Hello Planning Mashers!

Time to talk Bullet Journal theme ideas, and in this post, I gathered 200+ themes for you!

There are also tons of cute Bullet Journal cover pages to show you how these ideas can look in your journal.

The Ultimate List With 200+ Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - Masha Plans

I have been doing my Bullet Journal for some time already, and I always try to come up with some interesting ideas for my spreads to both challenge my creativity and create interesting content for you guys.

So I really understand the struggle of coming up with a new Bullet Journal theme idea every month!

That’s why I decided to gather all theme ideas I could come up with into one huge list. Hope it will help you to enjoy your planning without any pressure and give you the inspiration to create your own unique journal spreads.

There is also a special set of FREE printables – 12 printable cover pages. They can help you start on your Bullet Journal and try out different themes.

You can find them in the “other pages” section of the Resources Vault, and if you don’t have your access yet – be sure to join in at the end of the post.

But before we get to the list….

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What Are Bullet Journal Themes?

New to Bullet Journaling? Then you probably are a bit confused about what are the themes and why do you need them.

Don’t worry, we will figure it out. First, though you might need to check our Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journal For Beginners, it definitely will help you figure out this whole Bullet Journal thing.

Back to the topic – what are the themes? Basically, you unite your spreads for a certain month with a theme – a certain type of decorations, that help you bring your whole monthly design together.

You can choose a theme like books and then add book doodles on all your pages. Or you can choose a color as your theme and use a specific color when decorating.

Book Bullet Journal Theme Ideas And Inspirations - monthly log | Masha Plans

Themes help you to bring some consistency to your Bullet Journal pages, to clearly divide your months, and also are a great way to simplify your setup a little bit.

When you choose a theme you basically commit to using certain doodles and illustrations on your pages for the entire month, so it’s much easier than coming up with new ways to decorate each page.

Where To Find Theme Ideas

I get asked this question a lot, so I thought this is a good place to answer it.

Bullet Journal theme ideas are all around us!

For me, it can be a show I’m obsessed with, a book I’m loving, or maybe just a funny saying I heard. Of course, a lot of inspiration can come from seasons, seasonal holidays, and weather.

And a very big source of inspiration for me is colors. Sometimes I can start by thinking I want to use a certain color and it leads me to a complete theme.

The final huge source of inspiration I wanna mention is other creators and artists. It’s always a good idea to check other people’s work and see if it inspired you to create something of your own.

That’s where posts like this one come into play since you’ll find here 200+ ideas and cover page inspirations from different creators.

How To Use Themes

Here is how you can incorporate a theme into your monthly setup.

Cover page

Start by creating a cover page which is defining your theme.

Cover pages are a kind of divider between your months that tell you that from now on we will see a new month and this is the theme.

Decorate your cover page with something from your theme and maybe write the month there as well.

Plan With Me: October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup - cover page | Masha Plans

Header Styles

A cool thing would also be to choose one particular style of headers and use them on all pages. This will bring it all together even more.

Below is an example of the lettering style I chose for my book-themed Bullet Journal setup, I used them on all the pages that month.

Book Bullet Journal Theme Ideas And Inspirations - mood tracker, habit tracker | Masha Plans


Use the elements from your theme to decorate pages or just fill out some blank spaces you don’t like.

My favorite way to do it is by creating thematic doodles. Doodles are super fun to draw and are pretty easy as well.

Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspiration - boho doodles | Masha Plans

If you’re still not sure that you can doodle – check my Beginner’s Guide To Bullet Journal Doodles. Believe me, you totally can doodle!


Another cool way to bring some fun to your theme is by adding quotes that are somehow connected to your theme, or maybe just a silly pun.

Feel free to check out my Coffee Themed Bullet Journal Setup where I challenged myself to have a silly coffee quote on every page. 

Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly spread | Masha Plans

Do You Need A Theme In Your Bullet Journal?

Creating themes is kind of a very popular theme in the Bullet Journal community. But here’s the scoop – you don’t have to follow themes.

Always remember this is your journal and your rules so you are free to do whatever you want. 

If you want – have one theme for an entire year. Like decorate all your pages with flowers, or use pink for all the setups.

If you want to – have a different theme for each page of your month.

Really it’s all up to you and what you want to do with your journal. 

Ok time to get to the list!

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

I’ll divide the themes in the following way – first I will state themes according to seasons. There are so many interesting ideas you can get from nature around you.

I also included different holidays happening during the seasons so you could use those as ideas for possible themes as well.

