Summer Bullet Journal Setup: July Plan With Me

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It’s July 1st, and I’m happy to present you with my “Plan With Me” and some awesome Free Printable Stickers!

We’re doing a Summer Bullet Journal theme this month, going in with bright colors and happy Summer doodles.

Once I finished the Summer doodles post and video, I really got myself pumped for the beach holiday mood. Since that’s not an option for me this summer, I decided to bring the beach holidays to my Bullet Journal pages.

Before I forget, I just wanted to let you know that there is a Plan With Me video at the end of the post, so feel free to scroll down.

I also prepared a special sheet of Summer Planner stickers for you, so make sure to check it out in the Resources Vault or signup and join Planning Mashers in the form at the end of the post!

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Bullet Journal Supplies

Here’s a little run down of the supplies I used in my setup. My journal is Nuuna with a cover from Cocoa Paper. But that’s not the interesting part, is it.

I wanted to go very bright and summery, so I mostly used Tombow Dual Brush pens from Bright set and Tropical set. They really brought up the sunny mood!

I also used Zebra Clickart Marker pens. These are click pens that are actually markers! I used them to do headers and colored boxes.

Finally, I use my new Unipin fineliners (01, 03, and 08), Pilot Dr. Grip mechanical pencil, and Sakura Foam eraser. Loving all of these!

Cover Page

For my cover page, I didn’t want to do anything too fancy, so I kept it pretty simple.

Summer Bullet Journal Setup: July Plan With Me, cover page | Masha Plans

I used the black block letters for the month to contrast with the colorful summer doodles I have there. The doodles represent pretty much all the little themes I’ll be using in this setup: summer fruits, tropical vegetation, and beach vacations.

You probably notice that there is some horrible ghosting here (the one hiding behind the Tombows). Well, that happened because I didn’t pen text my Zebra Clickart on this Nuuna paper, and it turns out they are ok for writing but totally not ok for coloring.

Always do a pen swatches, guys! 

Monthly Log

Finally, I did a proper monthly log with a calendar on one side and a to-do list on another!

Summer Bullet Journal Setup: July Plan With Me, monthly log | Masha Plans

This month I also had a poll on my Instagram stories to see what you want me to do with my monthly log, and most of you wonderful Planning Mashers voted for a calendar view. I decided to add some spice to it by drawing differently colored daily boxes, rather than one big black table.

As of now, I’m officially two months away from leaving China for good and starting my next adventure in Bolivia, so I have TONS of stuff to do, therefore, my to-do list is now a whole page.

The space under the calendar where I usually have monthly chores is now a quote, and this is the one that ghosted all over my cover page! I still love it, though, so it’s ok.

All the lettering I’m doing in this setup can be done without any special lettering skills, so just check the video at the end of the post to see how easy it actually is.

Habit Tracker and Gratitude Log

On my stories, you guys voted for me to have a doodly habit tracker, so I went with this camera doodle – it actually has enough areas to color for all the habits I monitor.

Summer Bullet Journal Setup: July Plan With Me, habit tracker, gratitude log | Masha Plans

This habit tracker took me FOREVER, and silly Masha forgot she has some pretty cool circle stencils to help her out. So yeah, these cameras are a bit wobbly, but I always loved the hand-drawn look in the doodles. More macho.

The gratitude log this month is again with doodles, just like you voted. It actually can also be an entry on the “Different Doodles” challenge hosted by @plansthatblossom and @menwhobullet. So join it, and let’s all have fun with it!

Goals and Playlist

This month the weekly checkups are back on my goals page! You can see 5 headers, and under each of them, I’ll be writing in detail about what I did for my goals that week.

Summer Bullet Journal Setup: July Plan With Me, monthly goals | Masha Plans

The Playlist page is something new. I asked you guys what page you want me to try in July and most of the Planning Mashers said playlist, so that’s what I’m doing.

Uh, there is also a free printable Playlist spread in the Resources Vault! Be sure to snag it

Plan With Me video

Finally, here is my plan with me video, TAA-DAAA! so you can really see how easy these pages actually are! Well, except for the habit tracker that is.

Anyways, if you decide to recreate some of these, I’d love to see them, so tag me on Instagram or share them in our Facebook group!

And if you’re generally looking for some theme ideas for this month, be sure to check my post with Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas.

Free Printable Planner Stickers

Of course, I couldn’t leave you without a freebie. I created a set of free printable planner stickers for your Bullet Journal. These are some of the doodles I used in my setup as well.

You can already find them in the Resources Vault under the stickers section, together with all the other stickers available.

Free Printable Planner Stickers | Masha Plans

If you aren’t a part of Planning Mashers, make sure to subscribe in the form below and get access to a wonderful community and 100+ freebies for your BuJo.

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    These stickers are a PDF in US Letter size. Just download them and open with Acrobat Reader (safe and free download).

    To print them out, simply load some sticker paper to your printer and send it to print. Make sure you have your printing settings to “Fit” in the page settings section.

    If you don’t have any sticker paper, feel free to print them on a usual printing paper and add to your BuJo with some adhesive tape.

    I can’t wait to see you using these stickers! Definitely tag me on Instagram if you do. Maybe it could be a good theme for August?

    If you want some more, be sure to check my post Free Printable Bullet Journal Stickers.

    And speaking of themes, what did you choose for July? Let us know in the comments below!

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