51+ Bullet Journal Ideas For Health And Fitness Trackers

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Are you looking for some Bullet Journal page ideas to help you with your health and wellness? This post is for you, then!

I truly believe that our success starts and ends with our health. It’s always a good time to start paying more attention to your body and set health and fitness goals. Of course, with the help of your Bullet Journal.

After a period of thinking and research, I came up with these health and fitness Bullet Journal trackers and 51+ inspirations. I’m sure these will be perfect for keeping you on track, motivated, and developing better living habits.

With tons and tons of attempts to become that girl, eat kale, drink smoothies, and work out three times a week (failed attempts, mind you), there is one important lesson I learned.

You have to know your why. You have to set your goals, know the metrics, and know why exactly you want to do it.

Staying motivated and seeing your progress is the key, and adding workout and fitness trackers like these to your Bullet Journal will help you with all these things.

You might actually consider starting not from any of these trackers but from setting up your goals. I personally use “Level 10 Life” for that. Even though level 10 life isn’t exactly all about health and fitness, it really allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your life and to decide what is it you want for your health.

Come share with us in the comments what are your fitness goals at the moment and why you want to achieve them.

For me, right now, it’s all about control. With the pandemic and everything else, I feel like there is nothing I can control in my life, and for a control freak and planner like me, that’s a very scary thought.

So I decided to start working on my body since no matter what’s happening in the world, this is one thing that is 100% up to me.

Now that you’ve set your goals, it’s time to get on with them and start achieving them. I usually don’t really do that well with my fitness goals, but this year I have a secret weapon – my Bullet Journal!

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Why Use Bullet Journal To Achieve Your Health Goals

As I keep saying, your Bullet Journal is a swiss knife that can help you with basically everything, including your health. In my opinion, this is the best tool you can use to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Here are a few reasons why:

  • You can set your own pace. Unlike other pre-made planners and workout programs, with your Bullet Journal, you’re the master. This can help you a lot to achieve success since you’re not framed by somebody else’s needs.
  • It adds fun to the process. You’re not just working out, but you also spend time creating your trackers and other workout pages. That way, you assign more positive emotions to the change you’re committed to making.
  • Visual representation of your efforts. This is really something I’ve been struggling with a lot – I work out, but I don’t really see any result, and therefore, I lose motivation. But your Bullet Journal health pages will keep you motivated and provide you with an overview of your progress. When you see you didn’t miss a day of a workout last week, it’s much more motivating to keep it up!

Tips For Using Your Bullet Journal For Health Tracking

If you also decided to track your health goals in your Bullet Journal, there are a few things you should know about and take into consideration.

The most important thing is to ensure you set your goals correctly and then divide them into small actionable steps. By doing that, you make it much easier for yourself to follow through and achieve your goals.

Another great tip would be to create milestones along the way, something that keeps you motivated and reminds you why you’re doing it all, to begin with. It also helps to program you that hard work brings amazing results.

You have to make sure you track your progress daily, so a good trick is to add it to your daily to-do list, at least for the first 20-30 days, while you’re still working on making it a habit.

Creating Health-Related Bullet Journal Pages

Seems like you’re ready to start on your health trackers, so let’s begin. You really don’t need much to create health spreads, but I thought I’d mention here a few of my favorite supplies.

I assume, of course, that you already have the basics like a notebook, pencil, and eraser.

By the way, let me know what notebook you chose to use for your Bullet Journal this time; I’d love to know!

But back to supplies, the next thing you’ll need is a ruler. Creating Bullet Journal trackers involves drawing a lot of tables, and believe me, a ruler will be your best friend! If you want something special, you can also try a circle ruler, circle trackers are always fun!

The next must-have is a good black pen. I prefer black fineliners, but you can go with any basic black pen you like; you can even use them in color!

Speaking of the color, you might want to use colors in your trackers, especially if you color-code the typed of your workouts. Try some basic markers, or maybe my absolute favorite highlighters.

Ok, I think we’re ready now, let’s look into the pages!

Just one last thing, though, there are many health-related trackers available in the Resources Vault, so you’ll just need to print them out, and you can start using them right away.

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Observational Bullet Journal Trackers

To work on your health, you have first to understand your usual habits to see where you might need improvement. Here are a few trackers that can help you create a complete image of your current state.

A few of these I used as my ideas on 100 Habits To Track to build a better life, so I definitely recommend checking all these trackers out.

Sleep tracker

Sleep is one of the core things in our health, so having a sleep tracker can be very beneficial. I had mine to track what are my sleeping patterns, how they define my moods and productivity, and finally, how I need to change them.

