Hello Planning Mashers!

Today we will be looking into a simple way to up your pages – Bullet Journal headers. And I have a ton to share with you.

These cute journal title ideas will be perfect to elevate your pages and make them look so much more fun.

Adding more fun and creativity to your Bullet Journal is one of the parts I like the most about this system. But I must say – once you get comfortable with one type of header, it’s so easy to just stick with it.

It’s wonderful if you do, but chances are you might be looking into adding some more interest to your header repertoire, and I’m here to help with tons of ideas!

Headers are the things that set the theme for the page and its design, so it’s good to always have tons of options to choose from, so you can create something unique every time.

Here is how this post is organized – we’ll start by going through some supplies you might want to use for your headers, and then we’ll do black and white titles, colorful header ideas, monthly title ideas, holiday headers, weekly header ideas, and finally – artistic titles.

There is a lot to unpack here so let’s get started!

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Bullet Journal Header Supplies

You’re free to use any supplies you like, from a simple black pen to stickers and scrapbook paper.

However, I must mention a few of my favorites.

First, I think it’s essential to have a good fineliner, and thankfully, there are some amazing ones on the market.

My two favorites are Sakura Pigma Micron and Faber Castell Pitt Artists pens, they are the smoothest ones I’ve ever had.

However, on a more budget side, I’d strongly recommend Unipin fineliners – they are great and can withstand so much!

Another basis of the header making is probably color, and here I must mention my favorites – Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Zebra Mildliners, and on a budget side – Crayola Super Tips.

Recently I’ve also been going crazy about acrylograph pens form Archer and Olive – they don’t bleed and the layering looks so beautiful. Be sure to check my Detailer Review of Archer and Olive Acrylograph Pens.

If you decide to get any of Archer and Olive products (like their amazing journals) be sure to use code MASHA10 which will give you 10% off your order.

Ok, let’s look into different header ideas.

Simple Black and White Headers

Let’s start with minimalism with some simple black and white headers.

An amazing thing about these is that you don’t even need to have any special calligraphy skills or extra supplies – just you and your black pen.

I love how cute these look and all you need is a black pen and a grey marker.

Another awesome thing about these ideas – you don’t need to have any extra calligraphy skills.

I love how simple those are, and yet the little botanical elements make these headers look so unique and sweet.

You can check my post with Step By Step Flower Doodles to get some more ideas on floral elements you can use to decorate your banners.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @remco.diy | Masha Plans

Credit: @remco.diy

These look so interesting with the contrast of different types of lettering and different colors, from dark black to light gray.

There are some elements of brush lettering, if you don’t know how to do it check my Beginner’s Guide To Brush Lettering.

I love these headers, especially the ones with a drop shadow.

It’s been one of my favorite techniques and it really looks amazing on your Bullet Journal pages.

You can easily make your titles more interesting if you add some banners to the mix.

Be sure to check my post Easy and Creative Bullet Journal Banners for some more ideas.

I love how adding a little bit of muted color adds to the design.

If you want to keep it black and white but still add something extra, I’d recommend using grayscale set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

50 super fun and easy headers that again – will not require you to be able to do brush lettering or any other type of calligraphy.

And with how small they are it will definitely look great on your weekly spreads.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @art_love98 | Masha Plans

Credit: @art_love98

Another fun way to add accents without using a lot of colors is by using metallic pens and markers.

Some of my favorites are Uniball Signo pens and Staedtler Metallic markers.

One more example of how some simple lines and banners can help you create stunning headers. My favorite effect is a white pen on black, I used it the first time in my Coffee Themed Bullet Journal setup and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

If you decide to create such an effect, I really advise to use White Sakura Gelly Roll pen, they really are the best white gel pens I’ve ever tried.

How pretty are these titles, and so very simple to create!

These are perfect for your weekly or daily spreads.

Colorful Bullet Journal Headers

If you want to add some color to your headers here are tons of ideas for you.

From bright colors to sweet pastels you can find here inspirations for any style you like.

