35 Bullet Journal Playlist Page Inspirations

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Today we’ll look into one more fun Bullet Journal page idea – a playlist spread.

So let’s dive in and see how you can creatively add your favorite songs to your Bullet Journal.

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A playlist is a super fun Bullet Journal page idea to uplift your journal and make it even more fun.

Plus music is a great way to bring back memories, so if you create a playlist for different times of your life listening to this music back can bring some wonderful memories.

There are many ways you can create a playlist. You can make one every month, every year, every season.

Or maybe just a playlist for a special occasion, like a study playlist with music to help you concentrate better.

Speaking of that, my go-to music for concentrating during work or study is BrainFM. They use science to create music that helps your brain operate better, and the program learns and in time gets more and more customized to your specific brain.

You can get a free trial to see for yourself, and you can get 20% off with my code mashaplans.

Ok, with that out of the way let’s get into inspirations for playlist spreads.

Just, one more thing – there is also a free printable playlist spread, so be sure to scroll until the end to learn how to get it.

Bullet Journal Playlist Inspirations

There are so many fun and creative ways to create a playlist spread.

I’m sure you’ll find here a style and type of a spread that fits your aesthetic.

May 2022 Playlist

Let’s start from my own spread, which is my monthly playlist.

I’m usually a podcast girl rather than a music one, but some of the songs this May really stuck in my head, so I thought of creating a playlist spread.

I even added some lyrics from my top song.

And I had to add some stationery doodles, because they are the best and they are so fitting with these colors.

Coffee Themed Playlist

Credit: @littlebitofpaper

Another great monthly Bullet Journal playlist.

I like that there are little squares for the album covers. And loving those matching washi tapes.

It’s great that you can make each playlist to fit your current monthly theme.

And if you’re looking for more check my post Coffee Bullet Journal Insprations.

Sun Themed Playlist Bullet Journal Spread

Credit: @kayla.bujos

Such a fun idea to have the background of your playlist as a sun with the beautiful rays.

I’m also really loving this color palette.

And how amazing that the creator managed to still draw album covers even in those small squares.

Watermelon Bullet Journal Playlist

Credit: @iam.vermelgram

Such a cool playlist with all the summer vibes. Watermelon is a perfect theme for a July playlist.

I’m also really loving the use of the old newspaper on the background.

Study Playlist

Credit: @eunice.bulletjournal

Music is really super helpful to get productive. It’s not as distracting as tv shows, but it’s something to be a good background noise.

So of course why not have a special study playlist spread, to always know what to turn on when you need to concentrate on what you’re doing.

Black And White Playlist

Credit: @b.bulletjournal

I love the black and white aesthetics, and it definitely requires fewer supplies than the colorful versions.

I don’t know if you noticed, but here she used the same label maker as I used in mine. It’s really amazing and I definitely recommend getting one – there are so many used to it.

Two Page Playlist Spread

Credit: @that.bujo.girl

One of the things I love about Bullet Journaling is that there are no limits, if you need (or want) two pages for your spread – just go for it!

I love that there is a kind of journaling entry here. I think it helps to make it a bit more personal.

Animal Crossing Playlist

Credit: @kesysbujo

Animal Crossing is an adorable game and this playlist definitely is just as cute.

Oh and for more Animal Crossing ideas check my post Animal Crossing Bullet Journal Inspirations.

City Start Bullet Journal Playlist

Credit: @a.journalx

I call this one a City Stars playlist not just because of one of the songs, but also because these grey dots make me feel a night starry sky in a city.

I’m also loving that monochrome color scheme for this spread.

Mermaid Themed Bullet Journal Playlist

Credit: @mochibujo

Beautiful playlist and I love so much the color scheme of this spread.

I’m also loving those cute little sea doodles as cover for all the songs.

Travel Journal Playlist

Credit: @studyandstuffx94

A very simple playlist, but it looks so stylish with the little colorful flowers.

If you never drew flowers before, check out my post How To Draw Beautiful Flowers In Your Bullet Journal.

Christmas Playlist

Credit: @arilee.bujo

Loving the Christmas vibes on this spread. Those marshmallows look cozy and very tasty.

And of course be sure to check my post Holiday Bullet Journal Inspirations for some more Christmas ideas.

Retro Bullet Journal Playlist

Credit: @albert_journals

I’m loving the retro vibes and the colors. They just bring me right back to my childhood.

It’s also such a great choice of songs.

Floral Playlist Spread

Bullet Journal Playlist Spread by @rem.bujo
Credit: @rem.bujo

Such a beautiful playlist spread, these lofi vibes are perfect.

I love the idea that your spread doesn’t have to have a lot of songs, you can totally just spend most of the space on decorating.