And finally, I’ll write down some general ideas unconnected with any time of the year.

Of course, for every category, I’ll include BuJo cover pages for a clear example on how to bring some of these themes to life.

So let your imagination fly and create your original take on any of these themes. And if there are some you would like to add – please don’t be shy and share them in the comments.

Winter Theme Ideas

  • Winter wonderland
  • Frozen
  • Fireworks
  • Warm winter things (cocoa, blankets, gingerbread)
  • Hygge
  • Penguins
  • Mountains
  • Narwhals
  • Icicles
  • Owls
  • Snowflakes
  • Snowy mountains
  • Polar bears
  • Moon and stars
  • Winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, skating)
  • Gym and fitness
  • Galaxy
  • Minimalist
  • Love
  • Geometrical
  • Cityscape
  • Paris
  • Snowmen
  • Wolves
  • Charlie Brown
Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @dotsandpens | Masha Plans

Credit: @dotsandpens

Stars are a beautiful and a pretty simple theme, making it perfect for January.

I found that I often get so busy with the holidays that I don’t have the time for a too artistic setup. Stars theme seems to be perfect for such time – it’s pretty and full of doodles, but also pretty easy to draw.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @ingasbujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @ingasbujo

Even though this December cover page is not necessary Christmas-themed, it still makes me think of holidays.

Cozy evenings with cocoa and family watching some movies together while wearing silly sweaters.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @plan.tful | Masha Plans

Credit: @plan.tful

I probably wouldn’t be sitting outside like that in the winter that cold and snowy, but I guess it’s ok for the bears.

I find this is a really cute theme idea.

What an adorable way to bring Christmas to your Bullet Journal – not just Christmas, but a Charlie Brown Christmas.

This cover page definitely makes me feel so warm inside, and full of love.

Cozy winter clothes are always a good idea for those cold months.

I’m usually not a fan of cold, but this cover page definitely reminds me how fun it can be wearing those cozy mittens.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @inprint.xyz | Masha Plans

Credit: @inprint.xyz

Even though this cover page is for November, for me it’s a January cover page.

Penguins are a winter symbol, so I think it works better for the winter months.

How cool is this happy and fun snowman cover page!

I’m also loving how she used a lot of other materials like washi tape and book pages.

Love this cover page and how aesthetic it looks with the watercolor effect.

The sun going up can be more of a Spring or Summer theme, but I think the cold color palette makes it perfect for January.

You’d think that snowflakes are too basic for a theme, but look how beautiful and elaborate these snowflakes are.

Another great thing about this theme is that you can get very creative with the shape of snowflakes since no one flake is the same as the other.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @amizaomar | Masha Plans

Credit: @amizaomar

Paris is a beautiful and of course very romantic city, so it would be a perfect theme for February.

I’m also loving the gentle pink used as a shadow for this brush lettering.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @mireeha | Masha Plans

Credit: @mireeha

This black and white effect really makes the landscape look so cold and wintery.

Stippling was also a great choice to show that it’s covered with snow.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @isabelhoops | Masha Plans

Credit: @isabelhoops

This cover page looks absolutely magical!

And am I the only one who thinks of Harry Potter when I look at it?

I want to mention how original this font is, makes me think of a digital clock.

The Black and the blue of the sky really make it look chilly, making it a perfect theme for winter.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @bujo.stella | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujo.stella

Another beautiful cover page with cozy winter doodles.

I really like how the artist used these doodles to create a wreath.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @kitoremi | Masha Plans

Credit: @kitoremi

I wish I knew what’s the name of these leaves, but they look amazing on this page!

I feel like she used them almost as a pattern, which is always a fun way to decorate your journal.

Winter Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - covr page by @inprint.xyz | Masha Plans

Credit: @inprint.xyz

Isn’t it an interesting idea to decorate the title page with the words?

Also for some reason at first I thought its a bear drinking champagne.

Winter Holidays

  • Christmas (December)
  • Hanukkah (December)
  • Kwanza (December)
  • Winter Solstice (December)
  • New Year’s Eve (December)
  • New Years (January)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day ( January)
  • Valentine’s day (February)
  • Chinese New Years (February)
  • Wear Red Day (February)
  • Groundhog Day (February)
  • Mardi Gras (February)

How easy are these trees, and yet the cover page looks gorgeous and very festive?

I think this is a perfect idea for when you want something holiday-themed but are too busy for more detailed illustrations.

With February being Valentine’s Day month, it’s a must-have idea to do a hearts theme.

I especially love this one because the heart is in a creative geometrical shape.

