17 Vibrant Summer Themes For Your Bullet Journal

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Bullet Journal theme ideas can transform your journaling experience and add creativity to your pages, especially when summer rolls around!

Summer is that glorious time of year when the sun shines brighter, the days get longer, and creativity blossoms in full bloom. If you’re feeling the surge of inspiration that summer brings, why not let it spill onto your Bullet Journal pages?

From beach vibes to tropical florals, there are endless possibilities to capture the essence of Summer. Whether you’re a seasoned Bullet Journalist or a newbie, these vibrant Summer themes will infuse your journal with energy, color, and joy.

Summer is my favorite time of the year, and I always feel like it’s the time when things slow down a bit. I often find that it’s the best time to explore your creative side and double down on the creative aspect of your Bullet Journal.

In this blog post, I’ll share some other ideas you can try this season, but remember—anything can be a theme! It’s your journal, and it’s for you to decide what kind of theme you want to try.

If you want to do something Summer-themed, I have quite a few ideas for you. If you’re looking for something different, I also have ideas you might want to try.

Before we dive in, I wanted to mention that at the end of the post, I have some FREE printables waiting for you, so be sure to keep scrolling.

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Stationery Recommendations

Before we dive into all types of Summer themes to try in your Bullet Journal, let’s talk about supplies you need for creating an entire theme

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t recommend something. So here are some of my top picks for Summer themed supplies:

  • Fineliners. Always on my list since it’s the best pen for drawing and creating your Bullet Journal pages. I love Sakura Pigma Micron.
  • Markers. If you want to add color, you’ll need those. For bright summer themes, I recommend Tombow Dual Brush Pens, and you can do some brush lettering with them as well.
  • Ruler. Definitely useful for any page you decide to create. And as a bonus, you could use this stencil ruler to help you play around with different shapes.
  • Adhesive. If you decide to get crafty and use kraft paper, you’ll need an adhesive to stick it to your pages. Tombow permanent adhesive is my top choice.
  • Kraft paper. If you want to use kraft paper for your Summer pages, I’d recommend getting this notepad. Apart from everything else, it also has a dot grid. And you can get it 10% off with my code MASHA10.

With all the supplies at the ready, let’s dive in and find you a perfect Summer them idea!

Summer Themes For Your Bullet Journal

I gathered here 17 inspirations from different creators, so no matter what kind of idea you're looking for and what aesthetic you have, you'll surely find something that will inspire you.

So, let's dive in!

Free Bullet Journal Printables

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More Resources

Are you still looking for more theme ideas and inspiration for your journal this summer?

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>>> What theme are you going to use this Summer? Share with us in the comments!

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