A really great idea would be to use your sleep log with some other tracker, like maybe moods, energy, or productivity tracker. So you can figure out what’s the best sleeping pattern for you.

If you want to get more inspiration and learn more about this tracker, check my post Benefits Of Having A Sleep Tracker In Your Bullet Journal.

Sleep Tracker by @sheylara_shen | Masha Plans
Credit: @sheylara_shen

Very detailed tracker; I love how much information you can get from it.

Also, it’s a cute add-on to have these little icons for the things you can do to have a better sleep.

Sleep Tracker by @studyyspree | Masha Plans
Credit: @studyyspree

Love this idea of making a sleep tracker in the shape of an alarm clock.

I’d definitely recommend you get a Helix Circle Maker to make sure your circles are more or less straight.

My own little sleep tracker. I tried to make sure I can set it up quickly and still get all the information I need.

For me, the important part is to see how many hours I slept and at what time I went to bed and fell asleep.

Sleep Tracker by @ruru_bujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @ruru_bujo

I really like how the sleep is also color-coded, so you can fill it out together by expressing how well you actually slept.

Symptoms Conditions

Health and fitness aren’t only about creating better living habits; it’s also about dealing with the existing conditions you have. Thanks to this tracking spread, you can monitor yourself. That can give you some understanding of what factors influence your conditions and how you can change your life to make it easier to deal with it.

And it’s really not just about health conditions; it can be (and in many cases it is) about the mental state as well. It’s extremely useful to write down all of these changes in your BuJo.

Symptoms Bullet Journal Tracker by @craftyenginerd | Masha Plans
Credit: @craftyenginerd

This can be very useful, especially if you’re not feeling that well generally but not sure what exactly is wrong. Tracking your symptoms and pains can help you be more aware of the needs of your body.

Period Tracker

As a woman, your period influences your health greatly, and it’s useful to see how your other efforts correlate with your period.

That way, you won’t feel too bad when you have a chocolate bar or if you can’t run as well as you usually can.

Period Tracker by @splendidscribbles | Masha Plans
Credit: @splendidscribbles

I like how each day has a different pattern to symbolize how heavy the flow is.

Period tracker is also a safe choice for a yearly tracker cause this is definitely something you’ll need to track every month.

Period Tracker by @museofmoonlight | Masha Plans
Credit: @museofmoonlight

Flowers are always great for every page, but it feels like they look especially fitting for a period tracker.

I also would really like to see this one after the pen, I wonder how she filled it out. I feel like having red dots would be a good move here.

Period Tracker by @bulletsandjournals | Masha Plans
Credit: @bulletsandjournals

Beautiful tracker, and I love the combination of black and gold.

Also totally have the feels for those smudges; you have to be so careful with gel pens. Happened to me more times than I care to admit.

Period Tracker by @elvish_ink | Masha Plans
Credit: @elvish_ink

This one is just too funny not to include here!

Plus how incredible is this illustration?

If you need more inspiration, be sure to check my post 25 Bullet Journal Period Tracker Inspirations.

Mood Tracker

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Plus, when you’re not at your best mentally, there is no way you can do your best physically. So it’s important you track your mental health.

To get more inspo and learn more on the benefits of a mood tracker check my blog post Mood Tracking In Your Bullet Journal.

31 Fun and Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas, Circle Mood Tracker | Masha Plans

This is probably my favorite mood tracker to date, I just have a weakness to circle trackers.

You’ll notice that I have here two boxes per day. This is mostly because my moods jump so much that it’s difficult for me to characterize one day in just one mood.

Mood Tracker by @art_n_foxes | Masha Plans
Credit: @art_n_foxes

I really like how creative you can get with your mood trackers. You can create one for any theme because, ultimately, anything can serve you as a mood tracker.

I’m also loving how the two especially good moods are not just colors but patterns. I hope the entire fan is filled out with these!

Mood Tracker by @humeyraplans | Masha Plans
Credit: @humeyraplans

I had to add this one here because I really like how the artists used stickers, post-it notes, and washi tape to decorate it.

Monthly Healthy Habits Tracker

I bet your monthly tracker isn’t just your health habits but a bunch of other things (if you’re not sure what else to track – check out my list of 155+ things to track in your Bullet Journal).

An interesting idea would be to track your general health is to having a separate tracker with just health-related habits. When I used this tracker, it really allowed me to focus on my health goals and see the progress.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Ultimate List | Masha Plans | Health Tracker

Bullet Journal Trackers To Track Health Adjustment

Seeing the changes that occur thanks to your everyday work is the best motivation there is.

So here are a few ideas for those.

