7 Ways To Add Flower Doodles To Your Bullet Journal + April Plan With Me

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Flowers are a great theme for spring (or any other time of the year to be honest. I mean, winter flowers? How cool is that?! You’ll blow everyone’s minds!), and they can be pretty simple to draw, especially if you go with more doodly designs like these flower doodles.

I decided to make flowers my Bullet Journal theme for April, just like I did last year, because I love them so much, and I couldn’t wait to do them again.

So below, you can find not only tips and tutorials on how to add floral doodles to your Bullet Journal but also my own April floral pages.

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What to use for floral Bullet Journal setup? A fineliner and some markers are pretty much all you need. Personally, for fineliners, I prefer Staedtler fineliners or Sakura Pigma Micron.

As for coloring, I know from many many story surveys on my Instagram account (which you should totally visit and follow!) that most people prefer pastel colors.

My two pastel go-to sets are Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Ecoline Brush Pens. Be careful with Ecolines ones, though, since they behave more like proper watercolors and might bleed through.

I know for sure Crayola Super Tips also have a pastel set. I personally don’t have that exact set of colors, but I love my Crayola markers, and they are a great budget alternative for other brush pens.

Before we move to some tutorials on how to include floral doodles in your Bullet Journal spreads, let’s have a quick look at my monthly setup.

Plan With Me: Floral Bullet Journal Setup

I’m not the most confident person when it comes to drawing flowers, but Spring really made me want to try to doodle more of them.

So here is the result, and I actually loved the way it came out.

Cover Page

Nothing really too intricate here. I wanted to go for something similar to my last year’s setup. However, I got a bit carried away and ended up drawing something more complex than originally planned. As I said, I LOOOOVE flower doodles!

Floral Bullet Journal Setup - cover page | Masha Plans

If you wonder how I learned to draw these – it’s in many ways thanks to the uber-cool “Botanical Line Drawings” book by Peggy Dean. It’s a fantastic book for any level, so definitely give it a look.

Calendar Page

Last month I went with a vertical calendar, and every day I wrote one sentence there on something that happened during the day. I decided to do the same in April, so I went for an oversized calendar.

I say oversized because, honestly, I never ever need that much space in my calendar for just events.

Floral Bullet Journal Setup - monthly log | Masha Plans

If you want to draw flowers like these, head straight to my How To Draw Flowers In Your Bullet Journal post, where I give step-by-step instructions on how to draw the more realistic type of flowers.

You’ll also find there some pretty useful resources you can use to improve your drawing skills.

Goals and Habit Tracker

As always, I go with goals and weekly checkups. This month I decided to divide my goals into health and work goals and have a separate place to write my step-by-step plan to achieve them.

Floral Bullet Journal Setup - monthly goals | Masha Plans

As for habit trackers – I went with exactly the same format as in my Boho Bullet Journal setup, since it worked perfectly!

Vertical habit trackers are really amazing, and I had a lot of fun with this one.

Floral Bullet Journal Setup - habit tracker | Masha Plans

If you want to learn how to draw those flowers, they’re all in my post of Step By Step Simple Flower Doodles, go check it out!

Gratitude Log and Monthly Recap

There is never enough gratitude! I do my daily gratitudes every morning, and I absolutely love this practice. So I decided to add it to my evening routine as well since I do my main Bullet Journaling before sleep.

Floral Bullet Journal Setup - gratitude log | Masha Plans

The monthly recap is the same as always, and I’m really loving the new habit of adding those at the beginning of each month.

Floral Bullet Journal Setup - monthly recap | Masha Plans

Weekly Spreads

I didn’t use my journal that much for planning during April, so I just have a few weekly spreads to share. 

Floral Bullet Journal Setup - weekly spread | Masha Plans

The done list is a very fun concept, and it really is very motivating. 

When I don’t plan, I keep feeling like I’m not really doing much, but the done list helps me to remember how much I actually accomplished.

Floral Bullet Journal Setup - weekly spread | Masha Plans

This weekly looks a little bit unorganized, but it’s actually very structured. And I love how not having daily boxes allowed me to draw more flowers.

Flower Doodles In Your Bullet Journal Pages

Knowing how to draw flowers is great, but what about including them on your pages? You can simply try adding them in the corners as I did (I love my super simple designs, what can I say :P).

But! You can also create other more elaborate elements with flowers. Let’s take a look at a few.

Flower Frame

This is a pretty easy one, but it looks fantastic. Just create a frame and add flowers behind it or on the corners, or maybe just make it run all the way to the frame itself.

7 Ways To Add Flower Doodles To Your Bullet Journal, Flower Frame | Masha Plans

You can use these as your daily boxes, add them around your dates, or just as a to-do list or notes section.

Bullet Journal Banners With Flowers

You can add flowers to your banners in a few ways. You can draw flowers all around your banners or just draw them coming out of the corners.

7 Ways To Add Flower Doodles To Your Bullet Journal, Bullet Journal Banners With Flowers | Masha Plans

You can use banners for anything – your daily headers, weekly headers, or maybe just draw them around something important.

If you want to learn how to draw different styles of banners, be sure to check my post Easy and Creative Bullet Journal Banners.

Flower Wreath Drawing

Wreaths are perfect for practicing your flower doodles. You can include any elements you want there! Things of all the shapes of flowers and leaves you to know and put them together following a circle shape.

I usually like to start with two-three big flowers and then add all other smaller elements. Alternatively, you can just draw three big flowers, connect them in a circle and leave it as it is.

7 Ways To Add Flower Doodles To Your Bullet Journal, Flower Wreath Drawing | Masha Plans

Flower Habit Trackers

That’s an interesting way you can use any doodle as a habit tracker, but here we’ll just talk about flowers. Assign a habit to each flower element and draw as many of them as there are days in the month.

Then every day, when you finish a certain habit, color the assigned part of your flower. Below is the habit tracker I used before, and I colored each flower for one habit.

7 Ways To Add Flower Doodles To Your Bullet Journal, Flower Habit Tracker | Masha Plans

Flower Corners

Don’t like frames but still want to add florals to your spreads? Why don’t you use your flowers as just a hint of a frame? This will give you a general direction of where your inner part should be but still will allow you some freedom.

7 Ways To Add Flower Doodles To Your Bullet Journal, Flower Corners | Masha Plans

You can play around and use flowers in all four corners, or you can just outline two of them. You can use them for your daily boxes, when you aren’t sure how much space you’ll need, for your headers or simply add them to the corners of your pages.

Bullet Journal Dividers

You can use your botanical doodles to create some amazing dividers. I prefer to work these in the same way as wreaths. Start with the bigger elements and then just keep adding the small details.

7 Ways To Add Flower Doodles To Your Bullet Journal, Floral Dividers | Masha Plans

These are great to add on your weekly spreads to divide your dailies, use to underline your headers, or just add to the top/bottom of the page as a decoration

Long Leaves Compositions

Finally, you can just draw very tall flowers or leaves. Just start from a long line and add whatever leave shapes you prefer. Feel free to also add little flowers or berries as something extra.

7 Ways To Add Flower Doodles To Your Bullet Journal, Long Leaves Compositions | Masha Plans

You can just use these to decorate the sides of your pages or divide your daily logs.

These are seven ways you can add flower doodles to your Bullet Journal. Have you tried any of these?

There are also free floral printables in the Resources Vault – Floral Doodles Stickers, Floral Habit Tracker, and Floral Mood Tracker. Head straight to the Resources Vault page to download them for your BuJo.

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