21 Easy Bullet Journal Headers: Step By Step Tutorial | Masha Plans

21 Easy Bullet Journal Headers: Step By Step Tutorial | Masha Plans

These two pages are with some ideas I came up with and of course as much as I love colors I used my Zebra Mildliners to add some fun to these ideas.

If you want to learn how to create these step by step check out my post 21 Easy Bullet Journal Headers.

We are starting from this beautiful peach kind of color. Honestly, for a creative person, I’m so bad with colors!

But this color is beautiful this I can see and I think these ideas will work so well for summer-themed pages.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @mathusbujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @mathusbujo

How incredible are these galaxy-themed header ideas? It might not be what the creator was going for, but the colors just scream space and galaxy to me.

Speaking of, if you’re planning to do this theme be sure to check out my post 55+ Space and Galaxy Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

These little titles will be perfect for your weekly spreads.

I really liked how she plays with colors here and created frames and banners just in color instead of using black. Such a fun way to be unique with your headers.

These ideas are so cute and I absolutely love the happy bright orange color.

For me, it screams sunflowers! Or maybe bees and honey.

I love how bright and happy these colors are.

Plus it’s really fun to see the contrast here between the rough block letters and more gentle cursive kind of headers.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @plslars | Masha Plans

Credit: @plslars

These headers look so classy and I really love the subtle color hints.

Using just the two colors really creates a beautiful monochrome look.

Love these titles and how each one of them is in a different color. It really shows how much difference color can make. 

My favorite one is probably the one with a banner and little flowers – it looks so darn cute!

Beautiful blue header ideas that will definitely look amazing on your winter Bullet Journal pages.

I especially love the one on the bottom right, the contrast of colors looks so pretty.

Amazing headers and they look so great contrasting off each other.

I find that eventually, my favorite ones are actually in black and white.

I love the color madness of these headers. They are so bright and happy.

The patterns and colors are so bright and I usually find that those are the hardest ones to match. But in this spread, they all fit perfectly.

These header ideas look so gentle and the color is just amazing!

Made me think of the sea, summer, and mermaids.

These cute little headers would look absolutely stunning on your weekly spreads, I’m definitely adding some of these ideas to my list.

And I love the Japanese aesthetic with the squared paper and a Muji pen.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @jotainspira | Masha Plans

Credit: @jotainspira

Here are some cute ideas for adding accents to pastel-colored headers.

I love Stabilo highlighters and their beautiful pastel colors, but be careful, sometimes they might ghost.

These headers look amazing and I love how the colors match so well.

With my love of drop shadows, the 2nd and 4th titles are definitely my favorites.

Such cute pastel colors, these headers will totally look great on your Spring floral Bullet Journal pages.

Speaking of pastels, if you’re looking to get some pastel-colored markers I would absolutely recommend Tombow Dual Brush pastel set. These have been the first brush pens I ever got and they are still my favorites.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @jotainspira | Masha Plans

Credit: @jotainspira

It’s amazing how much dimension and accents you can get from playing around with color.

I think the orange one is my favorite, but it’s really hard to pick just one. They all look beautiful and very exquisite.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @bullet_byf | Masha Plans

Credit: @bullet_byf

With all these delicious yellow colors I totally get why they chose the word honey for these title ideas.

I especially like the one with the ombre effect.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @gummy_bbl | Masha Plans

Credit: @gummy_bbl

Cute headers and I love how in the same headers they used different colors.

Again it’s pretty cool how most of these requite simply block lettering, and that’s a pretty easy one to draw.

These blue headers are great and can be used for both winter and ocean themes.

I think it’s pretty cool that the artist decided to use the word blue to do those headers. It would be fun though to play a joke on the brain and write word red for example in blue color instead.

I love these headers and the best part about them is that all you need are some colored pens, no need for any extra markers or brush pens. Perfect for beginners who haven’t built up a huge stationery collection yet as I did.

Speaking of stationery, if you want to add some supplies to your collection check out my post with 35+ Amazing Bullet Journal Supplies Recommended By Pros.

