Bullet Journal Supplies: Etsy Finds

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There is never enough stationery if you ask me, so I can barely hold myself from writing more posts about Bullet Journal supplies.

This one is a bit different, though. Here we will look at Bullet Journal finds from Etsy, a marketplace for small businesses. 

This usually means you can find some unique and customized stuff you can’t get anywhere else.

Etsy is an excellent platform to find the most creative things!

It’s my go-to place for shopping, especially during the holiday season. You can always find there something you’ve never seen before.

Plus, Etsy is filled with small businesses, and as a small business myself, I know how important it is to show your support.

So get ready to be amazed by these finds that will make any Bullet Journal enthusiast drool. And they also might work as wonderful holiday gifts.

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Best Bullet Journal Supplies On Etsy

I found that it’s kind of difficult to pinpoint just some particular supplies, so, in many ways, this is going to be a list of Etsy sellers.

That also means that you have more choice on what to buy exactly.

And there are a lot of different sellers here, from stamps and stencils to planner covers and pouches.


I decided to characterize all the supplies by categories. I feel like this way it will be more convenient.

We’re starting with stencils for no reason at all, to be honest.

Bullet Journal Stencils by MoxieDori

I love this brand and its stencils. I have a few myself.

Image Credit: MoxieDori

These stencils are great, especially for beginners, because they help with decorating your journal and helping you create your setups faster.

Get them HERE.

Jayden’s Apple Stencils

My other go-to stencils brand is Jayden’s Apple. These are with a higher price tag, but they look stunning.

Plus, they are metallic, so they definitely will serve longer.

Bullet Journal gift ideas - Bullet Journal stencils | Masha Plans
Image Credit: Jayden’s Apple

My favorite stencil is the Bullet Journal Essentials Set, which comes with everything you need for your Bullet Journal, including one to help you create circle trackers.

It also comes in a nice case, so you’ll never lose it. 

Get your stencils HERE.


Stamps are amazing, and I’ve been addicted to them.

They are effortless to use, will serve you forever, and there are so many different stamps out there for various purposes.

If you have never used them, check my post How To use Stamps In Your Bullet Journal, for all the tips and tricks you need.

Planner Stamps by Talk To The Sun

These are decorative stamps in a pretty unique style.

Image Credit: Talk To The Sun

I absolutely love these, and stamps are an excellent investment in decorating your Bullet Journal pages.

Unlike stickers and washi, stamps are reusable, so even if they have a bit higher price tag – it pays off in the long run.

Get the stamps HERE.

Stamps by Stamp Worlds

Japanese-style stamps that look classy and are perfect for both decorating and helping you with planning.

Image Credit: Stamp Worlds

My favorites are the little icon stamps; super cute and very functional.

Buy the stamps HERE.

Stamps by Stamped and Sealed Co

If you’re a fan of clear stamps, I can recommend this store.

Image Credit: Stamped and Sealed Co

They have a vast collection of clear stamps, both decorative and functional.

Get your stamps HERE.

Bullet Journal Covers

A good cover is always lovely, and here I found a few ones that are not just reasonable protections for your journal but also adorable one.

All the journals I use are in covers, so I’d definitely recommend getting one yourself.

Bullet Journal Covers by Woodland Cottage Farm

If you have a Bullet Journal, I know you probably also treat it with extra care so that nothing can damage it.

Having a cover definitely helps avoid a lot of accidents. And if it’s a cute one – even better!

Image Credit: Woodland Cottage Farm

This shop has a beautiful collection of covers for all types of planners. All the covers are made of fabric.

Get your covers HERE.

Planner Covers by Cocoa Paper

If you’re looking for something extra for your cover – this is a place to go.

They produce incredible covers with leather and faux leather.

Cocoa Paper Bullet Journal Covers

All covers are customizable, meaning even if you have an unusual size of planner, like my Nuuna notebook or a square journal – you can still order from them, and the cover will fit your planner perfectly.

They also provide a lot of customization with colors, embroidery, and inner lining.