This dragon is absolutely stunning! And a perfect illustration to celebrate Chinese New Year.

It’s based on the lunar calendar so pretty often it takes place in January not February, so this theme can be for any of the two months.

Another great cover page idea for the holiday season.

You can’t go wrong with these traditional symbols for Christmas – mistletoe and gingerbread man.

Always a good February theme idea and I love how everyone comes up with their own creative ways to interpret it.

This one has tiny hearts in 4 different colors and the cover page looks so different.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - spread by @_nilimed_ | Masha Plans

Credit: @_nilimed_

Technically this is a weekly page, not a cover page like the others.

But it has those beautiful lanterns and I thought it can still be a wonderful inspiration for the Chinese New Year Theme.

One more hearts theme and I promise this is the last one!

But I had to include it because it has again a completely different look and I fell in love with the pastel ombre coloring.

For more be sure to check my post Amazing Winter Bullet Journal Page and Theme Ideas.

Spring Theme Ideas

  • Flowers
  • Bunnies
  • Birds
  • Succulents
  • Rains
  • Gardening
  • Butterflies
  • Star Wars
  • Cherry blossom
  • Lambs
  • Roses
  • Rainbows 
  • Cacti
  • Pastel colors
  • Umbrellas
  • Lavender
  • Botanical drawings
  • Rainbows
  • Green
  • Tulips
  • Pom Poms
  • Dream Catcher

There are a lot of flower theme ideas for spring, so in case you want to learn how to draw beautiful flowers in your Bullet Journal be sure to check my post – How To Draw Flower Doodles In Your Bullet Journal

For more theme ideas, be sure to check my post with Inspirational Spring Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

Spring Bullet Journal Theme ideas - cover page by @thuys.bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @thuys.bujo

I love the deep green of these succulents, and how there are several different shades to add shadow and dimension.

Succulents are pretty easy to doodles and they make for a very beautiful theme.

Absolutely incredible cover page and it’s one of my favorite effects – hollowed-out letter.

I know I’m a huge fan of color myself, but these flowers just look so perfect in black and white.

Such a beautiful and bright theme.

It seems perfect for May when we are getting ready to dive into Summer.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas: The Ultimate List, spread by @mashaplans | Masha Plans

Here is my take on a floral theme, of course, I had to go with pastel colors.

It’s funny though, if I did a floral theme right now I’d probably do it the other way around and go with something very bright like in my March 2021 setup.

Sakura blossoms are a great theme for Spring and I’m loving this font.

Honestly, this is the most Spring thing for me and it’s definitely on my bucket list to visit Japan during cherry blossoms. Anyone else?

Spring Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @reyletters | Masha Plans

Credit: @reyletters

Another approach to flower theme and with incredible brush lettering.

I love flowers because even when it’s the same flower there are still so many ways to draw them very differently.

Another cacti succulent theme, but this time it’s much more colorful.

I love this theme because you can play around not only with the types of plants but also with different types of pots.

Daisies are such fun and beautiful flowers. Actually, my family used to call me a daisy, in Russian of course.

These flowers are also pretty easy to doodle and there are many ways to do it as well.

I hope these are daisies… I’m actually pretty bad with the names of flowers. Let me know in the comments if I was right here.

Spring Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @bujomaartje | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujomaartje

April showers bring May flowers, this saying makes for a pretty fun April theme idea.

I love how on this cover page the colors are very bright and friendly, not the usual depressing grays of rain. As you can tell I’m not a huge fan of rain myself.

In my hometown, it rains very often and we only have around 60 sunny days a year. So I’m not much of a rain person unless of course it’s tropical rain when you’re on the seaside and it’s incredibly hot. That can be fun!

lavender is very easy to doodle, and you just need one or two purple colors markers to create an amazing theme.

As always one of the best decorations for your Bullet Journal is brush lettering.

Another fun take on a floral theme.

I like how the artist stuck to just a few colors and used them randomly for flowers and leaves.

It is such a beautiful and gentle cover page, I’m really loving this shade of green.

Plus the extra elements, like the calendar and a quote, really make the page look more complete.

Spring Holidays

  • St. Patrick’s Day (March)
  • Read Across America Day (March)
  • International Women’s Day (March)
  • Children’s Book Day (April)
  • Easter (April)
  • April Fool’s Day
  • Cinco de Mayo (May)
  • Mother’s Day (May)
  • National Nurses Day (May)
  • Memorial Day (May)
  • World Turtle Day (May)

This is such a beautiful cover page, it even looks more like a painting to me.