Some more awesome colorful header ideas. 

I love these because they use some simple techniques to make usual letters look so much more elaborate.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @art_love98 | Masha Plans

Credit: @art_love98

Are any fans of We Bare Bears here? I’m definitely a fan and love these headers so much!

With these gentle brown colors, they would be perfect for Fall if you ask me, it’s such a cozy color.

Monthly Journal Title Ideas

Looking for ideas for a specific month – no problem!

Here are some fun ideas of lettering for different months, with creative color schemes that would probably go well with your theme for the season.

Beautiful February headers and of course since it’s February they just had to be pink.

The 772 salmon pink is definitely one of my favorite Tombow markers ever.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @bujodani | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujodani

Great fall-themed headers and I love how gentle these orange colors are.

Even though these say October, it could work perfectly for any Fall month.

Absolutely adore these bright headers! It’s for April but for me, this just screams Summer, pool, and tropical weather.

I think my favorite one is with the little flower and amazing ombre effect on the number 5.

Absolutely perfect Spring headers, especially the ones with little floral elements. As always my favorite are the ones with different versions of shadow.

I also can’t figure out what pens were used for these but I must say I really love the colors.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @planwithady | Masha Plans

Credit: @planwithady

These look so beautiful! And with the brown color used I feel like a cozy coffee theme would be perfect for these.

A lot of these are based on brush lettering though, so this might not be a good option for everyone.

These look beautiful and absolutely remind me of a May theme I did in my very first Bullet Journal.

Love the first one with black leaves coming out, it creates such a beautiful contrast of colors.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @bulletwithe | Masha Plans

Credit: @bulletwithe

Tons of amazing and super simple Bullet Journal header ideas.

And this green makes them look more fresh and perfect for the Spring months.

Some more Spring ideas, from pastel to bright colors – choose whichever one you like the most.

If it was up to me, I’d probably choose that green one, it looks so pretty!

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @planwithady | Masha Plans

Credit: @planwithady

Beautiful headers for the winter months. With these extra sparkly elements in each header – they are perfect for celebratory months like January!

If I see it correctly these headers are created with Dignbats brush pens and they have really pretty colors and double tip

Fun July header ideas and I love this Asian motive here with scrolls. I think these headers would work so well in my Sushi Themed Bullet Journal setup.

This could definitely go well with a Chinese New Year theme as well, or maybe cherry blossoms. Basically, everything that makes you think of eastern cultures.

I love Fall with its beautiful colors, cozy atmosphere, warm sweaters, and of course pumpkin spice everything.

I think these cute little headers captured the beauty of the season perfectly.

More fun ideas to add diversity to your lettering styles. And mad with my favorite Zebra Mildliners, so definitely getting extra points from me for that.

I’m really loving the bottom left one, it just looks so so pretty and elaborate, even though it’s pretty easy to create.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @bujoabby | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujoabby

One more page with Summer ideas and honestly this beautiful yellow makes me wanna go and tan by the pool right away!

It also makes it look more fun when you combine different types of fonts with different banners.

Some more November ideas with different colors that can fit anything, from Fall themed with brown colors on the top to galaxy theme with purple colors at the bottom.

Which one is my favorite? The bottom one! I think it’s so creative to use the black lines for half a letter, and it required zero blending, which is always a plus for me. Blending is not my strong suit.

What mood do you usually go for in June? For me, it’s not just the first month of Summer, but also my birthday, so I’m all about happy bright colors and sparkles. 

These headers seem like perfection for such a month!

I haven’t been going to school for many many years by now, but still, September is a Back To School month for me even now.

That’s why I love these headers – they just make me think of beautiful study notes I used to create the first few weeks back to school.

Some more June header ideas and in my favorite pastel colors!

I like how she played off the light pastel colors with more dark and rich pink.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @amizaomar | Masha Plans

Credit: @amizaomar

I love how minimalistic and adorable these titles are.