If you’ve ever seen my journal in a cover – I guarantee 9 out of 10 times, it’s a cover from Cocoa Paper.

Get your cover HERE.


I’m addicted to pouches.

They are so convenient for storing your pens and other planner supplies!

Plus, there are so many cute ones out there, I just can’t say no. So here are a few pouches finds from Etsy,

Planner Pouches by ANEGAMIstore

This shop has the cutest designs on their pouches.

I’m in love with everything they have in the shop.

Image Credit: ANEGAMIstore

The best part is – all these pouches can be multi-purposed!

You can use them for your planner, but they might work just as well for your iPad or maybe a book you’re reading right now.

Get your pouch HERE.

Planner Pouch by Lukiedukie

I love everything in this shop.

But I think the most notable item for Bullet Journal addicts is a planner pouch.

Image Credit: Lukiedukie

It’s basically a pouch for your planner supplies, which you can adjust and add to your planner.

Perfect solution if you walk around with your BuJo a lot, or even if you travel with it.

Buy your pouch HERE.

Planner Stickers

Of course, I had to include stickers in this list, even though sticker finds can probably be a whole separated post.

However, there are a few of my favorite Etsy shops that I wanted to mention here since they really create beautiful stuff.

Stickers by Audrey Okeya

There are so many sticker shops on Etsy that it’s hard to pick just one, but I really wanted to highlight a few.

Image Credit: Audrey Okeya

This one has beautiful aesthetics, tons of different designs, and more than just stickers – you can get some greetings cards and washi tape as well.

Get the stickers HERE.

Stickers and Prints by Julia Pezowicz

Julia is my Bullet Journal friend and an incredible artist, so I wanted to include her shop in this list.

Image Credit: Julia Pezowicz

Her style is unique, and she always creates new designs for her shop.

I have quite of few of her stickers in my cart, waiting when I finish with the move and have a stable mail to order.

Buy your stickers HERE.

Stickers by Rose K Paper Co

Rose has a different style for her stickers, but they are still gorgeous and super fun.

Image Credit: Rose K Paper Co

I love that her shop also has Hobonichi stickers.

Plus, it’s probably the only shop I know where there are stickers on black and kraft paper. These would make your Bullet Journal pages stand out!

Get your stickers HERE.

Planner Accessories

Finally, I want to finish the list with some planner accessories.

There is a lot of sparks you can add to your journal with a few simple things, and I bet this list will give you a few ideas.

Bookmark by Charm Philosophy

This store is mostly about silver jewelry, but they do have something pretty cool for planner addicts – metal charm bookmarks.

This is a great accessory to add a little more character to your journal.

Image Credit: Charm Philosophy

Plus, it’s very convenient to have an extra bookmark, considering how many pages we usually need to have quick access to.

Get the bookmark HERE.

Planner Clips by Le Rustic Chic

This shop has a lot of cute and customized stuff, but for planners, my top choice is their planner clips.

Image Credit: Le Rustic Chic

I love how they are also personalized so that you can order one with your name – isn’t it another cute thing to have in your planner.

Get your clips HERE.

Pen Holder by The Inspired Stories

Not every journal has a pen loop, but it can be easily fixed with this cute accessory.

Image Credit: The Inspired Stories

They come in different colors and are detachable, which means that you can use them in your next journal as well.

Convenient little tool.

Get the pen holder HERE.

These are some of my favorites from Etsy. For more favorites, you can check my post Etsy Journaling Supplies You’ll Love.

If you’re looking for my top pics from Amazon, check my post Best Bullet Journal Stationery For Any Artistic Level.

And for other fun finds that are also super affordable, read my post Aliexpress Bullet Journal Supplies.

What kind of items you’d like me to find next?

Etsy is full of hidden gems, and I’m always happy to have a chance to do some online window shopping.

Let me know in the comments.

Hope this list was useful; if you find it so, please share! If you enjoy my content and want to show your appreciation, please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee.

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t be a blob!

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