I’m also a huge fan of the colors used here. Somehow they are both pastel and bright.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - spread by @missybriggs | Masha Plans

Credit: @missybriggs

This is a July spread, but I’m adding it here as inspiration anyways since World Turtle Day is in Spring.

I think it’s pretty cool that you can bring this feeling of how tropical seas into a Spring setup.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - spread by @onki_art | Masha Plans

Credit: @onki_art

Another fun cover page for Easter.

I’m loving the colors and I think it’s a fun idea to play around with different patterns on the eggs.

How bright and happy is this cover page!

I love how these turtles seem to be having so much fun swimming somewhere.

Summer Theme Ideas

  • Poolside
  • Beach holiday
  • Summer drinks 
  • Picnics
  • Paper airplanes
  • Boating
  • Ice cream
  • Summer fruits (mango, pineapple, watermelon)
  • Camping
  • Sunglasses
  • Bicycles
  • Balloons
  • Hot air balloons
  • Sunflowers
  • Fireflies
  • Cicadas
  • Bees
  • BBQ
  • Tropical
  • Lemons
  • Flamingos
  • Lighthouse
  • Paper airplanes
  • Smoothies
  • Seashells
  • Cupcakes
  • Sunset
  • Astrology
  • Whales
  • Sealife
  • Surfing
  • Turtles
  • Oranges

Get some more Summer ideas and inspirations from other creators in my post with Extensive List Of Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas: The Ultimate List, spread by @robys_bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @robys_bujo

Very few fruits scream tropical to me as much as pineapples. They are so bright and happy.

As a bonus – they are pretty easy to doodle, so it will make for a fast and bright theme for those lazy summer months.

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @dotted.v | Masha Plans

Credit: @dotted.v

Little tropical haven, makes me miss the beach so very much!

And funny how it looks amazing and sunny even though the spread is black and white.

The most summer flower for me is of course sunflower.

It’s not just in the name, it’s also in the beautiful bright yellow color.

Sometimes just bright colors can bring all the summer vibes you need.

If you’ll try to do the same and draw on top of watercolor, try using some water-resistant fineliners like these ones, so your lines stay black and don’t feather.

Summer Bullet Journal Setup: July Plan With Me, cover page | Masha Plans

My take on a tropical theme. 

I call it that way because I randomly used all the different doodles that made me think of tropical vacations.

Somehow looking at this spread makes my mouth water. Anyone else?

Yellow is also such a happy and sunny color.

Camping by the beach, surfing, chilling – sounds like a perfect summer.

And a great summer theme for your Bullet Journal.

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @ilham.bujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @ilham.bujo

Ice cream is great any time of the year, but it’s especially good for Summer of course!

Just looking at this title page makes me wanna go and get some Italian ice cream in those tropical flavors.

This looks exactly like the juice stand I have around the corner! In Bolivia where I live for the moment, fruits are available the whole year round, so this wouldn’t be just a Summer theme.

But around the world juice stands are probably more for the hot summer months when fruits are easier available and definitely cheaper.

Such a beautiful and creative approach to the firefly theme.

Somehow it really reminds me of Van Gogh paintings, probably because of blue and yellow.

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @bujoabby | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujoabby

There is something dreamy and wonderful about hot air balloons.

Since I imagine hot Summers are probably the best time of the year to go up there and not freeze I say that this is a theme idea for the Summer months.

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @isabelhoops | Masha Plans

Credit: @isabelhoops

I looked at this cover page and my brain automatically went to Brazil. Maybe it’s the bright colors and tropical vibe.

Isabel is an amazing illustrator and her spreads always inspire me.

I honestly don’t know why Summer is always a vacation time for me, I haven’t been able to go on vacation in summer ever since I graduated college.

Nonetheless, it’s probably the nicest to travel during summer, and looking at this page I totally agree.

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @its.stefh | Masha Plans

Credit: @its.stefh

Your theme can just color, and this is a great example of it.

Probably the best way to do this technique is by using watercolors.

Beautiful underwater plants. Sorry, I can’t come up with a word for how to call these, I don’t think these are seaweeds and I don’t know any other sea plants.

A special mention of those beautiful colors, make me think of those South East Asian seas with their turquoise water.

Summer Holidays

  • Children’s Day (June)
  • Flag Day (June)
  • Father’s Day (June)
  • Summer Solstice (June)
  • International Yoga Day (June)
  • Independence Day (July)
  • World Snake Day (July)
  • National Aviation Day (August)
  • Women’s Equality Day (August)
  • National Watermelon Day (August)

I’m guessing this theme is inspired by the 4th of July, but it also reminds me of summer fireworks in Japan.

