaning that there are some basic pages to help you plan, but it also gives you a lot of space to be creative and customize it.

With an entire 8 pages before you start your planning you can do so much – create a cover page, work of the year, yearly goals – any time of yearly pages you like.

(check my post 17 Page Ideas For Your New Bullet Journal)

But let’s keep looking.

After dot grid pages you get a monthly log. There is no name of the month. It has a Sunday start and space for notes.

Archer & Olive / Amy Tangerine 2021 Planner, monthly log | Masha Plans
Image credit: @archerandolive

As you might notice there is a minimum of decorations and the colors are muted black only. This means that you can make this page look any way you want!

You can use markers you like to add color, stickers, and washi tapes to create a kind of theme.

Basically, the hard part of drawing all these boxes for a calendar is done, all you have to do is the fun part of customizing and decorating it.

After a monthly log, you get 5 weekly spreads. They all are vertical and have a Monday start.

 Archer & Olive / Amy Tangerine 2021 Planner, weekly spread | Masha Plans
Image credit: @archerandolive

I love that apart from 7 days each week also has space for notes, which you can easily use for a weekly to-do list for example.

Just like the monthly log, weekly pages are very minimal and can be completely customized as you wish.

There are two dot grid pages between the months, which you can use to create any monthly pages you need, like a habit tracker or a cover page.

For more ideas for monthly pages be sure to check my post 25 Creative and Useful Monthly Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

After all the months and weeks are done, you get 15 dot grid pages. Again this gives you so much space to customize and experiment!

You can use these to create collections or memory pages. You can also use them to create more monthly pages if you need any.

Plus, of course, these are great to do your yearly overview and analyze how you can do better next year.

My Opinion

What do I think about this planner? I think it’s amazing!

Unlike the planner last year which was all about giving you pre-made setups for fast planning, these notebooks take a very different approach.

This journal challenges you to be creative, to find your style, to find joy and maybe mental peace while decorating these pages.

At the same time it provides you with all the templates you need for your day-to-day planning, so if you’re too busy to do anything creative – you can still have all your planning needs covered with this planner.

Apart from being a pretty awesome planner, I feel like it’s a good first journal for people who are getting interested in Bullet Journaling. It helps you with the basic pages but also gives lots of dot grid ones to experiment.

You can try different styles and different pages and with an undated planner, you will never have an empty month and feel guilty about it!

How To Use A Planner

First of course, like I mentioned this could be a good first entry when you try a Bullet Journal. But what else can you do?

Well, a lot of things actually!

I think this can be an amazing planner for work or your business. It already has everything to plan your day-to-day things, and again – it gives you space to add a bit of fun to your pages as well.

I’m definitely considering this option!

Another fun idea could be to use it for memory keeping. You already have all the weeks and months ready for you, now just spend 10 minutes a day to put one good memory to the paper.

Memories Page in Archer and Olive and Amy Tangerine Planner | Masha Plans

This can really become an amazing source of positivity.

If you wanna try that but never did before be sure to check my post How To: Memory Keeping In Your Bullet Journal.

These are my personal top ideas on how to use a planner, but you can find much more in my post 13 Creative Ways To Use Your Old Planner.


Finally, I wanted to let you know that as a part of the Archer and Olive affiliate team I also can get you a sweet 10% discount, simply use my code MASHA10.

This works not only on their planners, but also notebooks, pens, stickers, and even monthly planner kits and subscription boxes!

So be sure to keep this code in mind for your next purchase.

Do you use a planner or a Bullet Journal? How would you use these ones?

Let us know in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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