43+ Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations (+ December Plan With Me)

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Are you a Potterhead? Then you’re in the right place!

Here are 43+ inspirations for the Harry Potter Bullet Journal theme, plus my own take on it.

December might be the most magical month of the year, so I thought it’d be fitting to give a try to Harry Potter Bullet Journal theme.

I was super excited to finally bring the wonder of the HP world to my Bullet Journal pages, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Below is my monthly setup, as well as a Plan With Me video!

I thought, however, you might also be interested in other styles and takes on this magical theme, so there are also 43+ inspired by amazing creators from all over Instagram.

Finally, I also created a sheet of free printable Harry Potter stickers, which you can find in our Resources Vault.

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Supplies Used

Before we dive in, let me run through some of the supplies I used in this setup.

Nuuna notebook and Cocoa Paper cover. Two tools that stay together all the time. Despite decreasing paper quality, I’m still loving my Nuuna with its white paper and smaller dot grid. And this cover keep is undamaged whenever I take my journal.

Pigment Pen by Faber Castell. The fineliner I’m using at the moment. 

Zebra Mildliner Highlighters and Brush Pens. These are some of my favorite tools for adding color to my Bullet Journal pages. I use Highlighters to color and the thin tip of the brush pens for more elaborate things.

Tombow Fude Brush Pens. If you see thicker black lines, it’s probably the work of these babies. I think they are an absolute must-have, and I really can’t imagine what I did before I got them.

Metallic Stencils. In this setup … SPOILER! … I’m doing a circle monthly log and circle tracker, so these stencils really saved my life with the setup.

Westcott Stencil. Since I needed some good and even circles, this stencil helped me achieve that. 

Now that we covered the supplies, let’s get into my Plan With Me.

December Bullet Journal Setup: Harry Potter Theme

I’ve wanted to do the Harry Potter theme in my Bullet Journal for a while, but I always was a little bit afraid. What if the doodles are too hard, and I won’t be able to draw them well?

After creating a few Harry Potter-themed pages for my October challenge, I got my confidence and was ready to roll. Of course, I had to choose December as my HP month!

Cover Page

For the cover page, I went all in and spend honestly quite a lot of time, but I’m really happy with the result.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Setup - cover page | Masha Plans

Every time I test what house I’d go to, the hat tells me it’s Gryffindor, so I decided it’s time to embrace my destiny and be a proud Griffindor! As reflected on my cover page.

Monthly Log

I liked the format I had in November, with a small monthly log and goals on the same page, so I went with a similar format.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Setup - monthly log | Masha Plans

However, I added a twist, and this month the monthly log is actually a circle in the shape of a time turner.

Habit Tracker

This whole page is inspired by Harry Potter candy.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Setup - habit tracker | Masha Plans

I went with a circle habit tracker. This one would work very well if you have just a few habits like I do, but might be a bit more difficult for more habits.

The idea is to have a color assigned to each habit, and once I complete the habit during the day, I color one of the sections in the according to color.

I had enough space here to also include my to-do list.

Gratitude Log

The page that is always present in my Bullet Journal setups.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Setup - gratitude log | Masha Plans

This time I also added a quote here, which I think works very well with the whole idea of a habit tracker. The idea is that no matter how bad your day is, there is always something in it to be grateful for.

Time Log

After using one in November, I really saw all the benefits and just had to include it in December as well.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Setup - time log | Masha Plans

I modified a little bit the categories I want to track, but generally, I tried to keep the same colors.

If you’re not sure about this page, check my post Take Control Of Your Time With Time Log.

Gift Ideas

December is, of course, the Christmas month, so I had to include a gift ideas page.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Setup - gift ideas | Masha Plans

Finally (after 8 years for me and 10 for the hubby) this year, we spend Christmas with the family, and I really want to make the best out of it. It’s pretty exciting, and I’m looking forward to being little Santa Masha this year.

Quote Page

Usually, I’d have a monthly review page, but this month it’s a quote page.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Setup - quote page | Masha Plans

First of all, because there are so many amazing quotes in Harry Potter books, that there is always a place for some in my BuJo. 

But also, because it’s the last month of the year and there will be tons of yearly review kind of pages, so I thought I’d include my December review in that block at the end of the monthly setup.

Weekly Spreads

I played a lot with the productivity aspects of weekly spreads this month because we all know you really have to be at your best with time management in December!

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly spread | Masha Plans
Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly spread | Masha Plans
Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly spread | Masha Plans

Plan With Me Video

Finally, here is my Plan With Me video for December.

I did get a bit more chatty, I think, because, for once, I actually got a good night’s sleep before recording.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

Time for inspiration from other creators. I must say I was so impressed by all these spreads. They are all on the same theme, but so very different!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Cover Page

As always, cover pages come first.

