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Disney Plus has finally launched and I couldn’t be more excited!

I love my classic Disney movies and I’m sure there are plenty of fans in our little community. So I decided to help you add some magic to your Bullet Journal pages with these Disney inspirations.

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I grew up watching Disney movies. I remember loving Lion King and demanding to watch it every weekend. I also remember bawling my eyes out when Mufasa died EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. My parents eventually came up with a system to distract me and secretly forward the scene.

Then there’s Beauty and the Beast, which is probably my favorite movie ever. I totally fell in love with the story of two outcasts finding happiness together. Yeah, I was more of a bookworm than a popular girl at school, so I could totally relate.

And finally, there was Snowhite and the 7 dwarves – my baby sister’s favorite movie (who isn’t that much of a baby anymore… they grow up so fast!). She literally used to watch it EVERY DAY! Thankfully it was happening mostly during my school time, so I still love this movie, (unlike my poor Grandma).

These are just a few beautiful memories that Disney helped create in my life, and I’m sure you have some of yours as well! Let me know in the comments if you wanna share. I’d love to hear what were some of your favorites growing up!

Disney really has a special place in my heart (and in the hearts of millions more) and I think it’d be a great idea to put it into your Bullet Journal pages.

I want to share here 69+ Disney Bullet Journal inspirations and some tutorials and supplies that would help you to bring the magic to your pages.

Plus, there is a free printable Disney sticker sheet in the Resources Vault, be sure to get it!

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How To Create Disney Bullet Journal Pages

This might sound like a very difficult task, especially if you’re not that artistic, but worry not, I’m here to give you some pointers.


Every time you feel like you can’t really draw your theme that well – just turn to stickers! There are soooo many Disney-themed stickers in tons of different styles, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that speaks to you.

Of course, I gathered some of my favorites below.

Disney Stickers

I love this sticker style, and there are many other Disney stickers in that shop.

These colors are so warm and definitely make me happy just looking at them.

Here are also some picks from Amazon.

Washi Tape

Another way to add the magical spirit would be to use washi tapes, and those are available in abundance.

Check out a few of my favorites.


Disney Washi Tape

Love this classic Disney design, it would definitely go very well with a retro theme.

And the colors are not too bright, which is a big plus I think since it can fit more themes.

Disney Washi Tape

This is kind of a mix of Disney and Japanese animation.

This made it look even cuter I think if it’s even possible!

Of course, I also had to include some from Amazon.


One of the best ways to cheat when drawing is by tracing, and if you want to bring original Disney designs to your pages this might be the best choice for you.

You can use your iPad (or mobile phone) for it – put your brightness settings to the max, open the image you’d like to copy, put your BuJo page on top and start tracing. Just be sure you’re careful and don’t push on your pencil too hard.

Alternatively, you can get a tracing pad for less than $20 on Amazon and use it not just for your Disney spreads, but for anything else, including lettering and drawing.


And finally, you can always create your own doodles. As an example here is a simple doodle tutorial for Ultra Cute Disney princesses!


Disney Stationery

Ok this isn’t exactly creating your own Disney Bullet Journal spreads, but I just had to add this section here, because Disney stationery is just the cutest!

You can check for more ideas on my Amazon Storefront, but here are some of my favorites.

Disney Stationery Supplies

I just can’t get enough of pencil pouches.

They are so cute, and you can also use them to store more than just pens.

Disney Stationery Supplies

Who can say no to a new pen? Especially this cute one.

Disney Bullet Journal Inspirations

Finally, here is the best part of this post – Disney-themed Bullet Journal p[ages to get your creative juices flowing.

The things you can do with a Disney theme are limitless, so I think it helps to figure out what exactly you want to do if you see some other creators’ take first.

Cover Page

We are starting from cover pages since they are basically the face of your Bullet Journal setup.

Cover pages are also my favorite to set up, so I did my best to find a lot of inspiration for you in this category.

Love this cover page with a classic Mickey.

It’s also such a fun idea to have the film tape (hope this is how it’s called) on the background.

Hands down my favorite Disney-themed cover ever. Or maybe the favorite one of all themes. It’s just stunning!

And what a genius idea for an October theme – Disney villains.

I must admit this is not as Disney movie I ever watched, but it’s definitely on my list now.

I love the sense of wonder of this cover page, wonder, and adventure.

