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Not sure what all the craze around paper planners is about? Well, it’s much more than just a wish to have a pretty notebook.

Here are 7 significant benefits of using a planner.

Using a paper planner is becoming more and more popular for a reason: it’s a great way to manage your time and be productive. But in this world of smartphones and tablets and other digital wonders, it might be difficult to go back to the “traditional way”.

Sometimes we abandon them, most of the time, we don’t even give them a chance anymore. I bet just like me most of you had planners before but struggled to stay with them for long.

That’s why I decided to remind you why we all love planners and the unique advantages they offer.

Are you thinking about getting a planner? Or maybe you already have one but you’re not sure you want to continue? Just keep reading then! Let me remind you about all the benefits of using a paper planner.

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You’ll Be More Organized And Productive

Of course, for me, my Bullet Journal is firstly about managing my time and being productive, so I’ll start with these obvious benefits. Having a to-do list with all the tasks on one page helps me to plan a day better and in a more productive way.

Plus writing down the task makes you remember it better and think of more efficient ways to complete it.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use A Paper Planner, Weekly Spread | Masha Plans

Second, on a productive side – having a paper planner really helps you stay focused on your tasks. Tell me if this sounds familiar: you take out your phone to write down something important, and you find yourself an hour later liking Instagram pictures of your friends, with the notification of the chat you’re having with your mom, and planning to reply an email you just got.

Meanwhile, you completely forgot what you intended to write down in the first place.

This used to happen to me ALL THE TIME! So actually having a paper journal helps me to stay focused on current tasks, without all the notifications and temptations of modern technology and social media.

You’ll Complete Your Tasks Faster

Also pretty obvious, but it had to be mentioned. Having a planner will actually help you to work faster. It’s pretty simple – with a planner you have an exact list of things to do.

You don’t need to spend time looking for that post-it note you scribbled on yesterday. You don’t have to start checking your email and the latest tabs to see what’s there to accomplish today.

With a journal, you have an exact list of things to do, and this really speeds up the process. You just do it one by one and suddenly it’s all done and you can move on to have a cup of tea and a good book. Or playing with your phone without any guilt :P

You’ll Declutter Your Task List And See Your Priorities

Each day I have to look at the tasks I didn’t complete and migrate them to the next day. This makes me think – how important is this task and why can’t I just be done with it?

Such a small analysis helps me to complete more tasks and not waste time on something not really important.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use A Paper Planner, Weekly Spread | Masha Plans

Moreover, with my paper planner, I actually write down my monthly review and achievements. This really allows me to see what things were actually important enough for me to do, and which ones weren’t.

That way I know I moved away from some interests and/or goals and I should change my priorities to other more important or relevant things.

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You’ll Lower Your Stress Levels

You know that nagging feeling that you forgot something or that something important you need to do won’t happen? I solved all that with help from my planner.

It’s so much easier to live with peace of mind when you know you have all your needed information written down somewhere. Everything is there, so you don’t need to stress – it’s all there in your little helper.

Your Bullet Journal can help you lower any stress you have. Forgot what your mom said she wanted for her birthday? Make a separate gift ideas page in your journal and write it all down. Afraid you might forget to take your meds today? Just create a habit tracker and monitor all your medications!

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Birthday Tracker | Masha Plans

Fix your money management problems with Bullet Journal! Did you pay your credit card bills? Is the rent due already? Did you send the payment for utility bills yet?

You can use an expenses tracker and bills tracker to take this weight off your shoulders.

Believe me, life gets much easier when you just have to remember to write these things down in your planner and later check it.

You’ll See Your Patterns And Improve Your Lifestyle

Some of the most popular instruments in your planner are trackers. They’ll help you to learn so many things about yourself.

Since you can track anything, you’ll be able to find weird correlations you didn’t even think about before.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Sleep Tracker | Masha Plans

For example, I noticed the earlier I wake up the more I get done, even if the number of my waking hours was the same.

A day from 6 am to 10 pm is way more productive than a day from 10 am to 2 am.


I’m more productive in the mornings. So I can now adjust my sleeping schedule to make sure I’m getting the maximum from my time.

This is just one simple example of what you can learn. The possibilities are limitless – just try to track different things and see where it takes you.

To get you started you can check my list of 155+ Things To Track In Your Bullet Journal.

Planner Will Help You To Improve Your Physical Health

A little while ago I realized how my eyesight was declining -fast. And I get why – I spent most of my time staring at screens, computers, TVs, my smartphone.

Starting a planner helped me to spend less time in front of big bad bright screens. This gave my brain and eyes a much-needed rest.

But that’s not all! You can create all kinds of health-related trackers and pages, to make sure you develop and stick to useful habits: water intake, workout, weight loss. You can create a meal plan to help you eat healthy every day.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Workout Tracker | Masha Plans

Plus – your planner can help you fight your bad habits. Want to quit smoking? Or stop eating sugar? Just use a habit tracker!

Believe me, it’s an extra motivation and it’s so SO satisfying to check out that box every day!

Bullet Journal Will Help Your Mental Health As Well

The rhythm of modern life is crazy, and we all need a break sometimes. My Bullet Journal became that break for me.

Imagine spending 15-20 minutes every day just listening to some relaxing music, planning, doodling, coloring (all the things you can do in your Bullet Journal).

This is therapy for me! It gave me a moment away from the crazy rat race that is life.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Circle Mood Tracker | Masha Plans

Plus with a planner you can track your mood, your sleep, habits, and many more things, that can help you understand your mental state better. Just check my post with Bullet Journal Page Ideas for Mental Health.

Moreover, you can use your planner as a therapy journal, do their mental health-related exercises, and whatever other techniques you find relaxing and calming.

As you know, I have a planner based on the Bullet Journal system. I’m sure it would work perfectly for you as well. Go and check out my introduction into Bullet Journaling.

So, are you planning to get a journal? Do you already have one? How is it working for you? What amazing things have it helped you achieve?

Looking forward to reading all your replies in the comment section below.

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And Remember! Keep Bullet Journaling and don’t be a Blob!