And, boy oh boy, these are some absolutely incredible ones here!

These are actually two separate cover pages, and I honestly can’t figure out which one I like more.

But I’m definitely up for the idea of recreating your favorite themes over and over again. It’s always interesting to see how yous style and approach changes.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @thebluebujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @thebluebujo

This is such a creative idea to make the cover page like the cover of the Daily Prophet.

I wonder if the creator kept up with this idea and made the other pages also look like pages in the newspaper.

Such a beautiful collection of tiny Harry Potter doodles!

I love those bright happy colors, that Christmas red just makes me so happy.

This cover page has a very different color scheme, but I still really love it. All the browns make it seem super cozy.

And, of course, this is an amazing quote to start your month with!

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @potterbujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @potterbujo

I wonder if this is the creator’s house or if it’s just a perfect insignia for the month of October.

WHichever it is, this illustration is fantastic!

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - covr page by @alionsword | Masha Plans
Credit: @alionsworld

This is a quote page, not as much of a cover page. But I think this could work as a cover page idea.

It’s a great and cozy quote and I love the illustration here.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @elvish_ink | Masha Plans
Credit: @elvish_ink

This illustration kind of looks very menacing with all that red. But very beautiful nonetheless.

This kind of makes me think of Marauder’s map. Do you agree?

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - cover page by @quirkyheart | Masha Plans
Credit: @quirkyheart

The most Griffindor page one can imagine! I love how the creator used a scrapbooking effect with all the extra colored paper.

I also really like the reference to this very important moment in the books.

I can only imagine how long it took to draw this illustration. But it looks absolutely magical and all that effort was worth it.

Monthly Log

Next up are monthly log inspirations, and I love how creative people get with these.

I love this on-theme font and how the page has so many Harry Potter references and elements.

At the first glance, it might look too crowded, but it actually gives a lot of space for all kinds of entries.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - monthly log by @potterbujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @potterbujo

This illustration is absolutely incredible! And did you notice how the dates are connected via magic wands? What attention to detail!

I don’t think it’s the most practical monthly log, but it sure looks fantastic.

I love how so many creators are such huge fans of Harry Potter! You can see it from the prompts used on the flatlay.

Also how fun that the whole theme was named Marauder’s map, I’d love to see how the artists made the other pages look.

This is such a cool idea to make the page look like parchment. I definitely like that subtle touch of brown at the corners.

I see the artist also used Crayola Super Tips for that. It always amazes me how many opportunities for color combinations their markers provide.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - monthly log by @potterbujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @potterbujo

I’m just so in love with all the prompts on this picture, an actual wand!! How cool is that?!

I also found it so creative how the author plays with black frames and shadows on the page.

Seems like this scene is a very popular theme for Harry Potter pages. And for a good reason, it looks great.

Plus I really love the contrast between the color of the illustration and the white of the daily boxes

Bullet Journal Trackers

Next up are some beautiful Harry Potter-themed trackers.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - tracker by @carlinginink | Masha Plans
Credit: @carlinginink

This habit tracker might be a bit confusing, but it’s worth it because it looks stunning and is so creative.

I love all the attention to detail and the stunning illustration in the middle.

Circle trackers always look amazing, and that’s why they are my favorites. Even though they are pretty hard to draw, especially as neatly as this one.

It’s a clever idea to make two circle trackers look like Harry Potter glasses.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - tracker by @punkyjournal | Masha Plans
Credit: @punkyjournal

This was a great scene in the books and movies, and it came out like a great idea for a tracker.

I like how well it combined both habit tracker and mood tracker in one.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - tracker by @potterbujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @potterbujo

It took me a while to realize why this is actually a Harry Potter theme. Until it hit me – it’s the Weasley family clock!

I think the colors are too similar, but also that way they stay in the same color scheme and will look very good together.

I don’t really like the trackers that you have to turn your journal to fill out.

But on the bright side, this allowed Rachel to create this beautiful illustration.

This is such a wonderful habit tracker!

It’s very clear, so it’s easy to understand and full out. But it’s also on the theme and looks very cute and cozy.

Is it a Harry Potter theme or a general Halloween theme?

I think it could work as both, so for this post, let’s say it’s a Harry Potter theme.

I’m not really sure what’s happening with these trackers, but I love that workout trackers are quidditch gates.

You can check my post Harry Potter Habit Tracker Bullet Journal Page Ideas, if you need some more inspiration.

Weekly Spreads

The final set of spreads are weekly log inspirations. There are so many different styles here, I’m sure you’ll find something that works for you.

I like the little quote that characterizes the house.

