9 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Journal Pages

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Today we’re talking about your Bullet Journal decoration; more specifically – what are some things you can do to make your pages pop?

And since decorating a Bullet Journal is something most people are interested in, this post shall count as a part of my Bullet Journaling for beginners series.

Chances are, like many of us, you want to make your journal pages look pretty.

But did you ever notice that once you find a few things you like, you just keep going back to the same designs?

I know this happens to me, and that’s why this post is not just for you but for me as well.

In this post, you’ll find fun and creative ideas you can use in your Bullet Journal to add extra spice to the pages.

The best part is that it’s all pretty straightforward and doesn’t require you to be a super artist or anything like that.

Oh, and if you’re just starting and looking for some basics, check my post 9 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Bullet Journal.

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9 Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas

Many of these are super easy, but I feel like we often forget the simplest solution.

I’m excited to see which one of these you remembered and decided to try, so be sure to let us know in the comments.

Use Everyday Items As Stencils

There is a lot of stationery out there, and it’s easy to keep thinking that some things can only be done if you have a specific stamp or stencil.

But the fact is – you can use anything you have in your house to create beautiful journal decorations.

Here, for example, I used my speaker to outline a circle and create a mini-weekly tracker. And I used my chopstick to draw circles for the dates.

Or here, when I used my iPhone charger to create squares for the header and a fun pattern, I could use it to decorate the page.

Use Different Types Of Paper

Definitely, my favorite hack ever, and I just can’t get enough of it.

Just use any other type of paper you have lying around, or maybe get some from a notepad.

It’s always fun to play on contrast like that.

2021 October Bullet Journal Setup, cover page | Masha Plans

Create Your Own Stickers

This might sound difficult, but it’s easier than it sounds. And it will help you make the pages that will look unique.

Plus, stickers are always such a time-saver!

Be sure to check my post How To Create Your Own Planner Stickers, for more details and step-by-step instructions. Spoiler alert – you won’t need any super tech knowledge or artistic skills for that.

How To Use Your Old Planner - weekly spread in Amy Tangerine planner | Masha Plans

Create Tabs

This is an incredible hack for decorating your pages and making them more practical.

I think it’s fun o use tabs, and it kind of adds to the theme and unites your pages.

Hayley is the queen of tabs, so of course, I’m featuring her spread here to demonstrate how fun tabs can be.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread VS Daily Log | Masha Plans
Credit: @hayleyremdeart

I also love creating tabs with washi tape. Washi tapes can be very useful in many ways, so be sure to check my post Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape In Your Bullet Journal.


This might sound pretty basic, but it works. Doodles are great for decorating your journal pages.

Plus, it’s probably the easiest drawing style you can learn.

August 2021 Bullet Journal Setup, cover page | Masha Plans

If you never doodled before or don’t think of yourself as creative – let me assure you that you are; you just need to wake up that creativity inside you.

Start from my posts Beginner’s Guide To Bullet Journal Doodles and How To Start Doodling And 13 Easy Doodles To Try, and you’ll start drawing in no time.

Use Quotes As Decorations

Quotes are fun to add more positivity and motivation to your Bullet Journal, but they are also great as decoration.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate piece; just a tiny little quote can add so much character to your page and make it look very different.

Coffee Bullet Journal Setup, monthly log | Masha Plans

Dutch Door

This technique is so helpful when you need some more space for planning.

But it also can be a creative way to spice up your ordinary pages.

I know it might seem scary to cut your journal, but it’s not that bad, and it can be worth it!

If you don’t want to cut your journal, you can always create a faux dutch door by folding the middle page in half. As a bonus, you also get a little secret area, maybe for your weekly journaling.

Add Metallic Accents

Metallic colors are always such a marvelous idea.

They shine and spark and make every page look a little bit different.

My personal favorite would probably be gold, especially gold on black. But any metallic color will add a pop to your page.

Outline Your Letters

It’s kind of a weird idea, but it works.

Write a header and then just outline all the letters.

I usually do it when my letters are too light of a color, and I need them to stand out more. But you can outline the black letters with paint, maybe in a metallic shade like gold.

A bonus tip is to do the black-on-white technique, where you create a black background and write on top of it in white.

This doesn’t just look cool, but also a great idea to fix any mistakes.

Coffee Bullet Journal Theme Inspirations - weekly spread | Masha Plans

You can also play around with different fonts take some ideas from my post Fun Fonts To Use In Your Bullet Journal.

So here are my favorite out-of-the-box tricks to decorate your Bullet Journal pages.

What are some of your favorite ways to add character to your journal?

Share with us in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t be a blob!

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