Free Printable Stickers for Your Bullet Journal

Stickers are a great way to decorate your journal, so I created quite a few different designs to help you with that.

In this post, I’ll share with your some FREE printable Bullet Journal stickers, which I hope you’ll love.

Here is a lineup of all the FREE printable stickers I’ve designed for your planner or Bullet Journal.

There might be more available as time goes on, so be sure to check back.

There are free for personal use, but you can always tell your friends about Masha Plans so they can get theirs.

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Why Use Stickers In Your Journal

For me, the question is more about why wouldn’t use stickers in your Bullet Journal or planner!

Stickers can help you with so many things:

  • Decorate your journal pages. Stickers sure make your planner pages pop and look different from anyone else’s. Plus it’s a great way to pretty up your page if you’re not yet too confident about your own creative skills.
  • Organize your pages. There are functional stickers that can help you with organizing your planning.
  • Faster setups. If you’re planning with the Bullet Journal method and creating your own pages, stickers will help you to create your pages much faster.

And I really like printable stickers, because that way you can print them by yourself at home as many times as you want.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread | Masha Plans

How To Use Printable Stickers

First, you need to sign up for my free Resources Vault in the signup form at the end of the post. Once you get your access code – head straight there and check the “Stickers” section.

You‘ll then be able to download a PDF file, which you can open with Adobe Acrobat (completely free and safe download). The files are in different sizes, but you’ll be able to fit them when you adjust your printing settings.

Next step – use some sticker paper and print it out! Just make sure you choose “fit” in “Size Options”. and TA DAAAA! You got your sheet of stickers!

If you’re using just normal paper to print them out, a great option would be to use a special adhesive tape to stick them to the pages.

Final step – use an X-ACTO knife or a pair of scissors to cut them out.

Ok, let’s get to it then!

Free Printable Planner Stickers

I love doodling, so creating stickers is a good progression for me.

I always try to design something new and fun, so be sure to keep on checking the Resources Vault. And if you don’t have access – sign up in the form at the end of the post.

Self Care Bullet Journal Stickers

I’m starting with there because at the moment of me updating this post, these are the latest ones.

I basically just thought of some ways to practice self-care and created doodles connected to these activities.

These will be great to decorate your self-care pages, or maybe to create an entire theme in your journal.

Days Of The Week Journaling Stickers

These stickers are great for your day-to-day planning and decorating of your weekly spreads.

These days of the week are in brush lettering font and available in 7 different colors.

That way, you can make them fit any theme you want.

Printable Planner Stickers

These are stickers I created in Canva. You can create the same yourself if you just follow the steps in my post How To Create Your Own Planner Stickers.

These are useful for your weekly and daily spreads.

It has some trackers and social media icons to monitor all those things. Little banners can be used to highlight the most important daily tasks.

Printable Water Tracking Journal Stickers

Drinking enough water is an important (and very difficult if you ask me) habit to have, and these stickers can definitely help.

Printable Water Tracking Stickers - Masha Plans

Just cut these out and use them in your weekly or daily spreads.

And if starting with 8 cups is too much for you – start small and try to begin with just drinking 4 cups. Just increase the cups as you get comfortable with the amount you’re already drinking.

Free Printable Flower Stickers

Flowers are great for decorating everything, so I say there are never too many floral stickers

If you want to draw these, by the way, you can follow tutorials in my post Step-By-Step Floral Doodles.

There are also some more floral stickers I created in black and white so you get to play around with the colors yourself.

I’m working on adding some more floral stickers, maybe something updated since these are the ones I drew all the way back in 2018.

Rainbow Journaling Stickers

I love my rainbow and unicorn theme, so I had to create a set of stickers for that theme.

These are good for decoration but also for functional purposes like headers and habit trackers.

I did a unicorn theme twice in my Bullet Journal, so if you want to check it out see this post and this post.

Summer Printable Stickers

A set of little stickers that can bring some summer vibes to your journal pages.

Just like with rainbow stickers, I tried to make them both decorative and functional.

These really resemble the doodles I used in my July Bullet Journal setup.

Travel Journal Printable Stickers

Some functional stickers for anyone who’s planning a trip.

Travelling is one of the things I love doing the most, and it’s always a fun idea to preserve your memories.

If you want to learn more about keeping a travel journal, be sure to check my post Your Ultimate Guide To Travel Bullet Journal.

Halloween Printable Stickers

Bring some spookiness to your Bullet Journal with these stickers.

I love the scary season, and I tried to make these stickers fun and yet still a bit spooky.

For more ideas, check my post Halloween Bullet Journal Inspirations.

Christmas Free Printable Stickers

Speaking of holidays, how about some Christmas cheer.

Print these, cut them out, and you’ll have some fun decoration for your December Bullet Journal pages.

If you want to learn to draw those, check my post Fun And Easy Christmas Bullet Journal Doodles.

Daily Header Stickers

Another set of daily header stickers for your planner.

Another style for your daily headers, which you can use to decorate your weekly or daily logs.

I also created these in several colors so you can fit them in different themes.

Free Printable Disney Stickers

Bring some Disney magic to your journal pages with these stickers.

I feel like these black stickers would look great with some bright red background for a full-on Mickey effect.

And for more ideas, check my post Magical Disney Bullet Journal Inspirations.

Harry Potter Planner Sticker Printables

Speaking of the magic, here are some Harry potter stickers.

Once I did the Harry Potter theme in my journal, I knew I had to create some fun stickers to go with it as well.

For more ideas, check my post Harry Potter Bullet Journal Ideas And Inspirations.

Printable BuJo Stickers

Finally, here are a few more planner stickers.

Some more stickers to help you plan your week, with daily headers and little icons.

I also added some quotes as well, which will look great on your weekly spread, or pretty much any spread in your journal.

Sign up in the form below and get access to this fun sticker sheet, all the goodies I’ve already created, and all the ones to come!

Speaking of which, what stickers would you like me to doodle next? Let me know in the comments!

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And remember: Keep Bullet Journaling, and Don’t be a blob!

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