Out Of This World Star Wars Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

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It’s that time of the year – time to rewatch the Star Wars movies and add some space adventure to your Bullet Journal pages!

Whether you are planning on a whole monthly Bullet Journal theme or just one memorable spread on May the 4th, I’ll be the Obi-Wan to your Princess Leia!

Here are some ideas on how to add Star Wars to your BuJo pages and inspirations from amazing artists who already did it.

Are you a Star Wars fan? I mean, who isn’t? Right? Even if you’re not a hardcore Jedi, everyone knows and loves some part of those movies. When I saw the original trilogy, for example, they looked like an absolute fairytale.

Yet, I think what I loved the most is that even though it’s all about space and aliens, it always was so realistic. All the characters felt so real and relatable; they never fail to bring me joy.

I just have to mention here my love for Princess Leia. She always was and still is my absolute favorite female character and definitely a role model. She wasn’t perfect, but she had her beliefs and she was brave and intent on fighting for them. This resonated with me on so many levels…..

What about you? Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

But, let’s get back to Bullet Journal themes and how you can add this fantastic space epic to your pages.

There is also a free printable set of Star Wars stickers for you, so be sure to scroll down until the end of the post.

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Star Wars Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations

Let’s start by getting inspired by these beautiful creations, and later I’ll give you some tips on how you can create your own Star Wars-themed spreads even if you aren’t very confident in your drawing skills.

So keep on reading!

Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Let’s start with weekly spreads.

You usually create more than just one per month, so I always find it useful to get as many weekly inspirations as possible.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @julia.pezowicz
Credit: @julia.pezowicz

Julia always has the most beautiful pages, and she usually works in color, but when she goes black and white it looks absolutely stunning.

I love the idea of making everything black and writing on top with white ink. It just looks so very Star Wars-y.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @elvish_ink
Credit: @elvish_ink

I have no words here – this is just amazing!

The stippling looks stunning, and the black and red colors chosen for this spread are simply perfect.

I must say it seems like when planning on this spread it might be a bit hard to read the text, but I love the idea, to begin with. You can maybe just do your own variation to make sure you can see your daily tasks clearly.

Credit: @bujo_vee

Love this weekly and the addition of kraft paper; it’s probably my favorite way to decorate my journal.

The illustration is also so detailed and beautiful.

Credit: @sleepy_bujo

Beautiful weekly and I’m really loving that beautiful brush lettering.

The structure of this weekly is also very fun and so flowy. I love how it’s very free-form.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @dotted.plans
Credit: @dotted.plans

Beautiful and very basic weekly spread, and yet it fits so many amazing details.

My favorite parts are the font and the little illustration. They all are pretty easy to create but make the page stand out so very much.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @passionplanner
Credit: @passionplanner

How awesome is this page! And note that it’s made in a pre-made planner, not a Bullet Journal.

Just proves to you once again that with a bit of creativity you can turn anything into a beautiful thing that brings you joy.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @ohneweiteres
Credit: @ohneweiteres

These two little guys are some of my favorites in the movies so I was so happy to see them on a weekly spread.

Plus I really love that Star Wars-type font used for headers. Altogether it really created an atmosphere of a galaxy far far away.

Credit: @gigis_journal

Such a great approach to creating a circle weekly spread, that way you really get a lot of space for daily planning.

Plus, this illustration is absolutely amazing and super cute.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @quirkyheart
Credit: @quirkyheart

A beautiful page for a beautiful princess.

Something makes me think she wasn’t much of a pink-loving girl, but the artist made it still look super badass!

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @thenorthernplanner
Credit: @thenorthernplanner

Kawaii style is probably my favorite one and these little guys really make me smile a lot.

I especially love the little Death Star balloon, such a cute detail to add.

Credit: @a.j.mastel

Really cool spread and I love that black and white works so well for a Star Wars theme.

Also how fun is that little stormtrooper at the bottom?

Cover Pages

Cover pages are probably my favorite to create, and I’m so impressed by how many amazing ideas these artists have.

So let’s not wait for longer, and here are some amazing cover pages that I know you’ll love.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @blackandwhitebullet
Credit: @blackandwhitebullet

Ok, this is a goodbye page, not really a cover page. But I think this idea works for a cover page as well.

Black and white is so perfect for s Star Wars page, wouldn’t you agree?

The stippling used for creating these pages is absolutely stunning! This technique usually takes a long time, but is absolutely worth it if you ask me.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @willbujofor.treats | Masha Plans
Credit: @willbujofor.treats

The beautiful cover page and I love how she put together rough Star Wars elements and soft florals and botanical doodles.

It really seems perfect for May since it includes all the Spring elements, together with the Star Wars. Kraft paper was also a stroke of genius if you ask me!

Credit: @french_dreamer_life_lover

Beautiful illustration with wonderful brush lettering.

The watercolor effect also looks absolutely stunning.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @metro_boulot_bujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @metro_boulot_bujo

A dreamy page, I love it because it brings me back to the magic of the original trilogy.

With the quote and the dreamy illustration, I love how it’s so hopeful. It really fits the rebirth theme of spring and makes me want to go, have an adventure, and change my life completely.

Credit: @emhaggsbujo

Blacking out the background to have stars spell out the quote was an amazing idea.

I’m also loving how much detail and dimension there is in the illustrations of our favorite robots.

Credit: @vainillamorada

Very creative cover page idea.

There is so much detail in even ship, I feel like it really brings to life how multi-dimensional it makes the universe look.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @llaullets | Masha Plans
Credit: @llaullets

I love everything about this cover page – the illustration, the font, the colors!