Also how cute is this Harry Potter illustration? I love that it’s very doodly, but also very clear on who it is.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly spread by @bujo_of_ryo | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujo_of_ryo

Harry Potter anime style, you really can find anything imaginable on the internet!

I really love this actually, I’d definitely watch this anime.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly spread by @byaligeha | Masha Plans
Credit: @byaligeha

Beautiful weekly spread and I love that it has a mix of illustrations and stickers.

I also really admire that the creator managed to add sigils for each different house. These are such details drawings!

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly log by @enemesis_4 | Masha Plans
Credit: @enemesis_4

This is such a beautiful black-and-white spread, and I love how many shades of black are included here.

I admire the artist’s dedication, stippling this illustration probably took a very long time. But it was definitely worth it.

I love how cozy the badger is with his scarf and hot coffee.

I also like that the artist used different wands as separators between days.

One more page with your usual magic doodles, so much so that I haven’t realized that this is a Harry Potter theme at first glance.

But then I saw it. Do you see that one doodle that gives away the Harry Potter theme?

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly log by @punkyjournal | Masha Plans
Credit: @punkyjournal

I love the frame of this weekly spread, it kind of looks like a long Gryffindor scarf.

I also know how difficult is it to draw this detailed sigil so I really admire how the artists did this one.

A perfect weekly spread idea for a Hufflepuff fan. Also yellow and black are such a beautiful color combination.

It seems like a very simple spread, but it must’ve taken a long time to create with these detailed illustrations.

This is such an incredible weekly spread with all those details!

It’s incredible how much detail she managed to add to all the illustrations with just different shades of black.

This is a very simple weekly spread, and yet so stylish!

I also like how the creator managed to replicate the Harry Potter font for the quote.

This is more of a daily log, rather than a weekly spread.

I really love how the artist added that quote. The play on white and black is prefect to illustrate the meaning behind the quote.

I really like the doodly style of this spread and the Gryffindor insignia on the page.

Also, this lion for some reason makes me think of the Wizard of Oz.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly spread by @punkyjournal | Masha Plans
Credit: @punkyjournal

I love this beautiful detailed Slytherin symbol. And the shade of green chosen here.

Other Spreads

And that’s not all! There are also these random pages that I wanted to include but couldn’t categorize in any of the ones above.

I love that you can use a theme for a monthly setup, but you can also definitely use it on your yearly pages, or just randomely include to your journal.

Beautiful quote and it’s an amazing spread with black and gold.

I love this quote, it’s so true. In the end, it’s all about what you choose to do with the light and darkness inside you.

Usually, a word a day is a type of gratitude log, but this doesn’t seem to be one.

Seeing how there are prompts at the bottom of the page, this is probably a monthly lettering challenge or something like that.

Ok, but how clever it is to use Alohomora as a header for the key spread?

I like that the creator added those stars in a swirl, it really makes it look more magical.

What a fun idea to create a spread with your house details.

I always get Gryffindor as my house, but for myself, I can never decide which one I’d actually prefer. Let me know in the comments what’s your house!

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - spread by @thebluebujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @thebluebujo

This is definitely a quote you don’t see often.

I remember how fun this seemed to me as a kid! Now grown up I think I’d be absolutely terrified to try it out if I was Harry Potter in this situation.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - spread by @bujo_of_ryo | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujo_of_ryo

I think this is a doodling challenge page, and how amazing are those to show off your creativity?

These doodles are very different and have a pretty interesting and unique style.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - spread by @potterbujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @potterbujo

This is definitely a future log spread, and I like that it has an illustration of Harry flying into the future. Even though if it’s from the third book technically it’s in the past.

I also always admire when people can create so many shades with just one or two colors.

Great quote! It always helps me to drag myself from daydreaming back to working on my goals in real life.

Free Harry Potter Themed Stickers

Want a jump start on your Harry Potter-themed Bullet Journal setup?  I got you covered with a hand-drawn set of free printable stickers.

Once you open the Resources Vault you’ll be able to download a PDF file, which you can open with Adobe Acrobat (completely free and safe download). The file is US Letter.

Free Printable Planner Stickers | Masha Plans

There are many other stickers in the Resources Vault, as well as other types of Bullet Journal printables.

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    Next step – use some sticker paper and print it out! Just make sure you choose “fit” in “Size Options”, and TA DAAAA! You got your sheet of stickers!

    If you’re using just normal paper to print them out, a great option would be to use a special adhesive tape to stick them to the pages.

    Final step – use an X-ACTO knife or a pair of scissors to cut them out.

    Well, I hope you’re all set now to create your own Harry Potter Bullet Journal theme!

    Have you ever done one in your BuJo? Let us know in the comments.

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