Unicorn Bullet Journal Setup: June Plan With Me

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June is almost upon us, and I’m here to share with you my June Bullet Journal setup, as well as some fun doodles.

As you guessed, I’m doing a unicorn Bullet Journal theme this month, just like I did at the beginning of my first journal.

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June also happens to start with my birthday on June 1st, or International Masha’s Day. This is why I really wanted to have a theme that’s special to me, and what can be more special than unicorns? That was decided pretty quickly.

I’m also starting a new journal (another gorgeous Nuuna) and it came to my attention that I started my previous notebook with a Unicorn Bullet Journal setup. Therefore I decided to maybe make it a tradition and start each journal with another take on this fun theme.

Now, there’s something I want to tell you guys. Lately, I’ve been having less and less time to bujo (cries cries!), so I decided to simplify my setups.

This doesn’t mean I won’t use the usual overwhelming amount of doodles, these will always be with me, but I’ll try to make my pages more compact and maybe use more simplified doodles.

The setup below took me just an hour and a half, which is a record for me I think.

Before we go into specific details of my spreads, there’s a plan with me video at the end of the post, so definitely scroll down and give it a look!

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Cover Page

While browsing Pinterest for some inspirations, I stumbled upon a clip art with a wine-drinking unicorn, and I just knew it had to be on my cover page!

Unicorn Bullet Journal Setup: June Plan With Me, Cover Page | Masha Plans

I feel like I have a connection with this unicorn since this is exactly how I like to spend my free time, chilling on my rainbow (aka couch) with a glass of wine! Instead of wine though, I decided to change it to a glass of sparkling wine because it’s pink and bubbly, and that makes it far more magical.

Monthly Log

As you guys voted on my Instagram stories, I’m doing again my usual calendar view. “If it’s not broken, why fix it” is usually my attitude, but I feel like I’m getting tired of this format and want to try something new, so let’s experiment more next month!

Unicorn Bullet Journal Setup: June Plan With Me, Monthly Log | Masha Plans

Originally, I just planned the two unicorns, but the blank space was giving me anxiety, so I added a few doodles here and there.

Thankfully unicorn-themed doodles can be super simple.

Habit Tracker and Goals Page

As you voted, I did a lot of small trackers for June. In May I gave a try to a circle habit tracker, and I found myself being lost and ticking the wrong boxes. Things got pretty confusing, so in June, I decided to do very simple mini-calendars for each habit.

Unicorn Bullet Journal Setup: June Plan With Me, Habit Tracker and Goals | Masha Plans

For my goals, half a page was enough, and I decided to divide it in two as well. One part to write the goals themselves, and another to write what I should do daily to make sure I make progress.


This is a pretty empty spread, but worry not; I will fill it out with some cute doodles by the end of June!

Unicorn Bullet Journal Setup: June Plan With Me, Gratitude Log | Masha Plans

You all voted for me to use doodles in my gratitude log and I’m happy to accept the challenge. I’m thinking of doodling one thing I’m grateful for, or maybe simply something that made me happy.


Affirmations are so powerful, and it’s a practice I’ve been keeping for a while, ever since I started doing my Miracle Morning.

Unicorn Bullet Journal Setup: June Plan With Me, Affirmations| Masha Plans

However, I’ve noticed I’ve been slacking on these a bit, so I want to incorporate them into my Bullet Journal. I’m hoping to fill out this spread with at least one affirmation every day.

Weekly Spreads

This is really something completely different for me. I’ve been actually experimenting with the way I plan, and I came up with a new little system, so I won’t actually be needing proper weekly spreads in my Bullet Journal.

Unicorn Bullet Journal Setup: June Plan With Me, Weekly Spread | Masha Plans

Lately, I’ve been working a lot on my goals, and I decided that I want my Bullet Journal to be more about that, about me growing and reaching my dreams. So I outsourced my day-to-day planning into a side planner (I use a Hobonichi Weeks planner) and decided that in my BuJo I’ll just be doing reviews.

Each week I’ll be doing a bit of journaling and generally checking myself on where I am and what I’m doing to reach my goals. This month is the first time I’m trying that out, so we shall see how that works.

I’ll give you my feedback on that in my July plan with me!

In case you’re wondering, just like my hubby, yes, it is a unicorn poo. Ever since I discovered the poo emoji, I’ve been quite obsessed with it and I’m, so happy how I managed to incorporate it here.

Please don’t judge!

Monthly Recap

Another change for July – my monthly recap doesn’t feature 6 boxes anymore.

Unicorn Bullet Journal Setup: June Plan With Me, Monthly Recap | Masha Plans

What I realized with all my previous monthly recaps, is that I don’t necessarily use all the space. I don’t need the same size boxes for all the categories (for me it’s “what I did for my goals”, “monthly outcome”, “events”, “gratitude”, “lessons learned”, “things that made me happy”).

That’s why in June I’ll be doing a monthly review in a mind map style so that each side can get the space they need. Therefore, the spread looks pretty empty now, but it’ll be filled and super informative later on.

Bullet Journal Doodles: Unicorn Theme

Finally, I want to share with you some cute doodle ideas you could use in your Bullet Journal if you decide to give a try to Unicorn theme.

To be honest, I think everything can be considered a unicorn doodle, as long as it’s cute and is colored with sweet pastel colors.

Let me know if you guys want me to do a Doodle With Me video of different unicorn doodles; I’d be happy to draw more of these cuties!

Unicorn Bullet Journal Setup: June Plan With Me, Unicorn Bullet Journal Doodles | Masha Plans

Plan With Me Video

As a final add-on to this post, here is my plan with me video. Hope you guys enjoy it and I’d love to see you joining my YouTube family, so don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!

Have you ever tried a unicorn theme in your Bullet Journal? Let me know in the comments below what you think of this idea!

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