Lilo and Stitch is a super fun movie and I think this cover page has all the fun and happiness of the movie.

I also must note how absolutely stunning the lettering on this cover is.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - cover page by @bujosonia | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujosonia

I’m not sure if this is a Disney theme or just Alice in Wonderland but nonetheless -it’s a really cute page.

I also like that the artists chose very simple elements from the movie, so it’s really easy to recreate this page. Using actual characters would be a much harder job.

Such a creative and fun to use a dutch door for a monthly cover page.

Plus that’s the best moment of the movie for sure.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - cover page by @journaliyst | Masha Plans

Credit: @journaliyst

These are so cute and so very true to the original ones, I’m very impressed!

I have been trying to doodle some of Beauty and the Beast characters and they never looked so good.

Love the lamp and the magic coming out of it.

The colors chosen for the cover page are different from the traditional Alladin colors, but I still love how it looks and it conveys the magic just the same.

Disney Bullet Journal Inspirations - cover page by @dutch_dots | Masha Plans

Credit: @dutch_dots

Coco is one of my favorite animated movies – it’s so full of emotion, it’s incredibly beautiful and the songs are amazing.

So of course this cover page is on my favorite list as well.

Classic Disney castle works perfectly every time!

I also really love those beautiful pastel colors used here.

Credit: @fernbujo

I’m loving those oranges and yellows of this spread.

Plus of course that’s a perfect set of colors for this theme.

This is such a cool idea! I bet it took a long time to draw these but it’s absolutely worth it.

Looking at this, I feel like I want to do the same and try to use color on it, I wonder how it will look.

A very classic Disney cover page, you’d recognize this castle anywhere.

I’m also loving the mix of black, red, and gold.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - cover page by @jbenderart | Masha Plans

Credit: @jbenderart

I love that for Alice in Wonderland the author chose that falling down the rabbit hole scene.

I think it’s such a meaningful scene and I love how it’s depicted here. Extra points to the artists for using such a fun technique to avoid drawing faces.

I totally get it – how can you choose just one favorite Disney movie?

So this is a fun idea for those moments – just add them all to your cover page.

I’m honestly admiring the patience it took to make such a detailed and big illustration.

But again – what conveys Disney magic better than this enchanted castle.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - cover page by @dots_by_day | Masha Plans

Credit: @dots_by_day

This doesn’t seem much like a Disney themed cover page, but then just look at the quote.

I love this one so much it’s even a part of my Beauty and the Beast tattoo.

Monthly Log

Moving next is the monthly log.

There are so many creative ways to set up a monthly log spread and below you can find all the possible variations.

That’s such a cool idea to make the usual calendar look differently by making the daily boxes actual circles.

And how absolutely lovely and cute this illustration!

A vertical monthly log is probably the easiest and most convenient to create.

And this one also has such a beautiful illustration to decorate it. I’m loving that the background is mandalas.

Duck Tales was definitely one of my favorite Sunday morning cartoons when I was growing up.

The creator of this one definitely gave it justice.

Another vertical monthly spread and I love the style of doodles here.

It’s also a good idea to have the dates in the middle, so you can actually separate your appointments by for example work related on the right and personal on the left.

An interesting take on a vertical monthly log. That way you have so much more space for everything.

Also black and red are such a perfect match.

Credit: @maribu.jo

I love this different approach with colors here, how they are so muted and beautiful.

There are also so many fun elements here, like the kraft paper and the tabs.

I think I already mentioned so many times how black and red are a perfect match, and this is one more example of that.

The font here is also very cute and so on theme.

My favorite movie ever and this monthly log definitely did it justice.

I feel like making numbers that big might be a bit counter productive, but also the yellow is not that bright, so maybe if you write on top it will still be very well seen.

It’s a beautiful monthly log and the artists managed to even include a habit tracker in it.

I’m also loving these modern looking illustrations.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - monthly log by @emgrey.ink | Masha Plans

Credit: @emgrey.ink

What a perfect idea for a vertical monthly log.

The handwriting on this page is so beautiful as well.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - monthly log by @bujobymayah | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujobymayah

This is of course a Pixar themed monthly log. But considering they are now also part of Disney, I thought it might be ok to include it here.

Bullet Journal Trackers

Next a Disney themed Bullet Journal trackers.

