33 Cute Studio Ghibli Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

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It finally happened; we’re doing a lineup of studio Ghibli Bullet Journal theme inspirations.

Let’s bring our favorite characters to your Bullet Journal pages, like Totoro, Kiki, and Howl.

You’ll find a roundup of different Ghibli-inspired Bullet Journal pages in this post, including my own take on my March 2022 Bullet Journal setup.

Let’s dive in!

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Studio Ghibli Bullet Journal Theme

First, let me say a few words about why I decided to do this theme.

I’m crazy about studio Ghibli movies, and I have an entire sleeve tattooed with the characters from Miyazaki movies.

I just finished my sleeve in February, and this kind of gave me the courage to finally bring these adorable creatures to my Bullet Journal.

I’m not an incredible artist like some people from this lineup, so I went for a straightforward type of doodles that would be easy to draw for everyone.

I hope you like my take, and of course, be sure to scroll down to see my Plan With Me video.

Cover Page

As I already mentioned, I tried to pick the easiest characters to draw, and this one is.

Plus, this illustration is inspired by one of my tattoos.

It didn’t come up looking as pretty as I thought it will be, but that happens.

Studio Ghibli Theme Bullet Journal Setup - cover page | Masha Plans

I feel like I failed a little bit with the font for this theme, but I was so concentrated on the doodles that I had no energy left for fonts.

Monthly Log

I loved the format I used for the monthly log in February, so we’re back to it.

It seems strange since I never liked the vertical monthly log format. But I think it looks and feels very different when it’s in a square journal.

SStudio Ghibli Theme Bullet Journal Setup - cover pagetudio Ghibli Theme Bullet Journal Setup - monthly log | Masha Plans

You probably also see that many colors were taken from my February setup as well. I just really liked using them, so I decided to move a few to the new month.

Habit Tracker / Mood Tracker

Once again, both trackers are on the same page.

This time I’m also using some flowers I have on my tattoo sleeve as extra decoration, so I thought a mood tracker in the shape of petals would look fabulous.

Plus, March is already Spring, so it makes sense.

Studio Ghibli Theme Bullet Journal Setup - habit and mood tracker | Masha Plans

I went with a very seminal horizontal format for the habit tracker because I’m now a true believe this is the most convenient format ever for a square journal.

I added a header to the little boxes on top of the spread, these are the ones with my content ideas. But then I kind of hated them, so I used my favorite trick to fix mistakes and covered it up with washi tape.

Doodling Challenge

Again here is the page for our monthly doodling challenge.

Available on Patreon together with tons of other rewards, so be sure to give it a look.

Studio Ghibli Theme Bullet Journal Setup - doodling challenge | Masha Plans

Gratitude Log

Probably my favorite page for the entire month.

I can’t wait to fill it out with lovely memories and all the good things.

Studio Ghibli Theme Bullet Journal Setup - gratitude log | Masha Plans

Plan With Me 

Here is, of course, my Plan With Me.

I like how this one turned out pretty fast and was easy to set up. This was perfect, considering how I’m setting this up a few days before the end of the month.

I had a little technical difficulty so the part where I did my cover page is lost footage, but everything else is there!

Studio Ghibli Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

That was my take on the studio Ghibli theme, and it was pretty minimalist and easy to recreate.

But we won’t, of course, limit ourselves to basic things; let’s take a look at all different types of takes on this setup.

Cover Page Ideas

We’re starting of course with cover pages.

I think these are probably the most artistic ones since you can go as crazy as you want with what to draw on your cover page.

Credit: @jannplansthings

Incredible watercolor illustration for the cover page. Truly an artwork!

I have this as a tattoo actually since Howl’s Moving Castle is probably my favorite one.

Credit: @japontaoy99

Such an adorable cover page and I love how she added the lines for rain.

I love how absolutely happy and cheerful they all are.

Studio Ghibli Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @dalmabujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @dalmabujo

Incredible illustration and it’s definitely one of my favorite studio Ghibli movies.

I also love how she chose to do dark background for Haku, it really makes it stand out even more.

Credit: @jannplansthings

Kiki’s delivery service is one of the most uplifting movies out there and this illustration shows the spirit of it all so well.

The tiny brush lettering here is also so pretty!

Credit: @kaydeeyaleni

I’d never have the guts to actually draw characters like that, but this illustration is absolutely perfect!

Plus I love the creative font artist chose to add to this spread.