If you’re going for a simple and classy setup these ideas will be perfect. These title ideas are a perfect match for minimalist style and a little bit of color accent.

These ideas are so creative! With my love to drop shadows, I bet you can easily see which ones are my favorite from this list.

This really has a country vibe to me.

Yellow seems to be a pretty popular color for headers.

No complaints here – it’s such a bright and happy color, why wouldn’t you want it on your Bullet Journal pages?!

My first thought when I saw these ideas was that I really really love the colors, they are just so perfect!

It’s kind of the best combination between pastel and bright colors.

Here are some ideas when you feel like getting extra creative with your headers.

It’s also kind of a fun list of theme ideas for September.

Love the colors on these headers, so classy and stylish!

I also feel like they would work amazing for July with the Independence day celebrations.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @amika.bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @amika.bujo

Just one black pen but how amazing do these look! Perfect ideas for anyone who is obsessed with floral Bullet Journal setups.

Uh, and if you want to learn how to create floral BuJo pages, check out my post How To Draw Beautiful Flowers In Your Bullet Journal.

Holiday Bullet Journal Title Ideas

Of course, we have some months like October, December, or maybe even February where it’s all about that one holiday.

So why not add the fun festive mood to your headers as well? Here are a few fun ideas for you to explore.

Of course, we had to start with some Christmas ideas, since it is one of the biggest holidays of the year!

I love these headers especially because all you need is colored pencils, and I bet you can find those in any house.

These look lovely and will be perfect for your December weekly spreads.

My favorite one is of course the one with candy, I have a very sweet tooth.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @planwithady | Masha Plans

Credit: @planwithady

Great ideas for some headers with a bit more calligraphy involved.

I love the one that is half in the snow – what a cool idea!

All these look great and I love the more classic green and red color scheme.

Plus of course that header with drop shadow – absolute perfection!

These headers are a bit more subtle about Christmas, but still, you can get hits here and there, like the little trees and the color pattern of candy canes.

For more Christmas header and doodle ideas, be sure to check my post Everything Chritsmas Bullet Journal.

I love Halloween and these headers incorporate the spirit of the holiday so well, wouldn’t you say?

Drip and Candy are probably my two favorites.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @thuys.bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @thuys.bujo

Witches and black magic is what I think about when looking at these headers, it’s a great theme for October!

I love how these headers are very subtle, so they can be very Halloween-themed, but also work for others.

One more page with creepy October headers. Which one do you like the most? My heart is between number 4 and number 7.

For more Halloween check my post Halloween Bullet Journal Inspirations with tons of doodles and headers.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @planwithady | Masha Plans

Credit: @planwithady

The final set of holiday-themed banners is these ones for February.

I love how all the St. Valentine’s day theme is so subtle here, and yet the header still look full of love.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @amika.bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @amika.bujo

Ok I actually have one more set of holiday headers for February.

I really like them and how amazing and stylish they look even in just black and white.

Weekly Header Ideas

Probably the most we use headers in our weekly spreads, where each section has its own little header.

So I did my best to find a few ideas that can add more fun and creativity to your weekly spreads.

Simple and yet so beautiful headers.

These will look great on your daily spreads and can work for a weekly log as well if you make them a bit smaller.

Bullet Journal Headers, ideas by @bujoabby | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujoabby

Tons of cure headers for your weekly spreads and you can play around with using different colors so it can fit any theme.

I really like the outlines letters, this is definitely one of my favorite effects.

Another proof that black and white headers can look absolutely stunning.

Just using one black pen they managed to create so many different header styles.

Artistic Headers

Want to do a little bit extra with your headers? I have a few ideas for you as well.

An Instagram account @darkmoon.study creates such distinct and unique header styles that I just had to create a whole new category just for her ideas. 

The mix and match of different types of paper.

It’s also a pretty creative idea to add titles in black with white outline, really makes the letters stand out.

I hope you like them just as much as I do.

Which of these headers are your favorites? Do you already use some of these ideas in your journal? Let us know in the comments!

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