Birthday Tracker Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Many Bullet Journal page ideas are both functional and fun, and the one we’ll discuss today is no exception.

Today we’ll be talking about a birthday tracker, a useful page to remember all the important dates, but also a fun one you can decorate in so many creative ways.

A birthday tracker is a place to write down the birthdays of all your family and friends. At the beginning of each month, just make sure that you look back at this page to see if there are any big celebrations to plan this month.

Of course, a birthday tracker is a spread that you usually move to a new journal once you migrate.

I know there is always an option to add a birthday to your iCal and never worry about it at all, but I’m sure these birthday tracker page ideas will convince you to try and add them to your Bullet Journal instead.

Oh, and keep an eye open for a free printable at the end of the post!

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Birthday Tracker Bullet Journal Page Ideas

You can definitely set up your birthday tracker to look just like a future log, but where's the fun in that?

Here I got some creative birthday trackers to spark your imagination.

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