Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas

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We are almost in the Summer season, so I decided to share with you a few ideas for your Bullet Journal.

These are just some fun Bullet Journal page ideas you might want to create this Summer to keep creative and keep using your BuJo, even if you don’t really have that many things on your to-do list.

More than that, I’ll be also including some Summer inspirations for your cover pages, weeklies, and more! This post will get you completely into the Summer mood.

Apart from being my favorite season and the time of my birthday, Summer is also usually the time I get excited to try new things.

Ever since I was little, summer was a special time, a time to rest, recharge and have a little bit more fun.

I’m not at school now, and summers are still working as usual for me. However, for some reason, every Summer feels like things slow down a little bit and somehow I find myself having a bit more time on my hands. 

Can anyone else relate? Is that just a mind trick and a force of habit and all the years I spent at school?

Who knows, but the thing is – this is what happens. 

So I love to use summer to try new things, learn new skills, and create fun pages in my Bullet Journal.

Here today I’ll share with you a few ideas on what you can try adding to your journal, as well as some general Summer Bullet Journal inspirations. Let’s dive in!

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Summer Cover Pages

Let’s start with a few cover pages that will get you right into the summer mood. These might also be good theme ideas for you to try.

If you’re looking for more theme ideas though, check my post Fun Bullet Journal Theme Ideas To Try This Summer.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, cover page by @nicoles.journal | Masha Plans
Credit: @nicoles.journal

The first page is probably the most Summer theme I’ve seen in a while. It has all my favorite things from Summer – ice cream, beach, swimsuits, and cold drinks.

It’s also a super fun idea to unite the wreath by the lifebuoy.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, cover page by @rozmakesplans | Masha Plans
Credit: @rozmakesplans

Watermelons are a great theme for Summer – they are so juicy and vivid. There is nothing more refreshing than a cup of watermelon juice on a hot Summer day.

I love that on this page the illustrations are in watercolor. Even though it makes the colors less vivid, it still gives that hot sun vibe.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, cover page by @thedotsandgrids | Masha Plans
Credit: @thedotsandgrids

Speaking of fruits, a juice bar is a very Summer theme if you ask me.

I live at the moment in Bolivia where fruits are always fresh and plentiful, but everywhere I lived before Summer is usually the time to get the best fruits for the best price. So traditionally for me, it was a season for freshly squeezed juices.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, cover page by @willbujofor.treats | Masha Plans
Credit: @willbujofor.treats

This looks so cozy, I feel like I just want to be there on a hot summer day!

All the details are so well drawn and thought through. Plus, I love the warm and cozy colors used.

Summer Weekly Spreads

Every month you need to create at least 4 weekly spreads, and it can eventually get very repetitive.

That’s why I find extra value in weekly spread inspirations – I can always find some setup or structure I haven’t tried before and can bring variety to my weekly setups.

So here are a few Summer themed weekly spreads that can get you inspired to create your own fun and unique weekly pages.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, weekly spread by @nicoles.journal | Masha Plans
Credit: @nicoles.journal

This page has all the Summer things – ice cream and cameras. The colors are also very beautiful and Summer-like. 

I must note that the artist uses different colors for filling out done areas for different tasks – that seems like such a fun idea, I might try it myself!

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, weekly spread by @jellyfish.breaths | Masha Plans
Credit: @jellyfish.breaths

Such a cute weekly spread and it’s very basic.

But these cute little doodles really make the spread stand up. The part I love about those the most is the kawaii faces added – it’s such a cool trick to enhance the doodles.

This is actually one of the tricks we go through in my new FREE course for beginners Doodling 1o1, which allows you to learn all you need in one week to learn how to draw awesome doodles.

So if you want to learn to doodle this is a great place to start!

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, weekly spread by @willbujofor.treats | Masha Plans
Credit: @willbujofor.treats

Super fun weekly spread; I love the little details that make it look very Summery.

I also find that the structure of the weekly is pretty unique with the daily boxes on one side and all the other information on the other.

Definitely something worth trying if you have a lot of things to track.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, weekly spread by @brushstrokesandbujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @brushstrokesandbujo

I love these weekly spreads and the bright Summer colors used to decorate them. It just looks so bright and happy to me!

I also am a huge fan of one-page weekly spreads – I’ve been using them quite a lot when I’m very busy.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, weekly spread by @diemmybujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @diemmybujo

Simple weekly but doesn’t it stand out so much!

I love that for decoration she used cutouts and craft paper – just some random things you’d have in your craft room.

Just another proof for me of how you can use anything you have beside you to create beautiful pages.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, weekly spread by @emiko.journals | Masha Plans
Credit: @emiko.journals

So many things I love about this spread!

I’ll probably start with the colors because they are so so beautiful and that blue water is just calling for a swim.

I also really love the lettering used for the headers. It’s similar to that I used in September but with softer edges.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, weekly spread by @julia.pezowicz | Masha Plans
Credit: @julia.pezowicz

Julia is a wonderfully talented artist, and her spreads are always a great inspiration.

How neat and beautiful do these look! And the strawberries are what actually make it a very Summer theme.

Every Summer when I was a kid I used to spend in my grandparents’ Summer house and August was the perfect time to pick some of the strawberries my grandma was growing in the garden.

Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Ok, time to get to some fun page ideas you can try this season. You can try all of them, some of them, or maybe none – it’s up to you, and this list will always be here, whatever you decide.

