Are you taking good care of yourself? Self-care really is a crucial element of our daily life. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Your Bullet Journal is a great tool that can help you with staying mindful and paying more attention to your self, so get ready and check these self-care Bullet Journal page ideas.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

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I know we all are aware of the importance of self-care, but life happens and it’s just so it’s easy to put yourself and your needs a bit further away, for a better less busy day. This, however, accumulates and sometimes, can lead to crisis and depression.

Self-care helps us to avoid burning out, to relieve accumulated stress and generally, to reboot from time to time. It’s what allows you to be a happier, healthier and more productive person.

Below I gathered 23 ideas on how to use your Bullet Journal to make sure you got your self-care covered. If you want to go on and add some of these pages to your Bullet Journal, I also added a video tutorial of easy self-care themed doodles you can use to decorate your spreads.

  1. Find Time For Self Care

One of the main problems we have with following through with self-care is finding the time. It feels like there is never any time to do that.

However, it’s actually a misconception. Finding time for self-care it much easier than you think! Just sit down and think of ways you can find 10-15 minutes in your day to spend them on yourself. Writing it down on paper will help you realize you might have more free time to spare than you thought.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Finding Time For Self Care | Masha Plans

  1. Self Care On The Go

Another thing you can do to make sure you find time for self-care is to create a list of little things you can do for yourself. Create a little list for something that takes just 10-15 minutes and reference it every time you find these extra little breaks for yourself.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Self Care On The Go | Masha Plans

  1. Routine

Create your morning or evening routine and include some self-care in it. Creating routines, or including new elements in your already existing routines is a great way to make sure you follow through with that new habit.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Credit to: @silva.and.bold

  1. Skincare Spread

Speaking of routines, why not create a special spread for your skincare? Maybe a skincare routine, or just a tracker for your skincare products. I sure do feel much better when I follow through with all my skincare routines and use all those fancy bottles I have in my bathroom.

  1. Beauty Tracker

One more way to make sure you keep yourself feeling the best and the prettiest is to create a beauty tracker. It’s a fantastic reminder that you need to spend some time on yourself.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Beauty Tracker | Masha Plans

  1. Self Love Spread

Self-love is an important part of self-care. I know sometimes we all have moments when we just don’t feel right, and usually, the first reaction is to get upset and have some chocolate, rather than doing some self-care and cheer up.

This spread will always be a great reference and reminder that you love yourself and that you’re amazing! It’s a great way to keep your head high and maybe do something for yourself, rather than being sad.

  1. Happiness Jar

We all need some pick me up from time to time, so try creating a spread with things that make you happy!

It’s not just a way to practice self-care (for me personally sitting down with my bujo is all I ever need!), it’s also a great way to cheer yourself up in the future. Look at this spread and remember how much you love all these, or maybe use it as a reference and go play with your neighbor’s corgi! (at least until you get your own!)

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Happiness Jar | Masha Plans


Quotes are a powerful tool to influence your moods and actions. Make sure to include some quotes to remind yourself how important and amazing you are, and how worthy it is to spend time on yourself. Self-care isn’t selfish!

  1. Replenish Your Energy

We all have times when we’re just too darn tired, and all we can do is being a blob. As an introvert, this definitely happens to me very often thanks to my job. The nature of my office work leads me to communicate with more people than I’m comfortable with.

A great way to help you out with this issue is to create a list of things that recover your mental energy, so you can refer to it and try out some of these things instead. Because let’s be honest – nobody feels more energetic after spending 4 hours binging on Netflix.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: How To Replenish Energy | Masha Plans

  1. Mental Health Tracker

Tracking your mental health can help you to deal with it better. It can give you the clues on where you should pay more attention to yourself, and what kind of self-care would suit you better at the time.

  1. Mood Tracker

Another way to track your mental health would be to create a mood tracker. Check your mood correlations with different things you do during the day to make sure you can create the best self-care routine for yourself.

  1. Affirmations

Getting rid of negative thoughts and conceptions about yourself and replacing them with positive affirmations is one of the best things you can do. Doing it on a daily basis will do miracles for your personal development and self-esteem.

  1. Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

Self-care isn’t only about doing things for yourself, it’s also about not doing some things to yourself. Take a pause and think of what stops you from being 100%. What are you doing that is making you less happy?

Recognize those evil habits and put them on paper. Accepting you have them is a very strong first step towards building a better and happier you.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Things To Stop Doing To Yourself | Masha Plans

Credit: @kohanadiary

  1. Compliments Log

Self-care goes together with self-love. Sometimes we all need a little nudge in that direction, a reminder of how awesome and worthy we are. Create the little compliments spread and write down every time somebody says something nice about you.

It’s really baffling how we tend to ignore the many good things others actually say us about us.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Compliments Log | Masha Plans

Credit: @lafondari

  1. Gratitude Log

Part of your self-care routine definitely should be reminding yourself of all the wonderful things you have in your life. A gratitude log is exactly the place to do so.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Gratitude Log | Masha Plans

  1. Health Tracker

Your body is the most impressive tool you’ll ever use. Taking care of it is a crucial part of your self-care. Make sure you pay extra attention to everything you do for your health.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Health Trackers | Masha Plans

  1. Water Log

I, sadly,  grew up without understanding the power of water and staying hydrated. However, after coming to China, I discovered how much emphasis there is here on drinking as much water as possible. I was astonished on how much better I feel now that I drink enough water.

I always make sure I get at least 6-8 glasses a day, and you should too! Having a water log can be a great idea to track that you do.

  1. Sleep Log

Sleep is probably the most neglected way of self-care. It’s definitely the first thing to go when we need some extra time.

Of course, we shouldn’t do that. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t be on your 100%, you will make more mistakes and generally, you’ll be more prone to have a tough day ahead of you. Create a sleep log and make sure you get your needed dose of rest.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Sleep Log | Masha Plans

Credit: @wood_bujo

  1. Meditation Tracker

Meditation is an amazing way to practice self-care. It can take as little as 3-5 minutes of your time, but they’ll be meaningful minutes.

Meditation will help you settle down, find yourself and see all your problems from a different perspective. It creates a little happy place inside your mind which is just yours.

Make a little meditation tracker and try to find 5 minutes a day to practice.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Meditation Tracker | Masha Plans

  1. Yoga Spreads

Another way to unplug yourself from the world and just enjoy your inner peace is to practice yoga. Create a workout tracker, a chakra spread or maybe just a cute little reminder of your morning yoga routine.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Yoga Spread | Masha Plans

  1. Bucket List

It’s so easy to get lost in your daily responsibilities, that we forget to do the little things for ourselves. That’s when the bucket list comes in handy.

Create a bucket list for the upcoming season, or this year or any other period of time. Just make sure you add there things you want to do, things that make you happy and follow through with at least some of these!

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Bucket List | Masha Plans

  1. Brain Dump

Sometimes when we get swamped with all the things, we need to find time for ourselves to unload it all. The brain dump is a fantastic tool to do so.

Open the next empty page in your Bullet Journal and just start writing. Write down everything – your to-do list, your worries, whatever you have on your mind. This will give you a well-deserved break to spend some time on yourself.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Brain Dump | Masha Plans

  1. Entertainment Collections

Books, music, movies – all of these can be a way of self-care and influence our mood and feelings. Why not create special spreads with your favorites?

Are you convinced to create your own self-care spread in your Bullet Journal? Check out my little tutorial below on easy doodles you can use to decorate your pages.

How do you add self-care to your Bullet Journal? Let us know in the comment below!

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23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

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