November Monthly Playlist

Credit: @bujowithcb

I’m loving all the fall aesthetic with the kraft paper and brown brush lettering.

I’m obsessed with that, especially for the Fall months. I used it for my own kraft paper Bullet Journal setup quite a few times.

Summer Bullet Journal Playlist

Credit: @macchiatoclouds

Such a happy summer spread! I’m loving these happy and bright doodles.

Speaking of, be sure to check my post Step By Step Summer Doodles so you can create a spread just like that.

Blue Playlist Spread

Credit: @jaidenbujos

I love the idea that you can simply decorate your spread with just circles of color.

Beautiful washi tape is also a nice add on to decorate the spread.

Bamboo Bullet Journal Playlist

Credit: @leahbujos

Such an easy idea to put every song in a custom frames.

And bamboo is actually so easy to draw, check my post Succulent And House Plant Doodles for ways to draw bamboo.

Bright And Happy Playlist

Credit: @bujoforstars

I love Estrella’s style and how her pages are always so bright and beautiful.

Here brush lettering is incredible and the outfit on the image is super fun.

Pastel Playlist Spread

Credit: @pinkturtlestudio

I’m so in love with these colors. Pastel Tombow Dual Brush Pens were actually the first ones I ever bought and they are still my favorites.

Also this spread looks so fresh and delicious, somehow makes me think of Summer and maybe lemonade stands.

Alphabet Playlist Spread

Credit: @leahbujos

Very beautiful monochromatic spread. If that’s the style you’re looking for the same effect check out this monochromatic set of markers.

I also really love the idea of alphabetical playlist, very original.

Bullet Journal Playlist With Stickers

Credit: @bujowithpau

A very simple spread, but it looks so beautiful! Stickers and book pages are really a great way to decorate and level up your journal spread.

Also can we take a second and appreciate how beautiful her manicure is!

Art Bullet Journal Playlist

Bullet Journal Playlist spread by @samijournals
Credit: @samijournals

This really reminds me of my 2021 Bullet Journal setup. It’s kind of artistic but also very easy.

I also like that the creator added those designs to the little album covers.

Brown Colored Playlist

Credit: @veronicajournals

I love those soft brown colors, and I think this is a great example of brush lettering being a decoration enough.

If you’re not that confident in your brush lettering, just check my Beginner’s Guide To Brush Lettering.

Hot Drinks Bullet Journal Playlist

Credit: @journalawrence

How and cozy drinks like these are so perfect for a cold Fall month like maybe November.

I’m also really loving these colors, so bright but also very comfy.

Kraft Paper Decorated Playlist

Credit: @bujobyabby

Speaking of cozy, kraft paper is definitely one of my favorite ways to decorate my journal and create that warming effect.

For my kraft paper I usually use a kraft Archer and Olive notepad (use code MASHA10 for 10%and  off your order).

Retro Radio Playlist

Credit: @cynthiabujo

I love this playlist and the retro feel of it, with both doodles and the colors.

Of course these are my favorite Zebra Mildliners.

Cottage core Bullet Journal Playlist

Credit: @xpaperwingsx

I’m not sure that this is what the creator went for, but for me this is definitely cottage core.

I love all the washi and stickers – they really nailed the aesthetic.

Simple List Playlist

Credit: @mickeystudiess

This is a really simple list, but it’s made so cute by the little decorative elements.

My favorite is definitely the soft color scheme with those pastel pinks.

September Playlist

Credit: @lisanplan

Such a cute monthly playlist.

I also really love how it has so much variety with boxes of different colors and different sizes.

Aesthetic Bullet Journal Playlist

Credit: @chohannahletters

I’m loving the style and aesthetic of this spread.

The header is also so beautiful, perfect brush lettering!

Cozy November Playlist

Credit: @sunshine_journal_

I’m loving that stationery vibe from the spread, and the colors are very beautiful.

It’s also cool that there are two lists together, playlist here and a list of shows on the right.

Pink Mixtape Playlist

Credit: @ellie.and.bujo

Pink is my favorite color, so of course I had to include this one in the lineup.

I also love that the creator named this list a mixtape, bring me back to the days.

November Bullet Journal Playlist

Bullet Journal Playlist spread by @jambujos
Credit: @jambujos

Beautiful playlist with a very stylish color scheme.

I love the little music stickers added here for more decor.

Beach Themed Playlist

Credit: @cali_pages

And we’re finishing up with this very happy and bright playlist spread.

Full of summer vibes and smiles. Makes me just wanna go on vacation right away.

Podcasts Spread

I wanted to finish the list with my podcast playlist.

I’m listening to podcasts more than music actually and it’s easy for me to forget all the ones I’m subscribed to, so I thought this would be a fun spread idea.

Free Playlist Bullet Journal Printable

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