I love those cute stick figures. So simple and yet they add so much love and happiness to this cover page.

Fresh, juicy, and cold watermelon is a perfect summer treat. And a perfect Summer theme.

I’m also loving a quote, connected to the theme and pretty inspiring.

I think technically this is a Harry Potter theme, but I believe it works for inspiration for a snake theme just as well.

Fall Theme Ideas

  • Mushrooms
  • Fall leaves
  • Pumpkin
  • Autumn forest  
  • Woodling creatures
  • Nuts
  • Apples
  • Corn
  • Back to school
  • Acorns
  • Harvest
  • Sunflowers
  • Socks
  • Berries
  • Tree branches
  • Fall fashion
  • Black magic
  • Pickles
  • Tea party
  • Knitting
  • Huggie
  • Baking
  • Candy corn

For more ideas for Fall, you can go straight to my post on 15 Stunning Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas and 35+ Enchanting Fall Bullet Journal Themes and Page Ideas.

Oh and there is a special post with just September Bullet Journal Cover Pages, so check that for more inspiration as well.

Mushrooms never look cuter than these! And the colors are so bright and beautiful.

I love how you can play around with the shape and colors.

Cozy bakery and I instantly want to go get some croissants.

I think the black and orange of this illustration really make it look much more Fall themed. With the pumpkin, this might be a good idea for the October Bullet Journal theme if you don’t want to go with a Halloween.

Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @blushandmay | Masha Plans

Credit: @brushandmay

Such an incredibly gentle and sweet illustration full of love and care.

I also love the color scheme, matched the season so perfectly.

A beautiful way to play with colors and still make it Fall themed.

This is what I love about the season, leaves can be of absolutely any color.

Speaking of Fall colors, don’t you just love how parks and forests look this season?

This cover page definitely represents the beauty of the golden Fall.

Stationery is some of my favorite things to doodle, and with the back-to-school season, it’s a perfect theme for September.

These doodles are adorable and I think these are the stickers from her shop, so be sure to check it out.

Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover [age by @plan.tful | Masha Plans

Credit: @plan.tful

Another cute take of forest animals theme, but in a more doodly style. I love how adorable this fox is with its tiny books and a coat.

Is it a fox by the way? I’m doubting myself now. Let me know in the comments what you think.

Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @dutch_dots | Masha Plans

Credit: @dutch_dots

This however is 100% a fox and it looks stunning.

I also find that the contrast between the reds of the illustration and the black of the title is very beautiful.

Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @inprint.xyz | Masha Plans

Credit: @imprint.xyz

Even though the blue sky makes me think of cols winters, the fox is a very Fall theme.

I’ve also never seen a monthly log like that, it looks pretty fun!

With all the yellows and sunflowers this could work as a Summer theme.

But I think the other elements make it look cozier and more like a Fall theme.

Fall Holidays

  • Patriot Day (September)
  • Yom Kippur (September)
  • Native Americans Day (September)
  • Labor Day (September)
  • Fall Equinox (September)
  • International Chocolate Day (September)
  • Columbus Day (October)
  • Boss’s Day (October)
  • International Music Day (October)
  • Halloween (October)
  • Thanksgiving (November)
  • President’s Day (November)
  • Black Friday (November)
  • World Television Day (November)

October Bullet Journal Setup, cover page | Masha Plans

This is the first time I did a Halloween theme and it definitely was pretty fun.

Just think of any spooky things and it’ll be a great doodle idea for decorating your Halloween pages.

I think it’s a very cool combination of a cover page and a monthly log.

I’m also loving how the artist made the font look like notes.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - spread by @bujo_w_mal | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujo_w_mal

This is not exactly a cover page, but I still wanted to include something Thanksgiving-themed here.

Be sure to check my post 19 Fun And Useful Thanksgiving Bullet Journal Page Ideas if you want to look more into this theme.

Other Theme Ideas

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas: The Ultimate List, spread by @elvish.ink | Masha Plans

Credit: @elvish.ink

Edith is an incredible artist so I simply had to include her amazing take on The Lord of The Rings theme.

I like how she smoothly incorporated a key here as well.

Bullet Journal Theme ideas - cover page by @mochibujo | Masha Plans

Credit: @mochibujo

Pokemon is a very fun theme since there are so many creative pokemons to choose from.

This cover page definitely did it justice I think.