Measurements Tracker

The first thing to do when you set your fitness goals is to have a measurements tracker.

So use these tracker ideas to make sure you keep it up and stay excited about more improvements.

Sometimes the changes are pretty subtle and aren’t that obvious, so this tracker will help you see the progress of your journey and stay motivated.

Measurement Tracker by @the.petite.planner | Masha Plans
Credit: @the.petite.planner

Erin from The Petite Planner really has a lot of amazing health and fitness spreads, so you’ll probably see her featured here a lot.

I like this one because it has all the measurements, but if you want to it also has this chart for weight.

Health Bullet Journal spread by @bizzo_bujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @bizzo_bujo

Another cute measurements tracker, and again with an option to track your weight as well.

I think this is a great compromise for when you’re used to tracking your weight but trying to concentrate on measurements more. Add both and see how each of these numbers affects you.

Weight Measurement Tracker by @doodledaydarlings | Masha Plans
Credit: @doodledaydarlings

I’m in love with this tracker and the illustration of Jessica Rabbit.

Yes her body proportions are not very realistic, but just looking at this image I want to put away my sneakers bad and maybe have some broccoli for a change.

Measurement Tracker by @bujo_charia | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujo_charla

Your measurements tracker doesn’t have to be as difficult and elaborate.

Using a simple table will do just as well!

Measurement Bullet Journal Spread by @williamandersonio | Masha Plans
Credit: @williamandersonio

I love this measurement tracker, even though it’s obviously for a man.

But I just love the details and that minimalist feel with a grey highlighter.

Weight Loss Tracker

Another weight loss Bullet Journal page idea is a weight loss tracker.

It helps if you have some kind of goal weight when you create this one.

Weight Loss Tracker by @katiecsteiner | Masha Plans
Credit: @katiecsteiner

Cute tracker, and I love the colors used for this spread.

It’s also a fun idea with the “celebrate” sticker at the end.

Weight Loss Tracker by @plan_in_color | Masha Plans
Credit: @plan_in_color

I like that here there is also a little measurement tracker, not just weight loss.

And again presenting the weight loss in the graph on the top right is a great idea.

Weight Loss Tracker by @charms.bjournal | Masha Plans
Credit: @charms.bjournal

I like this one and how creative it is. Instead of tracking the weight, you track if it’s going up or down and if you did well with your easting or slacked off.

Food / Calory Tracker

Tracking your food is very beneficial and will help you immensely on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Tracking your food will help you to improve your eating habits and find your weak spots.

Food Tracker by @bujo.on.that.beat | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujo.on.that.beat

I’m in love with this spread; it’s so well-organized and has so much information.

I’m also obsessed with this handwriting. Absolute goals. 

If handwriting is something you’re working on as well, be sure to check my post 9 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Handwriting.

Food Log by @bujoandchal | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujoandchal

I like the color coding on this food log and how she divided the food intake by categories.

This log also occupies very little space, it seems like in just two pages, you can fit the food logs for the entire month.

Food Log by @illustratedgrey | Masha Plans
Credit: @illustratedgrey

I really wish I had the organization to create a meal plan like that.

The drawings for food to decorate the spread.

Meal Log by @crafthippy | Masha Plans
Credit: @crafthippy

It can be very helpful to have a plan like that with post-it notes. 

That way, you can keep on using this same page over and over again.

Meal Log by @nohnoh.studies | Masha Plans
Credit: @nohnoh.studies

I’m so in love with how neat this page looks and how perfect this handwriting is.

It’s also a great idea to monitor water intake as well since it’s a really important part of eating healthy.

Diet Tracker

Are you following a diet? Your Bullet Journal is a great way to observe your progress.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your own tracker.

Diet Log by @isabelhoops | Masha Plans
Credit: @isabelhoops

Beautiful spread, and the lettering is absolutely perfect!

And I like how in her color-coding, she also has a cheat day included.

Action Bullet Journal Trackers

Here are a few trackers that will propel you to take action and make little steps each day toward building a better and healthier life.

Annual Workout Tracker

Ready to commit – time to get a yearly workout tracker.

I don’t usually like yearly trackers because my personal habits change pretty often. Meaning that once a new habit becomes a part of my everyday routine, I stop tracking it and switch my attention to the next one. Or I might just find out that this habit isn’t really something I want in my life. It’s kind of a lottery.

However, staying healthy and working out can be a whole year’s goal. It’s really something I’m committed to doing, and I think having a yearly tracker will help to stay even more motivated. You know how it works; I’m sure you will want to color all the boxes!