Also, I want to mention the awesome background on this photo, make it look like the journal is floating in the starry sky.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @a.j.mastel | Masha Plans
Credit: @a.j.mastel

Basically, this cover page just has two colors, and how amazing does it look!

I kind of like the funny stormtroopers on the left, it’s a good contrast to the serious fight happening on the background.

Credit: @bujoroba

Awesome cover page and the white-on-black effect works so well for this particular theme.

There is not a lot of details to this illustration, but you can clearly see who is who anyways.

Star Wars Bullet Journal Cover Page by @psle_science_sketchnotes
Credit: @psle_science_sketchnotes

Gotta love this cover page, how adorable everyone is.

I also really love the play on the words and how the name of the month is actually a part of a quote.

Monthly Log and Trackers

Monthly logs and trackers (mood or habit trackers) are usually a part of a monthly setup as well, so I decided to include them in this lineup as well.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @rhiobujo
Credit: @rhiobujo

The cover page and monthly log in one – what amazing work!

Rhio always creates amazing art, and I love her bright colors and cute designs.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @bujoroba | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujoroba

A calendar monthly log is probably my favorite since ever since I was a kid this was how I looked at my month (only with Monday start).

The artist really caught so well the Star Wars colors! As a person who has an extensive amount of yellow markers and all of them have a different shade – I definitely appreciate such details.

Credit: @journalwithjessica

Awesome idea for a huge horizontal tracker.

I’m also so in love with this handwriting!

Credit: @planwithady

Cute and pretty minimal-looking spread, and as a bonus – a mood tracker on the other side.

I really feel like this is a smaller journal, and I like how it has this tiny feel to it.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @metro_boulot_bujo | Masha Plans
Credit: @metro_boulot_bujo

It’s such a perfect spread, and once again, I’m so convinced that black and white are the best choice for Star Wars themed pages.

I’m also so amazed by all the detailed work on the page; stunning!

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @mela.oodles | Masha Plans
Credit: @mela.oodles

Ever since the Mandalorian, baby Yoda became a star, and I totally get it – he is the cutest! I’m always happy to see him anywhere.

Also special mention to these amazing tiny Star Wars doodles. I love tiny doodles, somehow they always make things look better and cuter, in my opinion.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @shastajazz
Credit: @shastajazz

This is such a perfect idea for a Star Wars themed mood tracker! And the best part – whatever colors you’ll end up using it will still work well within the Star Wars world.

I also really like the quote added here and the font used.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @lotus_study | Masha Plans
Credit: @lotus_study

Habit tracker in my favorite format – a separate tracker for each habit.

Love the Star Wars drawing on the back, really bring me back to the Return Of The Jedi movie! I hope I got that reference correctly.

Credit: @cherylsbujo

Cool habit tracker, and it allows tracking so many habits.

I also think it’s such a fun idea to use lightsabers as headers.

Other Pages

Finally, even if you don’t want to create a whole theme around Star Wars you might want to create a commemorative page for this day.

So here are a few other created, some of which have amazing Star Wars quotes.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @lennybujo
Credit: @lennybujo

A wonderful page with my favorite princess and probably the most famous Star Wars saying.

And I’m really loving the galaxy colors on the background of the quote.

Credit: @thelamejournal

What a beautiful quote and I love the mix of different franchises here.

The lame journal is such an awesome artist.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @jils_journal | Masha Plans
Credit: @jils_journal

One more page with adorable baby Yoda, and I’m loving so much the colors used!

Mildliners are probably my favorite markers ever, with the subtle colors they really make the pages stand out.

I’m also so in love with this brush lettering! Definitely will be trying to use some of these tricks in my letters.

Star Wars Themed Bullet Journal Page by @bujo_lover_ | Masha Plans
Credit: @bujo_lover_

One more beautiful commemorative page. The details on this one are so incredible!

Are you pumped yet? Just looking at these beauties made me want to change all my plans and go with Star Wars for my May setups!

Now that hopefully, your creative juices are also flowing, let’s see how you can create your own memorable pages.

How To Create Star Wars Themes Spreads

The first thing I think of is of course to draw some doodles. Unlike realistic art, doodles are so much easier to draw. Especially if you can see the doodle as a set of very simple shapes brought together.

I compiled a few tutorials for you below. The fun part with these is that you can use them to decorate your pages but also to create themed habit trackers!

Out Of This World Star Wars Bullet Journal Theme Ideas, Star Wars Doodles | Masha Plans

While doing my research, I also found this cute book of Star Wars doodles!

It’s definitely a fun thing to play with, and I’m sure it can help you create extremely adorable pages in your BuJo.

Star Wars Doodles (Doodle Book)
  • Giallongo, Zack (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 128 Pages - 03/31/2015 (Publication Date) - Disney Lucasfilm Press (Publisher)

In case you aren’t really into doodling, or just don’t have time for it, there is plenty of stationery that can help you out.

I definitely recommend you to check out some Etsy stickers as well, they usually are super cute, and unique and you support small businesses.

Free Printable Star Wars Stickers

I also wanted to leave something for you to create a Star Wars theme in your journal.

You can find them in the stickers section of the Resources Vault.

Be sure to check my post Free Printable Stickers to see what other free stickers are available from Masha Plans.

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Are you ready to add some Star Wars to your Bullet Journal now?

What are you planning to use to decorate your spreads?

Share with us your creations in the comments below!

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