Hello Planning Mashers!

We’re almost at the end of January (OMG where does the time go?!) and it’s time for another plan with me!

February Bullet Journal Setup - Clouds Theme | Masha Plans

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For February, of course, I thought I’d do something Valentine’s themed, but you guys decided differently. Most of the people voted for something other than Valentine’s and the most popular theme was clouds. So here we are!

Speaking of voting, if you want to be part of choosing my monthly themes, be sure to follow me on Instagram, I post my polls in my stories every month.

One more note before we dive in – if you want to get a Valentine’s themed Bullet Journal setup – I’m offering it to my Patreon fans. Drop by, join our little community and get tons of printables for your BuJo, as well as lettering worksheets and stickers!

Ok, that’s enough of the business – let’s dive into my February setup. There is a Plan With Me video at the end of the post if you want to check that out as well.


First of all, I’m back to my usual Bullet Journal – Nuuna notebook with my favorite cover.

In January I experimented with using Filofax refillable notebook. I must say I did enjoy the fact that I can more the pages and reorganize things, plus the paper was pretty good. However, I still love my traditional Bullet Journal notebooks.

For pens, I decided to dust off my favorite pastel Tombow Dual Brush Pens. Every time I think about clouds, I end up thinking in pastel colors, so there it is.

Of course, I also used my must-have basics – Pitt Artist fineliners, Pilot Dr. Grip mechanical pencil and Sakura foam eraser.


While thinking about the kind of clouds I wanted to have for my BuJo, I decided to try something new and personify them. 

February Bullet Journal Setup - Clouds Theme: cover page | Masha Plans

I feel like clouds are a pretty simple doodle and you always need something extra to make it interesting. This month I chose the personification technique and I feel like it really worked!

I did make a mistake here though – there was supposed to be a rainbow between the two clouds, but when I was coloring them, it kind of slipped my mind. I still might add it though. Keep an eye on my Instagram to see another version.

Monthly Log

My monthly log is still small and simple and mostly occupied by my monthly goals.

February Bullet Journal Setup - Clouds Theme: monthly log | Masha Plans

If you wonder, check out this video to learn how exactly I plan my goals. But the general idea is that I try to divide them into small achievable steps, starting from quarter goals, to monthly goals, to weekly goals.

There are several things I’m working on in February, so I thought it would be useful to also have a list of all the milestones I have to achieve before I assign a week to them.

Habit Tracker

As always, I track very few habits, so my habit tracker page usually includes something else as well, this month it is a to-do list.

February Bullet Journal Setup - Clouds Theme: habit tracker | Masha Plans

I had a very small to-do list in January, but my February is shaping to be a very very busy month, so I needed a master list. Because Nuuna notebooks have smaller dot grid and larger pages than usual A5, half a page will be just perfect for it.

Gratitude Log

As always, here is my gratitude log, and it’s the one page that looks so boring before the pen!

February Bullet Journal Setup - Clouds Theme: gratitude log | Masha Plans

I’ll be honest with you, January has been so crazy that I haven’t actually used my gratitude log. With all the holidays, celebrations and bureaucracy issues – I barely had time to look at my bujo.

So, February is the time for me to get back to my favorite practice and this month I was to make it with doodles and lettering, which is also a format I haven’t used for a while.

The page opposite the gratitude log stays empty. I need a confirmation of a little thing happening first, and then I can start working on it. And if it doesn’t happen – well, I can always use this page as my monthly review. I won’t be happy about it though, so fingers crossed!

This is actually all the pages I set up for my February. It will be a very busy month with tons of projects to work on, so I went pretty minimal without any extra pages.

Weekly Spreads

My weeklies were also pretty simple and minimalistic because February is all about business!

February Bullet Journal Setup - Clouds Theme - weekly spread | Masha Plans

February Bullet Journal Setup - Clouds Theme - weekly spread | Masha Plans

February Bullet Journal Setup - Clouds Theme - weekly spread | Masha Plans

Plan With Me Video

Finally, here is my plan with me video. Hope you enjoy it!

What theme did you choose for your February setup? Let us know in the comments!

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Keep Bullet Journaling and don’t be a Blob!

February Bullet Journal Setup - Clouds Theme | Masha Plans

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