What a lot of people consider the best month of Autumn is upon us! We’re surrounded by pumpkins, candy and some wicked vibes. This means it’s a perfect time to add some sinister and ghostly designs to your Bullet Journal! Here I will give you some ideas on how you can create Halloween Bullet Journal spreads.

How To Create a Halloween Bullet Journal Theme | Masha Plans

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Halloween Bullet Journal Doodles

There are so many things you can doodle to add that creepy feeling to your pages! Think about it: witches, black cats, ghosts, zombies, monsters, cauldrons, spiders and webs, skeletons, bats, haunted houses and of course pumpkins!

Here are some Halloween doodles I used in my Bullet Journal spreads.

How To Create a Halloween Bullet Journal Theme | Masha Plans

How To Create a Halloween Bullet Journal Theme | Masha Plans

How To Create a Halloween Bullet Journal Theme | Masha Plans

My October Bullet Journal setup includes a lot of pumpkins, so I just had to make this page with pumpkin doodle variations.

How To Create a Halloween Bullet Journal Theme | Masha Plans

You can check out as well my post with 21+ Halloween Bullet Journal doodles, or just watch the video below.

I also found a few other videos with easy Halloween tutorials as well and I’m sure they will be of great use to you!

Halloween Stickers

Doodling is good fun and all, but stickers is a whole new level man, I’m telling you! Honestly, there are all kind of Halloween stickers, from alarmingly cute to horrifying! And I’ll tell the truth – I WANT THEM ALL!

I know you don’t see me using a lot of stickers on my pages, but I’m absolutely obsessed with them. Stickers are also so amazingly pretty! Plus it’s such a time-saver to use them.

That’s why I created free printable sheet of Halloween themed stickers! You can go straight to the Resources Vault and download your copy.

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So without further adieu here are some of the amazing stickers I found on Amazon. 

Of course, I couldn’t hold myself and just had to drip by Etsy as well, and omg the beauties I found!

Halloween Bullet Journal Stickers - Etsy Orange Kiwi

Adorable Planner Stickers by Orange Kiwi Design

Halloween Bullet Journal Stickers - Etsy Planning With Kay

Magical Planner Stickers by Planning With Kay Shop

Halloween Bullet Journal Stickers - Etsy Planning By Shannon

Traditional Halloween Themed Stickers by Planning By Shannon

Halloween Bullet Journal Stickers - Etsy Stickers For Keepers

Creepy And Cute Sticker Sheets by Stickers For Keepers

Halloween Washi Tapes

Disclaimer here – I never ever use washi tape for my journal. I love washi and I have a huge collection. But somehow I just don’t know how to work with it properly, so by now, it’s just collecting dust on my Bullet Journal supplies cart.

Nonetheless, I know there are a lot of amazing ways you can use it in your Bullet Journal. I found some great Halloween themed washi to add holiday spirit to your journals! If you’ve got any suggestion for me on how to use the washi tape, I’d love to read your comments! 

Halloween Headers, Dividers And Icons

I already finished my October setup, and all I used were doodles. But soon I’ll need to start doing my weeklies, and that’s the time for some icons, headers, and dividers. So I’m looking for inspirations myself. That’s how I found this video – these are basically all the ideas you need to keep your Halloween Bullet Journal theme consistent and varied from day to day!

Halloween Drawings

For more artistic people who use their Bullet Journal more like an art journal (not me, but maybe you do, in which case, I’d love to check it, please leave a link in the comments if you want me to appreciate your work) I found this amazing video with 5 Halloween drawing ideas. I would say those look amazing for a cover page! Or maybe just a filler for that empty page that keeps bothering you.

I think this about covers all you might need to start working on your own spooky pages! Anything I missed? What decorations and elements do you usually use in your monthly themes? Please leave your reply in the comments section below.

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How To Create a Halloween Bullet Journal Theme | Masha Plans

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