February Bullet Journal Theme Ideas (+ Plan With Me)

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February is almost here so it’s time to think about your Bullet Journal theme for the month.

A lot of people are doing Valentine’s day themes, but in this post, you’ll find some other options on what to do in February.

This post however is not just a set of February Bullet Journal theme ideas.

This is also my February 2022 Plan With Me. Since I didn’t do Valentine’s day theme I thought it’s a good idea to include my setup in this post.

And of course, that also means that there is a Plan With Me video, so be sure to scroll down.

We’ll start from my own Bullet Journal setup, and then switch to theme ideas and cover page inspirations from other creators.

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February 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Let’s start with my own February theme, and I’m kind of happy with it.

My theme this month is based on Headspace – a meditation app I’m using.

The app is really a great way for me to practice mindfulness, and they have the cutest illustrations.

Being more mindful and practicing meditation more regularly is something I’m working on in 2022, so this theme fits very well with my intentions for the year.

Oh and one last thing, I know that @bysarah.eliz did a theme inspired by Headspace as well, so be sure to check her take as well for more inspirations.

Cover Page

I usually start my month with a quote, but this time I decided to combine a quote with a cover page.

Headspace has a lot of amazing quotes, so you’ll see them pop up on all the pages.

I used a lot of Tombows for this theme, so happy to finally put my collection to use!

But you can probably see how I couldn’t decide if I want bright colors or pastel tones.

Monthly Log

Finally, I did something different with my monthly log.

Looking forward to seeing how well this format will work for me. Maybe I should’ve added a small calendar on the side.

To make it a bit clearer I used a different color for weekends.

Habit Tracker / Mood Tracker

I decided to go pretty basic with all the trackers this month, so I can actually fit more information on one page.

The three sections on the top by the way are my content ideas for the blog, YouTube, and my shop.

I kind of like having these pages next to each other, I’ll definitely be doing that in the future.

This way I have a great overview of everything happening this month.

Patreon Doodling Challenge

Of course, I had to create a spread for the monthly doodling challenge we held with our Patreon family.

Because February is a shorter month, this time I actually had the space to add some decorations and even a gorgeous quote.

Gratitude Log

Of course, I can’t have a complete monthly setup without a gratitude log.

I think I finally found a perfect way to fill out my gratitude logs – like kind of a memory-keeping page.

That way at the end of the month I get an overview of all the great things that happened.

Here is for example the half-finished gratitude log from January to kind of give you an understanding of what I mean.

I’m really loving the mix of different fonts, different colors, doodles, and photos. Super fun and it makes me happy looking at it.

And if you’re wondering, I’m using this printer for my photos.

February Plan With Me

As always here is my Plan With Me video.

And if you’re looking for the supplies I used in this setup, they are all linked in the description.

February Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

This was my big idea for the year.

But there are tons of other themes you can use for February, so let’s look into a few of them.


This might be the one close to Valentine’s day theme, but for me, it’s still very different.

Red roses mean a lot of different things, and with the gold on this cover page, for example, Valentine’s day is the last thing I thought of.

Credit: @whimsical.doodles


This is probably the most original theme I’ve ever seen for February.

But how fun would it be to create a theme out of nowhere, not connected to anything!

Credit: @art_n_foxes


This theme can be so pretty – you can go crazy with the shapes and colors of crystals.

And they are pretty easy to doodle, so you’ll be able to create this theme even if you’re not that confident in your drawing skills.

Credit: @kenna.creates

Chinese New Year

Since the end of January – the beginning of February is usually the time for Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year) this might be a cool theme idea for a theme.

You can just draw some Chinese lanterns, or maybe the animal that stands for the year in the Chinese calendar.

Credit: @tinmoonstudio


With February being a month for carnivals in South American countries, why not use it as a theme as well?

You can even go in a masquerade direction and create something more European like this cover page.

Credit: @journal.away

Bubble Letters

I’ve been so in love with this effect, so I knew somebody would turn it into a wonderful Bullet Journal theme.

If you don’t know how to draw those, Isabel Hoops has a free course she created for Archer and Olive, you can take it HERE.

