5 Ways Bullet Journal Changed My Life In One Year

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Hello Planning Mashers!

I started Bullet Journaling back in 2018, and today I celebrate a one-year BuJo anniversary!

That’s why I’ve decided it’s a great time to share my experiences and, most importantly – how the Bullet Journal system has changed my life.

Maybe this will be a good argument for you to start your Bullet Journal.

If you read the “about me” page, you know that I started using the Bullet Journal system because my life was kind of meaningless and not really going anywhere.

It sounds harsh, but it’s kind of true. I had no exact plans for my future, only a vague idea on what I want to do with my life, and every day was the same as the day before.

One day I woke up just knowing that I needed a change, so of course, I went straight to Google and started to learn about the different ways I could bring some organization and meaning to my life.

That’s how I found the Bullet Journal system. As an absolute stationery addict, I jumped on the idea to have a planner and make it work for me.

I had no idea at the time how drastically my life was about to change for the better. I also believe that I am not alone when I say I felt like that and that my experiences aren’t unique. I know many people experienced a similar change by using this system.

That’s why I invite you to read on and find if, by getting to know the discoveries I made during my journey, you can find any advice or motivation for yourself.

If you’re already sold on the idea and ready to start your own, you can head straight to my Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journal for Beginners where I gathered all the information you need to start strong and continue using the system and changing your life every day.

Bullet Journal Helped Me Find My Goals

I always struggled to know what I want from life and had only a vague idea about it. Bullet Journal changed it all. By creating a structure in my life, it helped me every day to think of what I wanted and why I did the things I do.

Bit by bit my mindset was changing, ideas about what I wanted in life were forming. I wasn’t just going with the flow and seeing where it would take me, the Bullet Journal system made me think and focus on what I wanted every day, and so I did.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Goals Spread | Masha Plans

The Bullet Journal system is fully customizable, which means that you can create in it any spreads you want. It also means you have to do your research on how you want to plan your future.

This really had a strong impact on me, since I’ve learned about different techniques, such as Level 10 Life for example. And already having a Bullet Journal to plan it out meant I could start implementing it right away!

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Level 10 Life | Masha Plans

Right now, exactly a year after I started using Bullet Journal, I’m on my way to become a full-time blogger, I have a popular Instagram account, a growing YouTube Channel and I have plenty of other little projects at work. I found my passion, I know where I go in life, and I wake up every morning happy with the life I’m building.

My Every Day Has A Meaning

When you know what you want in life, you wake up every morning thinking “what can I do today to get one step closer to my goals”. That’s what planning with Bullet Journal did for me.

I can’t imagine anymore waking up in the morning and not knowing what to do. My Bullet Journal set my priorities straight. I have a plan – or at least an idea – for every day I live (ok maybe not every day, we all need to be a blob every once in a while).

I wake up every morning with a purpose, and I know my days all have meaning, they all are little blocks that form my road to the life I want to have.

I’m Becoming A Better Person Every Day Thanks To My Bullet Journal

As an addict to stationery and planners, I wanted to try out all kinds of Bullet Journal spreads, and so I did. For me, it had very interesting consequences.

The Bullet Journal system is “the mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system”. This means that besides basic planning pages, there are many others that are aimed at making you a better person and learning more about yourself.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Circle Mood Tracker | Masha Plans

And that’s what happened to me. I used my Bullet Journal to organize my life, but I kept adding and trying out new pages. I got to know myself a little bit better every day and clearly understood that to get to my goals, I needed to become a better myself.

That’s how I started learning more and more about personal development and different techniques I could use to become a better version of myself. To become that perfect me I always had in mind. Charizard Masha!

The result – I started believing more and more in myself. I developed an actual positive view of life. A year later, I can safely say I now face my problems with a can-do attitude and a see them as challenges and ways to improve myself further, instead of emergencies that make me want to run and hide under my blankie.

If you’re wondering what pages added so much happiness and positivity to my life, check out my post 7 Bullet Journal Spreads To Make You Happy And Motivated. I’m sure some of these ideas will resonate with you.

I also recommend you check some page ideas for self-care and page ideas for mental health.

Bullet Journal Unlocked My Creativity

When I started my Bullet Journal I had no previous creative or artistic skills. I couldn’t draw myself out of a paper bag and I had Doctor’s handwriting. However, I’ve always been a handy person, and I felt the need to create something with my hands.

I even did scrapbooking for a few years. I have good memories from that, but honestly the more I did it the more upset I got since I didn’t see the progress and wasn’t impressed with my work.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Things That Make Me Happy Spread | Masha Plans

My Bullet Journal changes it all. I was committed to having it one way or another, and to push myself I immediately started an Instagram account.

And so my work began, I started trying to make my pages into something pretty, I tried to learn how to draw and doodle, and I practiced my handwriting.

You can learn the details in my post Master Your Bullet Journal Doodles, but I think the key here was that I did it every day. And it worked! Wow!

I started seeing how my drawings became better, my handwriting improved, and my pages got more structured. I suddenly realized that I could do it, and that I was already getting pretty good.

This really was the first time in my life my creativity found the perfect outlet. I love doodling in my journal and I see my progress the more I do so. I finally found a hobby I’m good at. And this is something priceless.

Now my Bullet Journal is my space. Doing my pages is my me time, it’s time to reflect on the world and meditate. It’s my hideout in my own little Bullet Journal world. It’s my happy place where I can just be me and by myself, recharging my batteries.

It helps me with my mental health as well, since it’s a good way for me to take a break from stressful situations and give myself a needed moment of peace.

Creativity is a skill, so even if you feel like you don’t have it in you – you actually do, it’s all about training yourself.

Be sure to check my post with Free Creativity Courses to help you make that next step and discover what you can do.

I Discovered The Power Of Learning

I’m being honest when I say most of my life I didn’t enjoy studying. Yes, there were things I loved (like my literature and English classes), but mostly learning for me was about passing my tests and getting the skills I needed to be able to get a job. It was mostly something I had to do, and I never really had time to study something I wanted to.

When I started my Bullet Journal, I knew I had to learn a lot about the system and how it could help me achieve my goals. This reminded me that learning could be fun and interesting, and most importantly – it can be a pleasure.

I started by just reading a lot about the Bullet Journal system (if you’re looking for a good read on that topic, nothing is better than The Bullet Journal Method by Rydell Carroll himself).

The more I learned about it, however, the more I wanted to know about other things as well – how to fix your sleep, how to manage your time and do more during the day, how to develop better habits, and how to set and achieve goals. The list goes on and on.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Book Tracker | Masha Plans

Since I decided to make a change in my life, I committed myself to finding time to study the things I wanted and needed to learn for myself.

Result: I live a better and happier life, and I’m opening new things for myself every day.

That’s how my personal story with Bullet Journal goes. How did the system help you? If you’re just starting, what do you want to get from your Bullet Journal? Share with us in the comments section below.

Hope this post was interesting; if you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And Remember! Keep Bullet Journaling, and don’t be a Blob! 

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  1. It’s so cool to see the effect bullet journaling had on you! I just started a couple months ago and can already see changes in my everyday life!

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