Halloween Bullet Journal Setup

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Fall is at its best, and I’m so excited to create some Halloween Bullet Journal themes.

Oops, spoiler! Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, I might as well let you know that my October Bullet Journal setup theme is Halloween!

Pretty original uh? It’s my first time trying to add some spookiness to my journal, and I had so much fun doodling for these pages.

So I knew I wanted to make something scary for my Halloween Bullet Journal pages this month, but honestly, you can approach this in so many ways, it took me a while to decide how it will fit my journal. I’ve decided to make my pages black and white except for the alarmingly cute and scary orange pumpkins.

I thought it would add a great contrast to the pages in addition to the extra Halloween spirit, as well as letting me use more of my Fall colored brush pens – Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Kuretake Fudebiyori Brush Pens in orange, yellow, and gold.

I also did some digital designs and created a free printable Halloween Stickers sheet, which you can already download from the Resources Vault.

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I also have a Doodle With Me video with some Halloween doodles. I’ll add it at the end of the post, so maybe they can inspire you on how to decorate your Halloween-themed Bullet Journal.

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Cover Page

Following the style I’ve chosen, I decorated my cover page with some creepy doodles and of course two carved pumpkins.

October Bullet Journal Setup, Cover Page| Masha Plans

I found an amazing YouTube Halloween Doodles tutorial I wanted to share with you guys, so you can check it out for some awesome ideas for your own Bullet Journal.

Monthly Spread

I’ve decided to go back to a calendar view of my month. I realized that I’m an extremely visual person, and writing the dates under the calendar didn’t work for me so well – two months in a row, and I skipped some important dates.

But! It was cool to experiment for a while. Oh well.

October Bullet Journal Setup, Monthly Log | Masha Plans

And as always the lower part of my monthly spread is a to-do list. This one is my greatest help every month. It really eases my mind to know that all the things I have to do this month are written here, and I don’t have to worry about forgetting things anymore.

Monthly Goals

Here design-wise I tried something new. I’ve never done a drawing this big, so this was very exciting (and scary!). Disclaimer – I was totally inspired by this amazing haunted house drawing I found on Pinterest.

October Bullet Journal Setup, Goals Page | Masha Plans

So, the September goals page worked very well for me (the specifics being I had little space to write only important goals and I had a weekly accountability section). So I decided if it isn’t broken, why fix it.

Best Memories Of The Month and One Word Per Day

Something new I’m trying this month – a separate page for the good things happening during the month.

I realized I sometimes couldn’t remember all the little amazing things I managed to experience during the month. Plus having this page actually gives me more space to doodle, and you know I LOVE it!

October Bullet Journal Setup, A Word A Day | Masha Plans

My friend Sophie from @phiespoetry created this amazing challenge – to letter in different styles every day one word.

And I think it’s a great idea! It’s kind of a gratitude log, but it’s also a great way to challenge your creativity by trying out different fonts every day.

Missing Pages

Anything you see missing? Yes, this month I don’t have a monthly habit tracker! Neither do I have any blog-related pages. I have good reasons for that.

When it comes to habit trackers, I’ve always been a monthly tracker person. However, now that I’m staying at home (trying my best to not be a blob), I see that maybe this format doesn’t work very well for these circumstances. I decided I will be tackling my habits one step at a time, so in October I will be using weekly habit trackers.

October Bullet Journal Setup, Weekly Log | Masha Plans
October Bullet Journal Setup, Weekly Log | Masha Plans
October Bullet Journal Setup, Weekly Log | Masha Plans
October Bullet Journal Setup, Weekly Log | Masha Plans
October Bullet Journal Setup, Weekly Log | Masha Plans

As for blog-related pages, such as content ideas and monthly statistics, I’ve moved it all to one separate Bullet Journal. W

ould you be interested to see what spreads I use to maintain my blog? You can check it in my blog post Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Blogging.

Monthly Review

As always the last page is my monthly review.

October Bullet Journal Setup, Monthly Recap | Masha Plans

That would be all for my October Bullet Journal setup.

Doodle With Me: Halloween Doodles

Finally, here is my doodle with me video with 21+ Halloween-themed doodles to inspire your spooky pages.

For more, you can check my post with Halloween Bullet Journal Doodle Tutorials.

Free Halloween Bullet Journal Printables

As I mentioned before, there are some free Halloween printables in the Resources Vault.

These are printable stickers and a few Halloween themed journal pages, but there are so many more things out there.

Resources Vault - Free Printables For Halloween Theme | Masha Plans

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    How’s your October setup going? Are you trying to add some Halloween spirit to your journal, or do something completely different? Looking forward to hearing from you in the comment section below.

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    1. I really do enjoy your spread, I’m fairly new at bullet journaling, but I’m having fun, it’s really sad but I’m silly working at my mthly spread, as I didn’t really want to do Halloween, but I saw one using black cats in different silhouetted poses and I’m finally just doing that, and instead a a new poem for the month I’ve chosen 10 things I didn’t know about October, but at least my weekly calendar to do list is still doing well!
      I look forward to seeing more x

      1. Thank you for the comment, happy you like my spreads! And it’s a very interesting idea about 10 things you didn’t know about October! Do you post your spreads on Instagram, I’d love to see!
        And yes as long and your to do list is set and you are being productive it’s ok) To be honest I myself still haven’t moved to my monthly completely, but weekly is already in full use.

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