Studio Ghibli Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @withlove.shirley_
Credit: @withlove.shirley

I absolutely love all the silly faces everyone is making on this cover page.

I love this movie, and I think this illustration is just as fun and good-natured as the movie itself.

Credit: @creativestylus

Took me a little time to figure out which movie this illustration is, but it finally came to me.

These are adorable and I’m almost wishing I had space on my arm to add those as a tattoo.

Do you remember which movies these guys came from? Let us know in the comments.

Credit: @zeba_scribbles

Love the concept of this spread; just put together ALL the doodles from ALL the movies.

The quote is also fantastic and so fitting.

Credit: @hannahmariaplans

I love how the colors in this illustration match perfectly the bright happy atmosphere of the movie.

This is also such a cute scene from the movie!

Credit: @a.bujo96

Spirited Away was the movie that started my love for studio Ghibli so it will always have a special place in my heart.

I also love how it seems watercolor is the best medium to transfer the ethereal magic of these movies.

Monthly Log and Trackers Inspirations

Next on the line are monthly logs and trackers, both habit and mood ones.

For me, these three are must-have pages so I always try to include the inspirations for them as well.

Credit: @kaydeeyaleni

Lovely monthly log and completely in the style of Kiki’s delivery service.

I love how just using red washi and black makes it look so perfect.

Credit: @jannplansthings

This is such a creative way to approach a monthly log!

Plus I’m of course in love with the illustration and the beautiful gold accents.

Credit: @kaydeeyaleni

Absolutely adorable mood tracker, and it’s such a cool idea to track the mood with expressions on kodamas.

I feel like I’m too much in love with colors, so I’d add some colors to the leaves and trees.

Credit: @psle_science_sketchnotes

This might be a cover page, but I decided this is probably a monthly log.

I love the black makkurokurosuke, they are a great way to easily fill out space on your studio Ghibli-inspired pages.

Credit: @austingodoodles

I love this original style for these movies.

I also like that the creator used a very different color palette and how even though it’s very different from the original but I think it still shows the spirit of the movie.

Credit: @dibayangimagi

A beautiful take on the Spirited Away-themed monthly log.

And it seems like it’s in a Hobonichi planner, which is a Japanese brand and it shows the same aesthetic I think.

Credit: @how_do_u_bujo

Now I feel like I should’ve used this idea for my mood tracker, it’s so perfect!

And I love the Ponyo illustration. It’s really a special movie for me since I actually watched it during my first trip to Japan.

Credit: @oledrombak_art

Beautiful and very functional monthly log.

I love how it has characters from so many movies.

Credit: @jannplansthings

Such a beautiful spread, I’d definitely love to see it filled out.

Jann is really an amazing artist and has so many amazing studio Ghibli spreads, definitely give her account a look.

Credit: @quiltreee

This is such a creative way to bring Spirited Away to your pages.

If you remember, these are the bath tags from the movie.

Weekly Spreads

There is a lot of weekly spreads you have to create, so here are some inspirations.

I love seeing how creative people get with their weeklies.

Credit: @jannplansthings

Very freestyle kind of weekly spread, and I love it.

This robot also brings a lot of beautiful memories of the movie and imagination. Like pretty much anything studio Ghibli-related.

Credit: @how_do_u_bujo

This movie broke me, it was so so sad! But also beautiful in its own way.

I love how this weekly had beautiful bright colors to represent the happy memories of the movie.

Credit: @kaydeeyaleni

I always think it’s risky to draw characters like that, it’s easy to make them look way different from the original.

But this artist definitely gave them justice; the spread looks amazing!

Credit: @apomstar

I love how bright and happy are the colors on this spread.

And the little illustration with hands holding Calcifer is actually again, a tattoo I have.

Credit: @bountifulcolours

I feel like this is a less-known Ghibli movie, but it still deserves all the love, and it’s a very beautiful one.

Again I’m loving the effect watercolor has here, makes it look so much more magical.

Credit: @mathusbujo

I feel like this format is very popular for the Ghibli Bullet Journal theme.

Probably because that way you get to have more space to create beautiful art.

Credit: @bujo_of_ryo

Incredible weekly, and I love how much emotion every character has.

I’m also really liking this mix of studio Ghibli style and a traditional manga animation style

Credit: @bujo_vee

Cute weekly in my favorite vertical format.

I also love the illustrations, this was such a beautiful moment of the movie, and I keep feeling the excitement they felt from that delicious ramen.

Which studio Ghibli movie is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Hope this list was helpful; if you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t be a blob!

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