Credit: @isabelhoops

Geometrical Patterns

These are always great, so why not use them as a theme for the month?

You can check my post 13 Simple Patterns For Geometric Bullet Journal to get some more ideas.

Geometric Bullet Journal Cover Page by @dotted.paper | Masha Plans
Credit: @dotted.paper

Red Panda

This might sound random, but red pandas are so cute!

I absolutely fell in love with this theme once I saw this cover page.

February Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @ julia.pezowicz | Masha Plans
Credit: @julia.pezowicz


When isn’t coffee a good theme? I definitely do it at least once a year.

You can check my post Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations for more ideas.

Credit: @journalsbyclara

Different Paper Color

Playing with colored paper is always fun, and it can definitely turn into a creative Bullet Journal theme.

If you want to see more check my February Bullet Journal Setup.

Aesthetic Bullet Journal Setup | February 2021 Plan With Me, cover page | Masha Plans


I think that succulents are a great theme for every month of the year.

Plus there are so many different succulents to draw, no page will look like the other. Definitely would recommend this book if you want to learn to doodle them.

Or you can check my post How To Doodle Succulents, Cacti, And Houseplants.

Credit: @b.bulletjournal

Cherry Blossoms

February is a short month and it’s kind of a slow transition from winter to Spring.

For me cherry blossoms are the most Spring theme ever, so definitely would try it out for February.

Credit: @plslars


What are some of your favorite desserts? Think of that and just turn it into a theme.

You can draw something elaborate like this cover page, or maybe just doodle something simple like donuts.

Credit: @thechickjournal

Clouds And Skies

This is a very simple theme, and yet you can play around with colors and make it into something very special.

It could be fun to add some paper planes to it as well, it will add more dreaminess to the theme.

Credit: @dutch_dots


In a winter month like February isn’t it nice to think of summer berries?

I’m feeling really blessed while I live in South America that I have access to all kinds of fruits a whole year around.

Credit: @cloudsanddots

Celestials Theme

I usually would offer this theme for October, but I think it can actually work for any month of the year.

I love how you can get very colorful and rich, or just use a black pen and it will look amazing either way.

February Bullet Journal Theme Ideas - cover page by @carlinginink | Masha Plans
Credit: @carlinginink


Beautiful and again very dreamy theme. 

And I love how you can use watercolor like on this page, or maybe some bright markers. There are feathers of all colors out there!

Credit: @rozmakesplans

Origami Animals

I did this theme once and it was very fun!

It’s also the one that doesn’t require a lot of drawing – just a few connected straight lines.

I love also this idea of drawing them on top of blobs of color.

Credit: @veroniina.eliza


Flowers are a beautiful theme for every month, and I’ll stand by this opinion.

If you don’t know how to draw those, check my post How To Draw Beautiful Flowers In Your Bullet Journal.

Credit: @juiank.art


Nature is always beautiful, but I think February is a bit special. It’s still winter but it’s much warmer.

And if you don’t like landscapes you can always do a cityscape.

Credit: @marthasjournal


Lightbulbs are a fun and very simple theme. It might seem monotonous, but there are actually so many different types of lightbulbs!

Plus you can play around with the color of the light, doesn’t have to be yellow all the time.

Credit: @planwithady

Movies / TV Shows

It’s always a good time to bring the love for your favorite franchise into your Bullet Journal.

I remember one February I has a Twin Peaks theme, and it definitely was super fun to create.

But here I wanted to share a gorgeous example of a Star Wars cover page.

Credit: @joyfuljournaler


This is a great theme for February, especially if you’re living on the other side of the world.

But actually, even if you live in the Northern hemisphere, wouldn’t it be nice to bring some summer vibes to your journal?

Credit: @seras.bullet.journal


Always a great theme, I did it last June and I must say I really love doodling makeup.

If you want more inspo for this theme check my post Makeup Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations.

Credit: @stick.with.kate


Lavender is a very easy plant to draw, and I think it always looks good.

Plus for this theme, you’ll probably just need two colors – green and purple.

Credit: @fenkesjournal

For more inspiration check my post 200+ Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

What theme will you be choosing for February this year?

Share with us in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t be a blob!

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