Health Bullet Journal spread by @the.petite.planner | Masha Plans
Credit: @the.petite.planner

I also think it’s pretty cool to assign different patterns to different kinds of exercises.

Workout Plan

The first step to any goal is to have a plan. Fitness goals aren’t an exception.

Create diets or workout plans, depending on your goals. The important thing here is to start small – don’t try to start from no gym to gym every day for 30 minutes. I tried that, and it worked for maybe a week or two.

Workout Tracker by @littleblackbujo | Masha  Plans
Credit: @littleblackbujo

I like that this tracker has illustrations. I usually never know the names or any exercises.

I think it’s also cool that each day you add a little bit more of each exercise.

Workout Tracker by @aimighani | Masha Plans
Credit: @aimighani

Very organized spread, and these illustrations are great.

Personally, I’d probably add the number of repetitions to my plan. But if you work out long enough, you probably already know how many to do.

Workout Plan by @quirkyheart | Masha Plans
Credit: @quirkyheart

Really cool tracker, and I love all those motivational quotes all around it.

Oh and I think it’s a fun idea to color code how much effort you actually put into your workout. Mine would probably be “barely made it” most of the time.

Workout Tracker by @srishcreates | Masha Plans
Credit: @srishcreates

A simple table works just as well as any other kind of tracker as long as it helps you keep up with your working out.

I also think it’s very useful to have a mood tracker inside your fitness tracker. It’s interesting to see how moods are affected by physical activity.

Workout Tracker by @librariana | Masha Plans
Credit: @librariana

I’m not really sure this table gets filled out, but I love how she keeps at it, it looks so well organized.

I’m also a little bit jealous of how perfect these numbers look. 

Workout Plan by @girlmeetsbujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @girlmeetsbujo

I wonder what BBG stands for.

I’m also impartial to this spread since it’s in my favorite color.

Workout Tracker

Alternatively, you can just mark the days when you work out.

This is the way I usually do since I have my workout already scheduled. That’s kind of the only way I can make it work, by taking scheduled classes.

This tracker is actually in our Resources Vault if you want to get it for your Bullet Journal.

And a pro tip – maybe sketch your letters in pencil first to make sure you can fit in all the words.

Workout Tracker by @emeraldaccents | Masha Plans
Credit: @emeraldaccents

Amazing tracker, and I think it’s so useful all the extra information she added here with types of workouts and types of food.

I also think it’s good to see when you have any events since that often influences your workouts and meals.

Workout Tracker by @timeabujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @timeabujo

This one is pretty basic, but I love the colors and the bright illustrations.

This is definitely an awesome theme idea for summer!

Workout Tracker by @littlemissrose | Masha Plans
Credit: @littlemissrose

I wonder how to fill out this tracker. Maybe the time it took to work out, or maybe a type of workout.

Running Tracker

Jogging is my favorite way to exercise! I know, I know, I haven’t been jogging for ages by now, but in this case, it’s really a matter of environmental conditions, so don’t judge me too harshly.

For real joggers (or jogging enthusiasts), though, I’d totally suggest having a jogging tracker. It’s a great push to drag your ass outside every morning. And such a satisfaction to see how far you’re gone already!

Running Tracker by @thebotanicalbullet | Masha Plans
Credit: @thebotanicalbullet

I really wonder what all those graphs mean. One is definitely how many miles she runs, but what is the other one?

Also, these flowers are so beautiful!

Running Tracker by @mybujoyesterday | Masha Plans
Credit: @mybujoyesterday

Very simple but functional running tracker. You don’t have to overcomplicate your trackers.

I also don’t know what S F K H means, so if you can guess – just let me know in the comments.

Running Tracker by @theyearofpaper | Masha Plans
Credit: @theyearofpaper

A circle tracker works well for a run tracker as well.

And I love this idea of how if you miscalculate and have extra space in your circle, you can always use it to write the month.

Running Tracker by @tinyrayofsunshine | Masha Plans
Credit: @tinyrayofsunshine

A running tracker for the entire year is a determination!

Steps Tracker

Walking enough during the day is a simple thing that will make sure you stay healthy.

A step tracker can help you track this and feel extra joy every time you reach the desired result.

Steps Tracker by @jashiicorrin | Masha Plans
Credit: @jashiicorrin

This is such a creative idea. And it absolutely works because pencils can be of different lengths.

Also, I always admire Jess for how neat all her lines look.

Step Tracker by @onezenmom | Masha Plans
Credit: @onezenmom

For all the Potterheads, this is a great idea for a step tracker.

In case you’re a Harry Potter theme, be sure to check my post Magical Harry Potter Bullet Journal Inspirations.

