Floral Themed Free Printables For Your Bullet Journal

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It’s been a while since I updated the Resources Vault. I’ve been in a bit of a slump for a while. I’m glad to say I’m back now and full of new ideas and inspiration!

My first step – is hand-drawn floral free printables for your Bullet Journal!

Read below how to use them and print them out, and go straight to the Resources Vault to download them!

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Did you know I’m completely obsessed with floral doodles? It’s probably my favorite thing EVER to doodle! It can also be pretty simple, so if you’re thinking of doing some doodling some, check out my posts “How To Draw Beautiful Floral Doodles” and “Simple Step-By-Step Floral Doodles”.

With flowers also being all around me this month with my monthly theme, when I sat down to create new printables my hand automatically went to roses, daisies, and others.

As a result – here are three floral printables just for you!

I used similar flowers in all three of these, so you can totally use them for your monthly setup and get a pretty unified look.

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Free Printable 1 – Habit Tracker

This is a pretty fun concept that allows you to turn any doodle into a habit tracker. The way it works is – you assign a part of your doodle to a habit, and when you complete it you color that part.

Floral Themed Free Printables For Your Bullet Journal, Habit Tracker | Masha Plans

It’s a fun and creative way to track habits, and I think it gives a little extra boost to following all your habits. Plus, since you are free to use any type of doodle, you really can customize it to whatever theme you have that month.

This one is based on a beauty tracker I used last year. It’s super fun and all, but it took me forever to actually draw all of this last time. So to make it easier for you – here is a printable!

You can print it out as a full page (I’ll have instructions on how to print these below) or you can print it out on sticker paper and add them one by one. That way, you could also add them to your daily boxes and fill out your habits that way.

They are, of course, available for 30 and 31 days.

Free Printable 2 – Mood Tracker

Mood trackers are a great way to monitor your mental health. Plus personally, I love them because they are kind of like a coloring book page in your Bullet Journal.

Floral Themed Free Printables For Your Bullet Journal, Mood Tracker | Masha Plans

In the key at the bottom of the spread, you get to color code your moods from best to worst (marked with an artistically designed emoji). Then after each day, you can come back to this spread and color it with whatever mood you are in.

Another option is to color the parts of the flowers as the day goes by and your mood changes.

You are also welcome to add dates next to each flower if you feel like you need to be specific.

Just like with the previous printable, you can print it as a spread or cut out each flower separately. That way, you can use them as decoration stickers or maybe as little mood trackers in daily boxes.

Free Printable 3 – Floral Planner Elements

There are a lot of interesting ways to add flowers to your Bullet Journal spreads. I decided to create some for you in this printable.

Floral Themed Free Printables For Your Bullet Journal, Floral Planner Elements | Masha Plans

First, you can see some daily boxes. You can play with them and move them around. That way, you can create a limitless amount of weekly layouts, and each would look different but in the same style.

You can use the two headers for your weekly spreads, your goals pages, habit trackers or pretty much on any page in your BuJo.

A little wreath I think, would look the best on your weekly spread as a place to write the number of the week, or maybe add a little calendar or a motivational or meaningful quote.

Two vertical flowers, if you noticed, have 8 leaves each. That is my take on a water tracker! Color each leaf with every glass you drink.

The final element is a little calendar, which is something I personally like to add to weekly spreads. It starts from Monday because I’m 100% a Monday start person.

Are you? Let me know! Maybe I should start making Sunday start printables for you.

Oh and for more, check my post Free Printable Flower Stickers.

How To Print Your Freebies

With these, you can always just print them out on paper or sticker paper in the original A4 size and use them as stickers or decorative elements. Just always remember to select “Fit To Page” when you print.

If you want to make the page fit your A5-sized Bullet Journal thought, here is how you should be printing them out:

  • Change your paper size to A5, either in your Printer Properties or Page Setup
  • Select Fit to Page
  • Print

Once printed, you can add them this way:

  • Cut it out – you can use an Exacto knife, scissors, or a straight edge cutter (which is actually my choice)
  • If you used self-adhesive sticker paper – just add it straight to your Bullet Journal.
  • If you use usual printing paper – use a glue stick or adhesive tape (my personal choice) to add the page
  • Use a ruler to rub it across the page to make sure there are no bubbles, and the fit is secure.

You’re done! Enjoy your beautiful page! If you’ll be using any of these and sharing on Instagram, I’d love to see it! Feel free to tag me and add hashtag #mashaplansprintables.

What other printable would you like to see in my Resources Vault? Let me know in the comments section below!

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I hope this list was helpful; if you find it so, please share!

And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t Be A Blob.

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