You can find here all sorts of trackers – habit trackers, mood trackers, sleep trackers. Any type of Disney themed trackers I could find.

Amazing habit tracker with so much detail.

Plus of course the illustrations are so adorable.

Hayley always got it with amazing illustrations and watercolor work.

This seems to be a mood tracker, but I think the colors are way too similar and for me it’s not that easy to divide them.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - tracker by @shellsbujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @shellsbujo

Countdown tracker and I love this ideas.

Countdown trackers always help to keep you excited for the event, as well as plan things better.

This drawing is absolutely stunning, she looks exactly like in the movie!

And I definitely wish there was an image with this tracked filled out. I bet it was very motivational to make sure her hair are filled.

Two incredible illustrations from two great movies.

Writing this post actually made me wanna go back and rewatch all the Disney movies, it’s been forever since I’ve watched Pocahontas.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - tracker by @ip_bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @ip_bujo

My favorite movie so of course I had to include this page to the post.

The illustration is beautiful and it’s such a clever idea to make her inside the mirror.

Love this tracker and the creative way to move the header on the side so you get enough space to write the habits on top of the vertical tracker.

This is also such a beautiful and bright illustration, and definitely one of my favorite songs from Lion King.

The lantern scene from Tangled is one of the most beautiful Disney moment I think, and this tracker definitely gives it justice.

 I’d totally be missing colors though.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - tracker by @ip_bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @ip_bujo

A beautiful mood tracker an it looks so much fun!

I’m still really miss colors though, especially in The Little Mermaid where the under he sea colors are so bright and beautiful.

Disney Bullet Journal inspiration - tracker by @_kmlbujo.x | Masha Plans

Credit: @_kmlbujo.x

I definitely need to rewatch this movie, because I have no recollection of this scene.

But this illustration is beautiful and I think it’s a very clever idea to make a mood tracker music related.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - sleep tracker by @bujosonia | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujosonia

Cute idea to have Alice in Wonderland for a sleep tracker.

Plus Alice came out looking so super cute.

Mulan came out looking so beautiful here, especially on the dark background.

I also think this is the perfect illustration for fitness tracker, since she’s probably the most sporty of the princesses.

Perfect illustration for a book tracker and I’d love to see this one filled.

And again I’m impressed by how beautiful this illustration is, I would never be able to draw the face so exact.

Classic Disney illustration and I love the add-on of those dotted lines.

It’s also pretty cute how the habit trackers are filled out with little Mickeys.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a big horizontal habit tracker, this is a great one.

I’m loving the two colors from the illustration and how they add so much character to the tracker itself.

Beautiful illustration for an incredible movie.

I’m also loving how the habits in the tracker are signified by little icons.

This is an amazing illustration and this style looks different from the movie but still super cute.

I love the rose part of the illustration, it really looks like the Beauty and the Beast tattoo I have.

Perfect mood tracker idea for October Bullet Journal setup.

Green is also such a perfect color for potion bubbles.

Bell looks absolutely stunning on this illustration!

Weekly Log

Each month you need to create lots of weekly spreads, so of course I had to include as many inspirations for weekly spreads as possible.

If you’re generally looking for more weekly inspirations check my post 65 Gorgeous Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads.

Such an amazing weekly spread.

I’m also loving those beautiful shades of blue and the idea of having a black background so you could see the white of snowflakes.

A very light and fun looking spread for a gorgeous movie.

This also makes me wanna try coloring with pencils.

A great way to create a monochrome weekly spread, this looks amazing.

Plus it’s a great idea for a Christmas Bullet Journal setup.

Disney Bullet Journal Inspirations - weekly spread by @drawwithme.ri | Masha Plans

Credit: @drawwith.ri

All the best illustrations from The Little Mermaid.

The illustrations are not the exact like in the movie, but I’m loving this beautiful style.

Very creative approach to a weekly spread, I’m loving that the daily boxes have such unusual shapes.

Illustrations here are also great!

One more beautiful weekly spread inspired by The Little Mermaid.

I love how this is done in the comics panels style, very creative!

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - weekly spread by @bumblebujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @bumblebujo

Wow this castle is incredible. It does occupy most of the page, but it’s absolutely worth it.

I think it’s also cool how most of the spread is in black and white and there are just some small color accents.

Beautiful weekly and I love how everything is so bright and colorful.

