Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan With Me

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The spooky scary month is upon us, and I’m happy to share with you one more Halloween Bullet Journal setup.

This is your classic spooky Bullet Journal theme, but this time in my Blackout book by Archer and Olive.

I’m a sucker for a spooky Halloween BuJo theme, so when the time came, I didn’t spend much time choosing the theme – I love my spiders and pumpkins too much!

If you want to have some in your Bullet Journal but don’t feel like doodling – I got you covered. I drew a free printable Halloween Stickers Sheet, and it’s already in the Resources Vault!

Head straight there or join us at the signup form at the end of the post to get access to these stickers and tons of other printables!

I did something similar in my October 2018 Bullet Journal setup, but this time I’m adding a twist by using the Blackout book by Archer and Olive. As always, there will be a Plan With Me video at the end of the post, so make sure to check that out!

If you feel like recreating the spreads but don’t have a blackout book – you can totally do it in your usual journal; just make sure to use the black pen every time I use a white one.

Speaking of pens, let’s get on with it and look at the supplies list I used for this setup.

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Bullet Journal Supplies

First of all – two of my favorite things – a Blackout Book and a wonderful stencil from Jayden’s Apple. I use it all the time as a stencil, and as a ruler; we’re practically inseparable!

As for pens, I literally just took out all the metallic pens I have and chose some Halloweeny colors. Mostly, I used Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic Set, Stabilo Pen 68 Metallic, and Karin Metallic Decobrush.

Finally, I never open my Blackout book without my Sakura Gelly Roll white pen, I used a number 10 for all the doodles.

With this out of the way, let’s get into the setup itself. As always, there is a Plan With Me video at the end of the post, so be sure to check that out.

Cover Page

I went for some very simple Halloween doodles.

I feel like simplicity works very well with this journal because the black pages themselves add so much character to each spread.

Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan WIth Me, Cover Page | Masha Plans

I couldn’t, of course, have the same black bleeding font I had last year, so I went for something more fun – bubbly font.

The bubbly font is very easy to achieve. Start by writing block letters, but make sure there is some space between them.

Then just add weight to each letter, making the shape a bit more rounded, and your bubble letters are done.

Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan With Me | Masha Plans

You can play around with this – use different spacing, add shadow to the letters, create patterns inside letters – let your imagination flow!

Check my post with 20+ Bullet Journal Font Ideas for some more inspirations.

Monthly Log

It’s pretty unlike me, but I created a two-page calendar for this month.

Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan WIth Me, Monthly Log | Masha Plans

The reason is that now that I moved to La Paz, I’m giving much more attention to the blog and all the good stuff, so I wanted to move a part of that to my everyday BuJo (vs my blog-related one).

Therefore such things as content plan, posting schedule, and statistics will appear in my monthly log, at least during October.

Habit Tracker

I’ll be honest here – our move was pretty big, so I probably need a few months before I settle completely and will be sure to add more habits to work on.

Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan WIth Me, Habit Tracker | Masha Plans

Meanwhile, I added here just the essential ones – gym, water, Instagram and Facebook posting.

As I love doing vertical trackers, I used icons to symbolize my habits. Icons are a great way to add visual aids to your journal and save some space, so definitely check out my post on how to use icons in your Bullet Journal with a free printable and a video with icon designs you might find useful.

Gratitude Log

This is a page I try to have in my Bullet Journal every month, even though it’s always in a different form.

Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan WIth Me, Gratitude Log | Masha Plans

For October, I decided to just write down some things or a few sentences of gratitude.

Even though right now, this doesn’t look like much, this is absolutely my favorite and most influential spread.

A gratitude log is really something that I feel makes me a better person because it helps me to remember all the wonderful things around me and not take for granted how awesome my life is.

Doodling Spread

The final page of my October is this doodling spread. 

Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan WIth Me, Doodling | Masha Plans

I know I’ll be working a lot, and I know I’m the kind of person who sits down and just works non stop. So I wanted to make sure I also make time to enjoy the things I love, such as doodling.

I don’t have any particular plan for what kind of things I plan to doodle, so if you have any special things you’d like to see me do – leave it in the comments section below! I’ll be sharing all my doodles on Instagram.

Speaking of doodles, here is a little tutorial for a few doodles I used for this setup. 

Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan WIth Me, Halloween Doodles | Masha Plans

If you want to learn more Halloween-themed doodles, a Doodle With Me video is already on the channel!

Plus, you can always check out my post on How To Spook Up Your Bullet Journal to see what else you can use to create a Halloween theme.

Weekly Spreads

Finally, here are the weekly pages I created that month.

You can also check out my Weekly Plan With Me video series on my YouTube channel to see me setting up these pages.

Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan With Me - weekly spread | Masha Plans
Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan With Me - weekly spread | Masha Plans
Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan With Me - weekly spread | Masha Plans
Halloween Bullet Journal Setup | October Plan With Me - weekly spread | Masha Plans

Plan With Me Video

Of course, the best part comes last – here is my plan with me video. I know I sound pretty weird, but the altitude is something I’m still getting used to, so please bear with me.

Free Printable Stickers

I also created a set of fun little Halloween stickers; you can find them in the Resources Vault, together with tons of other printable stickers and Bullet Journal printables.

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What theme are you doing for October? Let me know in the comments section below!

I hope this list was helpful; if you find it so, please share!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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