I always find that in Summer, I don’t have that many things on my to-do list so I really like creating some other pages so my BuJo doesn’t feel so abandoned.

Summer Bucket List

You probably already know my love for bucket lists from my posts about Fall Bucket List and Spring Bucket List.

You can have just as much fun creating a Summer bucket list. For me, it’s always the list that is the fullest because I feel like all my favorite things to do are best in the Summer.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, summer bucket list | Masha Plans

Summer Playlist

I must admit I became that weird person that doesn’t really listen to music – it’s audiobooks or podcasts for me.

But still, sometimes when I hear a song it brings such vivid memories to me of the days passed. Music is a wonderful trigger for memories and creating a playlist for a certain time of your life is a wonderful idea. 

In the future, you’ll be able to just look back at the page, listen to these songs, and almost relive your Summer.

And for more inspiration check out my post with Playlist Bullet Journal Ideas.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, summer playlist by @mamucatlife | Masha Plans
Credit: @mamucatlife

Quote Page

I’m always up for a good quote page and having one for the Summer is no exception. It can be like your motto for the season!

I kind of like to set quarterly goals for myself so it works out very well to have a quote for each season to keep me motivated.

I love the quote below by Sarah, she has a beautiful journaling style, and this quote speaks a lot to me, especially with all the things going on around.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, summer quote page by @bysarah.eliz | Masha Plans
Credit: @bysarah.eliz

To create a spread like this, check my post How To Create Beautiful Bullet Journal Quote Pages.

Drink Recipes

What can be better on a hot Summer day than a cold sweet fruity drink!

I’m definitely a huge fan and have a little collection of recipes for special occasions. It might be fun to add your favorite drink recipe to your Bullet Journal.

It can be a cocktail like I do, or maybe just a delicious smoothie combination.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, cover page by @journalwithkate | Masha Plans
Credit: @journalwithkate

I wanted to feature an actual drink recipe page, but when I saw this cover, I knew it had to be in this post – just look how vivid and happy the colors are!

Road Trip Planning

Summer is the best time for a road trip, wouldn’t you agree?

Credit: @boho.berry

I say every trip is a good reason to create a Bullet Journal spread.

This is a lot of fun, and you get to plan things out and ensure that you don’t miss all the wonderful things on your way.

Check my Ultimate Guide To Travel Journaling for more ideas on how to commemorate your summer adventures.

Summer Activities

I found this page with Summer screen-free activities, and I thought I absolutely have to include it in this list!

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, summer activities by @pageflutter | Masha Plans
Credit: @pageflutter

This is such a cool idea!! 

I absolutely stand behind it – Summer is the best weather of the year so it’s kind of a waste to spend it at home watching TV.

Nature calls!!

Ok, I understand that not all the places are the best in Summer, but all the places I’ve lived in are and with my constant need to be outside and yearning for nature this list sounds like the best idea ever.

Summer Adventures 

This is a travel spread with basically your Summer travel plans.

Summers away, traveling, and having adventures in new places is the best way to spend the season if you ask me, so I absolutely fell in love with this idea.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, summer adventures spread by @honey.owl | Masha Plans
Credit: @honey.owl

It’s obviously also because I’m a huge planner, and I love planning my trips, so I know I have fun and do things. Yup, I’m one of those people – my fun has to be scheduled and tagged with a different color in my Bullet Journal.

Memory Pages

You probably know I love memory-keeping pages and I actually have an entire separate journal for that.

It’s a fun way to keep your memories, to develop a more positive outlook on your life, and also to have fun with your journal.

Firefly Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly | Masha Plans

For example, if you look inside my memory keeping a journal you’ll see lots of stickers, washi, and stamps – things I don’t really use that much in my everyday BuJo.

If you want to learn more about memory keeping and why it’s an awesome thing to do check my post How To: Memory Keeping In Your Bullet Journal.

Summer Doodles

Doodling is always fun, calming, and helps in jogging your creativity.

I love creating just pages filled with doodles – it’s a great practice but also it’s a fun way to brainstorm your Summer Bullet Journal theme ideas.

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, summer doodles | Masha Plans

If you’ve never doodled before – don’t be discouraged; you absolutely can learn to doodle and be creative!

You can get started with my post with 15+ Summer Bullet Journal Doodles, where you can find step-by-step tutorials and get doodling right away.

Summer Plan

I don’t know about you, but Summer is usually the time when things get out of control.

It’s nice and warm, life slows down a bit, and suddenly there is more free time. Often it kind of just gets wasted, I don’t accomplish anything and don’t even enjoy the season that much. It just flies by!

If this sounds similar, I got an idea for you that can definitely help – a summer plan!

Fantastic Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas, summer plans page by @sheenaofthejournal | Masha Plans
Credit: @sheenaofthejournal

You can add here anything you want really, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same sections. Just think of the things you need to remember, you want to do and create this Summer draft for yourself.

Self-care Pages

Honestly, anything self-care related is good for every season, and with a bit more energy and a bit more time, Summer might be the perfect time to concentrate on yourself.

Check my post 25 Inspirations Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas for some more pages you can use, but here is my page with the favorite ways to practice self-love.

Monthly Bullet Journal Page Ideas, self care checklist | Masha Plans

Will you use any of these ideas this Summer?

Do you have any special pages you tend to use during Summers?

Share with us in the comments!

Hope this post was useful; if you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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