Steps Tracker by @avaguavastudies | Masha Plans
Credit: @avaguavastudies

Very neat-looking set of trackers, and I really love how the circle step tracker is actually a graph.

Also, having your steps and sleep together is actually very useful since your level of physical activity can influence your sleep.

STeps tracker by @pernicketyabi | Masha Plans
Credit: @pernicketyabi

I bet this tracker was created for December.

And again, I love that at the end of the day, you can see it as a graph of how much you walked.

Steps Tracker by @bujo.by.mika | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujo.by.mika

What a clever and playful idea to make a doodle of the foot as a steps tracker.

If you’re looking for more inspirations, check out my post with Step Tracker Bullet Journal Page Ideas.

Health Challenges

Another way to keep yourself active is to participate in different health challenges.

Wonderful Bullet Journalist and fitness enthusiast Erin from The Petite Planner came up with an idea for a year of health challenges and this amazing spread. Maybe it’s that push you have been waiting for!

Don’t worry, though; you don’t have to commit yourself to a whole year of challenges; feel free to just start with one at a time.

Monthly Health Challenges spread by @the.petite.planner | Masha Plans
Credit: @the.petite.planner

As always, Erin created the most beautiful spread.

I love the pink, the floral doodles, and the different types of lettering styles used here.

Monthly Health Challenge spread by @that.bujo.girl | Masha Plans
Credit: @that.bujo.girl

Plank is that one challenge that I could never follow through with, but maybe I needed to create a tracker like that.

Also, I’m again in love with this brush lettering style.

Health Challenge spread by @stl_bujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @stl_bujo

I love this one, and the smoothies are so healthy and also delicious.

Actually, I think this is one challenge I can actually complete. Saving this to keep the smoothies recipes.

Health Challenge spread by @the.petite.planner | Masha Plans
Credit: @the.petite.planner

One more challenge spread by The Petite Planner.

To be honest, I’m not sure what’s the challenge here, but I like how there are also checkpoints for checking on weight.

Health Challenge spread by @craftyenginerd | Masha Plans
Credit: @craftyenginerd

I love these challenges and how you can slowly build up to a better result.

Other Ideas

Here are a few more Bullet Journal page ideas you can create to make sure you stay healthy and motivated.

Yoga Poses

Yoga is a perfect practice for your fitness goals and mental health. So here is a fun page you can do with some of your favorite yoga routines!

For me, this page was something like a reminder of why I do yoga and how important it is for me to keep up and not slack off.

What would making a page like this mean for you?

I also think that adding mandala-like designs in the center really highlighted the calming part of yoga.

If you want to learn how to draw those as well, check my post How To Draw And Use Mandalas In Your Bullet Journal.

Meditation Spread

Meditation has amazing effects on both your mental and physical health, so why not add a meditation-related spread to your journal.

Meditation spread by @bulletjournalbymarieke | Masha Plans
Credit: @bulletjournalbymarieke

I love how this spread gives a little bit more details on how to practice meditation and what it can give you.

It definitely makes me want to start burning candles again when I meditate.

23 Inspirational Self Care Bullet Journal Page Ideas: Meditation Tracker | Masha Plans

You can also actually have a tracker for meditation, like this one.

As you can guess, I actually use the Headspace app for meditation, and the tracker was definitely inspired by that.

Meditation Tracker by @dolcissima_designs | Masha Plans
Credit: @dolcissima_designs

The final meditation tracker is this black-and-white one. I love the aesthetics.

And how striking and detailed this illustration is!

Motivation Page

We all need some motivation sometimes. For me, personally, keeping up with my fitness goals is the hardest thing to do, so I’m craving something motivational all the time!

Create a special page to remind yourself how amazing life will be when you achieve your goals. And of course, always remember why you set the goal. 

Motivation to stay healthy spread | Masha Plans

Doctor Appointments

Another spread that can help you deal with any severe or chronic illness, so you make sure you do your treatments and visit the doctor on time.

As I said, your Bullet Journal is a universal tool that can help you with anything!

Doctor's Appointment spread by @maryj13 | Masha Plans
Credit: @maryj13

I didn’t find that many examples of this spread, but I think it gives the idea of how to create one.

I’m really impressed that this one is actually for several years ahead; I would’ve never thought of doing it that way.

What are your health and fitness goals or problems? How do you use your BuJo to help you with it?

Share with us in the comments below!

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51+ Health And Fitness Bullet Journal Page Ideas | Masha Plans

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  1. Any ideas for food diary? I need to track time of day, measurements of food I eat (following low fodmap/SIBO diet), water tracker, GI symptoms notes, and what time I take Rx.

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