Friends is a great and very comfy show. And there are so many little things you can doodle from the show to decorate your pages.

A door on the cover page is a great idea, it’s like an opening for the new month.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @plinthced | Masha Plans

Credit: @plinthced

Crystals are a very beautiful theme and I love how here the artist used a white gel pen to add some shine to them.

Another great thing about crystals is that you can actually use any colors you want, not necessarily just blue and purple.

I love love love llamas 9even though I’m known to have misspelled this work once or twice).

And this one is super cute and it looks very different from my own llama theme.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover by @plslars | Masha Plans

Credit: @plslars

Donuts are a delicious treat and it’s pretty easy to doodle them as well.

Plus, there ar4e so many different flavors and toppings, you’ll never run out of ideas on how to decorate them.

Among Us Themed Bullet Journal Setup - cover page | Masha Plans

Remember when everyone was playing Among Us? I remember.

That was the month when I created this theme, something different to try for October.

This cover page makes me think of camping outside and telling stories by the fire.

It’s definitely a fun theme to use for Summer.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas: The Ultimate List, spread by @mashaplans | Masha Plans

That time I decided to do a Christmas movies theme for December.

It wasn’t my best or prettiest theme, but it was fun to create one.

Makeup is so much fun to doodle and you can play around with colors so much! I remember I used almost all 100 of my Crayola Super Tips when I did my makeup theme.

Fenke however used Karin Markers for hers and they look stunning!

Back to the 90s! As the 90’s kid, it’s always something that makes me smile.

I can agree fashion was a bit strange and I’m not a huge fan of chemical colors. But nostalgia is strong and I’m loving them right now.

I was so obsessed with this show. It’s lovely and so sweet.

Plus the cute bears definitely make for a cute Bullet Journal theme.

This was not a big show for me (in soviet Russia we watched Cheburashka cartoons, or more like cartoons were watching us). But I know this show has a cult following.

So of course somebody would turn this into a theme and it looks great.

Boho Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - Cover Page | Masha Plans

It’s so interesting to look through this post because some of my cover pages are all the way from 2018. My style really did change since then I think.

But this was my first take on a kind of Boho theme.

Beautiful cover page with some sealife doodles. I love that she used different shades of blue to unite it all.

But the cool thing about this theme is that you can actually go crazy with colors because under the sea they have all the colors you can imagine.

Miyazaki movies are some of my favorites of all time, just check my right arm covered with Ghibli movies tattoos. But I was never brave enough to bring my love to my Bullet Journal.

Connie however did and it came out looking absolutely stunning.

Unicorn Bullet Journal Setup: June Plan With Me, Cover Page | Masha Plans

Unicorns are cute and happy and a great way to use your pastel colors.

I loved this theme so much that I actually created it twice.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Setup - cover page | Masha Plans

Harry Potter was a fun theme, but I’ll be the first to admit that it took quite a long time to create it.

I don’t think I’ll be recreating this theme in my journal again though.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @dutch_dots | Masha Plans

Credit: @dutch_dots

Space can be pretty scary, but this one looks mesmerizing wouldn’t you agree?

I love that watercolor effect she created with Tombow markers.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @frai.oh | Masha Plans

Credit: @frai.oh

Another take on the sea life theme, and this time it’s with many more colors.

I kind of like creating wreaths so this one attracted my attention as well.

Mandalas are very calming and they look absolutely stunning! You can leave them in black and white or you can color them later.

If you’ve never drawn those. check my post How To Draw Mandalas In Your Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal Theme Ideas: The Ultimate List, spread by @mashaplans | Masha Plans

I really enjoyed creating a photography theme in my journal. 

There are a lot of types of cameras you can doodle, plus you can always add some other decoration to it, like flowers for example.

Aliens are such an out-of-the-box idea that I simply had to include it in this lineup.

I’m also loving the bright colors she chose, Estrella always has such beautiful themes.

It is such a fun theme with all the doodles and bright colors.

The artist really managed to capture the spirit of the books.

27 Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations & My November Plan With Me, Cover Page | Masha Plans

The first time I did a coffee theme and it’s definitely one of my favorites.

For my second time though I went with more of a cozy vibe with kraft paper.

And there it is – my ultimate list of Bullet Journal theme ideas. I must say the actual number of themes is endless, and no way could I cover all of them.

However I hope this list gave you some ideas, I’m looking forward to seeing your take on some of these. If you want to see my take on some of these themes, head straight to my Plan With Me posts!

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What are some of your favorite themes? Which other ones should I include here? Please share in the comments below.

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