And the creator used Faber Castell brush pens, which are some of my favorites and come in tons of beautiful colors.

This took me a while to see as a Disney Bullet Journal theme, did you guess right away?

I’m also really loving this shade of red.

Such a sweet tribute to The Princess and The Frog.

I’m also loving the quote, so true!

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - weekly spread by @inkyloft | Masha Plans

Credit: @inkyloft

What a great weekly, and it’s so awesome how the artist integrated so many amazing movies in this page.

It’s also a very creative idea to have a little quote to fill out empty space on the page.

Love the pastel and gentle colors of this spread.

I think it also fits very well with how gentle and sweet Dumbo is.

This Beauty and the Beast castle looks stunning.

And I love how it also looks like a painted glass mosaic.

Such a perfect idea for a very low key not busy week. 

Have your little space for planning and leave the rest to draw an illustration.

This is a pretty simple illustration, but it looks so cute and full of color.

Also loving brush lettering and handwriting on this page.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - weekly spread by @quirkyheart | Masha Plans

Credit: @quirkyheart

How incredible is this cinderella illustration!

Plus generally the colors are so beautiful.

A lot of space to plan here every day and it’s really cool how the daily weather is implemented.

The illustrations here are also so adorable.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - weekly spread by @bumblebujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @bumblebujo

A lot of planning space here as well and I love how she incorporated illustrations here.

I also like the color effect and how each sister has her own distinct color. And it stands out so well comparing to the black and white of the illustrations.

How cute are these drawings!

And this could also work as a one page weekly, if you skip the illustration, to do list and a habit tracker on the left side.

Awesome spread and Aladdin is definitely one of my favorite Disney movies.

I’m loving that the artists found this very Aladdin teal color.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - weekly spread by @sj_bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @sj_bujo

How amazing is this Hades illustration!

And I’m loving these cute icons the artist used to plan every day.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - weekly spread by @disney_bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @disney_bujo

Such a well structured weekly spread and there is space for so much information.

The illustrations are also so cute, I love this little pegasus especially.

A fun way to use a dutch door – just use it to add some more decorations.

The daily headers that you can see a bit are also very beautiful.

These dwarfs are so amazing, I love how the artist managed to show their character through the emotions on their faces.

The colors are also so great, bright and happy.

Credit: @maris.bujo

How incredible is this one and what and awesome watercolor work.

This is more a daily spread than a weekly one, but it still works in this category.

Not so much planning going on on this spread, but the illustration is beautiful.

Other Pages

Finally, here are some extra pages that don’t fit any other categories, but I still loved them so wanted to include them to this lineup.

Of course I had to start with my favorite….

This illustration is absolutely perfect and there are so many details.

It could totally work as a cover page.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - spread by @ladyjbujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @ladyjbujo

I’m honestly not sure what exactly this is, but the palace looks amazing.

And I love the fact that the death star is there. If you’re looking for more Star Wars ideas, you can always check my post Star Wars Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

This spread is kind of a Disneyland guide with what places to see, what things to do.

I’m loving the Beauty and the Beast decorations and that the artist has this beautiful Chip figurine.

Beautiful memory page which seems like it was so much fun.

If you wanna try creating something similar, be sure to check my post on How To: Memory Keeping In Your Bullet Journal.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - spread by @quirkyheart | Masha Plans

Credit: @quirkyheart

Wonderful list of all the amazing Disney movies.

Netflix is not exactly a perfect word for this list, but I think the play on the words is pretty funny.

A simple but very beautiful way to create a Disney list.

And of course I love that gold effect on top of black.

One more cool list of Disney movies.

It really makes me want create my own list.

Disney Bullet Journal inspirations - spread by @diemmybujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @diemmybujo

The final spread is a brain dump.

If you’ve never used this spread be sure to check my post How To Brain Dump For Calmer Mind.

Free Printable Disney Stickers

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If you’re using just a normal paper to print them out, a great option would be to use a special adhesive tape to stick them to the pages.

Final step – use an X-ACTO knife or a pair of scissors to cut them out.

Sign up in the form below and get access to this fun sticker sheet, all the goodies I’ve already created and all the ones to come!

Wow, that was a lot of Disney magic!! Are you ready to create your own Disney Bullet Journal theme? What movie would you choose for your theme? Let us know in the comments

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