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I’m so ready for Fall! Aren’t you? Pumpkin spice latte, comfy sweaters, and high riding boots! And most of all – finally an escape from this maddening heat. Sounds amazing to me! And of course, I shouldn’t forget the amazing fall colors!

With all this in mind, I’m already scrolling my Pinterest feed for some autumn themes to add to my bujo. Here are 15 inspiring Fall Bullet Journal theme ideas, as well as some cute fall stationery to help you with your setups.

15 Stunning Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans

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Before we dive, just one more thing I wanted to mention. If you’re on the other side of the world and September means Spring – click away to my post with Inspirational Spring Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

Coffee Monthly Theme

What says Fall more than a hot cup of coffee, preferably with some whipped cream! So why not use it for your monthly theme this fall. I really love the look! Plus! A fun thing to add to your page – how coffee influences your body!

For some coffee cup inspirations – head straight to my post with 27+ Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations and November Plan With Me!

15 Stunning Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, spread by @bujowithjo | Masha Plans@

Credit: @bujowithjo

Fall Colors Theme

One of the most amazing things about fall are all the bright colors we get! Here is an idea – why not just make your spreads in Fall colors? Use all those golds and reds to create stunning and bright pages!

For the spread you see below @lacqueredworld used Fall colored Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Stabilo roller pens and Lamy fountain pen.

Woodling Creatures

All the browns of Fall make you think of forest, don’t they? Woodling creatures are a great Fall theme and you can make it in so different ways! Check out this video tutorial to learn how to draw majestic little forest friends.


What says Fall louder than falling leaves of all the colors! This is a very fun and easy theme to have in your journal – leaves are easy to doodle, and you can play with any colors you like!

To get some leaves doodle inspirations check out these 25 ways to doodles leaves. You can also check out these fall leaves washi tapes I found on Etsy. They will be a great add on to your spreads!


When I was a kid, the first weeks of September were always special for a very fun reason. I loved waking up at 5 am and going to the forest mushroom-hunting!

My Granddad and I’d have a contest and see who could pick the best and most delicious mushrooms for dinner. Ah… simpler and nicer times! That’s why I’ll always associate them with the Fall.

They are also a cool theme idea for Bullet Journal – just look at this magnificent spread from @explorejournaling! I absolutely adore all the bright colors and the fun of this layout.

If you’re afraid mushrooms are a bit boring and you won’t have much room for creativity, don’t be! Check out this mushroom doodle tutorial for different types of mushrooms you can draw on your pages.


The obvious choice for October theme is Halloween! Spook up your journal with some black cats and ghosts! It’s a great way to stay hyped for this holiday!

Add some holiday spirit to your spreads with these Halloween Washi tapes and Halloween stickers from Amazon.

Want to learn more Halloween doodles and get inspired by more Halloween spreads – check my post with How To Create A Halloween Bullet Journal Theme.

For my own take on Halloween Bullet Journal Setup, check these posts:

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Moreover, there are also some Halloween themed FREE printables in our Resources Vault. Head there to download them right away.

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And speaking of Halloween – one more important symbol of Fall is the pumpkin! (pumpkin spice latte anyone?) So of course it had to be in my list of Fall themes.

15 Stunning Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, spread by @paperlemons | Masha Plans

Credit: @paperlemons

Harry Potter

September is the time for magic to begin – one more year in Hogwarts! So if you ask me which season should Harry Potter theme be assigned to, I’ll always say – Fall. Plus the Gryffindor’s colors are just screaming of Autumn!

To help you with the setup, you can watch this video of easy Harry Potter themed doodles, or use these adorable wizarding world stickers.

If you want to dive deeper into Harry Potter theme for your Bullet Journal, check out my post with 43+ Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

Back to School

Back to school is such a fun theme! Even if you aren’t really a student anymore, I find it still fun to doodle all the stationery and other school supplies (like this little doodle tutorial I made). Specially since I’m still addicted to those.

To start you up on ideas, check these 11+ Fun and Easy Stationery Doodles with step-by-step tutorials and a “Doodle With Me” YouTube video.

I actually also created a Back To School theme in my Bullet Journal, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested to see my take.

15 Stunning Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, spread by @studychase | Masha Plans

Credit: @studychase


Out of all woodling creatures owls have a special place in my heart. And they also are a great theme for your Bullet Journal – you can draw them in million different styles and use any colors you want! Just check out these Pinterest search results to get inspirations for your owl pages.

15 Stunning Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, spread by @bujopulla | Masha Plans

Credit: @bujopulla


This is a great theme for Fall! Apple pie, apple jam, apple cider and just plain apples – all of these are fall flavors for me. So for this theme no need to only draw apples, anything apple would look great: pies, jams, buckets of apples, apple trees. Let your imagination flow.

Mason Jars

Fall has always been a time to prepare for winter. And for me it means that Grandma’s place would become this wonderful smelling factory, where she’d make all the jams and pickles for the year to come. So mason jars would fit right into a Fall themes Bullet Journal.

You can get a free mason jar printable mood tracker to use in this monthly setup from Erin at The Petite Planner blog.


Oh I’ll be honest here – I’m more of a dog person. But snuggle in chilly Fall evening with a kitty on your lap sounds absolutely magnificent! So I say kitties are definitely a Fall theme!

Lately I’ve been absolutely crazy about the weekly stencils by @oopsadaisyuk, so I’d definitely recommend getting the cat stencils for easy kitties theme setup.


Don’t know about you, but I’m an utter fan of Fall fashion! There is something especially comforting about the big fluffy sweaters and tall boots. So why not add something you love to the beloved Bullet Journal!

Since clothes are not thaaaaaat simple to draw, I offer a shortcut – try out these fall fashion stickers!


Imagine chilly evening, and you run home, get to the kitchen to have some hot tea and fresh jam. The kitchen which is full of delicious smells of freshly made jars of jam and apple pie baking. This is Fall and this is one of the best thing about it. Cooking is a great monthly theme for the season!

Plus kitchen utensils are so fun and easy to doodle! You can check this amazing video tutorial for simple kitchen doodles.

For more theme ideas, as well as a few page ideas to add to your Fall Bullet Journal setups check out my post 35+ Fall Bullet Journal Themes and Page Ideas.

Fall Bullet Journal Stationery

Fall is also a time for us to come back from our summer vacations, back to work / school. So I’d say it’s a good time to take some shortcuts in your Bullet Journal setups, while we are still trying to get used to a new routine. Add to your Bullet Journal supplies some Fall themes stationery! Below see some of my picks from Etsy (the best place to shop for creative Bullet Journal supplies) and Amazon.

15 Bullet Journal Fall Theme Ispirations | Etsy Stickers | Masha Plans

Cute planner stickers from MemoriesandPastimes

15 Bullet Journal Fall Theme Inspirations | Etsy Stickers | Masha Plans

Doodly Fall Stickers by HatchAPlan

15 Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Etsy Stickers | Masha Plans

Mini Pumpkin Spice Latter stickers by PumpkinPaperCo

15 Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Etsy Washi Tapes | Masha Plans

Pumpkin Washi tape set by GoatGirlMH

This is my list, I’m still thinking which one should I pick for my September. What about you? Already got a theme for your monthly setup?

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob.

15 Stunning Fall Bullet Journal Theme Ideas | Masha Plans

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