11 Creative Summer Vacation Journal Ideas

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Are you planning a fun Summer vacation this year? Well, there are tons of Bullet Journal page ideas to help you with that!

Summer is so close we can almost taste it! With the longer days and warmer weather rolling in, this time of year brings with it loads of possibilities for fun.

Most notably: summer vacation! A much-needed escape from everyday life, a chance to explore new places or go back to old favorites.

However you decide to spend your summer, don’t forget to document all that beauty…which is why I have created a list of journaling ideas perfect for capturing all the memories and moments your summer travels will bring.

So get ready to unleash your creativity and dive into some amazing ways to record those special experiences!

Journaling is such an amazing way to track progress through your journey, capture meaningful moments between loved ones, and create something tangible to remember it all.

In this blog post, we’ll cover plenty of fun & creative ideas for making this summer vacation one that won’t soon be forgotten.

And be sure to scroll until the end to get some free printables and more ideas!

Summer Vacation Journal Ideas

This list can be way too long; like I always say, the limit of your Bullet Journal pages is your imagination. But let's keep it to a more manageable amount of 11 here.

Let me know in the comments if you want more!

Summer Vacation Journal Stationery

Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete post with a few stationery recommendations.

Here are a few of my favorite supplies for creating pages for your Summer adventures:

  • Sakura Pigma Micron – a good fineliner is always a useful tool, no matter what kind of spread you’re creating.
  • Muji Pen – my favorite writing pen to help put all the plans and memories to paper.
  • HP SProcket – this little printer is easy to carry around, the printing quality is great, and it doesn’t require any ink. Great way to add pictures to your pages. Plus, the printing paper is already a sticker, so you don’t even need an adhesive to stick them to your spreads.
  • Zebra Mildliner – I love to add colors to my pages, and these are my go-to pens you’ll see probably on almost every page I’ve ever created.

If you need some more recommendations, check out my post The Best Pens For Bullet Journaling.

Free Bullet Journal Printables

Of course, there are some freebies for you to help you with your Summer vacation journaling.

Already in the Resources Vault you’ll find a few travel-related spreads, such as a travel daily log and a set of travel stickers.

If you don’t have access yet, you can always sign up in the form below.

Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll get the password to get 50+ free Bullet Journal printables, stickers, and worksheets to use right away.

If you’ve never used printables before, be sure to check my post How To Use Printables In Your Bullet Journal.

It’s pretty basic, and you can find all the supplies you need in my post Supplies For Using Bullet Journal Printables.

More Resources

If you need more, I’ve got you covered. There are so many different ideas on the blog.

Here are a few more posts you can check next:

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob!

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