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Time to create an October Bullet Journal setup, so welcome to yet another Plan With Me post.

Plan With Me: October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup | Masha Plans

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I had a lot of ideas for October, but my Instagram polls showed that something spooky is still the favorite for this month, so I’m creating something Halloweeny.

I’m pretty happy about it since in my previous October setups I did a lot of pumpkins and jack o lanterns and I really wanted to explore more of a magic vibe.

Hope you like this setup!

As always at the end of the post in my Plan With Me video. But also I included some other posts you can check out if you’re looking for Halloween theme inspirations, so be sure to scroll down and give it a look.


The basics are of course my Nuuna notebook and Cocoa Paper custom-made cover.

I’m almost out of pages for my Nuuna and it really breaks my heart. This journal went through such incredible times with me, I’ll miss it a lot!

I think it has a month or two left in it, so maybe it will be the first time in years that I’ll start a new journal in January!

For fineliners, I’m using my Sakura Pigma Microns, since these are the only one that I currently have in my favorite size.

For color this time I’m going different and finally using my Tombow Dual Brush collection. Mostly it’s the Pastel Set, but I did use some bright orange and dark grey as well.

Cover Page

I decided to go for a magic theme and I was thinking about something like natural magic.

Plan With Me: October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup - cover page | Masha Plans

That’s why all the dark things (like bats and black cats0 are still going to be a little bit cute. And of course, I added tons of flowers and herbs.

For lettering style, I felt like going with faux calligraphy and coloring it orange, but I’m not sure how much I love it, so might change that style as I go.

Monthly Log

Pretty standard for me, it’s just a little calendar and a to-do list.

Plan With Me: October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup - monthly log | Masha Plans

No spoilers yet, but I think October will be a very big month for me, so I needed a larger to-do list and a bit section for “happening this month”.

The little bat you see there on the top is inspired by Daieny Schuttz, who creates just the cutest things!

Habit Tracker / Mood Tracker

Yay again for fitting all their trackers on one page!

Plan With Me: October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup - mood tracker / habit tracker | Masha Plans

I really find it so useful to have the trackers all together like this, which helps me to work better with them and generally see more patterns.

Plus that way I’ll always remember to fill them both out because they are together and are next to the monthly page that I check pretty often.

I have been using the same colors for my mood tracker since I started using a mood tracker in March. So I’ll keep them the same this month as well, even though it’s a very different color palette.

To make them a little bit less obvious I’ll just add some colorful cheeks to my ghosts, not color them completely.

Yes, I did notice I haven’t written down what habits I track. I forgot to do it while planning and just noticing it now.

No worries, you’ll see them later as the month goes. Plus – I seem to keep pretty much the same habits from month to month so you can probably guess them already.

Gratitude Log

The third must-have page in my Bullet Journal is my gratitude log.

Plan With Me: October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup - gratitude log | Masha Plans

I love starting my day with filling it out, charging myself with some positivity, and realizing how amazing my life is, despite any problems.

It’s definitely a part of my morning routine that I love probably the most.

Content Plan

The final spread for this month is my content plan.

Plan With Me: October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup - content plan | Masha Plans

For a few months, I used my work journal for a content plan and it didn’t really work for me that well.

I have another journal for work and I write their tons of ideas, my post outlines, and stuff like that. But other than that I don’t really use it. 

Even though I tried to create a separate work Bullet Journal setup for August and September – I ended up not using it much, I need my content plan in my normal BuJo.

So here it is, once I sit down to work on this page I’ll divide it by weeks and by categories to see when I’ll be posting what.

Don’t worry, it will be on my Instagram if you want to check out the final look.

Halloween Bullet Journal Inspirations

Before I’ll share with you my Plan With Me video, let me direct you to some other cool posts I have on the blog that will help you create your spooky October setup.

First, let’s talk about Halloween doodles, I have some simple step by step tutorials as well as a doodle with me video:

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Need more? I got you covered with my extensive post that has everything – Halloween doodles, Halloween headers and banners, and tons of Halloween themed Bullet Journal inspirations:

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Finally, you can check some Halloween themed Bullet Journal setups I created before:

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Plan With Me

Here it is – my Plan With Me video for this setup. 

I had a lot of fun doodling these guys and I might even do another Doodle With Me video – would you be interested?

Let me know in the comments!

What theme did you choose for October? Are you doing something spooky or went in a totally different direction? 

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob.

Plan With Me: October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup | Masha Plans

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